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Most Asked Mobile App Development Questions- Mobile technologies are continuously progressing, and there is no doubt that it greatly influences our lives. Most development companies are majorly focusing on mobile app development. In terms of revenue, in 2021, it is expected to reach $693 billion that is projected to reach $935.2 billion in 2023.

The above data only represents the fact. The point is If you are a business owner and looking for mobile application development services, it would be best if you read these top questions. It will work as an excellent guide for you.


Top Mobile App Development Questions


1. How to Develop a Mobile App?

In 2020, the mobile app downloads worldwide were 218 billion, where business apps covered the major portion. So, if you are also looking for how to develop a mobile app for your startup or enterprise, then you need to follow some crucial steps, which are-

  1. Goal Specification – First, you should be clear with yourself about the expectations you want to meet via a mobile app and why you need an app.
  2. Competitor Research – The second most crucial step is competitor research. Here you need to focus that who is your competitor, how their app is performing, and what features their mobile app has?
  3. Required Features – In addition to the common features, it would be best to prepare a list that what additional features you want to have in your business app to make it unique from others.
  4. Design Mockups or Wireframing – Wireframing refers to the final design or actual look you want to have for your app. It can be done via paper-pencil or software for a rough idea, but mobile app developers will suggest you best with it.
  5. App development – After clearing all the doubts with designing, now is the time to develop the app. After finishing the work, the next step will be testing.
  6. Testing – Although mobile application development is crucial but more crucial, test the app so the user can experience it without any bugs or flaws. Here you need to put an app in the rigorous testing phase.
  7. App Submission – Once the app is tested, then you need to submit it to the app repository that is Play Store for Android apps and App Store for iOS apps.
  8. Marketing Strategy – For the success of a business, you need to prepare an appropriate marketing strategy.

Although the above steps represent how to build an app, it would be best to hire mobile application development company. It will be cost-effective and time-effective for you.


2. How To Become a Mobile App Developer?

Being a mobile app developer is such a great thing and one of the most lucrative jobs that ensure a successive career. If you are a student or a learner, you need to know what it takes to become an expert in mobile application development.


mobile app skills


The first required thing is basic knowledge of programming and development tools. If you have these, then you can proceed with further steps. Actually, anyone can become a mobile app developer, but you should focus on the following things –

  1. Mode of Learning – via several modes, you can learn it from modes such as coding Bootcamp, online courses, workshops, and training programs. The best method is learning from online courses that you can attend from anywhere.
  2. Choose Platform – Worldwide major mobile platforms are Android and iOS. So, here you need to focus that on which platform you need to have expertise.
  3. Learn, Practice & Refine – These three words can change your life, so you need to learn the app development concepts, practice, and refine them. It will help you greatly.
  4. First Application – After learning all the concepts, you should make your first application; it will give you core practical experience that you can use in the next one. As project by project passes, you will become an expert mobile app developer.
  5. Soft Skills – Although to become a mobile app developer, programming skills are required, but you also need soft skills such as communication and logical & analytical thinking. That will help handle the clients.

3. How To Develop an iOS Mobile App?

iOS also refers to the iPhone operating system that also runs on other Apple-oriented devices such as iPad, iPod. For this platform, developers use programming languages such as Swift, Objective-C. If you also want to develop an iOS app, then here are some points you need to focus on for iOS app development


  1. The Requirements – The first thing you need is hardware, which must be a Mac Computer installed with Xcode. It is an integrated development environment that is necessary for developing iOS and Mac Apps. It also works as GUI that you will use to write the code.
  2. iOS Software Development Kit (SDK) – For becoming an expert, you need to thoroughly explore the iOS SDK that will help you a lot. It allows you to manipulate the camera functions, voice interaction, music player function, and so forth.
  3. Set-Up of Development Environment – For setting it up, you need to download and install Xcode. After installing, start developing the code.
  4. Simulator – Xcode has an in-built simulator that allows iOS mobile app developers to observe how an app will actually work on a real device.
  5. Beta Version Testing – For iOS app testing, there is a software called TestFlight that you can use for beta testing of an app. It allows the developers to invite the users and collect feedback.
  6. Cloud Testing – It is a must to test the app on real devices, including different versions of OS. Although obtaining the devices is complex so, instead of it, Cloud testing is the best way to test the application. Via it, manual testing and automated testing can be done.
  7. Deployment – Once you are done with all steps, it is time to deploy the app on the Apple App Store.

