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In 2020 the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic has affected almost every sector of our country. Especially the education sector is one of the most affected ones among those sectors. To obey the safety guideline, where every person is requested to maintain social distancing among themselves, and stay home. So, the educational institutions, schools and colleges are remained closed until we get rid of this virus.

But in order to continue the educations system, various schools and colleges shifted offline learning systems to e-learning systems. From there the online Uber-like app for tutors and coaches got a substantial amount of hike in this competitive market. These applications provide various features that can improve the efficiency of learning as well as teaching to a great extent. The new trend can be difficult to adopt for some of the students as they were shifting to a whole new way of teaching. But the younger students can adopt this online teaching process very easily.

So, if you have a unique idea for starting up a tutor or coaching business. Executing that idea through a mobile application developed by the best tutor app development services can be the only way to ensure your success in this competitive market. As they can create feature-packed, dynamic and responsive applications according to the requirements of your business. It has been predicted that the total revenue of this uber-like tutor app market can reach $150 billion by 2025.

To know more about the uber app for tutors and coaches, how to create them and what is the cost of development. Please continue the blog.

What is an Uber-like app for Tutors and coaches?

An Uber-like app for tutors and coaches are the applications with which teachers and professors can conduct educational sessions for their students. Basically, this application helps the user to choose and connect the best tutors for their field of study. The available tutors and coaches will be sorted according to their ratings and geographical locations. