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Have you ever considered building an app like Botim but dropped the idea due to cost? If yes, you are not alone. Most businesses plan to develop an app like Botim but back off because of the high messenger app cost.

Whether it’s a personal interaction or professional commitment, people depend on digital interactions and messaging applications. A messaging app like Botim allows users to share media files, text, and information. As per a study, the worldwide mobile messaging industry is forecasted to increase and reach $101.41 billion by 2023, with an anticipated rapid growth at a high compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 15.9%, ultimately resulting in a market value of $443.53 billion by 2033.  Hence, it indicates that investment in Botim app development would enable a business to effectively reach and engage audiences worldwide. 

If you are an entrepreneur looking to build an app like Botim to make your business profitable but are wondering about its development cost, read this blog. It will explore the cost to create a messenger app like Botim in 2024. It will also dive deep into factors impacting the Botim app development cost and ways to reduce the cost. 

Quick summary: This blog has included everything you should know to estimate the cost to develop an app like Botim from its factors influencing, ways to reduce cost and monetization strategies. So lets dive straight!


Introduction of Botim App – Messenger App

Botim is a messaging app that was launched in 2010. It allows users to leverage services like instant messaging, video, voice, and internet calling worldwide. Botim has gained much popularity in countries like UAE as the app also allows users to share videos, photos, and other media files conveniently. Users can find this app on several platforms, such as Android and iOS.

When it comes to develop an app like Botim, businesses that engage in social media understand the significance of staying up-to-date with advanced technologies and the latest trends. Hire a proficient mobile app development company that knows the programming language and framework for better outcomes. It will ensure to build chat apps with the most advanced and appropriate tools. 


5 Popular Apps Like Botim

Here is a list of top Botim alternatives that will help you to understand how much social media apps or messaging apps are becoming popular. As per messaging app development company with an understanding of Botim’s alternatives you can thrive in the industry with your unique offering.


Develop An App Like Botim


Apps  Available Platforms  Ratings  Downloads 
Snapchat  Android | iOS 4.0  100M+
Viber  Android | iOS 4.0 1B+
Signal App  Android | iOS 4.5 100M+
Telegram  Android | iOS 4.3  1B
Kakao Talk  Android | iOS 4.1 100M+


How Much Does It Cost to Develop An App Like Botim?

It’s quite challenging to define the cost of developing App like WhatsApp or Botim as a specific number. It depends on factors such as the app’s features, tech stack, complexity, chosen app development platforms, hiring team, and many more.

But, for a general estimation, you can consider $9000$27000 as the cost to build a messenger app like Botim. To know how the Botim clone app development cost can be divided based on the app’s complexity, look at the table below:


App Type  Estimated Cost  Time Frame 
Simple Messaging App Development $9000 – $16000 4 to 6  Month 
Medium Complex Messaging App Development $16000 – $21000 6 to 9 Month 
High Complex Messaging App Development $27000+ 11+ Month 


If you want to make an effective planning of cost to create a messenger app like Botim, you can take guidance from a social media app development services provider. It will help you to develop an app like Botim within your budget.


Develop An App Like Botim


5 Factors Affecting the Cost to Develop An App Like Botim

When calculating the cost to develop an app like Botim, you must consider your project’s cost, which includes features such as video calling, user profile, chat capabilities, and privacy settings. However, each of these features contributes to increasing overall app development costs. To know more about factors that impact the cost of developing your app like Snapchat or Botim, let’s look into the following points:


  • App Design 
  • Features and Functionality
  • Choosing Platforms 
  • App Development Team
  • Security Compliance


Develop An App Like Botim


1. App Design 

As you know, a well-designed UI/UX enhances user experience. It may also increase the app’s complexity. As a result, the cost of the user interface and user experience is impacted by the app’s complexity, customization demanded, and more. Hence, it will add to the cost to develop an app like Botim.


2. Features and Functionality

According to the AI development services provider, basic or AI-powered features and functionalities of messaging apps significantly impact their development. If you want advanced AI-powered features, they will increase the complexity, requiring additional effort, resources, and money. As a result, it contributes to increasing the messaging app development cost.


3. Choosing Platforms 

To develop an app like Botim, it’s critical to choose an app development platform. As per social network development services provider, Android and iOS are critical platforms for which apps are being developed so that they become accessible to a broad spectrum of customers. Hence, creating an app for both platforms would be expensive compared to app development for a single platform. 