In addition to these steps, you should also plan the marketing strategy that you will use to reach the target audience.

4. How To Develop HTML5 Mobile App?

The HTML5 Mobile App stands for an application crafted by a mobile app development company for smartphones, tablets, and other handheld devices based on web development technology and content standards.

These apps are one of the types of cross-platform apps. It can be run on mobile and desktop platforms, and there is no need for local storage as a user can access it via the web.


mobile app ctaas


While developing an HTML5 mobile app, the developers can add new APIs, form controls, multimedia components, geolocations features, and other functionalities. The user can use these apps via all major browsers.

The following are the steps involved in the development process-

  1. Planning – It applies to each type of app development that you need to make a perfect plan that must cover all the aspects.
  2. Specification – At this step, you need to focus on the specific requirements that you need to cover with the app.
  3. Development – Once you are done with steps 1 & 2, then proceed to the development process. Here you need software like PhoneGap Build, GapDebug, OpenSSL, Ionic View, etc.
  4. Quality Assurance – After the app is developed, the next vital phase is testing; under this segment, an app is tested via tools and specifically designed test cases to assure quality.
  5. Launch – Now is the time to make it live so it can be used by the users.

5. Is Mobile App Development Easy to Learn? 

Everything is easy and hard to learn the things depend upon determination. In terms of learning mobile app development, if you have basic programming knowledge and have hands-on experience using programming tools, you can easily learn it.

Although the time duration depends upon your learning and practicing skills. The maximum time taken by an average candidate to learn app development is 6 months and although it can be learned within 3-4 months.


The following are required as perquisites to learn mobile platform application development as suggested by best mobile app developers-

  • Basic Programming Skills – It will be more helpful if the learner has basic programming skills, especially Java programming and Java Programming.
  • Programming Languages – You need to learn Java or Kotlin or both if you want to learn Android mobile app development. If you are interested in iOS, then Swift programming language will be best.
  • OOPs Concepts – To develop a web app, mobile app, and website, learning object-oriented programming is a must for every developer. So, if you have knowledge of it, you would be able to apply the concepts while developing an app.    

There are several ways to learn it, but the best one is to learn under some expert guidance. The rest of the things will be depended on your coding skills.


6. What Is Mobile App Development Services?

When it comes to end-to-end development of mobile applications, including implementation of required features and functionalities. It also involves creating interactive UI/UX designing, app control features, and app submission on repositories such as Google Play Store and Apple App Store.


Mobile app development services include-

  • Consultation: It is the initial step where developers and clients discuss things in meetings.
  • Requirement Collection: The development team collects the requirements from clients.
  • Planning & Strategy: Based on the requirement analysis planning, what will be the exact strategy to make the desired app.
  • Wireframing: Under this process, the app’s blueprint development takes place that represents how an app will look in real life.
  • UI/UX designing: It includes frontend app development using designing tools.
  • App Development: it refers to the server-side development like how data will be stores & retrieved and implementation of other functionalities.
  • Quality Assurance: testing is also an important thing that facilitates the developers to eliminate bugs, irrelevant code, etc.
  • Optimization: After testing, app optimization takes place to create the best user experience.
  • Deployment: As a final stage, an app is being deployed on the app stores of respective platforms.

The above points apply to the simple app to custom mobile app development.


7. What Is the Future of Mobile App Development?

In 2018 the Global app revenue was 365.2 billion US dollars, where it is expected to reach $808 billion in 2022 and $935.2 billion in 2023. It is enough to predict that what will be the future of mobile app development.


mobile future


Mobile application development is fast-paced technology, and there are lots of opportunities in the global app market. Apart from the revenue generation, some future trends need to watch out for as following-

  • IoT & Clouds – IoT and cloud-enabled apps are one of the hottest trends that are projected to reach 1.1 trillion US dollars in 2023. It covers the verticals like wearables, home appliances, and smart cars.
  • Artificial Intelligence – Its application is in navigation, speech recognition, natural language processing, motion capturing devices, and so forth. Its revenue is expected to reach $125 billion by 2023.
  • AR & VR – AR refers to the Augmented Reality, and VR refers to Virtual Reality. In combination, these technologies are used as Mixed Reality, and shortly, it will be at its peak as it is forecasted to reach the US $209 billion in 2022.
  • Blockchain – It is used to produce secure mobile applications that make it one of the popular future trends. Blockchain-based apps can be developed for diverse industries such as healthcare, banking & finance, retail, fintech, etc.
  • 5G – In some parts of the world, it is in use, and very soon, it will be everywhere. Although 5G is a telecom technology, it will definitely affect the apps that need to be compatible according to it.


