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Job Portal Development Company

Our job portal development services are a springboard for potential companies looking to attract fresh minds and talents to their platform. We provide a powerful medium for enterprises to actively recruit talent for their company.

Being a leading recruitment software solutions company, we have a team of highly efficient experts and are well-versed in creating horizontal and vertical solutions. In addition, we have incorporated advanced technology through dynamic multimedia platforms, including social networking, blogging, video posting, etc. All these efforts help companies to syndicate job-related updates.

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Job Portal App Development

The demand for jobs is higher than ever today. Unlike a few decades ago today, people look for jobs through their mobile phones and Computers. This is mainly due to the rise of best job portal in USA software. If you are looking for online job portal development services, you have come to the right place.

We offers online job portal development solutions that enable businesses to reach their goal and surpass it. Our solutions are not only powerful but also offered at the most affordable rates. Our app making company can incorporate advanced features in best rated job search app, like social networking, blogging, video posting, etc.

Unlock Career Potential With Our Job Portal App Solutions

We proudly present our cutting-edge Job Portal App solutions designed to unlock the full potential of careers. With our innovative technology and user-centric approach to build best app for job search in usa, we offer a seamless platform that connects job seekers with the perfect opportunities and employers with exceptional talent. Our feature-rich app empowers users to easily discover, apply, and advance their careers. Join us in revolutionizing the future of job searching and recruitment.

App Like Dice

App Like Dice

Ready to disrupt the job market? Picture a Job Portal App like Dice but with a fresh twist. Our skilled team of developers is eager to transform your vision into a reality, offering a best job search app in usa for job seekers and employers. Let's revolutionize how people find their dream careers and companies discover exceptional talent!

Apps Like Indeed

App Like Indeed

Ready to redefine the job search experience? Imagine a Job Portal App like Indeed but with a touch of innovation. Our talented team of developers is ready to bring your vision to life, offering a comprehensive platform that connects job seekers with their dream opportunities while empowering employers to find top-notch talent. Let's revolutionize the way careers are discovered!

Apps Like Glassdoor

App Like Glassdoor

Embark on a journey to revolutionize the job market with a Job Portal App inspired by Glassdoor. Our skilled team of developers is poised to create a game-changing platform that provides invaluable insights into companies and empowers job seekers to make informed career decisions. Let's shape the future of job searching together with transparency and excellence!

Job Portal Software Development: The Pivotal Features

We have expertise in creating job portal software development solutions for our clients. Whether it is industry-related trends, digital publications, or expert speeches, we imbibe the essentials in our capabilities. These are some key features, you will see in our job portal development .

  • Job Seeker App
  • Recruiters Panel
  • Admin Panel
  • Additional Features

Job Seeker App

  • Login & Registration

    The job seekers can register on the online job portal via their e-mail/ phone number or g-mail id.

  • Job Profile

    Candidates can create a profile based on their details and experience. This also allows recruiters to view the same easily. Here, candidates can showcase their complete job profile and how many years they have worked for which company or fresher.

  • Upload CV

    The CV or resume can be uploaded and modified multiple times.

  • Job Search

    This is backed with an advanced search option. Here, job seekers can find their desired job with keyword search.

  • Company Profile

    The candidates can view the company profile in which they are interested on top job search app.

  • Job Application

    This is one of the top features of our job portal app development. This allows candidates to apply for a job based on the notifications.

  • Job Alerts

    The users get notified of the ongoing recruitment opportunities via job alerts.

  • Application Tracking

    This feature activates when a candidate applies for the job. After applying for the job, later they can track their application.

  • Job Recommendation

    The job portal app provides suggestions based on job preferences to make the search easier.

Recruiters Panel

  • Registration

    The recruiters can register themselves at the app with ease.

  • Dashboard

    One of the most powerful features of job portal app development is that recruiters can manage their overall tasks.

  • View User Profile

    The user profile can be viewed from the recruiter panel with ease on best job application app. It helps recruiters find out the best suitable match for the post they want to hire.

  • Job Posting

    The company or organization looking for human resources can easily post the jobs for different categories.

  • Resume Shortlisting

    The recruiters can quickly shortlist candidates as a powerful algorithm backs up a resume or CV shortlisting features.

