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“Prisma is an amazing tool that allows anyone to create beautiful and unique works of art. It’s like having a personal Picasso in your pocket.” 

-Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple

Quick Summary: Learn to build an app like Prisma Labs’ AI Art Generator with this guide. Explore critical steps, from deciding on the right technology stack to enforcing picture processing algorithms. Gain insights into developing a consumer-pleasant interface and optimizing for an AI-powered artwork technology.

Do you want to build an app like Prisma Labs? This blog is for you. It’s not hidden from anyone that AI art generator applications have been increasing over the past few years. There are numerous AI art generator applications available in the market, and entrepreneurs are looking forward to investing in them. Prisma Lab is the most incredible AI art generator application that has a craze over the heads of users.

Prisma Labs made startups think about new functions to build an app like Prisma Labs. So, are you someone who has been looking forward to build an app like Prisma Labs AI Art Generator!? Let your imagination pass wild as we discover the charming world of app development of art.

Come along with us and join us on this journey to find the process to build an app like Prisma Labs with its AI-powered visual magic.

Start the creative revolution now!

What is Prisma Labs App?  

Prisma app, a photograph-enhancing tool that became famous for its distinctive, synthetic intelligence-powered artistic filters. The AI-generated art prisma labs was released in June 2016 and won popularity right away because it can flip everyday pictures into excellent artistic endeavors that are evocative of the varieties of well-known painters.

Alexey Moiseenkov and his Moscow, Russia-based development crew formed Prisma Labs. Prisma Labs AI art generator app became an immediate hit when it came out, downloading tens of millions of copies in a brief quantity of time. It achieved over 100 million downloads on each of the iOS and Android platforms by the stop of 2016.

Market Stats on AI Art Generator Industry

  •  2022 forecast values for the worldwide AI photograph generator market are $257.175 million (Fortune Business Insights).
  • With a 4.5% CAGR, the generative AI art market is expected to attain USD 5.84 billion by 2032 (as per a LinkedIn record).
  • Projected to grow from 2023 to 2030 at a compound annual growth price of 17.4% (Fortune Business Insights).
  • In the approaching years, some projections are expecting an even more significant increase—above 40% CAGR.
  • The famous Prisma Labs AI Art app has been downloaded over 100 million instances.


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  • Lensa is an AI artwork-producing software advanced by means of Prisma Labs that lets users make creative self-pictures.
  • It turned into launched in 2019. The app has been posted in a couple of magazines, including Forbes, Elle, and Vogue, and has been downloaded over 25 million instances.
  • A tremendous component in apps like Prisma Labs’ expanded sales has been Lensa. The organization’s sales multiplied from $6.5 million in 2021 to $16.2 million in 2022.
  • Lensa is a freemium app that is available in two variations: the Pro version, which has more capabilities like more excellent patterns and higher resolution photographs, and the simple loose version.
  • The Pro edition of Best AI Art Generator is $29.99 every 12 months or $ 4.99 a month.

10 Popular Apps Like Prisma Labs – AI Art Generator


App Name

Launch Date


Downloads (Est.)


Lensa AI by Prisma Labs June 2021 Alexey Moiseenkov, Oleg Goncharov 50M+ iOS, Android
Nightcafe Creator November 2020 Daniel Siepen, Christian Friedrich 10M+ Web, Windows, macOS
Starry AI March 2023 Thomas Würstle, Matthias Wagner 5M+ Web
DALL-E 2 by OpenAI April 2022 Elon Musk, Ilya Sutskever, Dario Amodei Private Beta Web
Midjourney November 2020 David Holz, Phil Trammell 2M+ Discord Community
Artbreeder May 2018 Joel David, Carl Douglas 5M+ Web
Remini November 2016 Vika & Victor Tsurkanik 100M+ iOS, Android
Picsart November 2008 Hovhannes Avoyan, Artavazd Hambardzumyan 1B+ iOS, Android, Web
Wombo Dream May 2022 Tarek Abdel Nabi, Zhe Li 10M+ iOS, Android
Canva AI Art August 2023 Melanie Perkins, Cliff Obrecht 2M+ Web
Deep Dream Generator March 2015 Google AI Open Source Web


Must Have Features of App Like Prisma Labs  

Before you dive into the step-by-step guide to develop an app like Prisma labs, you need to dive into this section of features, where we have covered it all. In this section, we have covered admin, user, and owner panel features, which you must know about as AI in web development is incredibly changing the world.


