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As per Stats, approximately 2.043 million people use online banking services worldwide, and the number is expected to rise to 2.55 million by the end of 2024. It signifies that banks should focus on creating mobile banking app like Chime that meets the needs and demands of modern-age clients and transfer offline bank services online.

With a well-developed and feature-rich banking and finance application, your organization can increase customer loyalty & income and greatly reduce expenses. Well, there is much more banking app development can bring to your business. Read this blog to learn about the step-by-step process to build banking apps like Chime.


Current Market Stats of Mobile Banking App Like Chime

Statista states that by the end of 2022, around 80% of millennials in the US will become regular users of banking applications. The newer generation cannot imagine their life without online apps like Chime and other digital solutions. As a business owner, you can profit tremendously as the banking app capitalization is growing every year.

In 2015, there were around $0.6 billion in banking app users, which reached $3.6 billion by the end of 2020. These increasing numbers signify the importance of banking application development in today’s time.

So, rather than waiting for long, it is high time for businesses to step into the banking app development process.


What is Mobile Banking App?


Chime: UX Research + Android UI — Geronimo Carlo Ramos III


A mobile banking app is a software application that allows bank customers to access their account information and perform transactions using a smartphone or tablet. These apps typically include features such as account balance inquiries, fund transfers, and bill payment ability.

Some applications allow customers to deposit checks by taking a picture of the check. Mobile banking apps offer a convenient way for customers to manage their bank accounts and perform financial transactions. To build a perfect application, businesses can hire banking app developers who can craft a growth-driven application as per their needs and demands.


Mobile Banking App Like Chime

What Are the Different Types of Mobile Banking Apps?

Formerly, four major types of mobile banking app like Chime are helping businesses gain enormous profit while allowing users to experience the best-ever mobile banking services.


Mobile Banking App Like Chime

1. NFC (Near Field Communication)

This newest banking app trend enables users to make contactless payments via mobile devices.


2. Internet Payments

Mobile banking applications are connected with online internet payment services like PayPal or Stripe that help users pay with just a tap.


3. Digital Wallets

Digital wallets save the user’s bank card information, negating the need to use physical copies of those cards. They frequently incorporate NFC solutions.


4. Mobile Transactions Management

This virtual banking app offers users end-to-end control over all transactions that are carried through the bank card. In that case, users need not visit the bank for any banking-related activity.

These are some of the different mobile banking applications that businesses can opt for banking and FinTech mobile apps.


Mobile Banking App Like Chime

How To Develop Mobile Banking App Like Chime?

Creating a banking application like Chime requires immense effort and careful planning of the banking app development process. Agree or not? To help you with the same, here is a step-by-step process of building a feature-rich banking app.


Mobile Banking App Like Chime

Step 1 – Conduct Market Research

Research is the key to developing successful banking applications or any other mobile application. Once you build a banking app like Chime, you can’t simply jump into the development process. Right? So, conduct enough research about the popular mobile banking apps like Chime available in the market. It will help you understand how to create a successful banking app.

While researching banking apps, write down all the important information, as such data will help you at the time of development.

Step 2 – Identify Target Audience & Know Your Competitors

The next step is identifying “Who is your banking app target audience?” It is a crucial step that will help you develop an app that best fits your audience’s needs. Know the location, age, gender, preferences, and everything about your audience. It will help you develop an exact banking and fintech application for your business.

Besides this, businesses should also focus on knowing the top competitors in the banking industry. Analyzing the competitor’s market activity is a must to understand what made their mobile banking apps successful and how you can also achieve success with a mobile app.

Step 3 – Decide the Features of Banking App

Every mobile application is unique, and online banking applications are no exception. So, decide on the unique features and functionalities you can include in your mobile banking app like Chime. The final features will depend on multiple factors, such as – banking services, market, target audience, budget, etc.

Whatever feature or functionalities you include, make sure to keep the app simple yet effective. The more features you will include, the more complex it will get and the higher its price will be. So, first set a banking mobile app development cost in mind and then plan accordingly.


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Step 4 – Design Effective UX/UI

Once you decide on all the features of a banking app, design an effective UX/UI. A design holds the power to grab the users’ attention at a glance. So, besides development, focus on the application’s design as well. The process begins with creating a user experience where the main goal is to offer a seamless experience to the users. On the other hand, the UI of the banking mobile app supports the application’s functionality.

If you find difficulty in this step, hiring financial app developers who can help you with intriguing banking app design and development is advisable.


Step 5 – Finalize Banking App, Tech Stacks

Deciding on the latest tech stacks is a must to create successful banking apps like cash app. Here comes the major question, i.e., “Which tech stacks should be used during banking app development?”

Here’s the table highlighting the latest technologies to use during banking and the fintech mobile app. However, you must know that the below tech stack is almost similar to an app like PayZapp So let’s check out the below tech stack


Tech Stacks



Programming Languages

Kotlin, Java

Swift-5, Objective-C

Platform SDK

Android SDK latest version iOS SDK, Cocoa Touch


Android Studio (latest version)

Xcode 11, App Code

Push Notifications

Firebase Cloud Messages User Notifications Framework


PostgreSQL, MySQL

PostgreSQL, MySQL

Location Services

Google Maps Google Maps

Web Server

Nginx, Apache

Nginx, Apache


Hotjar, Google Analytics Hotjar, Google Analytics

Cloud Storage

Amazon services, Heroku

Amazon services, Heroku

Step 6 – Develop Banking Mobile App

Finally comes the major step of banking mobile app development, i.e., building mobile banking apps like Chime. You must utilize all the major information or data gathered in the previous stages of banking application development. In this step, the application’s source code is created, and all the features and functionalities of the banking app will be tested before its launch.