  • Application Acceptance

    The applications can be accepted or rejected smoothly.

  • Content Management

    The recruiters can control the content where they have the full facility to add or remove the content with ease.

Admin Panel

  • Dashboard

    The Admin home page also doubles as the control panel. Here, the admin can monitor and control all the operations of the app.

  • Manage Job Postings

    The app owners or admin can manage the job postings effortlessly to showcase all the details related to the job.

  • User's Profile Management

    In addition to the user, the admin can also directly access the profile for supervising and maintenance. They can add or remove the profile in case if required.

  • Content Management

    The content management system facilitates to showcase of the desired content.

  • Real-Time Analytics

    Admin can supervise the working of the job portal app. This includes the data transaction, job campaigns, and other things.

  • Recruiters Profile Management

    App administrators can view and manage the recruiter’s profile. Here, they can remove the inactive profile or help them manage their profile. The password can also be reset via the admin panel.

  • User Management

    The users can be restricted, blocked, or removed from the online job portal app based on activity and behavior.

Additional Features

  • Digital Strategy

    Our platform has the ability to imbibe the most specific problem solving and lead generation strategies. Our experts refine the job development idea and strategies based on global reach aspects. This is done to maximize the efficiency.

  • UI/UX Design

    Our digital solution prioritizes the designs as the first and always segment. Dev Technosys as a creative platform has the potential to dream up easy-to-connect and engaging user experience. We also make dynamic applications that are tested, attractive, and pixel perfect.

  • Job Portal App Development

    For our job portal app development process we think of implementing the strategies fast and our experts’ code faster. We have a team of professionals who work in an agile sprint of technology with active customization.

  • App Testing

    In order to maintain the accuracy of our apps, we manage automation and application performance testing. We also provide application testing services. This helps us make sure the application is up to the mark and meets business needs.

  • App Marketing

    Our platform truly understands what it takes to deliver a captivating application and drive potential candidates to it. We help with app optimization, PR, Enterprise adoption, and a lot more to help our clients.

  • Lifecycle Management

    In order to leverage the accurate Idea behind any application, we deploy the essential standards accordingly. We can create a powerful analytics platform from the beginning of its implementation. We help the platforms to uncover candidate trends in the industry.

Job Portal App Development Demo

Here is the recruitment portal app development demo that will take you through the basic working mechanism. Later, you can decide whether you want to go with the showcased functionality or add more features to it.

How Does It Work?

We are equally efficient in developing an array of internet job portals. Dev Technosys understand the need for modern tech. this is why we make sure to integrate them into our job portal software.

  • 1

    Easy On-boarding

    Users can sign up with their primary mail id and phone number.

  • 2

    Candidate Profile

    Facilitates the candidates for showcasing their profile with the best they have. It includes uploading a cover letter and resume.

  • 3

    Job Search

    Candidates can search for their desired jobs with help of a filter. This includes location, field, expected CTC, years of experience, and so on.

  • 4

    Find Candidates

    HR professionals use it for finding the right candidates for vacant positions at their company.

  • 5

    Track Application

    Once the application is submitted by the candidate on the job portal mobile app, they can track their application status.

  • 6

    Review & Rating

    Job seekers can post their interview experience with the companies or job providers.

Complete Range of Job Portal App Development Solutions by Dev Technosys

We offer a complete range of solutions for Job Portal mobile apps’ development. If you want to start in this market, our services are perfect for you. Our dedicated software developers can create software and apps that are compatible with different platforms including web, android, and iOS. In addition to this, our software and apps can be run on different devices including smartphones, PCs, Smart Watches, and others.

Our Job Portal app solutions core parts include-

App for User

The job portal software for users allows people to search for jobs, apply for the said, maintain an online resume/CV, and other things.

App for Vendors

The vendor’s software/app allows vendors to check on CV/Resume, post a job, contact the applicants through messaging and chatting features and update the work status.

Web Admin Panel

The web admin panel allows the admin to inspect and supervise the different information and activities related to the app.

