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You may be surprised to know that the global population of internet users is 4.66 billion, where 543 million active websites exist on the internet. In upcoming years there will be more users onboard on the internet platform.

The demand for web development is on the high rise for various purposes, such as informational websites, eCommerce portals, or finding a target audience. So, here are some top questions and answers regarding website development that will be a great help for business owners.

Let’s start reading these!

1. How to become a web developer?

To become a web developer, an individual must possess the first crucial ability is logical and analytical thinking. Then the rest of the things depend upon the technology on which you have to focus for web development. Although here are some steps to become an expert in it.

  • Choose Specialization – Several techniques are used for developing a web product where you have to learn first basic technology such as HTML & CSS. And then other things you have to learn programming languages such as JavaScript, Python, Ruby, PHP. You have to learn Frameworks such as Node.js, Ruby on Rails, WordPress, Angular.js.You have to learn Libraries such as jQuery, Underscore. You have to learn Databases like MongoDB, SQL Server.
  • Practice: After choosing and learning the technology, you need to do hard practice to become one of the expert web developers.
  • Live Learning: Practicing under the supervision of experts on live projects is always beneficial.
  • Portfolio: It helps you to showcase your practical work experience to the clients.

Once you are perfect, then you can also work as a freelance web developer as a career option.

2. What Is Web Development?

Web development is a technique to build and maintain a website where various techniques are being used by web developers worldwide. It involves the designing and development part. The whole process can be divided into two parts which are Frontend development and Backend development.

  • Frontend Development: when it comes to the design, layout, and interactivity, it is called frontend development. It includes the visual aspects of the website such as a dropdown menu, image sliders, banner spacing, specialized texts & fonts, etc. The developers here bind the structure elements to make the website responsive for creating the best user experiences.
  • Backend Development: It is like creating the effects behind the scene. The responsibility of backend developers is to ensure the smooth running of applications, manage data storage on the server, and retrieve data using their programming skills. They use server-side programming languages such as PHP, Ruby, Python, and Java to implement this.

The website developing skills are in-demand worldwide, and it is one of the great options for brand promotion.

3. What does a web developer do?

A Web developer typically involves developing the website from end-to-end (frontend and backend) that ensures the smooth functioning of the website.

Apart from development, their role is also crucial for the maintenance of web apps. They develop the websites based on industry or client’s requirements via their programming skills. There are three types of web developers that exist are following.

  • Frontend Developers: These experts develop the front end of the website that includes designing and visual effects such as content styling, theme designing, borders, and interactive elements. It also involves how websites look, how the user interface works while accessing, and many others.
  • Backend Developers: The backend developers are responsible for empowering the website’s backend elements, and it also includes server-side programming, database creation, how data will be store in the database, modification in data, etc.
  • Full Stack Developers: The developers who take care of both ends are called frontend developers. They handle work like browser programing, server-side programming, and database programming, including the front face designing of any website or web app.

It is one of the most trending professions worldwide, where the average web developer salary is $73K around the world.

4. Is web development hard?

First of all, before finding that web development is hard or easy, you need to know that it is the process to develop a web app or a website for showcasing professional or business information on the internet.

You can find several creative websites on the internet, but there are many efforts behind it by developers. Being a web developer is not an easy job here; you have to put consistent efforts into creating the website to meet the requirements and take care of user experience.


During the development phase, a developer faces many challenges that require patience to overcome. They deal with the challenges at every module where sometimes handling run time errors is quite difficult. The following are challenges they face typically –

  • Security Threat
  • Scalability Issues
  • Code Malfunctioning
  • Choosing the platform and framework
  • Sudden change in client’s requirements

Although the rest of the things depends upon the web developer skills. So, for a skilled person, it is easy to develop a web product.

5. What is full-stack web development?

It refers to the endto-end development that includes client-side and server-side programming. The professionals or experts involved in it are called fullstack web developers.

They individually work on the backend, frontend, and database to provide a complete solution based on their requirements.

