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“The intelligent investor is a realist who sells to optimists and buys from pessimists.”- Benjamin Graham

 Quick Summary: Explore the inpdeth process to develop an app like investing.com with its enhanced guide on features, cost and advantages with us .

Did you know the worldwide fintech market is booming, reaching a mind-blowing $176.3 billion in 2023? Many of you must be unaware about it. . Now that you know let us tell you something more exciting. However, this blog is for individuals who want to develop an app like investing.com. Investors are enthusiastic to capitalize on this surge, and one mainly attractive area of interest is finance apps like Investing.com.

So, if you are one of the people, you need to recognize that investing.com boasts over 30 million monthly active users attracted to its comprehensive features, real time facts, and user-friendly interface. This guide will highlight the process to develop an app like investing.com and a percentage of this lucrative market.

This blog delves into the vital steps to develop an app like investing.com with our expertise, so dive right away without wasting a bit of time.


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What is Investing.com?

Investing.Com, released in 2007, has become a leading financial portal, empowering customers with actual-time market records, news, and analysis. Shlomi Biger and Mickey Winitsky founded the platform focused on foreign exchange (forex) with evaluation, broking directories, and dialogue forums.

It hastily accelerated, encompassing stocks, commodities, currencies, and extra. Investing.com, released on Android in 2013, has garnered over 10 million downloads, solidifying its role in AI in the sock trading marketplace.


10 Popular Apps Like Investing.com


Develop an App Like Investing.com


App Name Launch Date Rating (Google Play) Downloads (Android) Founder(s)
SoFi 2011 4.7 10+ Million Mike Cagney and Dan Macklin


Yahoo Finance 2008 4.4 100 Million+ David Filo, Jerry Yang
MarketWatch 1996 4.3 10 Million+ Arthur Levitt
Bloomberg 1992 4.3 10 Million+ Michael Bloomberg
CNBC 1989 4.2 5 Million+ John Chancellor
Reuters 1851 4.1 10 Million+ Paul Julius Reuter
TD Ameritrade 1971 4.2 10 Million+ Joe Ricketts
E*Trade 1982 4.1 10 Million+ William Porter III
Robinhood 2013 4.1 100 Million+ Vlad Tenev, Baiju Bhatt
Webull 2017 4.2 10 Million+ Anthony Denier, Wang Xiaolong


Must Have Features of Finanace App Like Investing.com

Before you dive into the section to know the process to develop an app like investing.com, we are here for you with some features you must keep in mind while developing an app like Zerodha.


1. Admin Panel Features:

Here are the features for admin panel that you must check out.


Develop an App Like Investing.com


i. User Management

Strong user control capabilities, such as the capacity to approve user registration, suspend, or restrict users as wished, have to be had to admin of your eToro app.


ii. Content Management

Content control refers to the potential to oversee and select news memories, market research reviews, and academic substances that are provided by apps like investing.com.


iii. Data Analytics

Access thorough analytics to tune metrics related to Investing com app development overall performance, market trends, and user engagement.


iv. Ad Management

Ad Management integrates tools and advert networks to control ad placements and make cash. Connect with incredible AI development services providers if you want to develop an app like investing.com with this integrated feature.


v. Security Controls

To assure the safety of your information, put safety procedures like encryption, two-issue authentication, and frequent protection audits into the area.


Develop an App Like Investing.com


vi. Compliance Tools

Tools for ensuring compliance with monetary norms and laws in applicable jurisdictions are known as compliance tools in your Android app development.


vii. Feedback Management

To build an app like Investing.com, adding this feature, a method for amassing user critiques, bad reports, and feature requests to make regular user enhancements, is essential.


viii. Notification Management

Control over push notifications and indicators despatched to users for updates, information, and essential activities.


ix. API Management

Management of APIs for integrating third-party integration services like stock exchanges and monetary information providers.


x. Customization Options

Tools to customize the stock trading app development look, branding, and format to align with the business’s imaginative and prescient desires.