If you don’t have the desired team to build a mobile banking app, you should consult mobile banking app developers. The professionals will understand your requirements well and help you develop a perfect business application like Chase mobile app.


Step 7 – Test & Launch Your Banking Application

When you complete all the six steps mentioned above, test your mobile application carefully to eliminate all the errors and bugs before its launch. None of the users will use your banking app if it works too slowly or contains any error or bug. So, ensure to conduct the testing properly and launch the application on the desired platform (Android, iOS, or both).

It is a simple seven-step process to build mobile banking app like Chime. Now that you have an overview of the entire development process start following it and come up with a perfect mobile banking application in less time.

Get your fintech application developed by a team of professionals for better results and output. Simply consult the best on-demand app development company,  share your requirements, and the experts will deliver a custom banking app.


Mobile Banking App Development Cost & Features 2022

Key Features of Mobile Banking App Like Chime

Businesses planning to build banking applications should make sure to live up to the customers’ expectations. Here is a list of the key features of mobile banking apps like Chime that can help you deliver a growth-driven business application.


Mobile Banking App Like Chime

1. Transactions & Balance

The basic activities performed by users while surfing a banking application are checking their balance and recent transactions. Isn’t it? So, this is one of the mandatory features of mobile banking applications. So, don’t forget to include this feature in your banking app.


2. Check Deposit

Another great feature of a banking app is that it can save the customers time & effort to visit the bank, i.e., check Deposit. With the help of this feature, users can click a photo of the check from both sides and upload it using the banking application.


3. Manage Cards

This feature enables users to block credit or debit cards and assign them to different accounts. Also, the users can set limits, change PIN codes, and perform other activities supported by their bank. The managing card is essential to experience a seamless online banking experience, so don’t forget to include this feature.


4. Custom Push Notifications

It is a very basic feature that every mobile application and website possesses. Notifications may also request authorization for a planned transaction to provide account status updates, which users can grant with a simple tap. That is the ideal method for encouraging someone to sign up for automatic pre-scheduled payments.


5. Expense Tracking

Keeping track of expenses becomes hectic when it comes to offline banking services. Agree or not? This feature of a mobile banking app like Chime comes in handy to resolve such problems. It helps the users to track their expenses in just a tap and make financial plans accordingly.


6. Payments

Digital payment is something that everyone prefers to use online banking applications. Integrate with as many service providers as you can. It will allow your consumers to settle loans and mortgages, pay for daily expenses, and send money to friends and family.


7. Bio Authentication

Security is everything, particularly when it comes to personal finances or developing a peer-to-peer payment app. Making your consumers feel safe and at ease at the same time by introducing support for fingerprint and FaceID sign-in. Such features will enable everyone to tap or quickly scan their phone to sign in.


Examples of Popular Mobile Banking Apps Like Chime

Now that you have made up your mind to develop a banking app, here is a list of popular banking applications you can refer to before developing an app.




Available On

Capital One

Card Management

Lock and Review the Card

Android | iOS

Ally Bank

Bill Payment

ATM Search

Transaction History

Android | iOS

Bank of America

Track and Budget

Custom Alert to Track Balance

Pay and Transfers Money

Android | iOS

Wells Fargo

Free online budgeting tools

Book appointment from the app

Check the latest bank rates

Android | iOS

What Is the Banking App Development Cost?

On average, banking app development cost lies somewhere between $8,000 – $20,000+ and more depending on several factors, including –

  • App Complexity
  • Features, Functionalities, & Tech Stacks
  • Number of Targeted OS
  • Outsourcing Location
  • Type of Application
  • Developers’ Location
  • App Size

The cost of banking applications varies depending on these factors and might increase or decrease from the price mentioned above. To get an exact cost estimation, you can hire banking app developers who can analyze your application requirements well and offer you the exact banking app cost.


Mobile Banking App Development Cost & Features 2022

Begin the Process to Develop Mobile Banking App Like Chime!

The banking sector has a huge demand for digital solutions like mobile banking applications. Today, everyone wants quick and seamless services online and always want quick solutions. In that case, developing mobile banking app like Chime is the best solution that helps businesses gain enormous profit while allowing users to get the best-ever banking experience.

After reading this blog, we hope businesses have an idea of “How to develop a banking application?” it is time to implement the process and get a perfect business application. Hire dedicated developers or consult the best banking app development company for better results. It is time to win your customers’ trust and build a long-term relationship with them.


Frequently Asked Questions on Banking App Development


Q1. How Long Does It Takes to Develop A Banking App?

The time required for banking application development lies somewhere between 10 months to 1 year and more, depending on the type of app developed. So, we cannot commit to the exact time required as it varies.


Q2.What Are the Advantages of Mobile Banking App Development?

Banking apps are more secure, convenient, and efficient and have tons of useful features and functionalities that can benefit businesses and users simultaneously. Developing a mobile app like Chime results in lower staff expenses, reduced operation costs, and a paperless process.


Q3.What Are the Latest Mobile Banking Trends?

Many trending tools and technologies are gaining traction in today’s time and changing banking app trends every passing day. Here are the latest mobile banking app trends.

  • Touchless transactions & ATM connectivity
  • Voice command
  • Chatbots
  • Biometrics
  • Personalization