For having expertise in it, a certain level of work experience is required. You need to learn back-end programming as well as frontend programming. In addition to this, you have to practice the concepts as well for gaining expertise in them.

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Only a well-versed developer can perform this as he has knowledge of designing and coding using programming languages such as JavaScript, Python, PHP, Node.js, Libraries such as jQuery, and databases like SQL Server MongoDB, etc. Apart from technical skills, strong communication skills are also required that can help to communicate with clients.

6. How long does it take to become a web developer?

The first-ever thing to become a web developer is how you can think logically and analytically. The rest of the thing is time spent in training and visualizing & practicing the concepts.

Actually, no one can specifically say that how much time will be taken by a person to become an expert in web development. It depends upon learning ability; some people learn it within 2-3 months, where others may take 5-8 months for learning only. As year by year or project by project passes, the person becomes an expert in it.

Website development looks single term, but if we look closely, it is an umbrella term that includes full-stack web development, frontend web development, and backend web development. There are several resources available to learn these, such as –

  • College Bootcamp: the colleges organize coding boot camps to make the student aware of web programming. These remain for a limited time duration, but you can learn lots of basics while attending them.
  • Online Courses: e-learning market worldwide is expected to cross the US $243 in 2022. It is a new normal that is students are following during Covid-19, so interested one can also learn website development via online courses.
  • Coding Bootcamps: Some institutes also organize coding boot camps online or offline where experts guide the students about minor to major details to develop a web app.

7. How much do freelance web developers make?

Thanks to the internet age that people can work remotely, even from their homes. In 2020, 59 million people were freelancing only in the United States, including several sectors where a major portion is web developers.

Averagely, a freelance web developer charges $60 for an hour, where consolidate, he earns $75,430. It is the average; actual salary may be low or high as earnings can be affected from requirement & availability of work, and expertise.

A beginner freelance web developer can find difficulty finding higher-earning, but it is easy for experienced professionals. Based on the survey, here are some data related to the average salary per year

  • Early Career Earnings – $55,000/yr.
  • Mid-Career Earnings – $75,000/yr.
  • Experienced Developers – $ $87,000/yr.
  • Top Freelancers – $ $130,000< /yr.

The freelancers can be divided into two, i.e., full-time web developers and part-time web developers based on their working mechanism. The full-time freelancer’s salary ranges in-between US $65,000 – US $100,000 where part-time developers earn US $30,000- US $55,000.

8. How to be a freelance web developer?

Freelancers are professionals who usually work on a contract basis or on temporary projects. There was a 36% rise in freelance workers in 2020 in comparison to the previous years.

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Where part-time freelancers were 48%. Several factors turn a working web development professional into a freelancer. 71% of experts worldwide wanted flexibility in their working schedule, so they choose to freelance as their career option.

Following steps, you can follow to be a freelance web developer-

  • Choose Your Niche: Several techniques and programming languages are being used for web development. So, here you have to choose your niche in which you want to have the expertise, such as PHP, Python, Node.js, etc.
  • Learn, Practice, and Make: to become an expert, it is the best formula that first, you have to learn the concept, practice it and make your first application. Then practicing by making live applications.
  • Create Own Branding: It is okay that you are good at your skills, but if nobody knows about you, then it is useless. So, here you have to make a creative portfolio, including the details of your clients’ projects.
  • Get Organized: becoming a freelancer does not mean that you stay unorganized. Here you have to play multiple roles such as project manager, team lead, customer care executive, developer, or more. So, you have to maintain the appropriate schedule.
  • Make Contact: It is most crucial that will help you to get work. You should be in contact with other freelance web developers & designers. So, the work can be shared positively.

9. How to become a web developer without a degree?

There are several advantages of technology, and one of the topmost advantages is that you can learn several things via online platforms. Now, becoming a web developer without a degree is very easy as several websites, tutorials, and video content are available.

There is no need for a degree; only programming skills and logical & analytical thinking are required. If you have all these, then it can open many doors of opportunities for you.

Many successful designers and developers have diverse educational backgrounds, but they have developed many web apps due to their interests.


