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In this highly advanced and digital era, e-commerce has surged in huge popularity and success. Catch is one of the leading examples of successful shopping applications in Australia and other regions. The app has greatly captured the market with its exclusive features, useful functionalities, and appealing interface. So, if you are looking to build a shopping app like Catch, this blog is for you. It will guide you to everything about ‘How to develop an app like Catch?’ ‘What are the Essential features of an app like Catch?’ or ‘How much does it cost to build a shopping app like Catch?’

As per the research, approximately 80% of smartphone app users buy products online by using apps like Catch. The ever-rising digital adoption has opened the door of opportunity for shopping business owners. So, now is the right time for businesses to step into shopping app development.

Without delaying further, let’s begin the journey of online shopping app development and know how your business application will change the game in the future.


What is Catch App?

Catch is an Australian online shopping app. It has a wide range of goods and services across numerous categories, including electronics, apparel, home goods, etc. The Catch app is renowned for its regular sales and discounts that can help people save money.

Compared to other shopping applications, the Catch app is simple to navigate and utilize. Users can search for products using a keyword, brand, or category. Catch app users can also apply filters for customized search results, including the price, size, or color. Each product listing has comprehensive details, including specifications, images, and reviews.

The Catch online shopping app is easy to use and navigate. Users can browse products by category, brand, or keyword. They can also use filters to narrow down their search results, such as by price, size, or color. The Catch app is a great way to save money on a wide range of products. It is also a convenient way to shop, as users can do so from anywhere, at any time.


Online Shopping App Market Statistics

The online shopping application market is one of the fastest-growing segments of the e-commerce industry in today’s advanced world. In 2021, mobile ecommerce revenue reached $3.56 trillion, accounting for more than half of total ecommerce sales. This growth will continue in the coming years, with mobile ecommerce revenue projected to reach $5.5 trillion by 2025.

A few major players, including Amazon, Alibaba, and eBay, dominate the online shopping application market. However, other best ecommerce apps like Catch are also gaining popularity and traction.


Build A Shopping App Like Catch
Source: https://www.statista.com/statistics/249855/mobile-retail-commerce-revenue-in-the-united-states/

List of Online Shopping Application Market And Revenue Statistics Showcasing Popularity –

  • Anticipated for 2025, the revenue from global online shopping applications is projected to hit $5.5 trillion.
  • Leading the pack in the realm of online shopping applications is the United States, succeeded by China and the United Kingdom.
  • Mobile e-commerce commands a majority share, accounting for over 50% of all e-commerce sales.
  • Highly sought-after categories in online shopping include fashion, electronics, and home goods.
  • On an average visit, an online shopper typically expends approximately $2.30.
  • Globally, the conversion rate for online shoppers stands at approximately 2.3%.


Step by Step Process to Build A Shopping App Like Catch


Build A Shopping App Like Catch


Are you planning to develop app like Catch to take your shopping business forward? Here are the detailed online shopping platform development steps to help you know ‘How to create a successful shopping application like Catch?’ with advanced features and functionalities.


#Step 1 – Conduct In-depth Market Research

Before you begin the Catch online shopping app development process, conduct extensive market research and analysis to understand the ongoing market and competitors. Doing in-depth research will help you identify the existing gaps in the market, and then you can create Catch shopping app overcoming all the gaps and loopholes.

Conduct a SWOT and risk analysis of the online shopping app market for better outcomes. You can also connect with leading e-commerce app development company experts to help you with development.


#Step 2 – Define Catch App Features & Functionalities

Outline the core features of your shopping app, such as search, filters, product listings, user accounts, shopping cart, payment integration, and more. Include additional features like social sharing, reviews, discounts, loyalty programs, and integration with other platforms. The features and functionalities you choose for your online shopping app like Catch will impact the mobile app development cost greatly.

In case you do not have the desired budget to create an e-commerce marketplace like Amazon or Catch, go for basic features and functionalities rather than adding too many features.


Build A Shopping App Like Catch


#Step 3 – Design the Catch App UX/UI

An application design is a strong asset to make any application stand out while grabbing thousands of users’ attention at just a glance. So, start designing the online shopping app UX/UI design that users may find appealing. Hire experienced designers who can create an appealing and intuitive design aligning with your target audience’s preferences.

Design app wireframes, mockups, and prototypes to visualize the flow and Catch app layout. It will help you come up with a unique design for shopping app development, too, without putting more strain on your pocket. For reference, you can take a look at the best e-commerce platforms gaining market popularity and success these days.



#Step 4 – Choose Appropriate Tech Stacks

Select the best-suitable tech stack for your business app development project, including programming languages, frameworks, databases, and server hosting. You can also incorporate some of the common technologies for mobile app development, such as React Native, Flutter (for cross-platform), or native development (iOS: Swift, Android: Kotlin/Java).


