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“In the digital age, online shopping is a bridge that connects consumers with a world of choices, making commerce more accessible and diverse than ever before.”

– Jeff Bezos.


Quick Summary: Are you Looking to develop an online shopping app? Do you want to know the cost to develop an app like Wish? No worries!! This blog will guide you to get an insight on the app development cost, crucial factors, key features, and so on. Ready to dive into the world of Wish-like app development? Keep scrolling, we’ve got the deets!  

The Wish app dominates the online shopping industry with over 107 million active users and over 600K merchants worldwide. Other famous online shopping players that are e-commerce giants are Amazon, eBay, and so on.

These figures all demonstrate how well-liked online fashion apps are, which has increased demand for e-commerce app development. Businesses seeking online shopping app development to stay ahead of the curve come in all shapes and sizes.

However, the main question that comes to every business mind is, “How much does it cost to develop an app like Wish?”. Well, the wish-like app development cost can range between $ 10,000 and $ 25,000 or even more, depending on the project’s difficulty.

Read this blog till the end to learn the Wish-like app development cost, its factors, key features, and other aspects that can help you build an app.

So, let’s begin.


What is a Wish App? 

Wish is an online shopping app well-known for its extremely low prices on various items, from fashion to everyday essentials. It was founded in San Francisco in 2010 by Peter Szulczewski and Danny Zhang.


Cost to Develop An App Like Wish


It allows users to purchase trendy apparel at very low prices. It can explore an extensive selection of goods, sometimes at steep discounts compared to typical shopping, including electronics, clothing, and home goods.

So, if you plan to invest in online shopping app development like Wish, then it is vital to hire dedicated developers. All you need to do is share your requirements with them, and you will get your wish mobile app in less time and under your budget.


Why Must Businesses Invest in the Wish App? 

  • With a market valuation of $5,384 billion in 2022, the size of the worldwide retail e-commerce sector is projected to increase at an average CAGR of 11.2% between 2023 and 2030.
  • The online retailer Wish brought in about 2.54 billion dollars in sales. This figure is more than 34% higher than a year ago.
  • Wish, an online retailer, had a 20 percent increase in monthly active users in 2020 to 107 million.
  • In 2022, Wish’s revenue was $570 million, a 73% decrease from the previous year.


Cost to Develop An App Like Wish
Statista: Source


  • In 2022, Wish experienced a $384 million net loss.
  • With 650 million registered users and 27 million people using it monthly, Wish is a popular app.
  • ContextLogic Inc. ‘s Wish, a European online media firm, generated 17 million dollars in revenue from advertising in 2022.
  • Wish has over 600,000 businesses selling on the platform.

The above figures of a Wish app indicate that the online shopping industry is booming and opening windows for startups and ventures with ample opportunities. Thus, if you have made up your mind about online shopping app development, you must know how fast you may commence with a Wish app for your venture. 


How Much Does It Cost to Develop An App Like Wish?

Now the main question “How much does it cost to develop an app like Wish?” that every business has in mind. Well, it is pretty challenging to determine the online shopping app development cost as it depends on various factors. However, calculating the cost range of an app like Wish can be around $10,000-$25,000.

Let’s watch out for the following table that showcases the cost to build an ecommerce app like wish on the basis of app complexity.



Cost Estimation

Time Duration

Basic Wish App

$10000-$14000 2-3 months
Medium Wish App $15000-$20000

4-5 months

Complex Wish App


8 months


So, now you know the cost to build a mobile app from a basic app to a complex one with their feature integrations. Let’s now check out the formula to calculate the cost to develop an app like Wish.


Cost to Develop An App Like Wish


Total Wish App Development Cost = Hourly Rate of Developers * Development Time 


Thus, if you want to build an app like Wish, it is crucial to know the actual development cost of an app. So, it is advisable to get assistance from an experienced mobile app development company that can develop your app within a set limit and timeframe.


6 Factors Affecting the Cost to Develop An App Like Wish

As you know, various factors influence the on-demand app development cost. Wish app’s huge popularity results in building a clone app, but before diving in, you must consider some crucial factors that help to stand out. Consider these carefully before entering the online shopping arena.  


Cost to Develop An App Like Wish


1. App Complexity

The first factor that affects the cost to develop an app like Wish is the complexity of an app. It is vital to know that a simple online shopping app like Wish with minimal features and functions can cost less than a complex app like Wish with advanced features, which can raise the overall mobile app development cost


2. Platform Type

The platform of the app you select will influence your budget. While the cost to make ecommerce apps like Android or iOS applications is negligible, starting with one platform is still best. Once the app is successful, you can move to cross-platform application development. To save money, you can develop an MVP for your product. When the Wish online shopping application is successful, switching from a primary application to a more advanced one will be recommended.