Membership Job Portal App
Membership Job Portal App
Featured Listing Recruitment Portal
Featured Listing Recruitment Portal
Training & Job Search Portal
Training & Job Search Portal
Third-Party Advertising
Third-Party Advertising
Job Search app for Users
Job Search app for Users
Job Search Home panel
Job Search Home panel
Job Search Login
Job Search Login
Job Portal iOS
Job Portal iOS
Job portal Andriod
Job portal Andriod
Cross- platform Job Portal
Cross- platform Job Portal
While all of the basic parts are already included in job portal software, clients often ask for something more advance. If you too want sometime like the cherry on top, we have a lot of other offerings. Some of these are mentioned below:
job portal app development solution

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Job Portal App Development Services

Being a foremost mobile app development company, it is our prime responsibility to provide high–end solutions to enterprises and brands. So, regarding job portal app development services, you can trust us. With us, you will get the most innovative job portal you can leverage for your organization's business or specific recruitment purposes. We have successfully delivered some of the best online job portal apps. Our solutions add value to the business and enable them to hire budding talent.

Some Of Our Highly Successful Clients Across The Globe

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  • fuel delivery app
  • fuel delivery app
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  • fuel delivery app

Our Portfolio

We have been delivering market-leading websites and applications in the tech industry for years. Some of these highly precious products- the fruits of our exceptional acumen in technology and breakthrough solutions are:

Jora Jobs - Job Search, Vacancies & Employment

Jora has more jobs in real time, sourced directly from job boards, company websites and industry associations....
job portal website development

jobs.ch- Job Portal

Anytime and anywhere access to more than 60,000 jobs and more than 6,000 companies, set a Job Alarm, compare salaries, follow jobs and companies, apply directly and review companies. ...
job portal website development

Job Portal App Development Solutions Cost Estimation

Dev Technosys is one of the leading online recruitment portal development companies. As such, we offer the Job Portal App Development solutions at the most affordable rates. However, there are several other factors that affect the cost of development. Some of these factors are, as mentioned below:

Job Portal App Platform


When we talk about job portal mobile apps, there are different platforms. For instance, the two major ones are iOS and Android. Apart from that, there is also an option for cross-platform development. The cost is different for each of these options.

Job Portal App UI/UX Components

UI/UX Components

Job portal design or user interface and user experience are the two major components that drive user engagement. As such, the UI/UX which is simpler is cheaper and on the other hand, the more complex ones are more expensive.

Job Portal App Features


Features form the backbone of job portal software. in addition, they can also affect the cost development. The more complex features come at a higher price and vice-versa.

Job Portal App Tech Stack

Tech Stack

If Job Portal App Development is done through the latest and best technical stack, the software gains an edge over the competition and provides a competitive advantage. It also contributes to the final cost of Job Portal app development.

Job Portal App Third-Party APIs

Third-Party APIs

Third-Party APIs are an important part of the online job portal development process. As they help the overall functionality of the app and software. While some of these Third-Party APIs are free others can be a bit expensive.

Job Portal App Software/App Testing

Software/App Testing

Before the software or app is deployed in the real world, it has to be made sure there are no major defects and bugs in the same. That is why the online recruitment portal is taken through different testing phases. The testing tools are paid thus this step can be costly.

job portal Software/App Security

Software/App Security

The job portal mobile apps deal with a lot of sensitive data, therefore, it has to be made sure they are safe and secure for both vendor and user. Making an app or software secure against cyber threats adds to the cost.

Job Portal Hosting & Submission

Hosting & Submission

After the Job Portal App Development process, the app has to be launched. For that, you will need hosting. The different hosting platforms have different rates. In addition to this, submitting the app to different app stores also incurs different charges.

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Why Choose Us For Job Portal App Development?

The best advantage of the Dev Technosys platform is its compatibility with the deliverable solutions. Our job portal app development services utilize a mashup of advanced designs and powerful dashboards that can aggregate effective solutions.


Generate Inbound Interests

Our job portal app development solutions have helped various platforms to directly connect with potential candidates. This doesn’t only help candidates approach a job but also helps companies find what they are looking for. It has simplified the process of looking for potential candidates to get the job done.


Agile Processes

Our Job Search Portal App Development solutions follow an agile process of development. It helps companies to recruit suitable candidates for the jobs. We integrate bidding applications and technology enabling quick contract implementations between company and candidate.