2. Owner Panel Features:

Let’s have a glimpse of owner panel features in points:


Develop an App Like Investing.com


i. Revenue Analytics

 A thorough analysis of revenue assets includes in-app income, top-class subscriptions, and advertising and marketing revenue.


ii. Business Intelligence

Business intelligence refers to the set of gear used to investigate user behavior, market tendencies, and rival performance so one can make strategic decisions.


iii. Marketing Tools

Campaign control, user acquisition, and retention strategies are included in marketing systems.


iv. Monetization Controls

The capability to modify subscription plans, pricing structures, and top-class functions as needed to maximize sales manufacturing.


v. Partnership Management

Features for handling collaborations with advertising and marketing, content material suppliers, and financial establishments are known as partnership control features.


Develop an App Like Investing.com


vi. User Engagement Metrics

Metrics for tracking user engagement include lively users, time of session, and feature usage.


vii. Customer Support Management

It is the feature that helps customer support management efficiently handle queries and guide tickets in your business app development.


viii. Financial Reporting

Access through monetary reports on earnings, prices, and income margins.


ix. Risk Management

Tools for assessing and mitigating risks associated with market volatility, regulatory changes, and cybersecurity threats.


x. Expansion Planning

Features to support expansion into new markets, verticals, or product offerings based on market research and analysis.


3. User Panel Features:

Take a look at the user panel features in brief:


Develop an App Like Investing.com


i. Market Data

 Real-time currency exchange rates, commodities, indexes, and stock quotations with watchlist customization to be had.


ii. Portfolio Management

Tools for monitoring investments, assessing portfolio overall performance, and establishing economic objectives are protected in portfolio management in your app like Stock Trainer.


iii. News & Analysis

Get the right of entry to carefully chosen news stories, in-depth market research, and informed advice to help you make clever selections in your news app development.


iv. Notifications & Alerts

Personalized alerts for changes in price, market news, and portfolio performance in your investing.com app development.


v. Educational Resources

Articles, webinars, and tutorials that teach customers about monetary markets, investment strategies, and private finance.


v. Social Features

If you want to develop a stock market website, adding this feature—social network integration for exchanging minds, following other buyers, and taking elements in conversations is crucial.


vi. Simulation & Virtual Trading

These are online buying and selling conditions where users can exercise making an investment method without changing actual cash in your investing.com apps.


vii. Community Forums

Online dialogue boards or chat rooms are where users can change by making investment thoughts and recommendations.


viii. Customer Support

Access to customer support channels for resolving issues, answering inquiries, and providing assistance.


ix. Multi-platform Access

Availability across multiple devices and platforms, including web browsers, eWallet app development, and desktop applications.


6 Steps to Develop An App Like Investing.com 

Now that you know some of the crucial app features like investing.com, it is time to understand how to develop an app like investing.com. Let’s have a look at the below steps:

1. Define Business Goals
2. Choose a Fintech App Development Company
3. Select Tech Stack
4. Decide UI/UX & Features
5. Development & Testing
6. Launch & Marketing


Besides, apps like investing.com are famous due to their giant function sets and clean-to-use interfaces that require continuous assistance from mobile banking app development companies. In this section, we have compiled all the six stages to develop an app like investing.com, which you must consider before you start your process.


Develop an App Like Investing.com


1. Define Business Goals

This is the first stage to develop an app like investing.com, in which it is critical to set up your enterprise dreams and objectives in element before starting the process to develop an app like investing.com.

Establish your app’s goal market, pick the functions to stand out from the opposition, and increase sales-generating methods like associate relationships, in-app purchases, and top-rate subscriptions. Identify user desires and preferences through market research, then create a plan to help you attain your business desires on time.


2. Choose a Fintech App Development Company

Choosing a trading software development company is critical to figuring out your concept. It is the second stage to develop an app like investing.com. Choose a trustworthy fintech app improvement company with a musical record of assembly time limits and price range requirements, even producing first-rate outcomes.

Consider elements including technology include how, including a portfolio of preceding paintings, user enagagement, developing apps, and the capability to offer continuing aid and maintenance after launch. Work carefully with the fintech software development company to ensure that their objectives and your app’s imagination and prescient are aligned.


3. Select Tech Stack

It is the third and most crucial stage to develop an app like investing.com, where you must pick the proper technological stack using thinking about aspects like overall performance, safety, scalability, and pass-platform compatibility.

Select robust backend technologies with the help of your fintech app development company to deal with intricate data processing and integrate with outside APIs for actual-time market statistics, along with Node.Js, Python, or Java.

