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Technological advancements have made contactless payment methods more secure and hassle-free. Today, billions of people own smartphones, and as a result, mobile applications of all sectors are gaining popularity. NFC or Near Field Communication payments apps are one of them. A well-developed NFC Payment apps works like a credit card where the users can pay via their smartphones.

This recent trend in NFC applications has opened up an amazing opportunity for all-scale businesses to bring their business online and develop NFC payment apps. Therefore, it has raised the demand for NFC app development company as more businesses search for the best place to create a payment app.

So, if you are also planning for the same, reading this blog is a must. It will guide you to the top NFC payment apps in 2023 that have gained immense popularity. After knowing about these popular applications, you will be able to craft a successful NFC app. So, let’s begin!


What Are NFC Payment Apps?

NFC is a digital payment app that enables rapid communication between mobile devices, including smartphones, tablets, and NFC-enabled scanners.


NFC Payment Apps


It is the ideal payment processing solution for many businesses, including restaurants, stores, etc. All types of businesses can participate in the creation of NFC development and learn how it will help them. Before approving any new product, the firm must go through several stages of e-wallet development to verify that it has considered all angles.

Today, almost every new technology has NFC, including smart cards and commuter cards, enabling two nearby devices to exchange a small amount of data.

How NFC Apps Revolutionize the Payment Systems


How Does NFC App Development Work?

With Near Field Communication, users can share data without physically establishing a connection and by simply waving their phones in front of a compatible device. In recent years, NFC has shown to be more significant than any other technology, especially when it comes to mobile payments.

Recently, PayPal has formed a partnership with Google to allow Android phone usfers to connect PayPal to their Google Pay accounts as a default payment option. Therefore, a lot of businesses are also looking forward to develop an app like PayPal.


How Does NFC App Development Work


Once the NFC payment app is installed, users must establish a connection with NFC payment applications by tapping the phone against the credit card terminal. Users are asked to scan their fingers or enter a password to support the transaction.

A different chip called the SE is then used to approve the transaction, sending that approval back to the NFC modem. This is how NFC payment apps work and enable businesses to promote contactless payment.


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5 Best NFC Payment Apps in 2023


App Logo

NFC Payment Apps

Downloads Reviews Availability


100M+ 4.4

Android | iOS

Google Pay

Google Pay

500M+ 4.1

Android | iOS

Apple wallet

Apple Wallet 100M+ 3.1


Square Wallet

Square Wallet

100M+ 4.3

Android | iOS

Samsung Pay Samsung Pay 100M+ 4.4




1. PayPal

Now, sending and making payments online can be done in just a snap of the fingers. Credit goes to the seamless PayPal payment app. Users can download the app and instantly transfer the amount to more than 100 countries in a few taps.




It is free to use app that allows app users to send money to friends or withdraw amounts to their PayPal balance. All this would have been possible without custom mobile app development solutions.

One of the major features of the PayPal app is when the users send, receive, or spend money with PayPal, it sends an instant notification to track the payment status.


Features of PayPal NFC Payment App

  • Interactive and user-friendly UI
  • Multi-currency support
  • One Touch & instant transfer
  • QR code
  • Cloud integration

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2. Google Pay

Google Pay is another leading payment application of today’s time. Launched in 2018 by Google is a secure NFC payment app to send and receive cashless payments online. Using this one of the best financial apps, users can initiate online payments at e-commerce sites, in-built mobile apps, and retail stores. Due to this immense popularity, the demand for e-wallet development has increased to a great level.


Google Pay


Now, every other business owner is demanding to develop an app like Google Pay, as such NFC payment apps can benefit businesses in the long term. Information is always kept private, thanks to Google tools like find-my-devices, which search, delete, and lock devices that are no longer in the ownership or no longer usable. The best thing is you can easily link your PayPal account and Google Pay account.


Features of Google Pay Payment App

  • Interactive user interface
  • Quick code scanner
  • Seamless transactions
  • Timely push notifications
  • Loyalty card & exclusive rewards


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3. Apple Wallet

Apple pay or Apple wallet is a mobile wallet app for iPhone or iWatch, allowing users to load it with their debit and credit cards. It is an alternative to android NFC payment apps that allow users to tap and pay at the stores using contactless POS systems.

While using Apple Pay, users can use Touch ID or the passcode to authorize payments. The cost to develop a payment app like Apple wallet is quite high compared to android applications due to more security integrations and features.


Apple Wallet


To make the payment procedure more secure, Apple pay uses tokenization and other e-wallets that store the payment card details on the device. As every data is stored on the iPhone, users should always use the ‘Find my iPhone’ feature on their devices for enhanced safety and security.

