In the present world, a number of on demand mobile app development platforms and their utilization surrounds us. Think of anything and you have an amazing applying in your phone. One of the highly appreciated applications is on-demand laundry app, which is really a big deal for the users, who had to deal with it earlier. Following the busy schedules of people, they do not get time to indulge in doing laundry themselves rather they try to find precise services which can help them.

On demand laundry applications consider your specifications and help you in the laundry, maintaining your timeline. It is understood that the lives of everyone around us are on a racetrack where we need all of the things at breakneck speed. The speedy lives of many are really supported by one demand services app nowadays.

In this article, we will learn about detailed dimensions of on-demand laundry application development, its key features and cost to develop.


How do laundry applications work?

The laundry applications follow the simple procedure of working and they can work simultaneously on Android as well as iOS platforms. Their working process is as follows-

  • Users must log in to the account and request for the services selecting the time and date module for picking up the clothes.
  • Once the request is generated it is received by the admin
  • Availability with the washer is checked
  • The concerned person will react to the query and he will pick the clothes or outfits
  • Clothes are later addressed to the center and ironed before the delivery
  • Outfits or clothes are then wrapped in fine paper sheets and delivered back to the user.

Technologies indulged in on-demand app development

The founding technologies have an imperative role in android or iPhone app development services for apps like laundry app. The latest technology of the same dimensions are-


Cloud technology

Under every sector ofmobile application development companies, cloud-based technology of cloud integration has an irreplaceable role to play. Discussing the laundry mobile applications, cloud technology and services have a lot on their plates. Best technologies helping in the cloud integration are Google, AWS or Azure. With the help of cloud-based technology, the details of customers (like phone number, email address, transaction history etc) can be filled in properly. Also, it will keep a check over the security and business platform’s integrity.


GPS Tracking

GPS tracking now is an essential part of android app development services. Implementation of GPS features in laundry application development is an incredible step. It helps the laundrymen and service providers to track the address easily or to reach the destination without hassle. Also with its help in real-time information or detailing can also be transmitted successfully.


Audio QR

This is one of the latest technologies creating milestones in on demand service apps. With its implementation, the user can provide the necessary instructions to the application and the solutions will be provided as per audio.


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Payment Gateways

At present all offers are moving towards a cashless world hence online payments have a lot to do in laundry application development. The reputable technology for the transactions available here is PayPal, Stripe, Braintree, and E-wallets. The iPhone app development services are generally secure. The developers have to stay cautious for the transactions through android.


Analytics Dashboard

The professionals can help to leverage the laundry business by reviewing the statistics related to the user information. There are a number of analytical tools available for the laundry application development such as open-source analytics tools, Apache Spark, and Apache storm.

With the help of a combination of these technologies, the mobile application gets advanced and more secure.



The major component of laundry applications

Before we dive into the features of the laundry application it is better to have a look at its components. These components have their significance in the development of on demand service apps.

Components are also referred to as panels and these panels are-

  • Client panel or customer panel
  • Service provider panel
  • Admin panel


Client panel

It is a portal through which customers can easily contact with the concerned services. For this purpose, the developer can create a login page where the customer can log in with the details. This page will refresh the status of the delivery and will also provide updates about washing and delivery time. There are rapid increase in the demand of such interactive panel in custom iOS app development. It also assists in-

  • Choose laundry type and its price
  • Select the package and delivery dates
  • Tracking the laundrymen
  • View the available offers and discount prices
  • Review and rating


Service provider panel

Under this segment, the developer has to focus on developing which is managed and organized by the owners. It is also a login page where details have to be entered by the owner. Every section of the app is really worth and therefore the perfect app essentially needs to hire an app developer. This page assists in-

  • Managing the laundry request and charges
  • View order history
  • Managing discount prices and offers
  • To view ratings and reviews


Admin panel

This panel acts as the main server between the client as well as the staff. Its main function is to manage the database and to resolve the queries related to the application. It is essential for the developer to analyze that application is compatible and in accordance with Android app development services. This panel also assists as-

  • Management of other panels
  • Provide active actions to the user as well as laundrymen
  • Management of commission
  • Management of content and payment

Apart from these three, there is another panel before the admin panel which is “delivery boy panel” which deals with managing and coordinating with the delivery boy.