The platforms such as geeks for geeks, W3Schools, Udemy, Course Era, etc., are offering various courses regarding website development. It can be joined by anyone by paying a subscription fee. If you want to learn free, then you can refer to YouTube as well.

Two things attract the person to become a developer one is an interest, and another is earning. So, if you doubt that you will get the job or not, then the answer is yes, you will get the job if you have learned it well.

There will be no roadblock to the degree as most companies require skills, not a degree. For your information, the USA web developer’s average base salary is $73,143, and year by year, it increases. It is such a great to become a web developer as it promises a bright career ahead.

10. How to learn web development?

There are several ways to learn web development, such as online live lectures, tutorial sites, recorded video lectures, MOOCs, and online courses.

Other than these, several universities run specialized courses that you can attend for a specific time duration. It involves front-end development as the designing part and back-end development as the programming part.

The following are the steps that will let you know how to learn development.

  • Understand the basics: either it is designing or development, first, you have to learn basics such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. If you have any prerequisites about these, then it will be best.
  • Select your niche: There are several techniques applied for developing a website and web apps, so here you have to choose one of them like PHP, Python, SQL, etc.
  • Learn Foundations of UI/UX: It is a thing that makes a website alive and collaborates its structure elements to make it responsive so the user can enjoy a creative interface.
  • Build your first application: After learning the concepts, it will be very interesting to make your first application. It will let you know that how it actually thing works while web application development.
  • Get Checked from Mentor: If you have any mentor, then half of the battle, you have already won. So, after crafting your first webpage, you should show it to your mentor for having valuable learning and feedback.
  • Improve Yourself: whatever mistake you have done replace them and read some blogs about web programming that will help you improve your skills.
  • Live Projects: if you got your first live project, then welcome to the world of website development.

11. What is frontend web development?  

The front-end web development refers to the designing aspect of a website. It is also known as client-side development using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to interact with the application smoothly.

Although it is much creative work, one of the biggest challenges for a frontend web developer is that a web page design faces the change time by time, so they need to consciously update it.

Its prime objective is to facilitate the users to find out the relevant information on a site and moving to the desired section without fiddling here and there or jumping from one to another dropdown or buttons.

digital transformation

A good and professional web designer always understands the significance of each section while designing a webpage. A user is not interested in the code; they want to enjoy the website with a great experience. It makes client-side developers responsible.

The frontend not only includes the creative segments of web pages; it also includes the themes, how a page appears, text styling, customized icons, and many more. If we go specifically, then HTML DOM, Google Maps, fonts, charts, CSS icons, Bootstrap, jQuery, and XML are important.

12. Where to find a web developer?

You can easily find a web developer with fewer efforts as there are several options available such as freelance platforms, job boards, communities, and social media groups.

Although for a business owner, it is a quite complicated task to hire a web developer. Reading portfolio can’t ensure the quality of work.

So, here you need to focus that what others say as feedback or testimonial about them. That you can read from the platforms or on-demand marketplaces that you are exploring. Let’s dig out how it works-

  • Freelance Platforms: these are specialized sites; from there, you can find a freelance web developer. Here professionals and clients meet with each other. Its best examples are Freelancer, Upwork, PeoplePerHour, Toptal, etc; you can find several website developers listed, and the best thing is that you can also see their ratings given by authentic clients.
  • Developers Communities: There are some skill-specific communities. You can also find and hire a developer such as; if you need an eCommerce site, it will be great to explore the Magento community or WooCommerce community.
  • Job Boards: There are some websites for general-purpose hiring works as Job Boards. Before the launch of freelancing platforms, businesses used to hire from these sites. Still, these are working, so you can also post your requirement there.
  • Social Media Sites: the top advantage of social media groups is that they can be used for professional and personal purposes. By posting the requirement, there can help you find out a suitable developer.

13. How to become a freelance web developer?

Freelancing is one of the hottest trends of the IT industry, where a significant percentage of experts are working as freelancers. For having a self-developed work schedule, people used to choose it.