8. How To Choose a Mobile App Development Company?

Two things are crucial for having an excellent mobile app, i.e., an idea and a mobile app development company. Several app development companies worldwide, but it is quite complex to find out the suitable one. Here, you need to follow some steps that will help you to find or choose the right mobile app development company.

  1. Experience – Here, you need to check about the tenure of a company that how many years of experience it has in application development.
  2. Domain Expertise – Another thing you need to inquire about their domain expertise is whether they have experience in developing mobile apps based on the domain on which you are focusing.
  3. Portfolio – It is always great to have a look at a company’s portfolio. There you can find the details and information about the projects they have delivered to date.
  4. Testimonials – Testimonials and feedback posted by existing clients are great things to make a first opinion about that particular company. You can also ask contact numbers of some previous clients to have real-time feedback.
  5. Cost – Before finalizing anything, you need to discuss that how much it will cost you to hire services from a particular company.
  6. Mode of Communication – You also need to confirm that what will be the mode of communication while the project development phase.

In addition to the above steps, it would be best to find out the top mobile app development company because it will ensure quality services.


9. Is Mobile App Developer a Good Career?

Yes, it is a good career option if you are focusing on becoming a Mobile App Developer. Worldwide almost all businesses have their presence on mobile platforms, and the smartphone users are increasing rapidly.

That is creating several opportunities for developers. In terms of learning, even in terms of earning, it is the best way to grow professionally.

In 2020, the mobile app revenue was 581.9 billion U.S. dollars, where it was only 152 billion U.S. dollars in 2015. It is expected to reach 935.2 billion U.S. dollars.




It represents that the app industry is one of the highest revenues generating industries where only in the U.S average mobile app developer salary is $90k / year.

There are two major mobile platforms, i.e., Android and iOS, and both have their app repository where developers worldwide submit their apps and earn from there as per user download. The point is anyone can opt for it as a career as it has a bright future.


10. How To Develop a Mobile App in Python?

Python mobile app development is one of the hottest trends of the software industry, where app developers worldwide are focusing on it for making innovative apps for diverse industries.

Python is a general-purpose, open-source programming language widely used for scientific calculations-oriented software, making educational apps, and web development.

In terms of syntax and semantics, it is very easy to learn. Moreover, it comes with an enriched library and frameworks that allow developers to smooth coding and integrate the code with other programming languages.

The Python programming language is also used for cross-platform app development using a single codebase where an app runs on the mobile platform and desktop devices.

Some examples of world-famous apps built using this language are Pinterest, Instagram, Dropbox, and Spotify. For Python mobile app development, first, you must have hands-on experience in any basic programming language; then, by learning the syntax, you can easily move forward to do programming in it. Around the world, most programmers used Kivy and BeeWare as Python Frameworks for building apps.


11. How To Develop a Mobile App Without Coding?

Although to develop the mobile app, you need to become a programmer, but there are several options available as app development platforms to build an app without coding.

There you will get a drag & drop option that allows you to make applications in minutes. There you need to be sign-up only. Here are some platforms that you can use for the same such as the following-

  • Appy Pie
  • Appery
  • Swiftic
  • Game Salad
  • Adalo
  • Composer Pro
  • Andromo
  • AppsGeyser
  • AppMkr
  • GoodBarber

These platforms provide innovative mobile app development tools that help those who do not have any programming language but want to launch their app.

One of these best specialties is that you can make functional & dynamic apps and support third-party integrations. It is also a cost-effective option.


12. How To Develop Mobile Apps in Java?

Making an app in Java is an exciting process if you have in-depth knowledge of practically using its concepts. It is not only used for making native apps also for cross-platform mobile app development.

Most Android developers worldwide consider it the first choice to make an app, although the Kotlin programming language is also rising.

For developing mobile apps using Java is called Java Platform Micro Edition (Java ME). It provides a flexible and secure environment for crafting and running these apps on mobile devices.

It helps the developers to deliver mobile applications for price-efficient smartphones to the latest smartphone devices. For using it, there are three things required such as-

  • Java ME SDK: a toolbox for developing and testing applications.
  • Light Weight UI Toolkit: An enriched library for great UI/UX development.
  • Oracle Java ME Embedded: it facilitates to design and optimize the app for low-power devices.

