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When it comes to buying a property, or especially a home, it can be the biggest decision for a person in his or her lifetime, especially in terms of purchasing something. You can certainly imagine the insane amount of real-estate research you have to do in order to find the right property.

People generally spend months, and sometimes years, going through listings, getting in contact with real estate agents, comparing prices, visiting properties, calculating interest rates, checking mortgage amounts, and most of them all, deeply analyzing the future value of the property of such a major investment.

Similar to different things in life, people often look at the assistance of technology when it comes to making major life decisions. It opens up new avenues for mobile app development services since a real-estate app can be quite a game-changer. Such apps provide the necessary information to the customers to buy their favorite property. Check the following table of content for a brief overview of the entire article structure.

What is Real Estate Search Mobile App?

A well-designed, feature-rich, and useful real-estate search mobile app can help buyers to tap into this rapidly growing and highly-profitable market, which is actually looking for disruption.

Even though different online real-estate apps and websites have revolutionized the entire real estate market, a much bigger disruption is in its nascent stage where the apps completely leverage the power of not only mobile technology and geofencing but also augmented and virtual reality.


Real Estate Search Mobile App


It helps the people looking for properties to buy as well as investors to find the best property for them. Mobile real-estate applications could easily assist buyers in visualizing the entire future of their property, essentially in real time. It allows them to see how their property will look like when the development is complete, and even assess the worth of the price tag of their property.

In brief, property sellers and buyers with millions at stake, are willing to pay a handsome amount to use an app that assists them in making better decisions. If you are able to offer them the best real-estate app, you can target a market worth billions. Hence, let’s look at the features of the ideal real estate search mobile app that should have which can truly assist the users and bring great revenues.

We will discuss, the best features along with the technologies as well as creative ideas that you can easily integrate into your real-estate search app. These factors are quite crucial for any real estate app development company. So, let’s have a look.

Real Estate App Features

Features of Real Estate Search Mobile App


1. User Profile and User Account

You should allow the users as well as sellers to register and even log in so that they can easily save their entire search history, favorites, and shortlisted properties and keep their hunt for the desired properties organized. A real estate web developer can easily inculcate this feature in your real estate search mobile app within a short span of time.

2.  Loginization

Essentially, you should allow the user to have a personal account. Also, loginization is done in three distinct ways. By simply using social media accounts such as Facebook. You can let them log in via Google. Also, phone number authorization, along with verification.

It is often the best practice to combine each one of them together. In real estate search mobile apps, it is quite essential to get all of the necessary user details like name, contact number, email address, etc. It assists the businesses to keep in contact with users and even offers improved and enhanced services. Also, you need to have a different loginization system for the sellers.

In case the apps aren’t for a particular real estate agency or company, developers need to create a completely different login system, just for property sellers. It includes much more knowledge and information about the sellers, along with legal documentation and much more. Hire mobile app developer who can develop these distinct loginizations into your app.

3. Property Listings

Every real estate search app needs to have a listing feature. Essentially, this listing needs to involve an exhaustive list of various available properties with every single detail. The listing needs to involve primary details right at the front. Whenever the user clicks on the given listings, the other details should be displayed.

4. Administration of Leads

The very first administration programming of real estate apps plays quite a significant role. They are essentially a vital and important component in changing over more leads into bargains, much quicker.

This type of element enhances the lead changes and assists you in reaping the rewards. Also, it is quite a compelling component and can easily help in running things much more efficiently. It can also enable you to easily investigate customer actions to measure the dependability of the client too.


Features of Real Estate Search Mobile App


5. Exhaustive Search Features

In order to make property search quite effective, you need to develop some of the best search capabilities. Users wish to be able to easily view, search and even sort or filter properties in a wide range of ways.

They can be quite broader in their specifications, and each one has its own searching criteria. A real estate app development company should put immense work into developing this feature.


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Most of the property finder applications rely on the property listings offered by the sellers themselves. However, when it comes to entering details, people aren’t as careful as they should be. There might be homes listed with the area name right in the place of the property’s address, and the map of the app will be unable to show the correct location of the property.

In order to make the app completely searchable by location, you should encourage the sellers to enter the correct address. You need to develop systems in order to detect properties that have incomplete addresses and even make additional efforts to contact the property sellers and find out the exact address.

Also, you should try to get the property location as precise as you can since it is the very first thing buyers actually search for and it is considered to be the biggest deciding factor.

In the context of search, the real estate app developer should create a system that can easily perform and execute radial search- which allows the users to easily search all of the available properties within a particular radius. You need to develop a super-intuitive and interactive map search that shows the properties with their location on the map, and it should move along as the user actually navigates the entire map.

Along with conventional filters like age, size, and condition of the property, it should include intuitive filters such as properties closer to hospital and school, properties with a backyard, properties closer to the mall, green-facing properties, or any other creative filters that you can possibly think of. The notion is to allow the users to search for all of the things they wish in a property.


6. Impeccable Viewing Features

The issue of viewing comes after searching. Once the users can easily search numerous houses in a given area, they should be able to see each and every one of them inside and out to narrow down their own preferences further. A good real estate search app needs to assist the users in making quite a close assessment as they can by simply viewing different properties in the app, before they plan and actually go down to visit the place in person.