Category Technology
Frontend Development React Native, Flutter, Swift (iOS), Kotlin (Android), HTML5, CSS3,
Backend Development Node.js, Express.js, Django, Ruby on Rails, Spring Boot
Database MongoDB, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Firebase
Authentication JWT (JSON Web Tokens), OAuth 2.0
Payment Integration Stripe, PayPal, Braintree, Square
Cloud Storage Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage
Push Notifications Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM), OneSignal
Geolocation Google Maps API, Mapbox
Search and Filters Elasticsearch, Algolia
Version Control Git, GitHub, GitLab
Hosting Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure
Testing Frameworks Jest, Enzyme, XCTest, Espresso


#Step 5 – Begin Online Shopping App Development

Finally, begin the process of building an online shopping app like Catch. It is the major step of all because here you will be actually developing an app like Catch. So, begin the mobile app development process, following the chosen technology stack and incorporating the defined features and functionalities.

Divide the mobile app development process into sprints and regularly review progress to ensure alignment with the initial vision. In case you lack the expertise, it is advisable to seek e-commerce development services from professionals.


Build A Shopping App Like Catch


#Step 6 – Test & Launch App Like Catch

Finally, when you are done with the shopping app development process, carefully test and launch your business application to remove all the errors and bugs. Launching a 100% error-free shopping application will increase the probability of its success and growth in the coming time. You can choose the most suitable platform to launch your shopping app, like Catch (i.e., Android or iOS).


#Step 7 – Mobile App Support & Maintenance

Although it is not a mandatory shopping app development step, if performed timely, it can benefit you long-term. Seek timely mobile app support and maintenance services to increase its lifespan while keeping your business app upgraded as per the latest industry standards and norms. Performing this step with consistency will save huge costs to build a shopping app like Catch and enable application growth.

These are the simple 7 steps to build a shopping app like Catch that will help you come up with a growth-driven business application. Follow all the steps mentioned above and watch how easily you can get a perfect shopping app like Catch.


Major Features to Include When You Build A Shopping App Like Catch


Build A Shopping App Like Catch


Do you want to make your shopping app or e-commerce website more appealing and interactive? If yes, then make sure to include the following features. Adhering to the following features during on-demand app development solutions will help you build a profit-driven shopping app like Catch. So, let’s discover the features as suggested by the Android app development services experts.


1. One-step Registration:

Customers always prefer a simple access method when utilizing any shopping application or other. To ensure adequate authentication and security, a single-step registration is required. It will help to win the users’ attention towards your shopping application while making the registration process much easier and hassle-free.


2. Easy Checkout:

Customers must have both alternatives, such as “Buy now” and “Add to cart,” so they may complete the checkout process fast or whenever they want. As a result, make sure to include the ‘Easy checkout’ feature when developing a shopping app like Catch.


3. Advanced Search:

Offering an advanced search filter option is a must for all business applications. It allows the users to look for a product more easily while applying various filters, including the type, price, and more. Adding this feature when you build e-commerce app like Catch will increase the worth of your shopping application to a great extent.


4. Secure Payment:

Now, coming to one of the crucial features of any application, i.e., secure payment option. Every user wants to conduct a fast checkout process while accessing any application online. Right? So, adding this feature during on-demand mobile app development will make your application more reliable and worthy. Leverage the best payment gateway while creating an online shopping app.


5. Wishlist:

The Wishlist feature must be included in the online shopping application so that users can compile a list of goods they want to buy but haven’t the money to proceed to checkout immediately. Therefore, to design a shopping app that adheres to the most recent market data and improves client retention, this feature is crucial.


6. Voice Search:

Very few mobile applications have a voice search option, so you can make your shopping application unique by inserting a unique voice search option. Such a feature will help the users to shop online while using a search option. This feature is especially useful for those who are not well-versed with typing. Keep such features in mind while developing a shopping app for your e-commerce business.


7. In-app Subscription:

You can also incorporate things like express delivery after achieving some degree of market success, much like Amazon did with the integration of prime features. Additionally, you may provide customers with the necessary explicit features through subscriptions when creating the greatest online shopping app.


8. Online Shipping:

Finally comes the last yet very crucial feature of any e-commerce application, i.e., online shipping status, to help your potential customers track their orders online. Gaining new clients requires merely being transparent. Customers might be ready to pick up the items earlier than usual by using the online shipping status.

These are some of the useful shopping app development features that will help you build an app like Catch. Now that you are well-versed with all the features and functionalities incorporate them whenever you work on your shopping app solutions project.

Build A Shopping App Like Catch


What is the Cost to Build A Shopping App Like Catch?

How much does it cost to develop an app like Catch? Is this your concern right now? Well, an average shopping app development costs between $5,000 to $25,000 and more, depending on the type of application developed. Still, there are ample factors that affect the cost to build a shopping app like Catch. Here is tabular data showcasing the shopping app cost estimation as suggested by the online marketplace development company experts.


Development Phases Estimated Cost
Market Research & Planning $5,000 – $7,000
UI/UX Design $7,000 – $12,000
Frontend Development $12,000 – $20,000
Backend Development $20,000 – $50,000
Quality Assurance & Testing $10,000 – $20,000
Project Management $5,000 – $15,000
Launch and Post-Launch Strategies $5,000 – $10,000


Final Thoughts!

Embarking on the shopping app development journey to build an app like Catch involves a strategic blend of thorough market research, user-centric design, and robust development.

Understanding your target audience, defining unique selling propositions, and ensuring a seamless user experience are critical pillars of successful shopping apps like Catch. So, connect with the best mobile app development company, hire dedicated developers, and get started with your dream project right away!