If you are a newbie, it would be best to understand and practice the core Java concepts. After obtaining the expertise then you should move forward to develop mobile apps in Java.


13. What Does a Mobile App Developer Do?

The developers who design and develop applications for mobile platforms are called mobile app developers. Smartphones are an integral part of our lives, and we use them every day for several purposes, so there is lots of requirement of mobile-based applications for use, where these developers are contributing a lot.

The following are the responsibilities of mobile app developers –

  • Providing consultation to the customers
  • Requirement collection and analysis to develop the solutions as per customer needs.
  • Developing APIs (application programming interfaces).
  • Collaborating with UI/UX designers.
  • Modification in the existing apps by implementing additional features.
  • Perfect linking of backend and frontend of an app.
  • Adapting and implement the latest trends of mobile app development.

These are the common responsibilities for each developer worldwide, although some more depend upon the project domain and client’s requirements.


14. What Language to Learn for Mobile App Development?

Multiple programming languages are available for mobile app development. However, before we know about these, first, you should note that mobile apps are categorized in the following.

  • Native Apps– Platform-oriented mobile apps such as iOS Apps and Android Apps.
  • Hybrid Apps– The apps are coded in one language and can run on diverse platforms called hybrid apps.
  • Progressive Web Applications– The apps that run in web browsers irrespective of the device are called progressive web apps (PWA).

So, these languages can also be categorized as per the above types of apps such as for Android app the languages are Java, Kotlin, for iOS app development -Swift, Objective -C, and programming languages for Hybrid app development are Xamarin, C#, React Native, PhoneGap, BuildFire JS.

If we conclude the languages to learn for mobile app development languages, then these are –

  • JavaScript
  • Kotlin
  • C++
  • Python
  • C#
  • PHP
  • Objective-C
  • Swift
  • HTML5
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Action Script
  • SQL

You can learn any of these where the best options for learning enterprise mobile app development are Java, Kotlin, and Swift.


15. What Skills Are Needed for Mobile App Developer?

Mobile application development is such a complex work that tests patience and skills; however, it is one of the highest paying jobs that also promises a great career.

For becoming a successful mobile app developer initial required thing is logical & analytical thinking ability, and the next is technical skills. There are three app developers such as native app developers, hybrid app developers, and PWA app developers.


Following are the top five required skills as recommended by top mobile app development companies that you must have as an app developer-

  • Analytical Skills – IT helps the app developers to analyze the user’s needs and act accordingly.
  • Communication – The developers must be able to communicate with clients orally and in writing form. So, the ideas can be exchanged, or better understanding can be developed for work.
  • Creativity – For developing an interactive app, creativity is a must as it will create a great impression on the users.
  • Problem Solving – Problem-solving ability helps the developers to overcome complex challenges while developing an app.
  • Technical Skills – It includes the best understanding and hands-on experience of frameworks and programming languages. For example – Java, Kotlin, Python, PHP, etc.


16. How Much to Charge For Mobile App Development?

Several factors affect the mobile app development cost; however, the average cost for an app is $10,000-$15,000, where the rest of the things depend upon the functionalities.

So, for example, if any client wants to build apps like Airbnb and wants to have all the features the same, the cost will be slightly more than the mentioned average cost.




The following are the factors that affect the mobile app development cost-

  • Business Model – Majorly, there are two types of business models that exist one is B2B, and another is B2C, so their app cost can be different due to the features and complexity.
  • Team Size – If a large team is involved in app development, then the cost will be high.
  • App Platform – Either it will be a native app, PWA app, or a hybrid app; all these can’t be available at the same range of cost. For example, a cross-platform app or Hybrid app is cost-effective than a native app.
  • Features & Functionality – An increasing number of features & functionalities are always proportional to the cost of an app.
  • UI/UX and Special effects – If you want to have high-quality UI/UX and specialized features such as animation, the cost will be more.

17. What’s New in Mobile App Development?

These days, the mobile app development industry is experiencing rapid changes and new trends due to the high demand for new ag solutions and increasing service demands by the consumers.

