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Features of the real estate industry

The big players in the real estate industry have their own native applications. DevTechnosys as a leading real estate app development company offers dedicated real estate features to the users, some of them are

Assistance in buying/ selling

Our real estate app developers help the businesses to accomplish their every possible requirement while selling or buying the property. We offer unrivaled solutions to fulfill our client’s requirements by displaying them virtual property tours and 3D rendering technology for the same.

Dev Technosys
Dev Technosys

Emerging features

We have supercharged power really set applications with incredible features and they have simplified uses aspects to learn or understand the effects of the real estate industry. We have incorporated the emerging features that provide delivered information on properties to the users and take care of directions, inspection, accounting or property estimation solutions.

Real estate search and listing

We comprehend every aspect of our Real estate application development interface and emphasize incorporating essential features that can influence the users and deliver an exceptional experience. Our real estate application has advanced search criteria that enable users to streamline their property searching and listing.

Dev Technosys
Dev Technosys

Customer-centric approach

At DevTechnosys we believe that the supreme quality of any real estate application demands well-versed research and in-depth knowledge to come up with a result-oriented and customer-centric solution. Our real estate app has property Management and online booking prerequisites. We also provide essential app Management Solutions and take care of the leads.

Tracking license and status

To simplify the process of license renewal or property status, we have integrated tracking features in our application solution. It allows users to get useful insights through the app feature and track their required fields.

Dev Technosys

Challenges and Opportunities

Just like every other industry real estate industry too has a number of challenges and opportunities in its bag. By closely inspecting them not only you can prevent the fall of your enterprise, but also you can be a leader in the industry with real estate web developer. Here is a close analysis of challenges and opportunities for real estate industry in the app/ website market.

Dev Technosys

Market Fluctuations

There are number of factors that cause the market fluctuation, affecting the real estate business. These factors highly affect the cost of the property.

Dev Technosys

Operation Cost

Real estate businesses fail at investing into the adaption of new technology due to their higher business setup costs.

Dev Technosys

Foreign Laws

Since there is no global governing body of the industry, each countries property investment rules kills the global opportunities in the business sector.

Dev Technosys


There are more number of property agents then the buyer this leads which cause lead centralisation. With real estate app development company you will get more leads.

Dev Technosys

Integrating Latest Technology

With the birth of AR and VR we are now able to accentuate a consumers buying experience. 3D modelling, 3D tours, detailed info of property can help you enhance your consumers experience.

Dev Technosys

Global Expansion

Global presence of the industry drives higher opportunities with real estate app development services, it allows real estate venture to project their presence into the global property markets.

Dev Technosys

Digitization of Services

Digitalisation allows you to enhance customer buying experience and build customer trust. Real estate web application development company provides the power of better decision making to the customers.

Dev Technosys

More Informed buyers

Buyers are much more informed now, the technology gives them opportunities to closely inspect each and every aspect of the property so hire real estate web developer to get top-notch services.

Real Estate App Development Process

To conduct a prolific custom real estate app development and deliver a conceptual app, we ensure a precise development process and masterfully carry out the same.

  • Dev Technosys

    Understanding client requirements

    we provide multiple connecting channels to our clients for elaborating on their project-specific requirements to us.

  • Dev Technosys

    Creating a wireframe and getting it approved

    upon client discussion, we create a wireframe for the real estate application development and get it approved with our real estate developers and experts.

  • Dev Technosys

    Planning app development

    based upon the client requirements and project specifics, our app developers and team experts will guide you with better project models and estimated guidelines.

  • Dev Technosys

    Complete evaluation of the final build

    we choose advanced app development models and Technology stack to create the final product and evaluate the same before delivering.

  • Dev Technosys

    On-time delivery

    through the extensive and highly proficient app development measures we submit the application to our clients as per the project timeline.


For years Dev Technosys has delivered Websites and Applications that have worked as the text books for other to follow in the tech domain. Some of these highly precious products- the fruits of our exceptional acumen in technology and breakthrough solutions are:

  • Dev Technosys
    Dev Technosys

    Rent your student accommodation with Uniplaces, the safe and easy student housing platform to find and book rooms and residences for university and Erasmus students. Uniplaces is the fastest-growing online platform helping students around the w...

  • Dev Technosys
    Dev Technosys

    Zonaprop is a real estate marketplace, running in Argentina. This solution provide a visibility space to propert owners and brokers to list out properties under commercial and residential property states to reach out more and more customers. ...


At Dev Technosys we render to your enterprise’s industry specific needs with innovative web and mobile app development solutions and cutting edge technology. We have endless solutions to your everyday business needs whether they are B2B or B2C.

Dev Technosys
Dev Technosys

Auction and Property Portal

Feature-rich and user friendly Web portals built to bring ease in search, compare, buy, renting and booking of property.