To become a freelance web developer, your programming skills and contacts play a more crucial role. If we go with the statistics, 61.7% of freelancers have bachelor’s degrees, where 9.4% have Master’s degrees.

Due to the rise in globalization, there are tons of opportunities in this field. So, if you also want to grab some of it, you need to follow these steps to start your career as a freelancer.

  • Knowledge Base: It is the first required thing that you must have the knowledge of various programming languages required for website and web app development. Apart from having knowledge in a particular niche, you should also keep an eye on the latest updates in technology.
  • Perfect Portfolio: it is required for showcasing your work to the clients. If you have a perfect portfolio, it will be beneficial for your professional reputation and help create a great impression.
  • Personal Branding: Personal Branding is as important as your coding skills. It is risky for a freelancer to stay limited, so you have to prepare the best marketing plan to grab excellent working opportunities.
  • Professional Networking: It will always be fruitful to stay in contact with other professionals in your field. Some sites, such as LinkedIn, AngelList, Meetup, etc., are fantastic options.

14. What is a full-stack web developer?

The expert who performs client-side and server-side coding alone is called a fullstack web developer. It includes UI/UX designing, database programming & handling, designing & developing webpages, menu designing, and other work. Here full-stack refers to the collection of technologies and tools required to develop the frontend and backend of a website.

Usually, web developers can be categorized as frontend developers and backend developers, so both profiles are being handled by a single person.


The experts involved in full-stack programming are Master of various programming languages. Therefore, it is the most high-demand job. As per the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics, till 2024, there will be 24% growth in this field.

It is also cost-saving for web development companies because instead of hiring two professionals, they can hire a single person to develop a website or web app.

15. How to get a job as a web developer? 

Being a web developer is so exciting for people who are keen on developing challenging web apps. By 2023, the number of web developers is expected to reach 27.7 million, where it was 23 million in 2018.

It is such a lucrative job that promises exponential career growth. If you want to know how to get a job as a web developer, you should go through the following steps.

  • Build Portfolio Site: As a web development expert, it is expected that you know how to build a perfect website. Instead of sharing a portfolio for an interview, if you share your own site link as a portfolio site, it will create your impression fantastically.
  • Experience of Freelance Projects: If you have hands-on experience on freelance projects, there will be more chances of getting hired by a web development company.
  • GitHub As Project Repository: It is also one of the perfect ways to present your work experience in front of the interviewer. If you regularly contribute to the GitHub community, it will also create the best impression on a company where you will apply for the job.
  • Consistent Learning: for a web developer, it is necessary to learn new skills because staying updated will not let you become outdated from the market. It will also help you to present yourself best at the time of the interview.
  • Stay Active on Job Portals: Job portals are specialized websites to get information about a job posting. So, if you stay updated on these, then you will not miss any opportunity.

16. Is web development a good career?

Yes, web development is always a good career option that promises many things to you, such as name, fame, and great earning. It also ensures work satisfaction.

The crucial things are web developing skills and hands-on experience of finishing & delivering multiple projects. It is U.S. $75,000 – U.S. $80,000 per year in terms of earning an average web developer salary. In a report of the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics, the web developer’s job market is expected to grow 15% by 2026.

In the market, there is always a considerable demand for experts to produce web-based applications and websites. You can’t imagine that there were 537 million websites active in 2020, and now the figure is definitely crossed than this.

Every business needs website development services to have a great online presence to reach the target audience and have a better brand promotion.

This career option needs only your skills, a device, and an internet connection. It allows the experts to work from anywhere, so a person can work in two ways: a freelancer or a full-time job at some web development company.

17. How to hire a web developer?

Hiring a web developer is essential whenever there is a need for a business website or web app to meet the enterprise’s goals. Whether it is a small business, mid-size business, or large business, all these required a website to have a great presence online.

In addition, it will help to connect with target audiences. So, if you want to hire a web developer, here are some great steps to help you do so.

