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Today the way of purchasing property has changed a lot. The old tradition of reaching out to the local dealer or property agent is now faded. It is now replaced with online searches. With a number of options, it becomes harder to choose the perfect web portal development services, you want to work with. According to a recent survey by Statista, online websites are the most used information channels for purchasing homes.

As per the survey conducted over sample data, around 89 percent of respondents preferred to consult through websites, while 87 percent of customers consulted with local agents. Real Estate apps like Zillow Realtor and Redfin are huge names in the field of buying and selling homes, each having a range of features to lure the customer.

If you are searching for fair market deals, each website can give you, different estimations that necessarily include or exclude several features. Therefore, expert guidance is important before purchasing the property to know the actual market trend.

The algorithmic guesstimates by real estate app Development Companies are often not accurate and mislead the buyers. Therefore, the best advice is to discuss with a reliable real estate agent for price-related questions and seek advice. The amazing apps let you seek expert guidance, through the app. An app like Redfin avails an agent for you and that agent can guide you all through the process.



Difference Between Real Estate App Zillow Realtor and Redfin

The three big real estate apps Zillow Realtor and Redfin are known as the largest traffic leaders and provide an abundance of data. The difference is made due to the way the app collects data. Further, several other factors affect the choice of a customer. Here we will study the difference between the three exemplary projects for custom software development companies.


1. Zillow

Zillow was created in 2006, by the founders of the huge travel website Expedia. It is settled in Seattle. Zillow Realtor and Redfin is a real estate aggregator, which sells the advertising back to Realtor. The drawback is that either often the property you choose is sold or in contract, which happens due to the older information management.


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Zillow offers enough listings and a number of options to choose from but the online real estate platform is dependent on local agents and brokers, which makes almost 7 days for the data to appear on Zillow.

As per the recent survey conducted by Statista, Zillow is found to be the most popular custom website development project for real estate, which attracts almost 36 million unique visitors every month covering the market share of 27.2 percent.

Zillow’s market hold is even greater, which powered the acquisition of Trulia, the second, most frequently visited real estate website with 23 million monthly unique visitors in 2015. Zillow now stands upfront with almost 59 million monthly visitors online, which made him a huge name.

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Zillow is loved by visitors for its Zestimate feature, which offers the estimated base value for any property. Although the base estimate value is, calculate from the public data and varies from the market price but proves to be an effective tool for negotiation. The property page also includes the tax history detail and the price paid by the seller for purchasing the home.


Note: Where do Zillow Realtor and Redfin get their data?

Individual real estate agents and brokers, who are a member of the Realtor association, generate the real estate data in the US. This data is accessed through Multiple Listing Services, published by Realtors for local communities.

MLS avails permission for online real estate agents to republish the data on their media channels. The glitch is that an individual selling or buying his property cannot directly put a listing on MLS. MLS is only filled by the realtors.

This MLS is also prevalent in a few European countries such as the UK, Czech Republic, and Italy. Whereas in Germany there are three listing services Immobilenscout24, immodest, and Immonen.


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2. Realtor.com

Started in 1995, it is the wire puller of the online real estate industry and an example for other real estate app development companies. Realtor.com is also known as the official partner of the National Association of Realtors. The office is based in the San Francisco Bay Area. The listing is directly connected with MLS (Multiple Listing Services), where the agents list their property for sale.


Realtor.com Application


The online home selling website Realtor.com has grabbed over 180 million unique visitors every month and is managed by Move Inc., which is the subsidiary company of News Corporation.

The extensive relation with MLS brings 97 percent of the listed properties to Realtor.com listing. It offers the advantage of Move’s large network for buyers, sellers, and competitors. Alongside, the website offers more features than its competitors do.

The buyers can pre-decide the moving arrangement by clicking over a single link for moving.com. Also, the search bar at the top allows filtering the searches and understanding the prices of sold homes over a particular locale.


3. Redfin

IT was founded in 2004 and is known to be a leading map-based real estate search. Its map-based search is older than Google map itself, therefore it is known as the originator of map-based web portal development services.


Redfin App


The headquarter is located in Seattle. Redfin is an actual brokerage and here you get associated with one of its salaried brokers and pay the brokerage upon buying or selling any property. Here too, the listing is linked to the MLS, which is updated every 15 to 30 minutes. This makes data refreshed, and updated, and gives service to over six million unique visitors every month.

Here the listing fee is lower than the average fee in the market; however, the seller has to pay the commission to the buyer’s agent. The website gained huge popularity because of more accurate and better information on the listing.

The information comprises photovoltaic power installations, construction components, flood zone information, and other relevant details. Along with the relevant information, it also shares map-based data, which is useful for people moving to unknown locations.

The advantage of the website is that the details are more defined than on other websites. Additionally, the website includes a mortgage cost calculator, which a custom software development company finds impressive to offer now.


Zillow Realtor and Redfin



There are multiple custom website development options available for stakeholders. One app flourishes while another one lacks behind in the number of deals finalized to date. What matters the most is convenience. Convenience to find great deals is not the only option an app offers. Rather, few apps are also providing the services of affordability determination by featuring a mortgage calculator.

Real estate app development is a challenging task to develop. The above research lists the features and drawbacks of three leading platforms, which makes it easier for stakeholders to develop the app. We wish, our research is helpful!