Engaging The Candidates

Our Job Portal Software Development solutions are highly engaging and can be used by various platforms to get prospective candidates. Our job portal application provides regular updates to enterprises as well as candidates about the application status for the specific profiles. We make sure to channelize our services in an engaging manner and retain the visibility of the platform with absolute ease.


Easy Recruitment

Sometimes business processes can get very complicated in the absence of a reliable team. At Dev Technosys, we offer relevant job portal applications that can simplify the recruitment process for companies. We undertake the candidate’s application as well as managing them as per the company's criteria.


Unique Solutions

Our job portal applications are designed with cutting edge technology and a unique approach for making them suitable for every platform. Over the years of our activity, we have helped various platforms to find suitable candidates for their vacant job profiles. We have the expertise to create unique solutions for companies irrespective of their size and scale.


Custom Job Portal App

We have an experienced team of developers having the capability of creating customized job portal app development solutions. Our well-versed team of professionals has the experience to provide dynamic solutions in order to fulfill company requirements and goals.

Benefits osf Using Our Online Recruitment Solution

Our platform has the approach of innovative solutions and smart work capabilities. We have a number of leading platforms in our clientele.

  • Impressive Ideas

    Our developers can turn your dreams into reality. As a leading job portal development company, we deliver amazing applications to our clients. We cater to meet industry standards through our advanced job app development services.

  • Proficiency With The Team

    We give companies a chance to work with an industry professional. Providing the needed consultation or diagnostics services. Our team of experts truly understands the need to provide services in all the dimensions.

  • Customer support

    We provide 24/7 customer support, helping our clients with their technical and other problems.We are all attentive towards the requirements of our customers as well as usage prospects.

  • Creative Designing

    Our team is backed by creative professionals who are efficient in understanding the strategy with job portal applications. We are capable of delivering great solutions that can simplify the process of recruiting for companies.

  • Swift Applications

    Our job portal developers have in-depth knowledge of the hiring trends and the industry in general. This allows us to deliver satisfying and value-driven solutions.Our professionals have an in-depth knowledge of the working of job portal app development services.

  • Quick Alterations

    Behind every application, we provide a possibility to adjust or make certain alterations whenever required. It not only helps us to maintain an edge over our contemporaries but also facilitates our clients the most.

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Job Portal Development Models

Dev Technosys

Membership Job Portal App

An effective job portal app is where you can earn from both recruiters and job seekers.It works like recruiters/companies/organizations will make their profiles by paying the portal or app subscription fee. On the flip side, the job seeks to have to pay the subscription amount. Through this, they get the desired job updates through SMS and push notifications.

Dev Technosys

Featured Listing Recruitment Portal Development

It will also follow the subscription model. Here, candidate profile or recruiters posts will be displayed on the top. The only condition is that they have to pay some amount for it. In addition, the recruiter's post will be featured via promotion. Whenever candidates log on to the account, they can see all the recent job postings.

Dev Technosys

Professional Training & Job Search Portal

This is like a job portal mobile application with a web portal. Here, candidates can join some professional training programs to grade their skills. In contrast, after a course or training program online, they can directly apply for the job based on new skills. Moreover, you can launch it with a variety of subscription plans.

Dev Technosys

Third-Party Advertising

Several job portal apps in the market earn from third-party advertising. There are several ways to do it. One of the most recommended methods is Google AdSense, but sometimes even it also does not work, so what can be done is that you can offer third parties an advertising space against some amount. In addition, you can also display the job postings of authentic recruiters. It is one of the models that can ensure good revenue.

Ready-To-Go Job Portal App Development Models By Dev Technosys

  • Dev Technosys

    Career Builder Clone

  • Dev Technosys

    Glassdoor Clone

  • Dev Technosys

    Indeed Clone

  • Dev Technosys

    Job2Careers Clone

  • Dev Technosys

    Snaga Jobs Clone

  • Dev Technosys

    Monster Clone

Frequently asked question

  • How to create a job portal website?

    Below are some of the steps that will help in creating a job portal website.

    • First understand and find out the niche
    • Then choose the job portal website development source and the software
    • Keeping an eye on the market trends is one of the important things.
    • Then make a proper marketing strategy and then launch the website
  • How frequently should l update my app?

  • Is it possible to revamp my existing job portal?

  • How much does it cost to develop job portal app for my business?

  • How much time will you take to build job portal app?

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