Develop An App Like Botim


4. App Development Team

If you want to develop a high-quality messaging app, you have to hire an experienced hybrid mobile app development company. However, developers have multiple skills and years of experience and may demand a high hourly rate. In contrast, junior app development will complete your project at a low hourly rate. 


5. Security Compliance 

Opting for app support and maintenance is also a part of the app development cost. As your app will require technical support to remain functional, you need the help of a tech team. Hence, you have to spend money on your app management and pay fees to your developers, which again increases the cost to build a messenger app like Botim.


5 Ways to Reduce the Cost to Develop An App Like Botim

Developing a messaging app can be exciting. However, keeping app development costs in check is critical. If you find it much more costly to develop a messaging app like KakaoTalk or Botim, look at the following cost-reduction techniques:


  • Define Project Scope 
  • Outsourcing Development 
  • Optimized Resource Management 
  • Minimum Viable Product (MVP) 
  • Agile Methodology


Develop An App Like Botim


1. Define Project Scope 

Start by defining a project scope that outlines the app’s functionalities, features, and target audiences. This will avoid unnecessary additions during development and reduce cost and time. Focus on significant features to streamline the app development process and ensure an efficient allocation of resources. 


2. Outsourcing Development 

It would be better for you to consider outsourcing development. Hire experienced entertainment app development services providers or professionals, especially for a task that requires specialized expertise. This cost-reduction approach is more popular than hiring full-time app development teams as it allows worldwide access to a talent pool. 


3. Optimized Resource Management 

As you know, managing resources efficiently for cost optimization is critical. This approach includes optimizing code for performance and using cloud services for scalable infrastructure. Hence, businesses can develop an app like Botim within their budget by carefully managing significant resources and adopting cost-effective strategies. 


4. Minimum Viable Product (MVP) 

To reduce the social media app development cost, adopt an MVP technique. With this technique, you must create a basic version of the messaging app with core features to gather user feedback. Hence, by providing significant functions, you can launch your messaging application quickly and at a lower cost. 


5. Agile Methodology 

It’s one of the best cost-reduction techniques for continuous improvement based on changing requirements and collected feedback. With this approach, businesses can find and address issues before it’s too late. Hence, it reduces the cost to create a mobile app and costly rework later in the app development process. 


Why Should Entrepreneurs Develop An App Like Botim?

Building an app like Botim can be a lucrative business opportunity for entrepreneurs. It helps the business increase its user base and grow the business on a larger scale. Apart from this, to know more why entrepreneurs must invest in platforms like Botin, Viber, and Verizon Messaging App, dive into the following complete reasons:


  • Increased Market Demand 
  • Global Reach 
  • Monetization Potential 
  • Brand Building and Recognition
  • Adaptability to Emerging Trends


Develop An App Like Botim


1. Increased Market Demand 

With growing needs for seamless communication across the board, there has been increased demand for messaging apps like Botin. Botim’s success shows a strong demand in the market for the same types of applications, which signifies a lucrative business opportunity for entrepreneurs to tap into.  


2. Global Reach 

As you know, Botin has become one of the best messaging apps and crossed all the regional boundaries that cater to users worldwide. Hence, businesses can target audiences globally by building an app like Botim, leveraging diverse markets to maximize user acquisition and engagement. 


3. Monetization Potential 

Messaging apps like Botim offer a freemium business model. They provide essential services without cost but earn revenue by charging for premium subscriptions or features. As per messaging app development services providers and monetization techniques, businesses can generate a significant review stream, especially if the application has gained a weather user base. 


4. Brand Building and Recognition

Investment in messaging app development can boost a business’s brand visibility and reputation in the relevant industries. Each messaging app development company has stated that by offering high-quality services that exceed users’ expectations, businesses can position themselves as industry leaders and attract more investment opportunities. 


5. Adaptability to Emerging Trends 

As you know, the tech landscape constantly changes with advanced technologies and trends that significantly shape user preferences. Hence, by developing a messaging app like Botin, entrepreneurs can leverage upcoming trends like voice-based interactions and augmented reality. This ensures their app remains relevant in the future while maintaining a competitive edge. 


