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Features and Cost to Develop Indoor Navigation Mobile Apps

Businesses are taking a dig on the latest advancement in technology to help them grow and have a competitive edge in the market. To take it to the next level, the implementation of indoor navigation and positioning application has increased with time. Similar to the GPS navigation, the technology has advanced to the indoor system as well.

Beacon is the best example of it which is fitted on the wall or entry door and used to provide the best offers for available for the particular section, the user is navigating through. There are so many buildings that occupy large surface area such as hospitals, warehouse, etc. This has become a challenge for the audience that finds it difficult to find their way around. To make it easy, mobile app development solutions are provided with navigation applications


Indoor Positioning System


IPS - Indoor positioning system

In simple words, the IPS system is considered as the indoor GPS system. It is specifically for a building that helps in locating inside with the help of tablets and mobile phones. There is no doubt that technology has reached a level to step up with the latest advancement.

The GPS system helps in reaching up accurate location in terms of advanced navigation. The IPS leveraging devices are growing with time in a different location such as airports, hospitals, malls, etc. It can easily locate indoor locations even with LBS – Location Based Services are superfluous with time.


Indoor Navigation


Indoor Navigation Information

The iPhone developers usually work on the basic features of the indoor navigation application. It contains a GPS map that works exactly like Google maps and shows all the available routes to a destination. In addition to this, the system administrators can send out the messages to users as per the route and location.

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This application works with augmented reality that shows a comprehensive location as per the maps on the indoor level. There are three major positionings in the indoor application that is added to it such as:

  • Navigation – It helps in creating the route that is shortest till destination which can be a department or even parking area.
  • Positioning – The feature will locate the destination in the indoor application as per the real-time location of the user.
  • Push Notification –It will help in sending out the notification to users that help in getting the actual position.


Indoor Navigation


The usefulness of Indoor Navigation for business

Now, the android app development company are working for the development of application but the fact that might confuse users is on why to use it. Technical advancement managed to add value to applications and providing good service. The navigation and positioning application on an internal level is extremely helpful when a building covers a large surface area. Some of the major locations are airports, railways, malls, etc.

In addition to this, there are hospitals, offices, universities, warehouses, etc. that can leverage such technology to overcome new location challenge easily. Even the destination can be found without any issue and finding the shortest route. The users are getting smart and hence it is essential to hire android developer that is smart to overcome any issue like that.


Cost to Develop Indoor Navigation CTA


Indoor Navigation Application for users

Since the basis of the application for business is clear, now comes the users. What will a user gain with such indoor application that can help in choosing designation on an easier level?

The application has a lot of benefit for the users as well. Such as: 

  • Easy search to the destination that can be daunting for a new person.
  • A real-time actual map of the entire area for easy navigation that can be used by the users.
  • Having an option of voice destination as well that makes the whole search process easier as compared to manual search.
  • Creating, finding and even viewing every single route to start on the shortest route.

The mobile app development solutions work on the indoor navigation application due to these famous reasons. Their motive is to find the most accurate solution to have the best application for a surface area.

Working of Indoor Navigation Application

To make the working of IPS application easy, let us make it easy for you to understand the concept. The application has a direct link to the internal sensors of the mobile phone that helps in easily finding the solution to the location.

This will help in calculating the internal location and then it will be covered up with the help of a complex mathematical algorithm. Then in an astute manner, all the data collected and no latency is left out as per the scope of this data.

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This main purpose of the iPhone developers is to ensure that the best user experience is provided to the audience. They work on different elements to come up with an accurate and fast application for enhanced user experience.

The three elements are mainly about the broadcasting of signals so that smartphone can pick it up easily, positioning system on the dynamic level and at last the positioning system servers. These, when combined, give the best position of the user and their desired destination.

The input data will include the Wi-Fi access that helps in transmitting data, working on a gyroscope, accelerometer for the sensors used in data collection. Then finally the obstacles, walls, staircase, elevator, etc. information that gives facility map.

In order to achieve it, the android app development company works on a dedicated application that can be used by employees to make it easy for them to navigate. It must have the proper blueprinting system or BLE Beacons to give proper guidelines and facility information.


Cost of Navigation Application development


Cost of Navigation Application development

Many companies hire android developer and leave everything on them. But the fact is that hiring is not the only thing that one must keep in mind. These navigation applications can be extremely costly as per the features and it is possible that companies might not be able to afford it at all.

The estimated cost of these applications as per the features and its cost goes to $50,000 while starting from $10,000. This is only about the basic feature but when enhanced features are mixed up in the application then the cost will start from $20,000 for optional features.

Apart from this, the beacon three-piece kit is also considered that will start from $20 and will reach till $60 for a single piece. And when geo fencing falls into place then the rate will differ as per the request.


Indoor Navigation Mobile App Development



These are the basic things that one much understands about Indoor Navigation Mobile Apps that are used for the large buildings and complexes. In addition to this, there are so many benefits to the business. However, it is essential to make sure that things are done smartly to achieve the best.


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