Are you tired of finding the proper steps to publish App to the app store? We get it! We have studied that people find difficulty in publishing an app to the apple store. If you are one of them, you grab your couch with a bowl of snacks and mac to see it happen. Read the entire blog to get the step-by-step guide to successfully publishing the App on the apple store.

The iPhone app development company has the excellence and expertise in how to publish app to apple store xcode, but for the knowledge, you must read the following steps. But before that, why not go through some stats of apple stores?

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Current Market Stats on Apple Store

● According to Statista, the apple store has over 2.11 million mobile apps.

● The App store has 27 App category distribution with 700 to 900 daily App releases.

● The store has more than 92% free applications.

● In covid 19, the growth of apple store sales has increased extensively.

● The on-demand App development generated revenue of more than 935 billion in-App purchases, subscriptions, advertising, and games.

● The apple store has generated more than #32.8 billion in revenue globally, including in-App purchases, subscriptions, games, and premiums, in 2022.

● The expected download from the apple store in 2024 is 45 billion out of 184 billion.

● The App Store receives more than 500 million views per week.

● The apple store revenue is expected to rise to $85 by the end of 2022.


Iphone Apps Data

iphone apps downloads data

How to Publish App to Apple Store Xcode?

Xcode is a package of tools for developing programs for the Mac, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Apple TV. Xcode unifies the user-friendly design, programming, testing, debugging, and apple App publishes processes.

How to Publish Your App to the App Store?

Many people are looking for how to release an app on the App store as it is critical to know if you have developed your apple application on Xcode. It is essential to follow these guidelines before publishing App to the App store.


1. Create an iOS Distribution Certificate

It is the first step in which you need to build a distribution certificate, an Apple ID, and a provisioning profile. The Apple ID will be used to identify you as the person who publishes App to the App store. To begin, you’ll need an a.p12 certificate, which can be created across the keychain App and the Apple developer account.


steps to publish ios app

➒ Create a CRS file in the Keychain

● Allow access to the Keychain.
● Select Keychain Access > Certificate Assistant from the drop-down menu. Inquire with a Certificate Authority about obtaining a certificate.
● Under the Certificate Assistant dialogue, type an email address associated with your Apple Developer account in the User Email Address field.
● Enter a name for the key in the Common Name field.
● The CA, Email Address field should be left blank.
● Click Continue after selecting “Saved to disc.”


ios distribution certificate


➒ Generate a Unique Distribution Certificate

● Go to your Apple Developer Account and sign in.
● Select Certificates, IDs, and Profiles.
● To make a new certificate, click the Plus icon.
● Select Apple Distribution from the drop-down menu.
● Continue by pressing the enter key.
● Continue by uploading the CSR you just produced.
● Certificates are available for download.

➒ Make a.p12 Signing File.

● Return to the Keychain
● Go to my certifications page.
● The distribution can be dragged and dropped.
● Right-click on it and choose the distribution.cer file.
● Now choose export.
● Please make sure the.p12 file format is selected and give it a name.
● Create a password for your Certificate
● Directly you can export the .p12 certificate.


Steps to publish app on app store

2. Create an App ID and Provisioning Profiles

In this step, you need to start creating an App ID, which helps authenticate your App development several times in the future and helps in deploying iOS App to the app store.

➒ Create an App ID to Publish App to Apple Store

● Go to your Apple Developer Account and sign in.
● Select Certificates, IDs, and Profiles.
● Select “Identifiers” from the drop-down menu.
● To make a new identifier, click the + icon.
● Pick App IDs
● Continue by selecting App.
● Type in the descriptions
● Continue by pressing the enter key.
● Register by clicking the Register button.


app store app upload


➒ Generate your Right Provisioning Profile

● Go to your Apple Developer Account and sign in.
● Select Certificates, IDs, and Profiles.
● Select “profiles” from the drop-down menu.
● To create a new provisioning profile, click the Plus icon.\
● Select the App Store.
● Continue by pressing the Enter key.
● Choose the App ID that you made in the previous step.
● Select the Certificate you created in “Step 2” from the drop-down menu.
● Make a name for your provisioning profile.
● Select “Generate” from the drop-down menu.