  • Identify Business Challenges: It is most crucial that you know the existing business challenges and what kind of challenges can be in the future. It will help you to prepare that you will overcome these with the help of a good website.
  • Skills You Need: There are three types of web developers exist, frontend developer, backend developer, and full stack developer. So, you can choose accordingly. The frontend developer can help you with UI/UX designing, where the backend developer will help server-side programming and full-stack developers handle both.
  • Portfolio: for finding a suitable expert for web application development, you must go deep into the shortlisted developer’s portfolio. There you can check whether they have developed the applications that you need.
  • Testimonials: If you are hiring an expert from specialized platforms such as Upwork, Freelancer, Guru.com, you should read testimonials published by other clients before finalizing anything.
  • Working Model: You should also enquire about that what will be the working model if you hire any web developer.

18. How to find a web developer?

Finding a web developer is quite complex for the new businesses and sometimes for the established ones if they do not know the appropriate way to do the same.

The good thing is that some steps can help you in the best way to find a web developer, which is the following:

  • Freelancing Websites: Via these websites, you can hire freelance web developers. These sites contain the information and online portfolio of web developers who work individually. There you can also read the testimonials or feedback given by their other clients.
  • Professional Networking Site: There are several professional networking sites such as LinkedIn. There you can find many web development experts for your work. You only need to create a post and share it there.
  • Social Media Sites: Although professional networking sites always work great but do not underestimate the power of social media sites like Facebook. Still, it is a great option to connect with the developers.
  • Online Communities: Multiple communities exist on the internet that is categorized as per skills. Like Python developer’s community, PHP developer’s community, Magento community, etc. You can also approach the coding engineers from there.

19. How to start your own web development company?

When it comes to entrepreneurship, then owning a web development company is such a great thing. Worldwide there is enormous demand for web-based products in various industries. It will be such an exciting thing to create websites or web applications for enterprises. It also promises high revenue and growth.

Here are some steps you can follow to start your own web development company-

  • Knowledge Base: As an owner, it is most required that you must possess the appropriate knowledge of web development technologies such as PHP, Python, SQL, etc. There are several web development companies worldwide, and there is tough competition, so having a knowledge base will help you a lot.
  • Create Own Website: For a web development agency, it is necessary to have a creative website that should impress the clients. Here you need to stand out in the crowd.
  • Branding & Promotion: This will help you connect with more clients, so you need to apply appropriate branding strategies & tactics to compete with others. It includes your company’s logo, catchy tagline, etc., for branding, digital marketing, and SEO will be great.
  • Pricing Plan: You should be ready with a pricing plan to meet the customer’s budget expectations. For it, you need to stay aware that what others are charging for web development. Keep an eye on competitor’s websites can give you great insight.

Apart from the above, it would be best to put in some extra effort, such as creating & sharing monthly, quarterly or yearly newsletters to the target audience to make them aware of your services, join online forums or communities of web developers, etc.

20. What degree do you need to be a web developer?

Globalization and the evolution of the internet make it possible to learn anything by own or under some expert guidance. Therefore, there is no such need for a degree to become a web developer. However, it will be an extra advantage with your web development skills if you have graduate-level education.

If you are a newbie and want to make your career in this field, you should learn web development in such a way, so after finishing the training or a course, you must make a professional website.


Worldwide there are 63% of web developers have a graduation degree, and 9% have a master’s, although there is no relevance with programming skills.

However, it is a thing that can be achieved by anyone by practicing and implementing the concepts where education is just a criterion. Here you have to learn web development languages which are categorized in frontend languages and backend languages.

21. Is web development in demand?

Yes, it is in demand and now an evergreen profession, as there is a massive need for web development services. A website is more than anything required to reach out to the customers and brand promotion for a business.

A website works as an online representation of business to the world, so it is much needed by every enterprise, and in the case of startups, it is more recommended. Not only the development but web designing is also included in the worldwide demand for web applications.

Business owners always demand a unique website to stand out in the crowd that encourages web developers to showcase their skills to a greater extent.

The rising demand for web solutions is beneficial for both, i.e., businesses and developers. Where businesses can have great growth, on the other hand, developers can have earning opportunities.  