1. Admin Panel Features:

Here are some must-have features of admin panel.

i. User Management
ii. Content Moderation
iii. Analytics Dashboard
iv. Monetization Tools
v. Security Measures
vi. App Customization
vii. Push Notifications
viii. Feedback Management
ix. User Support System
x. Compliance and Regulations

Let’s have a look at the admin panel features in detail.


Admin Panel Features of Prisma Lab


  • User Management:

Admins can, without difficulty, add, alter, or take away user debts, ensuring seamless get entry to control and protection. Create an app like Prisma Labs by adding these exclusive features.


  • Content Moderation:

Robust tools for tracking and moderating person-generated content material to maintain a secure and user satisfaction AI art generator – Prisma Labs app.


  • Analytics Dashboard:

Comprehensive analytics provide insights into consumer behavior, Prism Art app performance, and famous capabilities, helping in strategic decision-making.


  • Monetization Tools:

Admins can put in force and manage numerous revenue streams, consisting of commercials, premium functions, and partnerships, to enhance the best AI image generators economic viability.


  • Security Measures:

Advanced protection protocols, inclusive of encryption and authentication, guard personal information and defend against ability threats.


  • App Customization:

Create AI-generated art with this feature, as it provides the ability to customize apps like Prisma Labs settings, issues, and branding elements to align with the general vision and strategy.


  • Push Notifications:

Admins can ship centered push notifications to users, keeping them engaged and knowledgeable about updates, promotions, or vital bulletins.


  • Feedback Management:

Efficient equipment to gather and analyze personal comments, enabling continuous enhancement of the AI art maker based totally on consumer alternatives and suggestions.


  • User Support System:

Create an AI art generator that can manage and reply to user inquiries effectively, ensuring a fine consumer satisfaction and resolves troubles right away.


  • Compliance and Regulations:

These are tools to make sure the art AI generator complies with criminal and regulatory necessities, together with information protection legal guidelines and content recommendations.


How Much Does Cost to Build An AI Art Generator App?


2. User Panel Features

Below are some essential features of user panel.

i. Photo Editing Tools
iii. Social Sharing Integration
iii. Community Interaction
iv. Personalized Profiles
v. Real-time Collaboration
vi. Explore and Discover
vii. Custom Filter Creation
viii. In-App Challenges and Contests
ix. Personalized Notifications
x. Offline Editing

Let’s discuss the user panel features in details.


User Panel Features of Prisma Labs


  • Photo Editing Tools:

Users can access a wide range of creative and intuitive picture editing functions to enhance their pictures with filters, effects, and other enhancements, which resulting an incredible future of AI development.


  • Social Sharing Integration:

Seamless integration with social media systems allows customers to proportion their edited photos at once, improving consumer engagement and increasing the reach of apps like Prism.


  • Community Interaction:

Users can take part in a vibrant community, sharing their creations, appreciating others, and fostering an experience of belonging in the Prisma AI app.


  • Personalized Profiles:

Users can create personalized profiles, showcasing their edited images, possibilities, and achievements, including a social and aggressive size to the experience.


  • Real-time Collaboration:

Collaborative editing capabilities enable users to work collectively on tasks, fostering an experience of network and creativity within apps like Discord.


  • Explore and Discover:

A person-friendly exploration characteristic lets customers discover new filters, outcomes, and modifying techniques, maintaining the experience sparkling and provoking.


  • Custom Filter Creation:

Users can layout and proportion their unique filters, contributing to the app like Midjourney creative surroundings and making an allowance for a diverse range of editing options.


  • In-App Challenges and Contests:

Engaging in demanding situations and contests encourages users to push their creative limitations, fostering an aggressive and dynamic consumer network.


  • Personalized Notifications:

Users receive tailor-made notifications, preserving their knowledge about new capabilities, network activities, and personalized content based totally on their choices.


  • Offline Editing:

Create an AI art generator with this feature so that users can edit snapshots offline, ensuring uninterrupted innovative expression even in areas with limited connectivity.


3. Owner Panel Features

Here are some key features of owner panel.

i. Revenue Dashboard
ii. Business Intelligence Tools
iii. Marketing Campaign Management
iv. User Retention Strategies
v. Innovation and R&D
vi. Global Expansion Tools
vii. Partnership and Integration
viii. Scalability Infrastructure
ix. Legal and Compliance Management
x. In-App Purchases and Upgrades

Let’s have a look at owner panel features in detail.


