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Are you having trouble in your relationship? It could be a misunderstanding, no work-life balance, or a gap in communication.

Relationships today are way different than they used to be decades ago. Today, couples are trying different things to add charm and spark to their relations. Also, the apps for couples have given a significant contribution to the success of online dating.

Previously, couples had to use a landline or jot down their feelings on a piece of paper when they wanted to connect. But, today, technological advancement has completely changed the scenario. Now, there are multiple apps for long-distance couples, married couples, and others. So, if your relationship is getting dull and wants to add some spark to the relationship, refer to the following list of the top 10 best apps for couples.


apps for couples

What Are the Best Apps for Couples in 2022?

Livin or long-distance, looking for friends or a long-term partner. The tech has made the problem disappear with mere left and right swipes.

You need to stay connected when you live far away from your loved ones. At that time, the best budget app for couples comes in handy. There is no simpler and hassle-free way to talk to your loved ones than the apps for couples. The following list of the top dating apps for couples will help people connect for different purposes. Before that, let’s take a quick glimpse of some popular couple applications.


Apps for Couple Founded In App Rating
Merge 2018 4.4/5
Between 2011 4.8/5
Cobble 2020 4.6/5
Honeydue 2017 4.5/5
Bliss 2009 4.6/5
Coupleness 2019 4.3/5
Love Nudge 2019 4.6/5
Kukini 2018 4.0/5
Venmo 2009 4.4/5
Kindu 2008 3.8


Similar to social media applications like Instagram, the apps for couples majorly work on personalization and customization. And to provide first-hand solutions, apps must have the data of their customers, their likes, and dislikes as well as their preferences of partners in the relationship. Hence, here are some data and statistics around apps for couples and dating apps.

apps for couples stats

Top 10 Apps for Couples You Shouldn’t Miss Trying

Looking for cute apps for couples to stay connected with their loved ones? Try these interesting applications for couples that could make your relationship fun, interesting, and loving. 


  1. Merge App: To-do Listing App for Livin’ Couples

Merge app for couples

Merge apps for couples allow partners to manage their daily living responsibilities. However, when couples just move in, they face difficulty managing household stuff. In that case, Merge – one of the best-shared to-do list apps for couples, comes as a savior. This application helps improve household communication, doesn’t matter whether the couple is newly married or has just moved in together.


Download Cost Free
App Availability Android & iOS
Founding Year 2018
App Rating 4.4
URL Merge App


Features of Merge Couple App

  • Create tasks and assign
  • Set reminders
  • Use Merge status updates
  • Comment on new and completed tasks


  1. Coupleness App: Relationship Wellness App


coupleness app


Sometimes, communication barriers or arguments ruin relationships and start causing problems. Couples app allows partners to share how they feel about each other and make time for their relationships even on the most stressful days. It is the best-shared calendar app for couples where partners can decide their schedules and spend quality time together.


Download Cost Free
App Availability Android & iOS
Founding Year 2019
App Rating 4.3
URL Coupleness App


Features of Coupleness App

  • Asks questions related to couples’ likes and dislikes
  • Help reduce the screen time
  • Offer structured time schedule for day-to-day activity
  • Set reminders & notifications


  1. Honeydue: Best Finance Management App


finance app for couples


It is one of the best budgeting apps for couples. It allows couples to track their finances together and is one of the simplest ways to keep track of money spent. However, sometimes, it becomes difficult for the partners to manage their financial expenses and run low on budget. In that case, Honeydue apps for couples would be helpful. It’s amazing USPs make it a winning app in the category of money-management and couple-friendly applications. Knowing how to develop a dating application can also help you in encircling the key features required in any app for couples.


Download Cost Free
App Availability Android & iOS
Founding Year 2019
App Rating 4.4
URL Honeydue App


Features of Honeydue App

  • Transparent work process to avoid fraudulent activity
  • Users can also keep some finances in private mode
  • Direct messaging to the partner regarding expenses
  • Set alerts to receive notifications about new expenses


  1. Cobble: Best Couple App for Dating Ideas


Best Couple App for Dating Ideas


This app for couples comes as a savior when the partners run out of dating ideas or when a person is non-creative and lacks imagination. It is one of the most romantic dating app like TinderHere you can access the photo-based options and swipe through the best dating ideas. So, if you plan a romantic date night for your special one, Cobble could be your go-to option.


