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“From annyeonghaseyo to annyeonghi gyeseyo, master the art of Korean greetings with Cake intuitive language app.”

-Frank Smith  

Quick Summary: Are you captivated by the vibrant Korean culture and fascinated by the melodious Korean language? Do you want to build an app like Cake–a Korean language learning app? If yes, then you must know it is the perfect platform. This blog explores crucial features and development steps for a successful Korean language learning app like Cake. Read on for valuable insights to assist you in shaping your own exceptional Korean language learning app.

Cake has captivated millions of users worldwide with its unique language-learning method. Its engaging content, interactive exercises, and gamified learning experience make it a joy to use. But what exactly makes Cake so successful?  

 The size of the worldwide market for language learning applications was estimated at $3147.0 million in 2021 and is projected to grow at a CAGR of 16.38% over the course of the projection period, hitting $7820.0 million by 2027. These statistics show that there will be a twofold increase in demand for businesses. 

As a result, several companies are planning to take advantage of this lucrative opportunity by investing in the development of Korean language learning apps. Building your own Korean language learning app like Cake will allow you to earn real money. 

Thus, we will discuss the steps to build an app like Cake, its essential features, costs and other essential aspects that can assist in crafting an engaging Korean language learning app like Cake. 

So, say annyeong to mundane lessons and embrace the excitement of crafting your very own app like Cake. 


What is a Cake App?

Cake is a Korean language learning mobile app that enables users to learn a language with the help of short video clips, real-life conversations, and AI-powered pronunciation feedback. The app was developed by Cake Corp., a Korean company founded in 2017. 

However, it helps users enhance and improve their vocabulary, fluency, and grammar skills. Also, it is a fun app with a wide range of interactive sessions and activities. It is a fantastic app for anyone who wants to improve their English and Korean language skills. 

So, if you are wondering how to build an app like Cake, which is a Korean language learning app, then it is better to hire an on demand app development company like Dev Technosys. But first let’s have a look at the market stats of language learning apps.  


Analyze the Market of Language Learning Apps Like Cake 

  • The language-learning app Cake had about 750K downloads in Asia-Pacific in the third quarter of 2023.
  • In the most recent quarter under review, Cake was downloaded more than 656 thousand times across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.
  • Currently, about 10 million people use CAKE each month. After Duolingo, Cake is the second-largest language learning service provider globally based on MAU. 
  • Cake is a mobile video and language study software downloaded over  608,000 times in Vietnam and about 400,000 times in South Korea. 
  • The well-known South Korean language study application Cake managed to profit from the popularity of mobile videos that have captivated users in recent years by using YouTube video snippets from popular TV series and movies. As of September 2023, the app has 890 thousand downloads.


Build An App Like Cake


  • The online learning platforms industry is expected to generate US$0.65 billion in revenue by 2023.
  • By 2027, revenue is predicted to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.94%, translating into a market volume of US$0.85 billion.
  • By 2027, there will likely be 9.2 million users in the online learning platforms industry. 

All the above stats and figures demonstrate that the language learning industry is exploding and providing a plethora of chances for all startups. Thus, if you finally decide to invest in Korean language learning app development with AI technology, then you should consult with an accomplished AI development services provider like Dev Technosys.   


How to Build An App Like Cake: 6 Major Steps 

Prioritize careful preparation with these essential stages for the best chance of creating a korean language learning app like Cake. Effective utilization of time and resources is ensured by strategic foresight, which eventually results in cost savings.

So, following these development steps will set the stage for your app’s smooth and successful launch, giving users a dependable and easy-to-use experience. So, let’s examine the procedures to develop an educational app like Cake. 


Build An App Like Cake


1. Conduct Market Research 

Before commencing the education app development process, you should first begin by conducting market research. It is vital to know who your target audience and competitors are. Knowing your competitors’ strengths, weaknesses, user reviews, and pain points of your audience is essential.  

Additionally, you must analyze the language learning trends, especially those focused on Korean language acquisition. Once you thoroughly conduct market research, you should move to the next step.   


