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Welcome to Your Guide to Building the Next IMDb App!

The worldwide online movie marketplace is booming and is anticipated to reach an astonishing $22.9 billion by way of 2027. With visitors bombarded by selections, the demand for reliable suggestions and attractive discussions is stronger than ever. This creates a golden opportunity for entrepreneurs to put money into movie rating apps.

Yes, you heard it right! We said movie rating apps will be a new booming market in the future. Do you know, according to Semrush, that IMDb received an estimated 1.25 billion visits in February 2024? No right! It’s an incredible movie rating app that made several entrepreneurs want to develop a movie rating app. 

So, if you are someone looking for reasons to develop a movie rating app like IMDb or its steps, this blog has everything. 

This blog will tell you the stages of developing a movie rating app and unpack the development technique for an IMDb competitor, outlining the essential thing steps.  

Quick Summary: Learn how to develop a movie rating app like IMDb: explore critical features, cost considerations, and benefits to ensure a successful development journey.


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What is a Movie Rating App Like IMDb?

Movie fans regularly use the website and app IMDb, which stands for Internet Movie Database. It has the most extensive database of movies, TV applications, and superstar information inside the complete globe with 100M+ Downloads. Movies may be rated from 1 to 10 stars by users, which could affect what other users decide to view.

You can also make watchlists on this incredible on-demand app development solution and discover which way to stream the belongings you want to observe. Amazon presently owns the corporation, which Col Needham founded in 1990.  


5 Popular Movie Rating Apps Like IMDb 

Before you dive into this blog further, knowing about some incredibly designed entertainment app development for movie ratings is essential. Let’s look at these five popular movie critic apps, like IMDb. 


Develop Movie Rating App


1. Letterboxd  

It was founded by Sachin Kansal in 2011. (Web, iOS, Android). More social than IMDb, Letterboxd is a leading movie critic app that lets you share mini-reviews, follow friends, and create watchlists. It boasts a passionate cinephile community. 

(Estimated monthly users: 1.6 million)


2. Rotten Tomatoes

Rotten Tomatoes was founded by Senh Duong, Stephen Wang, and Patrick Lee in 1998. (Web, iOS, Android). Rotten Tomatoes is the best movie rating app that aggregates professional movie criticism, giving a movie a “Fresh” or “Rotten” score. It also shows audience scores for a more well-rounded view. 

(Estimated monthly users: 30 million)


3. MyDramaList 

MyDramaList was founded by AJ and Janine in 2006. (Web). Primarily for Asian dramas and movies, it offers detailed info, ratings, and discussions specifically for fans of Asian entertainment. 

(Estimated monthly users: 5 million)


Develop Movie Rating App


4. Trakt. tv 

It was founded by Gabe Baker in 2011. (Web, iOS, Android, Roku, etc.). More than ratings, Trakt become the best IMDb alternative that lets you track your TV shows and movies, see what friends are watching, and get recommendations. 

(Estimated monthly users: 5 million)


5. Reelgood

Reelgood was founded by David Sanderson and Darryl Bryant in 2014. (Web, iOS, Android, Apple TV, etc.). Reelgood isn’t just a movie critic app; it helps you find where to stream or rent the movie you want to watch. 

(Estimated monthly users: 2 million)


Why Entrepreneurs Must Develop Movie Rating Apps Like IMDb?

Before you dive into the process to develop a movie rating app like IMDb. It is crucial for you first to learn why its beneficial for you to invest in it. In this section, we have compiled some incredible reasons why, as entrepreneurs, you must create a movie rating app like IMDb. 


1. Filling a Content Gap
2. Capitalizing on the Booming Streaming Market
3. Building a Loyal Community
4. Data is King
5. Evolving with Technology


Here are the five most impactful reasons to develop movie rating app in detail which you must know of:


Develop Movie Rating App


1. Filling a Content Gap 

While movie critic apps with reviews of films have been around for a while, mobile applications provide a more exciting and handy experience for users seeking out straightforward and rapid movie suggestions while on the move; an IMDb-like app can bridge the space.

Personalized hints and UI can turn your movie rating app development into a one-stop for save for film buffs. So, if you want to invest in building a movie critic app, then you must get in touch with the best live-streaming app development services providers. 


2. Capitalizing on the Booming Streaming Market 

The recognition of streaming offerings together with Netflix and Amazon Prime is hovering. But there is so much content obtainable that it might take time to decide what to observe.

By using user ratings and critiques to curate suggestions, your Android app development can assist viewers who are having trouble identifying which film to observe. It may want to present your app to the dominant streaming services as a helpful accomplice.


3. Building a Loyal Community

Movies deliver strong feelings in people. The best entertainment apps that feature similar features to IMDb create a community where customers can change their thoughts, participate in conversations, and discover new favourites primarily based on recommendations from different like-minded people.