22. How to get started with web development?

Many people want to know how to get started with web development. The reason maybe they have their own business and want to create and launch their website, or they want to put their step into this field.

However, before we proceed to read out the further steps here, you should note that you need problem-solving ability, creativity, customer service approach, and communication skills for starting web development.

The point is, you can’t build a Facebook or LinkedIn, but you can develop your first simple website, so you should get started with the following-

  • Basic software Installation: when it comes to crafting a webpage, then there are some basic software or tools available, for example- Xampp, Visual Studio, Sublime Text, SQL, etc. After installing these, you can start coding.
  • Planning & Implementation: Before starting the development, you should prepare a plan of what how your website will look like, what kind of information you will publish, how many segments it will be divided into, and so forth. After finalizing all the things, you can easily implement your plan.
  • Basic Building Blocks: for any website, basic building blocks are HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language used to build the structure of a web page. CSS is Cascading Stylesheets used to provide style to a web page, and JavaScript must implement interactive features.
  • File Handling: developing a website doesn’t mean that you start and finish the code. You need to handle the files as well, which may be text content, code files, stylesheets, media files, etc. Here you need to develop an understanding and learn how to manage these.
  • Make & Publish: Now, you should make your first single-page website and publish it. It will be better if you receive feedback about it, either positive or negative, which will help you become a successful web developer.

23. How can I learn web development?

Learning web development is such an exciting thing as it promises several opportunities and a great career. There are several tutorials you can find about it, although it remains confusing for the newbies, so here are some steps to follow for learning web development.

  • Get Started with Basics: initially, there are some basic skills required to make a website which is HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. HTML is the basic building block to create a webpage and is required to hold the structure that includes header, body, and paragraph. CSS, aka cascading style sheet, is a technique used for styling.JavaScript is required to include interactive elements and to implement responsiveness in a website.
  • Study & Observe: Before kicking off coding, it will be beneficial to study and observe the existing websites that what kind of features they have, how their landing page is designed, and how components are working and responding. It will help you to decide to include and implement those on your website without copying.
  • Development frameworks: here, you need to understand that how web development frameworks worksFor your information, these are the platforms being used to develop websites and web applications. It contains pre-written code, snippets, and application templates that you can use. Practicing with these will take your knowledge graph in an upward direction.
  • Web Development Tools: Having an appropriate knowledge of tools is required for a web developer, so if you are at the starting edge, you should acquire the complete knowledge of web development tools available in the market and start working with these. It will be such a great idea if you start with open-source tools.
  • Web Designing Concepts: if you have any doubt regarding web design vs. web development, then please note that designing refers to the user interface and visual effects, where development refers to the creating, handling, and managing the database of a website. Both are important, so here you need also to learn web designing concepts.
  • Start Coding: If you have followed the above steps, it is time to start moving towards your first webpage. Instead of developing another page, start designing & developing your website’s homepage first; it will help you maintain a common structure throughout the website.
  • Testing: You should test your site by yourself with full concentration to find out the flaws. It will help you to create successful web development projects in the future.

24. How to start as a freelance web developer?

There are several benefits of starting as a freelance web developer. One of the biggest advantages is that you can work from any location; you only need a laptop and internet connection. You can decide your schedule and can work accordingly.

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Web development is the most demanding industry worldwide, where businesses look for perfect web solutions. So being a freelancer developer is beneficial still you have a job and want to earn extra income.

So, follow these steps to start as a freelance web developer-

  • Learn many technologies as much as possible, although it does not mean that you become a jack of all trades. Here learning means you must be an expert in at least 2-3 web development programming languages.
  • Make a portfolio that can help you to represent yourself best in front of clients. It includes an online portfolio and an offline portfolio. Instead of making a soft copy of your portfolio, you can also launch your website. That will create your best impression on others.
  • Having a good presence on websites like LinkedIn, Freelancer.com, Upwork, etc., will be more beneficial for you in getting work or new assignments.
  • For personal branding, do not underestimate social media. Still, it is one of the powerful mediums to reach the targeted audience.
  • Make contacts with other freelance web developers, so you can share your idea or get from them. It will also help you to stay updated about the market.