Also, reach out to the property sellers to list their property and provide you with a few high-quality and high-resolution photographs of the property from a variety of angles, assisting buyers in getting an immaculate and honest perspective of whether it is the property that they are actually looking for.

In the case of premium properties, consider taking the entire property’s pictures by yourself. It also includes features such as 3D views in order to provide a realistic look of the entire property along with its surroundings.

Along with this, use features such as augmented reality in order to show how an old property or home will look after renovations and even utilize virtual reality to show how particularly new development would look after the complete development of the nearby region such as roads, surrounding homes, landscaping, etc.

The present state of the property might be just bricks and concrete which isn’t quite inviting to actually look at but technologies like AR as well as VR could allow the buyers to see the true possibilities of the actual new development, assisting them in making an informed choice and also even feel good about it.

Both of these technologies are highly interactive and provide memorable experiences to the customers, which can help the sellers to sell their properties with quite an ease. Hence, hire real estate web developer who is well-versed with these technologies and can implement them in your real estate app.


7. Streamlined Financing

Even though searching, viewing as well as assessing the properties are quite an important necessities, a great real estate app can easily take a step further and provide the buyers with the solution to the next problem in purchasing a property, which is financing.

A better understanding of mortgages, interest rates, down payments, as well as estimated monthly installments, isn’t quite easy, and confused real estate buyers need all the assistance they can get.

A great real estate mobile app development company can make it quite easy to break down the entire payment plans, entirely based on the actual price of the property. Also, the app can easily provide updated information regarding interest rates from leading financing units, and banks, along with types of mortgages or loans that can be easily availed on that particular property, and also how the buyer can easily break up the different charges along with myriads of financial information.

8. Seamless Interactions

A real estate app can easily create an additional feature such that the buyer can chat or send the seller a message through text to show interest in a particular property. Often, buyers feel quite hesitant to call the sellers at different times, especially at odd ones, but they also forget to call them later too.

In case they remember to call, they might not actually have the seller’s number in hand. Hence, enable your app to make easier interactions possible so that buyers can easily leave a message to the property seller and the two of them can either get on the phone or chat at a convenient time for both. Hire an app developer who can inculcate the chat or messaging feature in the app.


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9. Push Notifications and Real-Time Messaging

Push notifications are a great arrangement for getting connected with the clients. They provide extraordinary offers, news, properties, and occasions. They even guarantee the application will stay on the users’ mobile for quite some time.

A real estate app maintenance service needs to have real-time messaging. It can allow the users to communicate directly with the property dealers without knowing their personal contact numbers. Ensure that the messaging feature is hassle-free and fast. A poor experience can easily cost the loss of a customer.


10. Map and Geo-Labeling

It is one of the key features of a real estate must-have. Maps are essentially connected with the assistance of third-party integrations. Also, this feature allows the customers to reach a property with ease. People new in the region find this feature quite useful as the map navigates them throughout the complete route.

Geo-labeling is an indispensable feature for intuitive apps for dealing with property. It allows application users to discover adjacent properties. Also, the geolocation situated inside the app utilizes the GPS area of the smartphone. Hence, it is quite feasible for the clients to search for properties using the phone’s GPS easily.

11. List of Favourites

Each real estate app must have this feature of favorites. It allows the user to keep the favorite properties in one place. It makes it easier for the users to find out different properties they actually like.

12. Detailed Information on Property

All the details regarding the property like name, location, available rooms, bathrooms, size of the area, facilities like gym, parking, etc. should be listed in the app. Also, there should be a display of ratings by the other users.


Web and App development

App Monetization of Real Estate Search Mobile App

It is clear that real estate application development is quite a time-consuming task and requires heavy investment. However, the question arises of how a real estate application development company make a profit from such an app. Mentioned below are three ways to do so.

App Monetization of Real Estate Search Mobile App


1. Charging Fees

Real estate search apps can easily earn by charging certain fees to the sellers. Also, the property owner who is displaying their property details can pay a fixed amount to the development company.

The fees can easily be on a monthly basis. Also, the fees should be decided on the property type. Different commercial properties have to pay up separate fees. Residential properties can pay up separate fees.

2. Premium Users Fees

The real estate mobile app development firm can charge a certain amount of fees to the premium members. Many such companies provide a free trial to users with a limited amount of access. In case the users want more access to more details of the property, a fixed fee is applied.

3. Advertisements

Ads remain to be the most popular and best way to make money from an app. In the case of the real estate app, the ads need to be relevant. Bank house loan ads, mortgage ads, interior decorating service ads, furniture ads, property insurance ads, etc.


Mobile apps have become quite essential for people to avail of a wide range of services. Now, people who wish to buy a property utilize a real estate search app. Mobile application development services are now bringing their own real estate apps. However, these apps should have some necessary features.

It includes logins, user profiles, lead administration, search capability, viewing the property, maps, and geo-labeling, financial assistance, communication systems like chat and text messaging, pop-up messages and push notifications, etc.

A company has to hire a real estate website developer who has previous knowledge of building such apps with these features. A real estate mobile app development company can add all of these features to provide a high-quality app.

It is essential to provide the best features to the users. Implementing new technologies like AR and VR can improve user experience. Also, the company should take care of the entire UX/UI design of the app, along with navigations. Ensure that the design is quite user-friendly and isn’t much complex to use.