A solid and committed user base can also result from this, increasing engagement and starting up new sales streams from top-rate offerings or targeted marketing.


4. Data is King 

Your social media app development may collect a wealth of information on movie tastes and viewing styles by collecting user scores and opinions. For studios, producers, and distributors looking to measure audience alternatives and plan for upcoming tasks, this information can be immensely illuminating. You can rate these records as a provider, generating profits apart from in-app purchases and user subscriptions.


5. Evolving with Technology 

The evolving sector is continuously converting. The manner we watch movies is about to trade with to new technologies like augmented reality (AR) and digital reality (VR).

Using those latest technologies, your app may remain ahead of the curve and supply users with an immersive experience while exploring statistics and film trailers. This modern strategy could help you keep your app’s leading role in the film rating market.


7-Step Guide to Develop a Movie Rating App Like IMDb 

Now, the time has come for you to dive into the section to develop a movie rating app like IMDb. So you’ve decided to dive into the world of movie rating apps and challenge the dominance of IMDb? Great choice! Read below.


1. Define Your Niche and Target Audience
2. Plan Features and Functionality
3. Put Your Development Team Together
4. Prototyping and Wireframing
5. Development and Quality Assurance
6. Launch and Marketing
7. Maintenance and Updates


Dive right away to invest in entertainment app development like IMDb with our in-depth guide on it.  


Develop Movie Rating App


Step 1: Define Your Niche and Target Audience

It is the first stage to create a movie rating app like IMDb, where you must know that only some people who enjoy movies are made equal. Determine your area of interest before you start growing. Will you be aware of a particular genre, along with documentaries or horror?

It’s crucial to recognize who your target market is. Are they casual watchers searching out quick hints or movie buffs trying in-intensity talks? Knowing your audience will assist you in layout functions and functionalities that meet their needs.


Step 2: Plan Features and Functionality

This is the location to think about unique functions for your social media app development. Will you offer a social element that includes boards and complies with capabilities and user profiles? To improve the user experience, remember functions like watchlists and interaction with streaming providers.

Sort your tasks in this step to create a movie review website like IMDb, including their importance and level of development issues. This segment will require you to have a detailed dialogue together with your mobile app development company about those functionalities.


Step 3: Put Your Development Team Together

It’s time to hire mobile app developers to realize your concept. There are numerous alternatives. You can collaborate with an entertainment app development company, use impartial contractors, or maybe reflect on the consideration of outsourcing to a set overseas. Examine their portfolio and, technological information, and experience

Seek an entertainment app development company with experience in database administration, back-end development, and mobile app development. It would be adequate to have a previous understanding of initiatives comparable to movie rating applications.


Step 4: Prototyping and Wireframing

Visualize the user perspective and shape of your app before you begin developing. Your video streaming app development services providers will now come into play. They will draft virtual graphics of your app’s user interface, called wireframes.

This help in defining which additives, which include search bars, menus, and buttons, should be located. You can continue prototyping, which ends up in a version of the app that isn’t practical, as soon as the wireframes are standard. It allows you to check the user’s engagement and make vital modifications prior to the start of development.


Step 5: Development and Quality Assurance

This is the location of the magic! Your idea might be transformed into a beneficial app by your video streaming app development company. The backend architecture may be designed to manipulate reviews, scores, and user statistics further to film metadata.

The front end of the software will be created for the chosen structures (web, Android, or iOS). Maintaining ordinary contact with your video streaming app development company is essential. Throughout the system, testing is crucial to confirm capability, find mistakes, and enhance user engagement.


Step 6: Launch and Marketing

Launch day is here! Still, the work is only sometimes performed. Developing an IMDb-like web application is completed without its lack of marketing. Create an advertising plan to assist your app stand out in a crowded market. To attain your audience, make use of app optimization strategies, influencer advertising, and social media. Provide rewards for reviews and network function participation to reinforce user engagement.


Step 7: Maintenance and Updates

Last but not least, the stage is to make a movie rating app like IMDb, which, after an app is released, continues the development technique. To locate areas that need work, preserve an eye on app analytics and user feedback.

Provide everyday updates that include safety modifications, new features, and bug fixes. To make sure that your app stays modern-day and excellent in your clients, live updated with the latest traits in each film business and mobile app development.


Key Features of Movie Rating Apps Like IMDb

Now that you know the steps to build a movie rating app, let’s dive into this blog further to learn about its unique features, which we have covered in this segment. 


Develop Movie Rating App


1. Movie Database  

A good-sized library includes in-intensity film statistics, which include evaluations, rankings, synopsis, forged, and team.


2. User Reviews and Evaluations

Build a movie rating app that enables customers to provide reviews and rankings for films, selling a feel of network and helping others in making viewing decisions.


3. Watchlist and Tracked Shows 

Allows customers to make custom lists of TV series they are looking at or movies they need to see in social network app development.