3. Wish App Development

This is when the true magic happens since your concept via design will all be turned into a mobile application that works. The cost to develop an app like Wish relies on several factors. For example, resources working on the project, the functionalities & features, the hourly rate of the eCommerce developers, and the total timeframe for development.


4. App Maintenance

App maintenance costs can creep up on you anytime and raise your budget. App maintenance costs include everything from implementing new features for market analysis to working with new technologies. You can download our guide for app maintenance costs to understand what factors can affect your app cost.


5. Features & Functionalities

The number of features and functionalities in the Wish app will determine your budget. A basic Wish app for the marketplace with fewer features is cheaper than a more complex app with an extensive feature list. Simply put, the greater the number of features in an app, the larger the overall budget. So, it is essential to carefully choose the app features when you develop a mobile application


6. Technology Stack   

The cost to develop an app like Wish is greatly affected by the technology stack used in the app. The higher the level of technology in an app, the greater the chance it will gain traction on the market and affect the cost.

In addition to improving the app’s scalability and speed, a robust technology stack suggested by an online shopping app development company helps retain users, ensures better navigation, and increases engagement.


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Best Online Shopping Apps Like Wish

The Wish app is among the most popular online shipping apps with 500 million downloads and 4.7 user ratings on Play Store. Well, if you are thinking of developing an app like Wish for your e-commerce business, you should know the competitors in the market. So, we have listed down the top 5 online shopping apps like Wish.


Apps Like Wish

Available Platform




Android | iOS 500M+ 4.2
Zulily Android | iOS 5M+



Android | iOS 500M+ 4.5
YesStyle Android | iOS 1M+



Android | iOS 100M+




1. Amazon

An e-commerce marketplace like Amazon has gained immense popularity among shopping enthusiasts. It has over 500 million downloads on Play Store and 100 million on App Store respectively.

Cost to Develop An App Like Wish


Users can shop for various clothes, accessories, home decor, kitchen essentials, etc. With 98 million users using their app each month, Amazon’s app currently generates a sizable portion of their monthly income.


2. Zulily


Cost to Develop An App Like Wish


Zulily is a great way to score deals on various items, from clothing and accessories to home goods and toys. It provides limited-time sales on specific items, creating a sense of urgency and excitement among fashion enthusiasts. So, if you want to build an app like Zulily for your e-commerce business, you must determine the development cost.


3. Shein

Shein is another significant online shopping app that is famous among females. Like Wish, it is now the second most popular shopping app and a Chinese corporation owns it.


Cost to Develop An App Like Wish


It provides lots of cheaper apparel that attracts a vast female target audience. Additionally, you should build an app like Shein if you are fascinated by its user interface and visually appealing features.


4. YesStyle

Users can explore many possibilities from well-known brands and independent designers, all carefully chosen for the world-traveling fashionista by the one and only YesStyle app.


Cost to Develop An App Like Wish


Thus, it would be great to build an app like YesStyle but knowing its development cost is crucial. Additionally, users can get exclusive items, eye-catching accessories, and K-beauty must-haves that users can’t get anywhere else.


5. eBay  

Cost to Develop An App Like Wish


An online shopping app like eBay has over 135 million active users and 3.67 monthly users in the US only. Users can search for millions of items on eBay and sell secondhand items on this app. It is convenient to use and has many attributes, making it one of the most famous e-commerce apps.


11 Unique Features to Build An App Like Wish

Features are the most prominent thing that plays a crucial role in the online shopping app success. So, when you create an app like Wish, it is crucial to keep in mind that feature integrations in your app can take your Wish app to another level. With the assistance of an eCommerce app development services provider, you must incorporate the unique features below.


Cost to Develop An App Like Wish


1. User Registration

When you develop an app like Wish, it is vital to create a user registration process that is seamless and convenient for users. Allow users to sign in through various options like social media logins, email addresses, contact details, etc.


2. Gamified Shopping

Your app must give award points to users for browsing, watching product videos, and completing purchases. These points unlock exclusive deals, discounts, or virtual rewards like badges and leaderboards. Imagine users competing to find the best deals, integrating a layer of excitement and social interaction.


3. AR-Powered Try-Ons

You should hire mobile app developers who allow users to try on clothes, makeup, and accessories before buying. Use augmented reality to show how items would look on them, eliminating the hassle of returns and size uncertainties. This feature would be especially popular for clothing and beauty products.


4. Live Shopping Events

Host interactive live streams featuring influencers or product experts showcasing items and answering real-time questions. This incites visitors to make an immediate purchase by evoking a sense of urgency and exclusivity. Imagine flash sales during live streams, adding another layer of excitement.


5. Push notification

According to the marketplace app developers, push notifications are your only way to keep users on your shopping app like Wish. Use the right strategies for push notifications to remind users what they are missing. At the perfect time, this can be a powerful tool in determining the success or failure of your shopping app for e-commerce business.


