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“Your skin is a lifelong investment; treat it with care.”

– Dr. Shereene Idriss


Tired of your skin looking like a Monday morning but feeling like a Friday night?

There’s an app for that. And you can build it!

As a daily skincare routine, have you ever thought it could become a lucrative business? The beauty industry is a great place to start. Many individuals want glowing skin, and you can help them get there. But there are already a lot of skin care apps out there. How could you make yours stand out?

By 2032, the world skincare market should have grown from $115.65 billion in 2024 to $194.05 billion, which is an increase of 6.68% per year. With data, it is clear that businesses will develop a skincare app in the coming years.

If you’re on the edge whether to develop a skincare app or not, this blog should help clear things up. We explain steps of skincare app development that meet user expectations and focus on the value, cost, and features of an amazing skincare routine app.

So, let’s begin!


What is a Skincare App?

A skin care app is like having a dermatologist in your pocket. It serves as a coach, analyzing your skin type and recommending regimens that will work best for you (dry, oily, acne-prone). Users can think of individual tips, suggestions for products, and prompts to keep track of your progress.


skincare app


Some even scan barcodes for product information or examine components to steer clear of irritants. These apps for skin care are the best for folks who are new to skincare or overwhelmed by the options. So, if you have a skincare app idea and want to build an app, you must hire mobile app developers.


Skincare App Market Statistics And Growth!


Skincare App Market Statistics

Source: Statista


  • The world market for skin care will likely reach 189.3 billion US dollars by 2025.
  • By 2032, the world skincare market should have grown from $115.65 billion in 2024 to $194.05 billion, which is an increase of 6.68% per year.
  • As of 2021, about 44.3 million beauty tech apps were downloaded in the United States, making it by far the country with the most followers.
  • 34% of beauty app users in China came from second-tier towns as of December 2019.
  • It was predicted that the “cosmetics” part of the beauty and personal care market would keep making $20.50 billion more between 2024 and 2028.
  • Cosmetic stores say that they make $17.9 billion in sales online.
  • With over $40 billion in sales around the world, L’Oréal is the biggest beauty products business.


“If you want to glow like me, you must take care of your skin. I never sleep in my makeup”

– Kim Kardashian

Why Must You Develop A Skincare App?

Now you know the market overview of skin application, it is clear that the skincare market is very wide. So, whether investing in skincare app development will be a better option or not, let’s make it clear from the points below.


Why Must You Develop A Skincare App


1. Filling a Knowledge Gap

What items will work best for your skin type is something that a lot of people have trouble with. An app for skin care could offer training materials and personalized suggestions. But before investing, you must determine the skincare or salon app development cost.


2. Convenience and Personalization

There is a rapid number of users browsing for mobile health and wellness management solutions. Features like routine trackers, reminders, and simple access to dermatologist consultations might be included in a skincare app.


skincare app cta


3. Cutting Through the Noise

Selecting the best skin care app products is challenging due to the abundance of options available in the market. A skincare routine app might evaluate ingredients, suggest safe choices, and assist users in avoiding inappropriate goods.


4. Building a Community

A skin care routine app can promote the development of a user base where members can exchange advice, stories, and product recommendations.


5. E-commerce Potential

A skincare app might provide a platform for direct consumer sales of skincare goods, generating additional income. You can get benefits if you develop a cosmetic store app like Sephora or Ulta Beauty due to vast potential for ecommerce.


Navneet Singh Rajput(Project Manager)

I’ve been managing projects to develop a skincare app, and let me tell you, it’s not easy! My team and I experimented a lot with different designs and prototypes before finding one that truly clicked with our target audience. Through this experience, I’ll share the process of developing skincare apps with you!


5 Steps To Develop A Skincare App

If you have a skincare business, you might encounter the question “How to start a skincare line?” Well making a skincare app requires technicalities and expertise in iOS or Android app development. To make it simple, we have jotted down the process which we follow to develop a skincare app. Let’s have a look:


Steps To Develop A Skincare App


1. Idea Validation

Validating your app idea with an IT consulting services provider is the first step to develop a skincare app. First, we identify the key tech parts, develop a roadmap, and conduct target audience research. Despite the clear focus of skin care apps on female statistics, attention must still be paid to a particular niche. Who are you trying to reach with your app?

Of course, if a glowing complexion isn’t the only thing on your app’s menu, and you want to offer products directly, then partnering with an online shopping app development company is a must.

Once you have a firm grasp of specific needs of an ideal test, you may select one or two key features for the MVP release and create a plan of action for the app. Typically, MVP features must be aligned with ROI objectives so that we can focus on the feature set that has the biggest monetary effect.