For move-platform development at the front end, consider frameworks like React Native or Flutter to provide consistent user satisfaction across devices. Region-stable authentication strategies, encryption strategies, and facts storage answers were installed to guard user facts and transactions.


4. Decide UI/UX & Features

Deciding on features is the most challenging step in developing an app like investing.com. Put plenty of paintings into creating a user interface (UI) that is straightforward to apply and visually appealing, even giving usability and accessibility a priority.

Improve the design and upload features and functionalities in best trading platforms centered on the user desires, behavior person checking out, and feedback classes.

Incorporate essential functionalities along with push notifications, social media sharing options, portfolio monitoring, actual-time inventory quotations, watchlist customization, information updates, and financial analytical tools.

Personalized tips, interactive charts, graphs, smooth interaction with third-party integration financial offerings, and intuitive navigation are needed to improve user engagement and retention.


5. Development & Testing

This is the last stage to create a mobile app like investing.com, in which you should use agile techniques and iterative sprints to build flexible apps responsive to changing requirements. Contact the mobile app development company to guarantee alignment with the task approach and high-quality standards.

To find and fix insects, performance, and usability problems, conduct giant testing on several systems, devices, and network conditions. Establish pipelines for non-stop integration and deployment (CI/CD) to optimize the development procedure and offer user daily updates and enhancements.


6. Launch & Marketing

Last but not least, after development and testing are over, create fascinating advertising collateral for the investment.com app, with press releases, social media campaigns, app store listings, and promotional motion pictures.

Use SEO (search engine marketing) techniques to boost the app’s visibility and discoverability, and ask for user critiques and scores to build credibility and reliability.

Work collectively with media outlets, enterprise insiders, and influencers to create anticipation for the app launch. After the investing com app launches, keep an eye on user critiques and analytics information to get insights, refine capabilities, and make the app more successful and develop over time.


Develop an App Like Investing.com


How Much Does It Cost To Develop An App Like Investing.com?

The cost to build a mobile app like investing.com, consisting of Investing.com is contingent upon several elements, including capabilities, complexity, design, and development time. Here are the app complexity categories that you must check out:

1. Simple App Development
2. Average App Development
3. Complex App Development


Let’s divide the cost of developing an app like investing.com into three categories to help you understand its price.


Development Category

Estimated Cost Range

Simple App Development $8,000 – $16,000
Average App Development $16,000 – $25,000
Complex App Development $25,000+


1. Simple App Development (Estimated Cost: $8,000 – $16,000)

Essential factors like information updates, portfolio monitoring, real-time inventory marketplace records, and intuitive user revel can be protected in a fundamental trading app like Robinhood.

Building an app like Investingcom with this essential feature, features would take 3 to 6 months to expand. The cost to develop an app like investing.com covers easy design additives and basic capabilities.

2. Average App Development (Estimated Cost: $16,000 – $25,000)

More sophisticated capabilities like push indicators, user account management, monetary evaluation tools, and customized watchlists can be available in an everyday banking app.

The period of investing in mobile app development may also take up to 9 months. Added features and more excellent complicated design and development effort will increase the Mobile app development cost.


3. Complex App Development (Estimated Cost: $25,000+)

Personalized suggestions, great analytics, superior charting tools, algorithmic buying and selling abilities, integration with many facts resources, and more might all be components of a sophisticated finance software like Investing.Com.

It should take longer than nine months to increase. The massive characteristic set, backend infrastructure, protection protection, and rigorous testing will increase the cost of on-demand app development solutions.

Compatibility with numerous structures (iOS, Android, and net), the complexity of the backend infrastructure, interaction with third-party integration APIs, regulatory compliance, and the need for continuous maintenance are some factors that can affect the cost to develop an app like Investing com.

Get in touch with the best startup solutions company to precisely outline your undertaking, ensure the cost to develop an app like Investing.com, and fulfill the desires and necessities of your app’s users.


How Much Does It Cost To Maintain an Finanace App Like Investing.com?

The fintech software maintenance cost may range from 15% to 20% of the cost to develop an app like Investingcom, ranging from $8,000 to $25,000. For instance, maintenance costs $1500 to $20,00 a year if your investment. Com mobile app development costs $10,000.

Maintenance responsibilities include ordinary updates, malicious program fixes, security improvements, and server protection to maintain reliable performance and user satisfaction.

