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Quick Summary: Do you run a furniture or home décor store? Are you inspired by the success of AR apps like IKEA and want to create your furniture store app? You are just a step away. Read this blog and discover everything about ‘How to build an app like IKEA?’ ‘What are the essential features of IKEA?’ and ‘How much does it cost to develop and maintain an AR app like IKEA?’


The demand for home interior designing has been running for decades and the popularity is increasing every passing day. AR apps like IKEA are one such popular example of why online home décor is gaining everyone’s attention and why individuals prefer to buy home décor products online. As a result, businesses are planning to build an app like IKEA to develop a strong presence for their interior design business.

Such augmented reality furniture apps like IKEA are assisting homeowners and business professionals to create unique and valuable interiors for their spaces. Using the latest technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, the IKEA app can easily analyze and interpret users’ data from multiple sources, including the 3D models, videos, and photos.

Not only this, there is a lot more to discover about IKEA online shopping app before you develop your own business application. Let’s discover everything about ‘What is IKEA?’ ‘How does IKEA works?’ ‘How to develop an app like IKEA?’ and ‘What is the cost to build an AR app like IKEA?’


What is IKEA App? A Quick Overview!

IKEA’s vision is – To create a better everyday life for the many people. IKEA is one of the popular AR-based shopping applications where people can view the product catalogue and choose the matching décor without worrying about the home model.


What is IKEA App


The IKEA app is the one-stop solution for all your home furnishing needs, whether shopping online or visiting your nearest IKEA store. It offers a seamless and convenient experience, allowing users to browse products, manage orders, access inspiration, and skip checkout lines.

With its intuitive interface and user-friendly features, the IKEA Place app is a must-have for anyone looking to furnish their home with style and affordability.

For those who are planning for e-commerce business app development, there is no better idea than to build an app like IKEA. Now, that you are planning to develop IKEA augmented reality app, let’s understand how such application works.


How Does Augmented Reality App Like IKEA Work?

Augmented Reality app IKEA Place uses a combination of technologies to overlay virtual objects like furniture or any other product on top of the real world. IKEA app works on computer vision, multimodal vision algorithms, AI, ML, and mixed-reality 3D graphics.


How Does Augmented Reality App Like IKEA Work


Here is a detailed overview of how IKEA works –


1. Room Scanning:

The IKEA online shopping app uses the device’s camera to scan the room and measure its dimensions. After scanning, the app creates a virtual 3D model of the space.


2. 3D Models:

The best feature of IKEA is that it provides 3D models of all of its furniture so that users can get a realistic view of interior decor.


3. Real-time Rendering:

Next, the IKEA app uses the device’s graphics processor to render the furniture 3D models in real-time, based on room scanning. It further creates a real-time illusion of a specific furniture in the room.


4. Object Manipulation:

To manipulate the 3D models of furniture, users can use the IKEA app. They can easily change the size, color, and position of the furniture to see how it would look in their space.


5. Lighting and Shadows:

The app scans the lighting of the room and creates realistic shadows for the 3D models. This makes the furniture appear even more realistic.


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How to Build An App Like IKEA? Step-by-Step AR App Development Process

Do you want to create an app like IKEA? Don’t know where to begin with? Have a look at the following step-by-step process of ‘How to make an AR app like IKEA?’ as mentioned by the ecommerce app development company professionals. So, without delaying further, let’s jump into the development process right away.


#Step 1 – Define Project Scope & Objectives

Before you do anything, clearly define project scope and objectives for your online furniture store business. It is the foremost step where you will have to decide all the essential features and functionalities. Once your business objectives are clear, it will become easier for you to build an app like IKEA. You will also be able to get an idea of the e-commerce platform development cost.


#Step 2 – Conduct Market Research & Analysis

Next, start conducting extensive market research and analysis to get an insight into on-demand app development market trends and competitor analysis. Research about all the popular AR based online furniture store apps like WayFair, IKEA, and more.

It will help identify the reasons behind their success while identifying the loopholes that you can overcome in your business application. So, think of how you can develop a success AR app like IKEA and outshine competitors.


How to Build An App Like IKEA


#Step 3 – Finalize IKEA App Features & Tech Stacks

Now comes another crucial step to build an app like IKEA, i.e., the features and tech stacks. We all know that the features of any application keep the users attracted while increasing the application profit to a great extent.

On the other hand, adding latest tech stacks in the top shopping apps like IKEA will add more worth to it. So, make sure to insert all the useful features like product catalog, 3d modelling, search functionality, dimension scanning, and more.


IKEA App Features

Tech Stacks

Sign-up Facebook API, Google API, Amazon SES
Search Elastic Search
In-app Payments PayPal, Stripe
AR Functionality ARKit (iOS), ARCore (Android), Unity 3D
Push Notifications Firebase SDK, APNs
Sharing Facebook API, Twitter API
Delivery Tracking Google Maps API
Storage Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage
Backend Ruby on Rails, Elixir, Node.js
Databases MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB
CDN Cloudflare, OVH CDN
3D Modeling Software Blender, Maya, SketchUp, Unity 3D
iOS App Swift
Android App Kotlin, Java


In case you are not experienced enough to accomplish this, it is advisable to connect with a well-known mobile app development company.