Develop An App Like Botim


How To Monetize A Messaging Apps?

Once you have developed your messaging app, you can earn money by adopting app monetization strategies. If you want to develop an App Like Telegram and are curious to know about some effective messaging app monetization strategies for your app, look here:


  • Freemium Model
  • Advertising 
  • Subscription Services 
  • In-app Purchase 
  • Collaboration and Integration


1. Freemium Model

This monetization technique offers simple but significant messaging features for free and asks for a subscription fee if users want to enjoy premium features. Its’ premium features include advanced customization, enhanced security options, and access to exclusive emojis and stickers. 



It’s the most popular app monetization strategy among apps like Viber and Botim. Here, businesses display target ads in their messaging apps that leverage user data and behavior analytics to deliver relevant ads. Here, ensure that ads are non-intrusive and provide value to potential users so they stay engaged. 


3. Subscription Services 

By adopting this app monetization technique, businesses introduce subscription-based services in their apps. These include an add-free messaging experience, access to premium content channels, and additional storage space for media sharing. Additionally, businesses offer tiered subscription plans that cater to different user preferences. 


4. In-app Purchase 

Businesses need to integrate a marketplace in their monetisation app where customers can buy or purchase digital goods such as themes, stickers, or GIFs. Furthermore, businesses can offer sponsored sticker packs that users can buy to personalize their messaging experience. With this technique, apps like Signal App and Boitm allow users to enjoy exclusive stickers and emoji with a subscription.


5. Collaboration and Integration 

Partnership with other businesses to integrate their offering into your messaging app. For instance, integrating e-commerce functionalities allows users to buy directly from the app or partner. This monetization strategy explores revenue-sharing opportunities with other partners based on potential user’s transactions or engagement. 


My Botim Journey :From Connectivity to Convenience

I love messaging apps, and Botim has proved to be a game-changer for me. It’s easy to use, and video and voice calls are amazingly clear. Whether I work with my colleagues or chat with friends, Botim makes everything smoother for me. So, it’s definitely become one of my favorite messaging apps. 


How Much Does it Cost to Maintain a Social Media App Like Botim?

Once you have launched your social media app like Botin, you are supposed to maintain user pleasure. You must ensure regular maintenance, updates, problem patches, security patches, and adding new features. However, this process requires investing money so your app can remain competitive and functional in the long term.

Hence, the maintenance cost of mobile app like Botim may range from 15 to 20% of the overall app development cost. If you want, you can take guidance from a social media app development company. With the experience of a social network development company, you can maintain your app, ensuring smooth functioning to keep users engaged and retained. 


Develop An App Like Botim


Wrapping Up

From the above blog, it has been figured out that messaging apps like Botim bring users convenience and present a lucrative business opportunity for entrepreneurs. However, navigating the complexity of a messaging app development project is critical for entrepreneurs as it may influence their investment decisions.

If you need clarification regarding the cost to develop messenger app like Botim, collaborate with an experienced on demand app development company. Dev Technosys is there to help you if you are looking for the same. With a proven track record in developing quality apps, we guarantee unmatched expertise, reliable support, cutting-edge technology, customization, and enhanced user experience. 


Frequently Asked Questions 


Q1. How Much Does It Cost to Develop An App Like Botim?

 The cost to develop Botim calling apps can differ, ranging from $9000 to $30000. The cost range depends on various components, such as the development team, app features, and chosen technology platform. 


Q2. How Long Does It Take To Develop An App Like Botim?

Social media app development takes 3 to 11 months. The timeline can fluctuate depending on the app’s feature set, complexity, and project requirements. 


Q3. Why Should You Choose Us To Develop A Botim Application?

We help businesses and entrepreneurs convert their app vision into reality. With a proven track record, our dedicated team develops applications that meet clients’ needs and requirements. 


Q4. How Can You Market and Promote Your Messenger App? 

Marketing strategy is critical to promoting your messenger app. So, you can use social media, leverage online influencers, and collaborate with app reviewers for a strong online presence. 


Q5. Does A Social Media App Development Company Help To Maintain A Messaging App?

Of course, you can ask a social network development Company or a mobile app maintenance services provider to help you support and maintain your app. An app maintenance services provider will help you take your business to the next level by keeping your app smooth and functional for a long time.