Key features of the Laundry applications

In order to survive the extreme competition in the market, it is recommended to develop a feature-rich application. It is also wise to consider the features before bringing the application to the surface. It will help you save time and your app will be appreciated by the customers.  Because there are certain features without which the actual purpose of creating a laundry application will not be delivered successfully. Latest learn about the key features that can boost your laundry application.


Push notification

With the help of this feature, your application will get higher visibility among users also it is a justified way to keep the users updated. It will help you ping them without causing any disturbance and you can pass the message whenever required.


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Designing an easy login page

It is very essential to pay attention to the login page because it is vital for the service providers as well as for customers. Also, it must have a registration portal which is easy for the users and service providers to fill in the details.


Facilitation of order tracking

In order to strengthen the custom iOS and Android app development services, GPS is enabled so that laundry services can deliver expected outcomes. With the help of GPS tracking customers as well as service providers can easily track the status of their order. As customers can keep an eye over there close all outfits and when they will be delivered contribute to this service providers can track the pickup or delivery time.


Setting up of reminders

Generally, customers book their date and time schedules considering their comfort so if the on demand app development feature could assist them in setting up automatic reminders is considered really helpful. With this automatic time reminder, they will not forget to book their time slots and clothes will be packed and delivered as per the pre-scheduling.


Mention every service available

Mentioning every service clearly is extremely important to provide convenience to the customers. For example if one is applying for washing then there are different kinds of options available there like washing, ironing, folding and many more hence mention every service specifically.

Split payment

It is indeed one of the best options to attract the customers because this option allows a user to make payment under multiple transaction heads.



This is one of the most reliable features which the laundry app can have. It will allow the user to contact the service provider if needed and they can also freely contact the laundrymen.


Payment method

The integration of before mentioned payment mode in the application is the easiest way to encourage the customers to use your platform. If you are focus is to promote an on demand app development then it is essential dad your application is supporting all the payment method. Customer can choose for online payment, cash on delivery or internet banking option.


Cost estimation for the laundry app development

This is one of the most important parts of the laundry app development discussion. The people who are interested to develop business under the same segment are already onto it. The cost estimation entirely depends upon the time taken to build the app. This is the general quotation assigned by the majority of the mobile application development companies. The cost is required under the below-mentioned steps-

  • Designing for the application
  • Selection of the Android or iOS platform
  • Front end development
  • Backend development
  • Testing of the application

In order to develop the application for Android or iOS platform the average time required by the developers is 150 to 200 hours. Though the time consumed to develop the application on the Android platform is less compared to iOS.


For the backend development, it will require around 200 hours continuously then 60 to 70 hours for designing through the admin panel. Also in order to get the estimation, it is important to consider that development cost for every project differs from one country to country. Also on the basis of features, the cost can vary. Each and every of the on demand service apps their individual model for working. But still rough estimate would come around 10,000 – 30,000 $.



There is another option if you do not want to conduct laundry software development then you can directly hire app developers as per your requirements (hourly, weekly, monthly or part-time basis).


The development process of on demand laundry application

As we have gone through the features and other details of laundry applications its development might seem easy to you but it is a tough task. Without a team of experienced professionals for well-versed developers, you cannot present the supremacy. You would also require an artistic approach of designers and if needed do hire app developer. In order to carry out the development process effectively, you would require a number of department heads and individuals, mentioned below is a list of people who have major roles to play in your on demand service app development process.

  • Experienced professionals
  • Project manager
  • Coordinators
  • Designers
  • Testers and developers



Following a report, the revenue of laundry services in the year 2017 was approx 8029 million $. This revenue is expected to reach 80 90 million $ by the year 2020. Hence if you are all set to disrupt the local market then don’t hesitate to develop your application and consider a mobile application development company at once.