#Step 4 – Think of Appealing UX/UI Design

What’s the first thing you attracted when you use any application for the first time? App’s design! Isn’t it? This is why businesses should never overlook this step and focus on coming up with simple and attention-grabbing design for an AR app like IKEA. Do not make the application overly complicated and try to keep the design user-friendly.

Sometimes, minimalistic design can also be a strong asset for your business app, rather than an application with too many features, functionalities, and a complex design. So, either hire dedicated developers or graphic designer to design your IKEA app or do it on your own.


#Step 5 – Begin IKEA App Development Process

When you successfully complete all the steps mentioned above, start developing IKEA shopping app for your e-commerce business. It is the major steps of all where you will have to smartly insert all the crucial data gathered in the previous development stages.

So, if you have your own team of dedicated developers, well and good, if not, it is advisable to seek on-demand app development services from a reliable company.

The professionals will understand all your project requirements properly and hep you build an app like IKEA that best-suit your business needs.


#Step 6 – Test & Launch Your App Like IKEA

Finally, test your IKEA app to remove all the errors and bugs before its final launch. Make sure to eliminate all the bugs before users encounter them and give 2 or 3-star ratings to your app like IKEA. For that, you must have a team of experience quality analysts and testers who are pro in identifying the bugs.

After that, launch your IKEA app on the desired Google Play Store or App Store as per your business needs and audience’s interest of course. And guess what? Your online furniture store is all set to fly high. Wait! The process isn’t over yet.


#Step 7 – IKEA App Support & Maintenance

If you want your IKEA room planner app to run seamlessly for years to come, never overlook mobile app support and maintenance. Although it is not a mandatory IKEA app development process, but should be considered if you are planning for long-term business success.

Seeking timely mobile app support and maintenance helps to eliminate all the app flaws if any while keeping your business application updated as per the latest market trends. Also, when you timely maintain your mobile app, it will cost you less cost as compared to maintaining a mobile app with gaps.

So, this is all about ‘How to build an app like IKEA without spending more bucks?’ Now that you are aware of the simple seven-step process, it is high time to implement them one by one and come up with a successful app like IKEA to take home décor or furniture store business forward.


Key Features Required to Build An App Like IKEA

Building an AR app like IKEA requires the incorporation of useful and interactive features that can make your online furniture store app attention-grabbing. Here is a glimpse of the key features that you can add when you build an augmented reality app like IKEA.


Features Required to Build An App Like IKEA


  • User Accounts

Ensure personalized user accounts to track orders, preferences, and history. You can also ensure seamless social media integration for a quicker registration process.


  • Product Catalog

Add high-quality images and detailed product descriptions by simply categorizing and organizing your product catalog for easy navigation.


  • Advanced Search and Filters

Integrate robust search functionality to help users find products quickly. With the help of this feature, users can apply filters based on categories, price ranges, styles, and other relevant criteria.


  • Augmented Reality

It is a must-have feature of apps like IKEA. Add an AR feature for visualizing furniture in the user’s own space. With these features, user can virtually place their furniture using the device’s camera.


  • Shopping Cart

Your application must have an easy-to-use shopping cart for adding and managing selected furniture products. Also, allows users to save products to shop for later and Wishlist them for future purchases.


  • Secure Payment Gateway Integration

Every user prefers to use a business app with secure payment gateway integration. So, make sure your online furniture store app supports multi-payment integration, including credit cards and digital wallets.


  • Order Tracking

It is a must-have feature of any e-commerce platform where users can track their orders seamlessly and get timely updates on when the order is placed, dispatched, and delivered.


  • Custom Reviews and Ratings

Customer reviews and ratings matter as they ensure the business or application’s credibility. So, add this feature where customers can leave their valuable feedback after buying a product from your app, like IKEA.


  • Social Media Integration

Add some useful and quick social media sharing options for products. Integration with social platforms for user-generated content and recommendations would be a plus for your AR app like IKEA Place.


  • Push Notifications

Ensure customizable push notifications for promotions, discounts, and order updates. Send timely alerts for items saved in the Wishlist or cart of business applications.


  • Customer Support

Finally, the last yet very useful feature to consider when you build an app like IKEA, i.e. customer support. Ensure timely in-app chat or messaging system for customer support.

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Why Should Businesses Invest in AR App Development Like IKEA?

Investing in Augmented Reality app development, similar to IKEA’s AR-based applications, can offer several advantages for businesses. The following are some of the major factors that indicate why businesses should invest in developing an IKEA app.


  • Enhanced Customer Engagement

AR-based online furniture store apps provide users with an immersive and interactive experience, allowing them to engage with products dynamically. With an app like IKEA, customers can visualize products in a real-world environment before purchasing, increasing confidence and user satisfaction.