Businesses can simply take the assistance of a leading blockchain development company to craft secure and advanced NFC payment apps.


Features of Apple Wallet NFC Payment App

  • Hassle-free payment
  • Strong privacy
  • Push notifications
  • Zero hidden charges
  • Payment made easy


4. Square Wallet

Available on Android and iOS platforms, Square Wallet works similarly to that of Lemon wallet but possesses some additional features. You can link your credit card to the NFC payment app rather than using your credit card for making a payment, as the app uses a merchant card.

The mobile app development cost for square wallet will be the same as other types of payment applications. It is a location-based payment application; the store knows if the user is ordering something and automatically charge it to the card linked with the square account.


Square Wallet


What makes the square wallet app unique is it offers a hands-free checkout option where the users can mark merchants as their favourite. As a result, they simply have to say their name at the time of checkout and earn rewards or discounts to use on their next visit.


Features of the Square Wallet Payment App

  • Multi-payment option
  • Smart tracking in one place
  • Seller support and community
  • Tap to pay
  • Custom push notifications




5. Samsung Pay

This NFC payment application is only available on Android devices and is compatible with smartphones and smartwatches. The application utilizes biometric authentication, tokenization, secured PIN, KNOX service, and more to monitor suspicious activities and process contactless payments.


samsung Pay


Similar to an apple wallet, Samsung pay users can pay just by waving their gadget close to the terminal in just a blink of an eye. Amazing. Isn’t it?

As one of the amazing NFC payment apps, Samsung pay can turn your smartphone into a secure digital wallet. While turning push notifications ‘ON,’ businesses can stay updated on local merchants’ latest discounts and coupons. Businesses that want to create a mobile app must know all of this.


Features of Samsung Pay NFC Payment App

  • Smart push notifications
  • Exclusive deals, gift cards, promotions
  • Pay without any card
  • Quick push notifications
  • Multi-payment option


Benefits of NFC Payment Apps for Businesses

As discussed below, businesses deciding to develop an NFC payment app can avail significant business benefits.


1. Faster Transactions

Unlike offline cash payments, NFC payment apps result in faster and more secure transactions. Both businesses and users can keep track of the payment status online and do not have to maintain documentation or offline record of the same.

On the other hand, merchants need not wait for the customers to enter their PIN or search for cash while using NFC payment apps.


2. Enhanced Customer Experience

Long queues at offline e-commerce or general stores make the customers unhappy; hence, they leave the shop without making any purchases. It further marks a negative impression on the brand, and they start searching for an alternative.

To resolve this problem, NFC payment apps come as a saviour. Such mobile applications not only help businesses maintain improved customer experience but also result in increased business profit. It is one of the major reasons why businesses look for the best mobile app development company professionals.


3. Improved Security

Mobile wallets are a more secure option compared to physical cards. Isn’t it? The reason is digital e-wallet apps like Apple Pay tokenize bank details into something that hackers cannot easily access.

The token keeps changing for every NFC transaction, making it almost impossible to extract the data. Therefore, all the data and amounts stay protected.

Security is another major reason businesses opt for NFC mobile app development rather than offline cash exchange services.

Ready to Develop NFC Payment Apps? Here You Go!

With its amazing business benefits and immense popularity, NFC technology is set to drive the future by leaps and bounds. While reading this blog, you might have already understood the importance of NFC payment app development; it is the right time to step into the development process.

While referring to the top 5 NFC payment apps mentioned above, you might definitely come up with an outstanding mobile app development idea.

After that, get in touch with a leading blockchain development company professional who can make your business idea a reality. Just hire blockchain developers or dedicated developers and leave the rest of the work to them.


Frequently Asked Questions


1. Why Should Businesses Go for NFC Payment Development?

NFC technology has a lot to serve to the plate and can assist businesses in delivering a better customer experience. The major benefits of NFC payment apps for businesses are –

  • Seamless transactions
  • Improved security
  • Better customer experience
  • Increase business profit


2. What Is the Cost to Develop An NFC Payment App?

Like any other mobile app, the NFC payment apps development process will cost somewhere between $12,000 – $25,000 and more, depending on the type of application developed. So, there is no fixed cost for NFC payment apps.


3. What Are the Popular Payment Apps Using NFC Technology?

Technological advancement has made the payment experience easier and more secure than ever before. Today, every other application has incorporated NFC technology. Some of the popular examples are –

  • Google Pay
  • Apple Pay
  • PayPal
  • Samsung Pay
  • Square Wallet