2. Make A Prototype

The next obvious step to validate your idea is prototyping, but with real users this time. Be aware that designing an app for skincare does not involve prototyping. Instead, in the fast prototyping stage, we focus on the important screens and interactions.

The result is an interactive prototype that may be accessed via a mobile device or web browser by users. The app’s behavior is simulated in the prototype, and by gauging user feedback, we may make non-coding changes to our solution. This is significant as the costliest aspect of developing a skincare app is usually the coding.


3. Develop Your Skincare App

When you decide to invest money on integrating an extensive list of features, an MVP allows you to test your idea with actual users. For a skincare routine maker app, the MVP app development company created an intuitive user interface with unambiguous input fields.

The results need to show the doctor consultation and skincare regimen. You can develop an MVP to make a skincare app with fully functional features.

The best aspect that a MVP app development services provider utilizes is that the money raised from the MVP can be used to develop a skincare app. If the launch goes well and the target market finds the initial version enjoyable.


4. Testing & Deployment

The time has finally arrived for you to properly test and launch your skincare app. Before the app comes out, testers make sure it doesn’t have any bugs. Any flaws or problems that could worsen the user experience must be found and fixed.

When the skin rocks app comes out, that’s not the end of the story. After the launch, there’s an equally important phase where user feedback is gathered and decisions are taken to make improvements to the skincare app.


5. Maintenance Your App

As the app is now accessible to users, you would expect that the deployment phase is the last one. What then has to be done? It’s the most exciting aspect, though, because you can now watch how users will engage with your skincare app. However, if you want to update your skincare app, you can consult with a mobile app maintenance and service provider.

Moreover, you should ideally keep an eye on the app’s performance and automatically log any technical problems with the program or the server. Additionally, you can keep an eye on how users interact with the app to plan future additions and find methods to make it easier to use.


Must-Have Features To Build A Skincare App

What makes an app successful? Well, obviously its features! So, when you develop a skincare app, choose the features wisely with the help of a mobile app development services provider. Although, you don’t need to implement all of the features, here are some options for you to look into:


Features To Develop A Skincare App



● User Profile

Users create an account and give general details about their skin type, skin problems, and skin goals (hydration, anti-aging, etc.). It will look good if the interface is simple to use and the screens are full of useful detail.


● Diary + Skincare Routine    

It allows users to track their skin health, mood, product usage, etc. and often logs of their morning and nightly skincare procedures. Users might also wish to monitor their water intake, stress levels, food, and sleep. However, you can also build a yoga app which helps users do facial yoga and apply it in their daily skincare routine.


● Skin Analysis

By utilizing the phone’s camera to perform AI skincare research, you can boost your skin analysis app. This can provide a deeper knowledge of the user’s skin by analyzing aspects like pores, wrinkles, and hydration levels.


● Dermatologist Connectivity

Users can safely share data with dermatologists or medical professionals to have consultations from afar, using in-app chat. So, if you want to add a dermatologist connectivity feature, you can hire a healthcare app development company.


● Personalized Skincare Routine

Since beauty routines are very specific, modifications must be integrated into every facet of your app. For instance, skin type, allergies, and preferred ingredients. When you develop a skincare app, provide a personalized skincare routine feature.




● Skin Consultation Chatbot

In order to get prompt answers, users can send pictures of their moles and spots to the medical AI chatbot along with any worries they may have about their skin.


● Product Scanner and Ingredient Checker

When you build an app like YesStyle or any other, users can scan the barcodes of their current skincare products to access details on the items’ ingredients. Also, possible benefits, and interactions with other items in their routine.


● Multiple Routine Completion Methods

By using the Siri option in iOS skincare routine builder app, users simply mark a task as done. They can also click the box to indicate that the task is completed or swipe the routine card. By giving users multiple ways to speed up the process, you will motivate them to stick to their cleaning routine.


● Voice Control

As previously said, voice control makes a lot of things easier to manage. For example, Styleseat app development has setting timers, marking completed steps in a regimen, and much more.


● Ecommerce  

It’s nice to order beauty products that have been handpicked for users right from the comfort of their couch. With the help of an ecommerce app development company, you can add user reviews and price comparisons between shops.


● AI Recommendations  

With the AI development, the skincare AI may reduce the inquiry, offer a customized skincare routine, and summarize insights before requesting account creation.


Best Skincare Apps in the Market

So, if you are looking to develop a skincare app, it is vital to know about your competitor apps. Below are the best skincare apps that you must take into consideration.