Owner Panel Features of prisma labs


  • Revenue Dashboard:

Owners can tune and examine sales sources, personal subscriptions, and marketing performance for informed commercial enterprise decisions.


  • Business Intelligence Tools:

Advanced analytics provide owners with insights into market developments, person demographics, and competitor evaluation, aiding in strategic planning.


  • Marketing Campaign Management:

App like Synthesia has tools for creating and dealing with advertising campaigns, promotions, and partnerships to force consumer acquisition and engagement.


  • User Retention Strategies:

Owners can enforce focused techniques to hold users, which include loyalty applications, different capabilities, and personalized incentives.


  • Innovation and R&D:

Resources for making an investment in studies and development, making sure the continuous improvement and innovation of the Prisma lab’s app development to live in advance in the aggressive marketplace.


  • Global Expansion Tools:

Features that facilitate internationalization, along with language assist, nearby customization, and localized advertising efforts for global reach.


  • Partnership and Integration:

Owners can forge partnerships with different AI image generators, systems, or brands, improving the AI picture generator environment and presenting additional fees to customers.


  • Scalability Infrastructure:

Tools to manage and scale the app like Lensa infrastructure, efficaciously, making sure seamless overall performance and personal experience because the user base grows.


Owners can monitor and ensure compliance with prison and regulatory requirements, mitigating risks and defending the reputation of the best AI apps like Prisma labs.


  • In-App Purchases and Upgrades:

Owners can strategically control in-app purchases, top-class functions, and subscription models to optimize revenue streams and cater to exceptional user segments.


build an art cta

8 Steps To Build An App Like Prisma Labs

Now, the time has come when you must know the step-by-step guide to build an AI art generator. Prisma Labs is the form app that requires meticulous plans, a sturdy iOS app development company, and a precise development method. The 8 steps indexed below will help you create an app similar to Prisma Labs.

1. Define Your App’s Concept and Features
2. Market Research and Competitor Analysis
3. Hire a Skilled Development Team
4. Choose the Right Technology Stack
5. Develop a Prototype
6. Implement Machine Learning and Image Processing
7. Test and Iterate
8. Launch and Market Your App

Now, let’s discuss these steps in detail.


Steps To Build An App Like Prisma Labs


1. Define Your App’s Concept and Features

This is the first stage to build an app like Prisma labs, in which you must establish a unique definition of your app’s idea and the factors you wish to include first. Prisma Labs became famous for its neural community-based totally filter image-changing abilities. Determine your target marketplace, your app’s most essential functions, and your specific selling proposition.


2. Market Research and Competitor Analysis

It is the second stage to build an app like prisma labs in which you must recognize consumer expectations and the opposition, behavior in-intensity marketplace research. Examine similar applications, including Prisma Labs, to determine their blessings and disadvantages. Get in touch with the best artificial intelligence development services provider if you want precise help with it.


3. Hire a Skilled Development Team

Building a solid team is critical to your app’s success. Hire an AI development company with capabilities in picture processing, system studying, and mobile app development. For an intensive method of app development, reflect on the consideration of running with QA testers, backend developers, and UI/UX designers.


4. Choose the Right Technology Stack

Choosing the appropriate era stack is essential for growing a scalable and dependable utility. Prisma Labs processed snapshots of the usage of neural networks and deep getting to know. Selecting programming languages, frameworks, and libraries should be finished according to the undertaking’s needs and the enjoyment of your mobile app development services.


5. Develop a Prototype

Here comes the fifth stage in which it is crucial as entrepreneur to see the layout and capability of the app, create a prototype. This facilitates getting enter from stakeholders and validating your concept. Prototyping also helps to save time and charges by detecting any issues early in the development system.


6. Implement Machine Learning and Image Processing

To get the specified results, incorporate photograph processing and system learning algorithms into your app. For instance, Prisma Labs used neural networks to turn ordinary pictures into inventive creations. Make sure your development company has the realization of a way to integrate that technology successfully.


7. Test and Iterate

Make sure you test your app thoroughly to find and attach any bugs or performance troubles. To ensure a perfect person, check usability. Iterate your app, improving its capability and layout as you pass, thinking of consumers entering and trying out outcomes. Delivering a first-rate product requires frequent trying out and generation.