  • Dev Technosys Search on Map button
  • Dev Technosys Custom Price Range Filter
  • Dev Technosys Property Type filter
  • Dev Technosys Amenities Filter
  • Dev Technosys Property Bidding
  • Dev Technosys Listing
Dev Technosys

Application development

Application that transform the real estate industry, feature rich application development with integration of advance technology tools enhancing buying experience.

  • Dev Technosys User Onboarding
  • Dev Technosys Listings and Database
  • Dev Technosys Filters and Categories
  • Dev Technosys Property Profiles
  • Dev Technosys Map
  • Dev Technosys Lead Management Interface
Dev Technosys
Dev Technosys
Dev Technosys

Tenant management solutions

Resolving rental issues such as rent, agreements, tenant management etc by efficient web portals

  • Dev Technosys Coordinate Communication
  • Dev Technosys Easy Rent Posting
  • Dev Technosys Document Property Changes
  • Dev Technosys Monthly Checklist and Help List
  • Dev Technosys Detailed Property Features
  • Dev Technosys Vendor Payments for any Vendor
Dev Technosys

Real estate mobile applications

Built to manage property better, the applications that work effortlessly on various platforms such as iOS, android etc

  • Dev Technosys Push Notifications
  • Dev Technosys Property Cost Calculators
  • Dev Technosys Calendar
  • Dev Technosys Call or Direct Messaging
  • Dev Technosys Virtual Tour
  • Dev Technosys Map
Dev Technosys
Dev Technosys
Dev Technosys

CRM solutions

Improvise the way you maintain your customer relations, enhance your productivity with best in class CRM solutions

  • Dev Technosys Marketing automation
  • Dev Technosys Deal management
  • Dev Technosys Real-time communication
  • Dev Technosys Multichannel sales
  • Dev Technosys Document flow automation
  • Dev Technosys Contact management
Dev Technosys

Web applications and portals

Robust web applications and portals that change your business life and increase your business value by leveraging higher benefits.

  • Dev Technosys Loginization
  • Dev Technosys Listings
  • Dev Technosys Images
  • Dev Technosys Map
  • Dev Technosys Favorites list
  • Dev Technosys Real-time messaging
Dev Technosys

App panel

At DevTechnosys we craft highly sophisticated applications by invoking thoughtful and innovative processes. Upon sensing the current real estate trends we designed the solutions to aid in your business.

Dev Technosys

Property Management panel

The Property Management panel helps the users to sell, purchase, rent, or lease the property at an individual point.


  • Find house or property as per the requirements
  • Contact respective agents and dealers directly
  • Tracking the real estate property and status
  • Allowed sharing the details with other agents
  • Sending confirmation notifications to the property owner as well as customers

Agent management panel

The agent management panel of our real estate website development or app development facility entails the agent to get the potential customers for their real estate business.


  • Easy sharing of the profile
  • Accessing the contact details and address of the users
  • Better collaboration between the potential buyers and sellers
  • Getting useful leads
Dev Technosys
Dev Technosys

Property evaluation panel

The property evaluation panel of our application assists the real estate buyers and sellers to recognize the market value of any particular property.


  • We provide location-based filters and search modules
  • you can evaluate the property based on various fronts like price per square foot, median value, etc
  • Get the exact price of the property without a middle man
  • agents can receive direct property request from the customers

Latest technical standards

DevTechnosys with its team of real estate business experts and developers analyze the device systems to bridge the existing gaps. Our latest technical standards are-

Dev Technosys

Internet of things (IoT)

  • It assists in predictive analysis of the property
  • It develops sensors that can visualize the property and offer more clarity to the viewers
  • Helps to create disaster-resistant services in the app
  • Offer analysis technique through which users or agents can calculate ROI or return rate
Dev Technosys


  • In the real estate industry, AR work as an indispensable marketing trick
  • Allow realtors to promote their property and brand value
  • Facilitate transparent interaction between the buyers and sellers
  • Allow 3D rendering of the property
Dev Technosys


  • Helps to analyze maintenance cost
  • Allow buyers to go for virtual property tours
  • Provide detailed pictures of the property as per client agent requirements
  • Undertake architectural visualization of the property
Dev Technosys


  • leading to the surfacing of smart home Technology
  • Simplify the task of buying or selling the property
  • Give access to maximum security and automatic control in real estate
  • Attain maximum clarity

Why choose us

Stern quality, profound technology adoption, Constraint delivery, proactive interaction and true business ethics make the identity of Dev Technosys So, when your outsource chatbot development to use, below are the handful of benefits;


Multilingual and multi-currency support

in the real estate apps we provide multilingual and multi-currency support to our customers. This is to ensure that the real estate agents, buyers, or sellers can access the application irrespective of their geography.


Geolocation support

by integrating advanced features like geolocation we add value to your real estate business. Not only does it help the dealers to make the easy search for their properties but also provide them with relevant information.


Agile methodologies

our real estate app developers adhere to integrate agile methodologies in our applications. It helps us deliver custom made and high-end app solutions on time.