Top Skincare Apps

Available Platform

Founded In

Notable  Features  



Cureskin Android | iOS 2017

● AI-powered skin analysis

● Progress tracking

● Dermatologist consultation

10M+ 4.7
TroveSkin Android | iOS 2017

● Track skincare routine

● Identify triggers

● Log lifestyle factors

1M+ 4.0
Skin Bliss Android | iOS 2019

● Skin analysis

● Product matching

● Compatibility check

1M+ 4.4


Android | iOS 2013

● Guided Routines

● Mask Activation

● In-App Shop

1M+ 4.6
ForYou Android | iOS 2020

● Tailored Advice

● AR guidance

● Community sharing

1M+ 4.6

Tech Stack Required To Develop A Skincare App

To make an AI-powered skincare app, you need to use a particular set of technologies. So, when you develop a skincare app, take a look at some of the popular technologies that are listed below:




Frontend React Native, Flutter, Swift, Kotlin
Backend Node.js, Python (Django/Flask), Java (Spring Boot)
Database SQLite, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Firebase
API Integration RESTful APIs, GraphQL, SOAP
Authentication OAuth, JWT
Push Notifications Firebase Cloud Messaging, Apple Push Notification Service
Analytics Google Analytics, Firebase Analytics
Version Control Git, GitHub, Bitbucket
Deployment Google Play Store, Apple App Store, TestFlight, Firebase App Distribution

What is the Cost To Develop A Skincare App?

Before you develop a skincare app, it is vital to know the Skincare app development cost. Well, it can lie between $10000-$25000 or can exceed depending on your project complexity. As you know multiple factors can affect the cost to develop a skincare app.

To get a more clear image, we have created a table of cost to develop a mobile app:


Factor / Integration

Cost Range ($)

Basic UI/UX Design $1000 – $3000
Frontend Development $2000 – $6000
Backend Development $2000 – $6000
Database Setup $500 – $1500
API Integration $1000 – $3000
Authentication System $500 – $1500
Push Notifications Setup $500 – $1500
Analytics Integration $500 – $1500
Version Control System $200 – $500
Deployment Setup $500 – $1500
Testing and QA $1000 – $3000
Project Management $500 – $1500
Contingency (10-20%) $800 – $5000
Total Cost $8000 – $25000


The above table cost is just the basic estimates, you can consult with a beauty app development company about the actual cost. Besides, we have given the formula to calculator the cost to develop a skincare app:


Total Skincare App Development Cost = Developer’s Hourly Rate * Development Time


Moreover, there is one major concern which is app maintenance cost. So, the cost to maintain a mobile app for skincare will be 15-20% of the initial Skincare app development. Generally, you need to pay between $1000-$5000 annually on your app maintenance.


develop a skincare app


Let’s Create A Skincare App Within Your Budget!!

It doesn’t take a beauty billionaire’s money to develop a skincare app. You can make an amazing skincare app that helps users get glowing skin with these steps and give core features attention.

However, always keep in mind that giving your audience real value is what matters most. A well-thought-out strategy made by a mobile app development company can turn your low-cost skincare app into a source of radiant skin and contented users. So don’t wait any longer—start making your dream app right now!




1. How Long Does It Take To Build A Skincare App?

When you develop a skincare app, it may require some time which can rely on app complexity. Generally, you can expect 2-4 months for the best app for skin care with minimal features. But a complex app can increase the development time.


2. What Is the Cost To Make A Salon Booking App Like Fresha?

The cost to make a salon booking app like Fresha can be around $10000-$25000 or more. It typically depends on your project requirement and factors. So, it is best to talk to experts about the actual cost to develop a skincare app.


3. What Are the Benefits Of Skincare App Development?  

If you are a startup looking to develop a skincare app, you need to be aware of its benefits. Take a look:

  • One-stop solution
  • Virtual product testing
  • Online shopping option
  • Real-time analytics
  • Cost-effectiveness

4. Why Should You Hire Us For a Skincare App Development Project?

We are the best salon app development company serving clients since 2010. We have been creating different types of mobile apps which include your skincare app with modern technologies. You can choose us for the following reasons:

  • Cost & time effectiveness
  • 24*7 availability
  • Hassle-free workflow
  • Fewer risk of legal issues
  • Project tracking

5. How To Start A Skincare Business?  

You can start your skincare business in just few steps which are given below:

  • Research Your Target Market
  • Create a Business Plan and Marketing Plan
  • Develop Your Skincare Products
  • Package and Brand Your Skincare Products
  • Market Your Skincare Product Line