2. Design UI/UX 

The next step to build an app like Cake is to design a user interface with pleasing aspects, allowing for smooth navigation. Additionally, include easy to use prototypes that showcase the app’s overall user flow, structure, and capabilities. With the assistance of a kids learning app development services provider, incorporate engaging visuals, Korean cultural elements, and a seamless navigation flow.  


3. Choose the Perfect Tech Stack 

After the app is designed, you should choose the best technology stack that better suits your korean language learning app like Cake’s requirements. Also, the team will use the latest tech stack and frameworks to build a robust and effective app like Cake.  


4. Start the Cake App Development 

The next stage to build an app like Cake will be creating a fully functional Korean language learning app once you are done with the app design. If money is tight, you might also choose to develop a mobile application for the MVP version. The korean language learning app development process is divided into two parts: 


5. Front End App Development

The app is then developed in the front end after completing the pre design stage. Later, the approved design will become a fully functional app like Cake. Front-end technologies for app development include HTML, CSS and JavaScript.


Build An App Like Cake


6. Backend App Development

All processes are included in the back-end development of an app. When the elearning app development services provider enters a request into the browser, it will be sent to the algorithm which processes the data. Backend development uses different technologies, such as PHP, Python and Laravel.  


7. Test Your App 

Once you create a Korean language learning app like Cake, thoroughly test the app for errors and bugs. This will let you know if your app is error free before the final launch.

However, the testers and Quality Analysts will detect the errors from your app. If the testers couldn’t fix each error, then it is suggested that they not be moved to the final launch part. Releasing the app with any errors can be a failure and does not offer success.           


8. Final Launch & Promote 

Now that your Korean learning app has been tested, you have come to the final part, “launch”. Thoroughly follow the app store guidelines and app submission procedure. Also, you should optimize the metadata, descriptions and snapshots to catch the potential audience. After that, you can finally promote and market your app, like Cake, to the audience.      

Thus, this is all about creating a Korean language learning app like Cake. Now that you are proficient in the mobile app development process, it is high time to execute them and build an app like Cake that attracts the target audience’s attention. Let’s now look at the key features that must be integrated into your app. 


8 Unique Features to Build an App Like Cake

The features of Korean language learning app development directly influence the user experience. It is crucial to know that more features mean higher app development costs.

Thus, you must choose and carefully integrate features in your Korean language learning app with the assistance of an iPhone app development services provider. But first, let’s discuss the unique korean language learning features of an app like Cake: 


Build An App Like Cake


1. User Registration 

Register with the Cake korean language learning app and create a user profile. Users are asked to provide details like their name, phone number, country, and other necessary data. 


2. Personalized Learning Paths

Cake’s ability to customize learning courses according to user choices and skill levels is one of its best features. The app determines a user’s current level of proficiency in Korean through a thorough first assessment. It then modifies courses to fit the user’s learning style, resulting in a personalized and practical learning experience. 


3. Interactive Lessons 

Cake places a high value on employable language skills by integrating mobile app development into real-world situations. Users are part of virtual situations that simulate real-world events, which improves their capacity to use recently learned language in real-world interactions.  


4. Multifaceted Learning Resources

Your app must promote itself by facilitating multiple educational materials. With its range of interactive quizzes, video lectures, immersive games, and cultural insights, the app offers an integrated approach to language learning that fits different learning styles. 


5. Pronunciation Assistance

With its powerful speech, Cake solves one of the most prevalent problems associated with learning a language. Users may improve their spoken Korean and gain confidence in their ability to communicate successfully by using the real-time pronunciation feedback provided. 


6. Social Learning Community

Learning a language is often more enjoyable when done in a community. Cake, which is the best kids learning app, facilitates this by incorporating a social learning aspect. Users can connect with fellow learners, join study groups, and engage in language exchange opportunities, fostering a sense of camaraderie and mutual support.


7. Continuous Progress Tracking

With its robust tracking of progress capabilities, Cake makes sure customers stay on top of their learning path. Students have the ability to track their progress, look over finished classes, and create personal objectives, which helps them feel proud of themselves and inspired to keep going. 