Direct marketing approach

we design the real estate applications incorporating special features such as in-app messaging, live chats, push notifications that act as a direct marketing channel for the real estate investors and dealers.


Flexible engagement model

we provide 24/7 customer support and deliver maximum satisfaction rates to our clients with our customized business engagement models. A flexible approach works best for enhancing the success of your real estate business.

Our services

We provide actionable insights and valuable information with our real estate application development by utilizing the tools that can measure real estate highs and lows. We offer a comprehensive range of services including

Property Management apps

We offer real-time property views and information with our application so that the potential buyers or agents do not have to spend more time looking for the property details.

CRM solutions

We provide an easy CRM system in our real estate services that notify the realtors through push notifications by tagging resembling groups. This helps us provide property updates to the buyers as well as Islands.

Dev Technosys

B2B property agent app

You can Hire Real Estate app developers at DevTechnosys to process the Geo-tagging and metadata features for your real estate business. Through this service, we enable the property agents to get access to the required properties quickly.

Lead Management system

Our real estate services analyze and nurture the potential leads for your business and you can store them as per your business norms. In the long run, it can help you convert them into customer prospects and you can drive ROI for your business.

How Dev Technosys delivers Business Value?

At Dev Technosys our converging focus is at delivering you best in-class real estate mobile app development services & products that make you a leader in your business domain. We try to capture the essence of uniqueness in your idea and embellish it with relevant features that help you gain long term benefits and gain high business returns.

One stop vendor

Dev Technosys is a one stop real estate app development company that deploys advance technology solutions to meet enterprise modern needs and help them combat business challenges with latest tools.

knowledge retention

We cater real estate web development services that are best at retaining knowledge and use it for further utilisation. We try to capture the essence of knowledge and expertise with latest technology.

team scalability

At Dev Technosys we have a balanced team; here you will find experienced and expert real estate web developers that are creative and innovative with a strong leash on latest development frameworks and platforms.

dedicated working environnment

Dedicated Working Environment Our developers work in a well incubated environment that increases their productivity and work proficiency. Our real estate app developer are highly dedicated to deliver you highly functional apps.

Frequently asked question

  • How to Create a Successful Real Estate Mobile App for Your business?

    A successful real estate business app is the one that easily replicates the B2C communication. For the perfect mobile application for the real estate industry, you need to first do a little homework. Gather all your requirements and share them with a good real estate mobile app development company. Maybe you are not able, to sum up, every little point you try to hit, but an experienced real estate app development team can suggest you with the best options.

  • How to Develop a Branded Real Estate Agent App?

    Real estate is the ever-rising industry and now the technological intervention has necessitated an app for agents as well. Google for the real estate app developers and check their review along with their portfolio. Choose the best real estate app development company one available with similar projects in his bucket. Communicate and share with him your requirement and Voila half of your work is done.

  • Why Invest in Real Estate App Development?

    Real estate web application development is no more a new term. Look at the facts, the majority of the millennials prefer to find a property online. Tier1 cities are more utilizing the real estate apps and for agents, builders, and constructors, mobile app development for real estate is a recommended step.

  • Why Create a Real Estate App?

    The real estate app is among the fastest rising app niche. Buyers love to check the details and take full information through mobile apps that to while sitting at their comfort zone. Finding property through the app is easy and therefore buyers like it. Getting the real estate app developed can give a 60-70% boost in the business deals and also ensures a better turnaround ratio.

  • What are the features that consider when developing a real estate mobile app?

    A Real estate mobile app can grow your business multifold, if and only if your real estate app touches the user problem. A product that unravels the solutions always gets success. For the perfect app you need to focus on the following features:

    User Onboarding

    User profiles

    Listing and database

    Filter and Categories

    Property profile



    Push notification


    Direct messaging


    Virtual tour

    Above are a few salient features, which must be there in your real estate app. For a perfect real estate app, you must share your idea with a real estate app developers.

  • Why Real Estate Mobile Apps Are a Must for the Entire Real Estate Industry?

    Mobile apps are too prevalent in the real estate industry. There are three components, buyer, seller, and agent, or contractor. Mobile app development for real estate is beneficial because:

    The seller can post their property on the public platform and attract more customers.

    Buyers can find many properties with no boundation of distance.

    Contractor or Agents can appease ore buyers and convince more sellers.

    All parties get an immense benefit and increase in business. This makes real estate app a must for the entire industry.


    An industry rises when all parties involved get the benefits and the product attracts the global market. With the real estate app development services, both benefits are touched. More sellers attract more buyers and vice versa. This makes competition in the prices and the customer gets the benefits. The increase in deals boots the overall revenue of the industry.

  • How Mobile Apps Are Driving The Future Of Real Estate?

    Mobile apps are leading the real estate industry to a new era. The real estate apps like have helped and changing the industry opinion. Sellers prefer to upload the property details and photos over a large social platform by the help of real estate app development instead of approaching the local market. Buyers prefer to view the property online. There are many mobile applications available for real estate and people are relying on them with full confidence.

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