8. Launch and Market Your App

Create an intensive release plan before liberating your app to the public. To boost focus, make use of quite a few marketing platforms, such as influencers, app stores, and social media. To create buzz, consider partnering with influencers or imparting unique incentives. Following the launch, keep an eye on user entry and enhance your AI development solutions in the form of user feedback and converting marketplace trends.

How Much Does It Cost To Build An App Like Prisma Labs?  

The cost to build artificial intelligence project accommodates some of the steps that might increase or lower the final cost. Here are the key factors to be considered while estimating the cost.

1. Development Team
2. Features and Functionality
3. Design
4. Technology Stack
5. Testing and Quality Assurance
6. Platform Compatibility


Prisma Labs has become well-known for its image-modifying software Prisma, which turns pics into words to build artificial intelligence projects of art via famous painters and the use of artificial intelligence and neural networks.


Cost To Build An App Like Prisma Labs


The following factors have to be considered while estimating the cost to build an app like Prisma Labs:


1. Development Team:

– The cost of hiring mobile app developers includes backend coders, AI professionals, and developers for iOS and Android apps.

– The development group’s geographic area may have an impact on the cost to build a mobile app.


2. Features and Functionality:

– The complexity of features like creative filters, social media integration, and actual-time photo processing will affect the cost to build an app like Prisma labs

– Additional investment is probably wanted for advanced features like AI-based fashion switches.


3. Design:

– It is vital to create an interface that is thrilling and easy to use. Hiring UI/UX designers with enjoy raises the cost to build an app like Prisma labs


4. Technology Stack:

On demand app development solutions cost may be impacted with the aid of the selection of programming languages, frameworks, and third-party integration APIs in the technology stack.


5. Testing and Quality Assurance:

– It is imperative to conduct thorough testing for security, usability, and performance. -The value is extended overall while resources are allotted for great warranty.


6. Platform Compatibility:

– Developing for several systems, like iOS and Android, is more expensive than beginning with a single platform.

Here’s a simplified table summarizing estimated mobile app development costs:


App Complexity

Cost Range

Simple $8,000 – $16,000
Average $16,000 – $25,000
Complex $25,000 and above


It is crucial to know that getting in touch with the best machine learning app development services will help you learn the most straightforward estimates and that actual charges may be exchanged depending on unique wishes, marketplace costs, and other variables. A thorough value estimate ought to also take updates and continuous updation under consideration.

How Much Does It Cost To Maintain An App Like Prisma Labs?

The maintenance and support services cost for software like Prisma Labs generally varies between 15 and 20% of the cost to develop a mobile application, which can be anywhere from $8,000 to $25,000. For example, if the cost to build an app like Prisma Labs is $20,000, the predicted yearly maintenance price could be between $3,000 and $4,000.

This includes server maintenance, computer virus patches, and essential updates to ensure high overall performance. Hire dedicated developers from the Dev Technosys team to learn more about our protection offerings and acquire an intensive custom analysis designed for your particular app development. Get in touch with us for individualized support and recommendations on retaining the functionality and applicability of your app.

Why Should Businesses Invest in Building an App Like Prisma Labs? 

Prisma has turned out to be incredibly nicely preferred for its excellent method of turning commonplace pix into breathtaking works of art. When corporations search for new methods to interact with their customers, there are quite a few advantages to build an app like WOMBO Dream. Here are some fantastic benefits of building an app like prisma labs

1. Creative Branding and Marketing Opportunities
2. Enhanced User Engagement and Interaction
3. Monetization Opportunities Through Premium Features
4. Data-Driven Insights for Business Growth
5. Global Reach and Brand Visibility
6. Staying Ahead in Technological Innovation

In this section we have compiled all of the benefits with detail, so dive right away.


1. Creative Branding and Marketing Opportunities

Investing in IoT app development with artwork gives groups a unique way to market and emblem themselves. Prisma is an extraordinary tool for business trying to gift their goods or offerings in an artistic way due to its capability to transform regular pics into visually attractive artwork.

Businesses can engage people in a visually appealing and interactive way that leaves a long-lasting impression by integrating extraordinary filters and consequences that are tailored to the identity of the emblem.


2. Enhanced User Engagement and Interaction

In today’s distinctly aggressive industry, user engagement is essential. Self-expression software such as Prisma Labs can engage users by presenting an interactive medium. Users get innovative and individualized pleasure from playing around with special filters and results.