To receive a complete cost to create an app like Investing.com with precise requirements, get in touch our Dev Technosys mobile app maintenance services providers. We provide whole renovation options for your finance app’s seamless and secure operation.


Why Businesses Should Invest In Building A Finance App Like Investing.com?

Are you curious to know what the robust opportunities in investment app development are? This segment will tell you a lot about it. Hire investment app developers to discover their region in this ever-changing environment. Also, you do not have to worry a lot about it cause here are five robust facts that will make you develop an app like investing.com. Take a look at the reasons mentioned below:

1. Growing Demand for Financial Literacy and Investment Opportunities
2. Untapped Niche Markets and Specific User Needs
3. Potential for Freemium or Subscription-Based Revenue Models
4. Leveraging Technology for Enhanced User Experience and Engagement
5. Building a Scalable and Future-Proof Business


Develop an App Like Investing.com


1. Growing Demand for Financial Literacy and Investment Opportunities

People are actively seeking materials to educate themselves and make wise economic choices because of the growing complexity of the economic machine and the expanded availability of funding options.

By supplying educational substances, tools for market evaluation, and customized funding recommendations, a nicely designed finance Upstox app replica may meet this choice and attract a vast user base of people seeking path and help.


2. Untapped Niche Markets and Specific User Needs

Even though enterprise heavyweights like Investing.com offer an extensive characteristic set, specialization is usually possible. Entrepreneurs can recognize underrepresented marketplace groups, including amateur traders or users with excellent monetary targets. You can stand out from installed gamers and broaden your committed user base by customizing functions and content material to meet these desires.


3. Potential for Freemium or Subscription-Based Revenue Models

This factor will increase your curiosity if you have become curious enough to develop an app like Webull. Beyond traditional advertising and marketing, finance programs provide various monetization opportunities.

By presenting simple skills free of charge and charging a subscription price for admission to premium functions like tailor-made suggestions, comprehensive analytics, and priority purchaser care, freemium fashions can draw in a more extensive user base. Transaction prices and referral commissions are further sources of earnings for joint ventures with brokerage houses or monetary institutions.


4. Leveraging Technology for Enhanced User Experience and Engagement

With trendy technology, financial trading apps like Groww, which might be more tailor-made and tasty, may be created. Real-time marketplace data, watchlists that can be custom-designed, AI-powered funding recommendations, chatbots for customer support, and different functions can significantly improve user satisfaction and sell energetic involvement. Through steady innovation, enterprise owners can benefit tremendously and cultivate a committed user base.


5. Building a Scalable and Future-Proof Business

 Scalability is a big possibility for finance crypto trading apps. The software can add new features, increase its geographic reach, and interface with different financial services as its user base expands. Due to its scalability, entrepreneurs can create a protracted-lasting business using changing times to fulfill converting user needs and marketplace developments.


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Frequently Asked Questions


Q1. How Much Does It Cost To Develop An App Like Investing.com?

Features, complexity, and chatbot development company charges affect the final cost. For an entire app, along with Investing.Com, the price can range from $8,000 to $25,000 or greater, considering design, development, checking out, and non-stop maintenance costs.


Q2. How Long Does It Take To Develop An App Like Investing.com?

The complexity of the design, IT Consulting Services hourly rate, and functions all affect development time. A software program like Investing.com typically takes six to 12 months to complete, including making plans, improving, checking out, and iterations.


Q3. What are the benefits Of developing an app like Investing.com?

Creating an economic app like Investing.Com lets users track investments, get real-time marketplace records, create character portfolios, live on top of things on the news, and get entry to analytical gear. It improves choice-making, gives buyers new views, and promotes monetary control and literacy.


Q4. Why Should You Choose Us To Develop An App Like Investing.com?

We are the leading software development company. The vital point is growing finance apps that are person-focused, function-wealthy and operate flawlessly. We provide a customized answer to your investment platform needs, putting excessive precedence on client conversation, meeting cut-off dates, and ensuring scalability, security, and regulatory compliance.


Q5. How Can You Monetize App Like Investing.Com?

There are numerous approaches to monetizing your app:

  • In-app advertising
  • Sponsored content material
  • Premium records offerings
  • Associate marketing with brokerage companies
  • Top-class function subscription fashions
  • Charging for superior analytics gear