Staying updated is such a beneficial thing where the trends can change overnight. It is a much-required thing for an app developer or an app reseller, or an app owner.


type of mobile apps


The following are some latest trends that you need to focus on these-

  • Internet of Things (IoT) – The time will come shortly where all devices will be internet-enabled and connected to each other. In the Smart home technology or for Smart city project, mobile apps will play a crucial role.
  • Apps for Foldable Mobiles – Companies such as Samsung, Huawei, and Motorola launched foldable devices, and soon, there will be more devices, so mobile app development companies are focusing on it.
  • 5G Technology – The Year 2022 will be of 5G technology, so two highly recommended 5G enabled devices and apps. Till 2024, the connections will be expected to reach 1478.7 million, so there will be a need for 5G compatible mobile apps.
  • Wearable Apps – Apple has launched watchOS6, which is especially for Apple Watch. It is just an example. In 2021, there will be more wearable apps in the market.
  • Mixed Reality Apps – For better consumer experience, many enterprises have launched VR & AR-based apps such as IKEA. A home furnishing brand has a virtual store where users experience shopping from their devices like they do at a physical store.


18. How To Find the Best Mobile App Development Company?

Finding the best app development company is not an easy thing because only visiting the website of a company you can’t decide about that particular company is the right choice for you or not. So, here are some recommended criteria to find the best app development firm:

  1. Prepare the list: by searching on the social media platforms, professional networking platforms, and search engines, you can find many companies, so initially, prepare a mobile app development companies list.
  2. Shortlist the portfolio: from the prepared list, find out some portfolios that match your interest. It will be your refined list.
  3. Research: After shortlisting the portfolios, it would be best to perform extensive research that includes complete information about shortlisted companies such as their experience, number of projects delivered, industry focus, team size, etc.
  4. Communicate With Clients: If possible, try to communicate with the existing clients of a particular company to find out whether you have chosen the right app development company.
  5. Budget Specifications: After doing up with all the steps, you must inquire how much they will charge you for building your mobile application and check that it suits your budget.
  6. Tools & Technology: It would be great to ask what kind of development tools they will use and the technology to develop the desired app.

So, if a company fulfills the above criteria and matches your expectations perfectly, then it will be the best mobile app development company for you.


19. How To Develop a Mobile App from Scratch?

Developing a Mobile App requires lots of ideas, dedication, time investment, and project management. It is not an easy process as it seems. There you need to do an appropriate workout on it.


mobile app steps


While developing an app, you also have to focus on security and scalability. It is a cost-effective idea to develop a mobile app from scratch and also an exciting process, but here you need to focus on some factors which are following-

  1. List Your Objectives: Your first step is to prepare a list containing your objective(s). Once it is prepared, then it will be easy for you to move forward.
  2. Define The Scope: You need to define that what will be the scope of your app. What problem will it solve? For what kind of users will be suitable? How the company will inform the users about new updates & so forth.
  3. Competitor Research: It may be possible that the competitor’s app and your app have common features or have more features than your app that you can also implement. So, try to find out the additional features that can make your app great from the others.
  4. Create Wireframes: After finalizing the objective, scope and done with competitor research, you need to create wireframing. It will showcase that how an app will function after development.
  5. Development Phase: Once you are done with Wireframing thein put your step toward the development phase. You have to use programming language and frameworks such as Java, Kotlin, Swift, React Native, etc.
  6. Testing: It is also a crucial step to ensure that the app has no bugs, security issues, or flaws. Here you have to put your app into a rigorous testing phase.

20. What Is Mobile App Development?

Mobile application designing and development refers to crafting the applications that run on internet-enabled devices such as smartphones, tabs, and other handheld devices.

There are two major platforms, i.e., Android and iOS. Including the top 10 mobile app development companies globally, other app development firms also build the app by focusing on these platforms.

These companies provide their development services for the industries such as food delivery, fitness, healthcare, and other on-demand solutions.

Mobile app development is an umbrella term for the development of the following types of mobile apps which are-

  • Native App Development: developing a platform-oriented app is called native mobile app development. Where programmer user Java, Kotlin for android platform and Swift, Objective-C for iOS.
  • Hybrid App Development: The app acts like native and is developed using a single code base with the help of technologies such as HTML, JAVA Script, React Native, C#, and others called hybrid app development.
  • PWA Development: PWA stands for progressive app development. These apps run via browsers and are developed using web technologies. These apps are also platform-independent.

The Final Words!

Above the top mobile app development questions are based on the frequent queries done by the users on various search engines. As a business owner, it will also be fruitful to know about all the aspects of mobile apps.

For targeting a large base of customers, you need to focus on launching an app that can distribute your services to the customers in a great way, and it will also help you meet your business goals.