Companies may also use this interaction to collect insightful user data, including preferences and remarks, with the purpose of helping them better goal their services and marketing campaigns.

Best free AI image generators are participatory, they foster a community across the logo, growing customer loyalty and forging closer ties between the corporation and its target market.


3. Monetization Opportunities Through Premium Features

Purchasing a Prisma Labs app lets in for additional revenue streams from premium features. Businesses can create more significant revenue streams by way of imparting a top-class model with top-class filters, consequences, or modern editing competencies and an unfastened model with basic functionalities.

This freemium business version encourages clients to improve their experience in addition to drawing in a more extensive user base. In addition to diversifying revenue streams, corporations can also inspect partnering and taking part with other manufacturers to provide unique filters or promotional content inside the app.


4. Data-Driven Insights for Business Growth

Businesses can benefit from a plethora of statistics-driven insights by growing an app just like Prisma Labs. For strategic decision-making, analyzing personal conduct, alternatives, and engagement styles in the app can offer insightful facts.

Companies are capable of tailoring their product offerings and advertising strategies by way of figuring out developments, user demographics, and famous filters.

With the help of these insights, companies can stay adaptable in a marketplace that is continuously evolving, adapting to client possibilities and outpacing competitors. In addition to guiding cutting-edge and future to build an app like Imagine may additionally guarantee consistent enterprise boom.


5. Global Reach and Brand Visibility

Software, along with Prisma Labs, can doubtlessly transcend countrywide limitations and reach an international consumer base. Businesses can benefit from global exposure for their manufacturers as people publish their artistically altered pics on social media.

Visually appealing clothes have the potential to go viral, resulting in phrase-of-mouth advertising and marketing and natural person acquisition. This global attain helps the logo challenge a favorable image and improve its marketplace presence by means of broadening its customer base and setting it up as an innovative, culturally applicable business. Get in touch with one of the best AI development companies in USA if you’re interested in building an app like Prisma Labs.


6. Staying Ahead in Technological Innovation

Investing money into developing an app similar to Prisma Labs is an indication of an organization dedicated to technological innovation. Businesses can demonstrate their dedication to staying ahead of technology by showcasing their use of contemporary augmented reality competencies, synthetic intelligence improvements, or picture processing algorithms.

In addition to drawing in tech-savvy clients, this gives the logo progressive and trend-putting. Maintaining a leading part in technological innovation makes the software competitive and relevant in the always-converting mobile application market.


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Ready To Build An App Like Prisma Labs With Us? 

Of Course! Together with Dev Technosys is incredibly eager to begin the process to develop a mobile application like Prisma Labs. Our talented development team is prepared to recognize your vision by fusing cutting-edge functions and new capabilities to produce a different and charming picture-enhancing enjoyment.

So, if you are someone who wants to build an app like Prisma Labs, then now the time has come when you must get in touch with our incredible team. Together, let’s make your visions a panoramic truth!

Frequently Asked Questions


1. How Much Does It Cost To Build An App Like Prisma Labs?

The cost of build an app like Prisma Labs varies depending on the functions, intricacy, and platform that dictate how much it’s going to cost to upgrade. A complex estimate is between $8,000 and $25,000, but for a specific determination, get in touch with the best Android app development company to get a perfect quote.


2. How Long Does It Take To Build An App Like Prisma Labs?

To develop an AI app, you must know it usually takes four to eight months, consisting of the phases of making plans, trying out, enhancement, and release. The undertaking’s intricacy and other factors may also affect the closing date.


3. What are the Benefits of Build An App Like Prisma Labs?

A AI photo editing software inclusive of Prisma Labs promotes user engagement and retention by supplying a tremendous revel in. It will increase consumer self-belief, sell creativity, and have the capability to generate sales via in-app purchases and advertisements.


4. Why Should You Choose Us To Build An App Like Prisma Labs?

Dev Technosys specializes in app enhancement and has an extended record of fulfillment in this region. Our specially certified group of workers guarantees first-rate delight, spark-off transportation, and a cooperative attitude. We prioritized your concept and presented a straightforward, easy method for developing your app.


5. How Can You Monetize an App Like Prisma Labs?

Offering in-app purchases for top-rate filters, a subscription service to get the right of entry to specific functions, and the display of tailor-made advertisements are three ways to monetize a Prisma Labs program. Collaborations with companies to provide subsidized filters might probably create new revenue streams.