Download Cost Free
App Availability Android & iOS
Founding Year 2020
App Rating 4.6
URL Trycobble.com


Features of Cobble App

  • Search or filter to browse curated ideas
  • Map to find ideas by location
  • Share ideas and polls with friends
  • Save unique ideas for later


  1. Between: Best Relationship Apps for Couples


Relationship Apps for Couples


It is among the top relationship applications as it creates space for couples to store photos & videos and share GIFs and selfies. It is also the best-shared calendar app for couples that allows partners to keep track of upcoming dates, including special events or birthdays. The best part about this application is that it offers a personalized space for couples to express their emotions via photos, videos, and more.


Download Cost Free
App Availability Android & iOS
Founding Year 2011
App Rating 4.6
URL Between Us App


Features of Between Couple App

  • Store photos, videos, and notes easily
  • Offers free emoticons and GIF selfies for chatting
  • Save schedules using a built-in calendar ad check your partner’s schedule
  • Easy to access and user-friendly


  1. Love Nudge: App for Learning 5 Love Languages


Love Nudge App for Learning 5 Love Languages


Couples fail to express their love and feelings during busy work schedules, which dulls the relationship. So to generate some spark in their busy relationships, Love Nudge is one of the best apps for married couples. It is a habit-forming app that helps couples express their love in a meaningful and fun way. Designed for real-life connections, there are no best apps for couples than this.


Download Cost Free
App Availability Android & iOS
Founding Year 2019
App Rating 4.4
URL Love Nudge App


Features of the Love Nudge App

  • Allow partners to learn love languages to know each other
  • Set and track various activity goals
  • Connect with a partner to live up to each other’s expectations
  • Make love expressing more fun and interesting


  1. Venmo App: Best Budgeting Apps for Couples


Venmo App


In relationships, there could be some ups and downs in financial terms. For instance, you are going for a dinner date with your loved one and ended up owing some amount to your partner. In that case, the Venmo application is helpful. Here, you can easily add the amount you have spent or borrowed with your partner and get to know about each other expenses without even asking. This is why Venmo comes among the best budgeting apps for couples in today’s time.


Download Cost Free
App Availability Android & iOS
Founding Year 2009
App Rating 4.2
URL Venmo App


Features of Venmo App

  • Keeps track of economic relations between couples
  • Hassle-free money transfer between family, friends, and couples
  • Transparent and simple user interface
  • Free to use and easily available on all platforms


  1. Kindu App: Romantic Date Ideas App for Couples




This app for couples provides them with an idea to do fun activities and spend quality time together. The partners can simply try activities they are interested in, and the application will show the matches. To add romance to the relationship, couples can try some bedroom activities to play privately within the app. It is one of the cute apps for couples who wants to add more charm to their relationship.


Download Cost Free
App Availability Android & iOS
Founding Year 2008
App Rating 3.8
URL Kindu App


Features of the Kindu App

  • Learn new fun things to do with your partner
  • Discover more about your partner’s desires
  • Improve the relationship’s intimacy
  • Create a room to discuss wishes and opinions


  1. Lasting App: Counselling App for Married Couples


Counselling App for Married Couples


Is your relationship is on a stake or you are facing some problems with your partner? The lasting app could make your relationship last longer. This app for long-distance couples, married couples, and more provides an expert counselor who help couples to resolve internal matters. It offers couples valuable insights and leads that they can follow to extend their marital relationship in a healthy way.


Download Cost Free
App Availability Android & iOS
Founding Year 2017
App Rating 4.6
URL Getlasting App


Features of Lasting Couple App

  • Resolve internal marriage issues
  • Provide professional expert counseling
  • Offer an equal chance to couples to share their concern
  • Organize bonding activities


  1. Raft App: Best Shared Calendar App for Couples


Shared Calendar App for Couples


It is another amazing calendar-sharing app that lets couples share their important dates with family, friends, and relatives. The application comes up with robust planning that results in proper planning, event creation, and scheduling appointment. It is not a proper marriage counseling app, but it is something more that allows couples to spend some quality by sharing a calendar.


Download Cost Free
App Availability iOS
Founding Year 2017
App Rating 4.6
URL Joinraft App


Features of Raft Calendar Sharing App

  • Connect your partner, family, and BFFs to your calendar
  • Personalize plans with images, emojis, and animated GIFs
  • Like and comment on each other plan
  • Tap to invite people, and they get notified to join the event


dating app cta

Summing Up!!!

That’s all, folks! This is the list of the top 10 best apps for couples that will bring that spark to your relationship and keep it lively for a lifetime. Whether you are a married couple, in a long-distance relationship, or living together, these cute apps for couples will work for you.

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