After this, you can sign your code in Xcode and develop the App you wish to see on the platform of Apple App publish and see deploying ios App to App store.


how to deploy to app store

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3. Develop an App In App Store Connect

In this step, you need to develop an App in apple store connect.

● Go to your Apple Developer Account and sign in.
● Select App Store Connect.
● Select “Connect to the App Store” from the drop-down menu.
● Select “My applications” from the drop-down menu.
● To create a new App, click the Plus symbol.
● Give your application a name.
● Choose a language
● Choose the Bundle ID you made in the previous step.
● Create an SKU name.
● Give this App to a specific user or make it fully functional.
● Now you can access the App dashboard.


upload app to app store

4. Code Signed in Xcode

This step is time to code sign in Xcode and compile their App. Please follow the procedures below to know how to publish app to apple store xcode.

➒ Sign your Cloud Discovery

● Go to the App that has the correct Bundle ID.
● Build an App, then Create a Target
● Cardboard is the best option.
● Set Store as the distribution channel in iOS.
● Choose the signing permissions you created previously from the drop-down menu.
● Fill in the password you created in step 2 for your p.12 distribution certificate.
● Start the construction process by clicking Start.
● Let the cloud build be completed.
● Download the.IPA App file.


deploy app to app store

5. Upload App to App Store

Now it is time to secure the.IPA file and upload it to Publish App to Apple Store.

● First start transporter on your apple device
● On your Apple device, drag the.IPA file
● Let the installation be completed to upload App to App store
● After the installation, click the deliver button
● Allow the upload to be completed


publish ios app

6. Testflight of Application

Finally, now that you have uploaded your application to the apple store, it is time to test the application before making it live.

● An open apple developer account and login
● Direct to App store connect
● Select “my App .”
● Select the App
● Select test flight
● Now you have access to the uploaded App


publish ios app on app store


➒ Let’s see how you can test the build App.

● Go to the left menu bar and select internal testing
● Select +symbol next to the tester option
● Select who wants to test the build App
● The chosen person will receive a confirmation mail
● Now select the test flight option
● Please wait for it to open(don’t rush)
● Verify and install the App


Verify and install the ios App

7. Publish App to Apple Store

After the test flight, it is time to know how to publish app to apple store Xcode. App store App upload requires authorization that can be received after following these guidelines.

● Visit the apple developer account and login
● Go to App store connect
● Select the “my App” option
● Drag the selected app
● App store App upload requires detailed information
● Please wait for it to approve by the apple store
● Add a description of the App for users
● Update the version of the application with the release
● Hit publish for review

It is essential to know that apple store approval is vital to publish the App. The App approval generally takes 2-3 business days after submission.


ios app publishing

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Frequently Asked Questions


Q1. How to Share the App?

Ans- Congratulations! Now you have your how to publish App to apple store xcode. For sharing the App, you can copy the URL link and share it with people.


Q2. How Long Does it Take to Publish App to Apple store Xcode?

Ans- Launching the application on the app store is not difficult, to be precise. But still, it is crucial to understand that it takes a lot of time to make it live. So if you’re publishing the App for the first time, it is essential to know that it might take 1 hour, but if you have everything set, the launch time ranges from 20-30mintue. Hiring the best iPhone app development company is essential to avoid any errors in publishing an app.


Q3. How Do Free Apps Make Money?

Ans- Before learning how to deploy to the App store, learning how free Apps make money is essential. Identifying the revenue source will help you analyze which model you want to choose. Furthermore, it is vital to know that advertising, in-app purchases, sponsorship, and affiliate marketing are all used to monetize free Apps.


Q4. How Much Does it Cost to Publish an App on the Apple Store?

Ans- It is critical to know before how to deploy to the app store that the cost to publish App to the apple store starts from a $99 yearly subscription.


Q5. Why iOS is More Secure Than Android in App Development?


The core reason ios secure than android app development is that it offers consistent updates, closed source code, and a strong base that hackers cannot track. iOS app development provides a secure environment for online transactions. It is also essential to know that data protection is a built-in security feature that has been present in every iOS version since iOS 4.

The files kept in an app’s directory can be encrypted and decrypted thanks to this feature. Automatic and hardware-accelerated encryption and decryption techniques are used.