  • Data-driven Insights

AR furniture placement app gathers valuable data on customer behavior, preferences, and interactions with products. Businesses can leverage this data to gain insights into customer trends, refine marketing strategies, and optimize product offerings based on real-time user feedback.


  • Reduced Product Returns

AR/VR-powered applications enable customers to virtually place products in their homes or workplaces, helping them assess size, fit, and compatibility with existing products. It reduces returns as customers make more informed choices, minimizing the likelihood of purchasing items that don’t meet their expectations.


  • Improved Marketing and Branding

AR app development can be a powerful marketing tool, grabbing users’ attention and setting businesses apart from their competitors. Interactive AR experiences create a positive and memorable impression, contributing to enhanced brand recognition and customer loyalty.


  • Innovative Sales Channels

AR apps provide businesses with new avenues for sales, allowing them to reach customers through innovative and technologically advanced channels. Virtual try-on features or product demonstrations via AR can drive sales by offering unique and engaging shopping experiences.


  • Competitive Advantage

Early adoption of AR technology can provide a competitive edge in the market, signalling to customers that a business is forward-thinking and committed to enhancing the customer experience. Being a pioneer in AR app development within a specific industry can attract attention and position the business as an industry leader.


How Much Does It Cost to Build An AR App Like IKEA?

A rough cost estimation to develop an IKEA Place or Wayfair store online begins at $8,000 and might go up to $30,000 and more. The final cost of such e-commerce platform development depends on the requirements shared by businesses.

The more features, functionalities, and tech stacks you include, the higher its mobile app development cost. So, first of all, define your budget, and then start planning to create an app like IKEA.

There are a lot of factors that will influence the online home décor app development cost or online furniture store app development cost, such as –

  • App features
  • Tech stacks
  • Development platform
  • App size & complexity
  • Developers location
  • UX/UI design
  • Type of app


How Much Does It Cost to Maintain An App Like IKEA?

Besides online furniture store app development cost, there is one more cost-addition factor that businesses should know. Mobile app support and maintenance cost. Yes, you read it right! Very few of us focus on maintaining our mobile app, and as a result, the application fails to run for the long term.

So, if we talk about ‘What is the cost for IKEA app maintenance?’ it will be around 15 – 20% of the overall IKEA app development cost. Rest assured; you can connect with a leading shopping app development company expert who will help you get an exact cost estimation for mobile app maintenance and development.

Like the development process, maintenance also has some cost-affecting factors associated, so you will have to keep them in mind whenever you seek mobile app support and maintenance services from professionals.


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Ready to Build An App Like IKEA? Book A Consultation with Dev Technosys!

In this highly advanced and technology-oriented world where everything is available with just a click, home décor apps or online furniture apps are no exception. Popular apps like IKEA have already transformed the way how people used to buy furniture and other home décor items for their homes.

This ever-increasing demand has not only opened the door of opportunities for businesses but has also increased the popularity of shopping mobile app development services providers.

Dev Technosys, a leading mobile app and website development company, has already set its benchmark in this competitive market. With a team of dedicated developers, we have successfully developed a lot of AR apps like IKEA, Wayfair, and more.

Our team always puts in their best efforts to adhere to the given project requirements and deliver a business-oriented app within the promised deadline. From furniture websites like Wayfair to the IKEA Place app, we can create it all.

Feel free to discuss your project idea to build an AR app like IKEA with our experts and leave the rest to us. We will ensure to deliver the best business outcomes within reasonable mobile app development costs. Let’s connect for a project discussion or request a free quote.


Frequently Asked Questions


Q1. What is the IKEA App?

IKEA App is a mobile application developed by IKEA, a Swedish furniture retailer. The IKEA app allows users to browse and purchase various furniture and home goods. With such home décor apps, users can access product information and use augmented reality features to visualize home furniture.


Q2. Will Online Furniture Store App Like IKEA Benefit My Business?

Yes, definitely. You can experience enormous business profits while developing an app for your furniture store. For instance, you can expand your customer reach, provide a convenient shopping experience to users, and leverage features like augmented reality for enhanced product visualization. Overall, you can bring your business only and be available 24*7, generating revenue.


Q3. How Will I Generate More Profit By Developing An App Like IKEA?

Generating more profit with an app like IKEA involves –

  • Seamless and user-friendly app interface
  • Secure payment gateway integration
  • Effective marketing strategies
  • Continuous product and feature upgradation
  • Simple signup and login
  • Robust security protocols


Q4. Which is the Best Company to Create an AR App like IKEA?

Dev Technosys, running since 2010, is the best on-demand app development company with a pool of dedicated developers. We have developed thousands of apps similar to IKEA and helped businesses grow from scratch. So, if you want a reliable company to build an app like IKEA, we can be your one-stop destination.


Q5. How Much Does It Cost to Develop An IKEA App?

The average cost to build an IKEA app ranges in between $5,000 to $25,000. The cost might increase or decrease depending on the type of application developed, features, functionalities, tech stacks, design, development platform, and, most importantly, the development team’s location.