4. Social Features

Create a mobile app for critics and ensure that this feature that makes the engagement more thrilling, comprising social media components like profiles, friend following, and debates, is added.


5. Filtering and Search 

Make it easy to search for content by using owner, solid, genre, release 12 months, or keywords.


6. Personalized Recommendations

Create a movie directory mobile app like IMDb with this feature that makes film pointers using AI based on a user tastes and score records.


7. Integration with Streaming Services 

Build a connection with streaming services to allow customers to discover where to view the movement images they need.


8. News and Updates  

 Provide customers with news, teasers, and information about forthcoming film and television collection releases.


9. Advanced Rating Systems 

Take under consideration offering score alternatives, which include a thumbs-up/down or unique criteria, in addition to a simple superstar system.


10. Offline Functionality 

Provide users with the capability to peruse their watchlist or saved information even within the absence of an internet connection.


Develop a Movie Rating App


How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Movie Rating App Like IMDb?

The moment has come, which must have left you curious. “The cost”! The social media app development cost for an app like IMDb varies from $8,000 to $25,000. However, the movie rating app development cost could be more accurate for different solutions. The cost to create a movie rating app like IMDb varies on various factors, which we have discussed below, so just read more to know about it. 


1. Factors Affecting Cost:


i. Features 

While fundamental functions like user evaluations and a movie database are vital, more excellent complicated features like VR integration or AI-powered hints significantly boost the time & entertainment app development cost


ii. Development Team 

Compared to hire dedicated developers or offshore teams, hiring developers in-house is generally more luxurious, increasing the cost to develop a movie rating app like IMDb.


iii. App Platform 

Compared to growing for a single platform, creating apps for both iOS and Android increases cost to develop a movie rating app.


iv. Complexity 

The cost to build a video streaming app with fantastic features, a complicated layout, and backend infrastructure will be greater than that of an easy social network app development with minimum capability.


2. Cost Estimation (Table):

To help you out, we have covered the estimated IMDb mobile app development cost with its complexity breakdown in this segment. Take a look! 


Complexity Development Time (Months) Estimated Cost (USD)
Simple 3-6 $8,000 – $16,000
Average 6-12 $16,000 – $25,000
Complex 12+ $30,000+


Understanding that those are approximations of the cost to develop movie rating apps like IMDb is crucial. The specific cost to develop a movie rating app may vary based totally on your Android or iPhone app development services providers and the precise functions.

You may also produce a fascinating movie rating app that meets your cost to develop a movie rating app range and competes within the entertainment marketplace by carefully arranging the capabilities of your app and choosing the fine IMDb clone development company.


Develop Movie Rating App


Know the Cost to Maintain a Movie Rating App Like IMDb

The cost to maintain a movie rating app like IMDb varies from the cost to develop a movie rating app like IMDb, which is from $8,000 to $25,000. Anticipate to pay 15–25% of the mobile app maintenance services cost for continuing maintenance. Hence, annual maintenance for an app costing $20,000 would be between $3,000 and $4,000.

This cost to develop a movie rating app doesn’t include maintenance, but the maintenance cost does include protection advancements, server maintenance, and bug fixes to keep your app functioning nicely.


And Cut! Let’s Chat! 

So, you’ve reached the director’s chair! 

Now that you’ve explored the steps to develop an app like Hurawatch, it’s time to refine your script and bring your imagination and prescient to life. At Dev Technosys, we have been building award-winning apps for over 12 years. We’re a passionate team of dedicated developers to build a movie rating review website like IMDb who understand the power of connecting audiences with the content material they crave.

Ready to roll credits to your dream app? Let’s chat!  


FAQ’s On Movie Rating App Development


Q1. How Much Does It Cost To Develop a Movie Rating App Like IMDb

The cost to create an app like IMDb varies from $8,000 to $30,000, depending on functions, complexity, and IMDb streaming app development company hourly rates.


Q2. How Long Does It Take To Develop a Movie Rating App Like IMDb

The time to imdb streaming app usually takes about 6 to 365 days, accounting for planning, design, development, testing, and deployment stages.


Q3. What Are The Benefits To Develop a Movie Rating App like IMDb

The benefits of developing a film rating app like IMDb include attracting movie enthusiasts, offering complete movie statistics, fostering network engagement, and generating revenue through commercials and partnerships.


Q4. Why Should You Choose Us To Develop a Movie Rating App like IMDb?

Choose us if you want affordable cost to develop an app like IMDB due to our information in UI/UX layout, sturdy IMDb mobile app development competencies, adherence to cut-off dates, and dedication to handing over a user-friendly and function-rich platform.


Q5. How Can To Monetize Movie Rating App like IMDb?

Monetization avenues include subscription models, ads, sponsored content, premium features, affiliate marketing with ticket sales, and partnerships with streaming services.