8. Offline Learning Support

Cake provides support for offline learning in recognition that users might not always have a reliable online connection. For studying while on the road, users can download courses and resources, guaranteeing access from any place. 


Advanced Features of a Korean Learning App Like Cake 

Now that you are aware of the basic features of Korean language learning apps like Cake, it is essential to integrate advanced features to enhance its capabilities, improve user engagement, and expand its market reach, which can increase the development cost. So, we have listed down some highly advanced features that must be integrated into your app. 


Build An App Like Cake


1. Speech Recognition Technology

This feature enables users to carry out or exercise pronunciation and speaking skills by analyzing their speech with native speakers. It automatically increases and promotes perfect language access. Also, with the help of mobile app developers, implementing such features can help users get feedback. Users can practice Korean phrases, which build confidence in communication. 


2. Short Video-clips 

Implementing short clips proves to be valuable and effective for enhancing Korean language learning. These videos not only make learning more engaging and enjoyable but also provide authentic language exposure, cultural insights, and support for various learning styles. 


3. AI-powered Chatbot 

The trend for AI in the education industry is very vast in today’s era. So, your Korean language learning app like Cake must be integrated with an AI-powered chatbot that offers custom-made language learning support. It enables users to go through conversations and get real-time reviews from the experts. 


4. Virtual Reality Lessons 

This feature provides mesmerizing VR experiences to affect real-life plots that boost cultural understanding and language apps. To improve the learning experience, your app must facilitate virtual immersions via engaging lesson dialogues. This can allow users to submerge themselves in a rich learning environment. 


5. Regular Content Updates

You should regularly update content with this feature to keep pace with evolving language trends. Also, users may expect fresh lessons that ensure the app remains a dynamic resource for Korean language learners. 


6. Gamified Learning Experience

To keep users engaged, you should integrate with the help of dedicated developers a gamification feature in your Cake app. Learners may earn rewards, unlock achievements, and participate in challenges in an enjoyable and immersive experience.           


Popular Korean Language Learning Apps Like Cake  

Cake is one of the best korean language learning apps that has over 100 million downloads and 4.8 user ratings on the Play Store. However, after thoroughly researching,

we have jotted down the top korean language learning apps that are worth it. These are the applications that teach you novel languages while also enhancing your linguistic skills. So, let’s have a look:  


Korean Learning Apps Like Cake  Available Platforms  Features  Downloads  Ratings 
Mango Languages  Android | iOS  Fun and engaging lessons

Native speaker conversations

Conversational approach

1M+ 4.8
Babbel  Android | iOS Spaced repetition

Interactive lessons

Offline access

50M+ 4.6
Duolingo  Android | iOS Gamified lessons

Adaptive difficulty

Personalized learning 

100M+ 4.7
LingoDeer  Android | iOS Interactive and engaging lessons

Comprehensive learning platform

Spaced repetition system

10M+ 4.5
Eggbun  Android | iOS Spaced repetition system

Personalized learning experience

Free to use

1M+ 4.7


1. Mango Languages 

Mango Languages is a very suitable Korean language learning app that includes robust features. For example, interactive lessons, conversational approach, pronunciation practice, and user-centric interface attract users to download the Mango app.


Mango Languages 


Mango may help you digitize your language learning experience. So, forget tedious classroom instruction and start enjoying language learning with the Mango app.   


2. Babbel 

Over 4 million active users pick Babbel to assimilate French, Korean, Spanish and ten other languages. Also, it has assisted more than 35 million individuals to acquire the language they want to learn. Just like Duolingo, Babbel has successfully positioned itself as 2nd and gained immense popularity.




It assists in correcting grammatical errors, boosts fluency and ameliorates sentence formation. So, if you are impressed with this app, you can even build an app like Babbel to boost your business.    


3. Duolingo 

Another popular language-learning app which has taken the market by storm is Duolingo. It has more than 100 million downloads and 83 million active users.