25. How to start a web development business?

Starting a web development business is a great idea; however, you must have the right resources and knowledge. While doing it, you have to help the clients via your web designing skills and coding skills; it includes developing informational sites, eCommerce sites, and many more.

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Worldwide there is a high demand for professional websites and web applications. That encourages top web development companies to produce something unique that helps the enterprises to stay on the top.

If you to start your web application development company, then the following steps will be more helpful –

  • Setup work environment: Initially, you can start it from your home by making some arrangements in a room. Later you can start it from another location after gaining some growth.
  • Working Hours: being a company owner does not mean that you do not have to follow the schedule. Although, you can be a little bit flexible on the cost of delaying the client’s project.
  • Team Formation: If you are experienced enough and have an appropriate budget, you can initially hire one or two web developers. Later on, you can expand the team.
  • Branding: for having a great presence in the customer’s mind, you need to decide on a unique name of your firm, a logo, a creative website, and a catchy headline. After developing a website, you should start digital marketing for it.
  • Products & Cost: Here you have to decide what kind of web products you can develop and their price. For deciding the price, it would be best if you take an idea from the other web development firm
  • Find your clients: for finding the clients, you need to focus on the niche suitable for you. For example, there is considerable demand for eCommerce solutions so that you can offer the same. Another way to find out the clients is using social media and professional networking sites.

There are many web development companies following the above approach.

26. How to use python for web development?

Among the top-10 programming languages, there is a high ratio of searching about Python tutorials (29.9%) on Google, and yearly it is increasing 4.1%. Other searched languages are Java (19.1%) and JavaScript (8.2%). The ratio of Python website development is increasing daily, as programmers intend towards it due to powerful libraries and portability.

If you are searching for how to use python for web development, then you will find the following steps quite useful-

  • Web Development Basics: For starting web development with any programming language, you must have a prerequisite to using HTML & CSS, including JavaScript. These are initial-level concepts.
  • Python Libraries: The Python programming language is rich in libraries, so before starting coding, it would be best to read about the libraries used in web development, such as Scrapy, Zappa, Requests.
  • DOM & jQuery: The DOM (document object model) & jQuery are the next things that you need to be focused on. It will help you in creating dynamic pages.
  • Python Basics: Now, you need to focus and learn Python basics that include syntax, variable declaration, loops, etc. After learning and practicing it, you can move forward.
  • Django & SQLite: Django will help you set up a backend environment, and then you need to learn about database software such as SQLite.

Apart from following these steps, it would be better to train yourself under the expert for python web development.

27. What is the difference between a web designer vs. web developer?

It is a most interesting question where some people stay confused about the difference between web developer vs. web designer. Both profiles are equally important for web application development.

Initially, the web designer refers to the expert who takes care of the website’s visual layout, and a web developer is a professional who writes the code to form the backend structure of websites such as database management & programming and other server-side programming activities.

The following information refers to the difference between a developer and a designer.

  • The Web Designer: There are three types of designers: UI designer, UX Designer, and Visual. In terms of skillset, HTML, CSS, Responsive & interaction design, Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), Wireframing, Design tools, and software are required.
  • The Web Developer: There are three types of web developers which are Frontend Developer, Backend Developer, Full Stack Developer, and the needed skill set is HTML, CSS, Programming Languages such as PHP, Python, jQuery, etc., Database, CMS, SEO.

Although these professionals work separately, they can produce a great website that can help an enterprise meet its business goal.

28. How much do web developers make per hour?

The web developers take care of frontend as well as backend programming to develop web-based applications. Their skill set includes HTML, JavaScript, jQuery, and programming languages such as Python, PHP, Pearl, Angular.js, etc.

The earning or salary depends upon the skills and experience, but if we count initially, then the average yearly salary ranged from $70,000- $80,000.

If we specifically talk about how much web developers make per hour, then a developer from a web development company in the USA earns an average of $61-80 / hr. It can be more due to the factors such as experience and nature of the project.

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