6. Community-Driven Curation

The Wish app allows users to create and share their own curated collections of products. This fosters a sense of community and discovery, as users can browse collections based on their interests and find items they might not have stumbled upon otherwise.


7. Personalized Recommendations

Your app must leverage user data and AI to suggest items based on their interests, past purchases, and even browsing habits. An iPhone app development company recommends similar products they might not have found themselves, keeping them engaged and discovering new treasures. So, integrating this feature can increase the cost to develop an app like Wish.


8. Group Buying and Flash Sales

Create a sense of urgency and excitement with limited-time deals and group buying options. Users can team up to unlock lower prices on desired items, adding a social element and encouraging them to share the best apps like wish with friends. Imagine flash sales on specific categories or brands, creating a race against time for the best deals. However, it is crucial to know that integrating group buying features can increase the cost to develop an app like Wish.


9. Digital Payment Options

Payment options vary depending on the customer. Although it may be tempting to limit your payment options to a single debit/credit option, you should add more than one. Integrating payment gateways into the app can empower users by offering them various payment options.


10. Sustainable Shopping Options

Cater to the eco-conscious consumer by highlighting products from sustainable brands, made with recycled materials, or offering carbon-neutral shipping options. This aligns with growing consumer preferences and sets your app apart as environmentally responsible.


11. Interactive Reviews

Make product reviews and tutorials more engaging! Allow users to upload photos and videos showcasing how they use or style items. This adds a personal touch to reviews and helps users visualize how products might fit into their lives.


So, these are the crucial online shopping apps like Wish features that must be integrated into your app. However, it is vital to know that incorporating the above feature will increase the cost to develop an app like Wish. So, carefully choosing the app features with the help of an android app development company is vital for business. Now, let’s see the maintenance cost of your mobile app like Wish.       


How Much Does It Cost To Maintain an App Like Wish? 

Developing an online shopping app like Wish is the initial stage. As with the cost to develop an app like Wish, it needs to be maintained to remain user-friendly and functional. Maintenance and support are the answers to this.

Additionally, the maintenance cost of mobile apps can be between 15-20% of initial development costs of an app like Wish. This includes security updates, performance enhancements, bug fixes and adding new features.

But investing in-app support is an investment that will pay off in the long run. You can get help from an expert mobile app support and maintenance services provider that offers full-time maintenance support. This will help you keep your Wish App up-to-date.


Let’s Develop An App Like Wish With Dev Technosys!! 

Finally, you now understand the costs to develop an app like Wish; it’s time to invest in it and bring your imaginative thoughts to life. However, you must hire professionals who are experts in e-commerce app development.

Dev Technosys is a prominent marketplace app development company with experience in e-commerce and web development. Our expert developers are thoroughly professional and use modern technologies to build top-notch online shopping apps like Wish, Amazon, Zulily, and more.

Additionally, our qualified development team adheres to industry regulations while producing progressive web apps for e-commerce with user-friendly interfaces. So, are you interested in creating an app like Wish that will enable you to grow your company?

Request a free consultation with our professionals to discuss the details of your project. Our skilled developers will build your app like Wish in the time frame you have specified.


Cost to Develop An App Like Wish


Frequently Asked Questions of Wish App!! 

1. What Is An Online Shopping App?

An online shopping app is a portable mall that enables you to peruse and purchase from any location. With only a few taps, users can find what they need, evaluate pricing, safely check out, and frequently take advantage of speedier delivery and great offers.


2. How To Reduce the Cost to Develop An App Like Wish?

To reduce the cost to develop an app like Wish, you need to follow the below tips that are crucial:

  • Prioritize core features.
  • Start with an MVP.
  • Partner with a shopping app development services
  • Outsource strategically.
  • Open source libraries.
  • Focus on growth not perfection.


3. How Long Does It Take To Develop An App Like Wish?

The time frame to develop an app like Wish relies on multiple factors. For example, app complexity, location of app developers, app design, etc. A basic wish app can take 2-3 months to develop while a complex app can be around 5-7 months.

It depends on the project requirements you will be sharing with us. So, to know the actual duration to develop an app like Wish, you should ask an eCommerce development company.


4. How To Monetize Online Shopping Apps Like Wish?

To monetize online shopping apps like Wish, we have jotted down the top strategies that you must apply:

  • In-app purchase
  • Freemium model
  • In-app advertisement
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Sponsorship ads


5. What Are the Benefits of Creating an App Like Wish?

For businesses, creating a wish like online shopping apps unlocks a treasure trove of benefits. You tap into a vast audience of impulse shoppers drawn by incredibly low prices and endless variety. Gamified features and personalized recommendations keep them hooked, boosting engagement and sales.