This simple mobile application is tailored towards practicing phrases and having users apply them every day. It is best to develop an app like Duolingo because of its market share and huge user base. 


4. LingoDeer  

LingoDeer is yet another Korean language app that has 10M+ downloads and 4.5 user ratings. It is among the best apps to learn Korean for free. It also provides multiple other languages, such as Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese and so on.




In addition, LingoDeer offers a range of learning resources—for example, speaking practice sessions, grammatical explanations, and lists of vocabulary.  


5. Eggbun 

Eggbun is a popular Korean language learning app that enables users to learn speaking, reading, and listening. Also, Korean writing skills through interactive chat conversations with a chatbot tutor named Lanny.




With over 1 million users worldwide, Eggbun is considered one of the most effective ways to learn Korean.        


Cost to Build an App Like Cake

The mobile app development cost relies on various factors like app complexity, multiple features, etc. Generally, the cost to build an app like Cake can range between $10000-$20000. It is the average cost for a single platform with minimal features. 

However, if you go for a complex app with highly-advanced features, then the cost can increase up to $25000. It is essential to know that the rest of the cost of developing an education app depends on clients’ project requirements.    


Build An App Like Cake


 To determine the cost and time for your app solution, check out the table below. It indicates the actual time and cost required by developers to build an app like Cake. 


Level of Complexity  Cost Estimations  Time Duration 
Simple App $8000-$14000 2-4 months 
Medium App $15000-$20000 4-6 months 
Complex App  $25000 8 months 


To determine the actual cost estimation of language learning app development, you should tell us the project requirements with the best iOS or Android app development company like Dev Technosys. They will provide you with the same assistance.  


Build Your Korean Learning App Like Cake with Dev Technosys 

Now that you know the whole process from start to end of developing a Korean language learning app like Cake, It is high time for you to implement your idea into reality by applying the above development steps. 

Dev Technosys is a mobile application development company that specializes in vigorous language learning apps with modern technologies. As a reliable partner, we provide organizations with excellent development services and we have a successful track record. 

Additionally, we facilitate affordable app development costs. With a target on providing top-quality mobile apps at a reasonable rate, we offer transparency in Korean language learning app development costs. It allows clients to plan budgets accordingly which is also very effective. 

As a leading provider of mobile app development services, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you need assistance to build your own korean language learning app like Cake.  


Frequently Asked Questions 


1. How Long Does it Take to Build an App Like Cake?

Generally, the time to build an app like Cake takes around 2-3 months for a simple app. On the other hand, a highly complex app can take up to 5-7 months or even more when you integrate AI features. 


2. What Are the Benefits of Mobile Apps in the Education Industry?

The benefits of mobile apps in education industry are mobile applications enhance availability, allow for individualized learning, provide active information, allow for real-time collaboration, give schedule flexibility, and encourage engagement. All of which improve learning outcomes and overall educational results. 


3. What Are the Benefits of Creating a Korean Language Learning App? 

It would be advantageous for a business to build an app like Cake for your education business. The benefits it provides to businesses are fostering cultural exchange, the global popularity of K-pop and K-drama, scalability, profitability and user engagement. 

It is anticipated that the online Korean language learning industry will generate $0.65 billion in revenue by 2023. So, it is clear that investing in the best education apps can be fruitful for business in the upcoming years. 


4. How Much Does it Cost to Build an AI-powered Language Learning App? 

The cost to build a mobile app like Cake with AI-powered technology can be somewhere around $10,000-$30,000. It can be affected by factors like app complexity, features & functionalities, app design, and so on.  


5. How Does A Korean Language Learning App Like Cake Work? 

The working mechanism of a Korean Language learning app like Cake is explained in the below points: 

  • Download Cake app and create an account.
  • Choose proficiency level and learning goals.
  • Engage in interactive lessons with real-life scenarios.
  • Practice pronunciation through speech recognition.
  • Utilize flashcards and quizzes.
  • Join language exchange sessions. 
  • Track Your Progress.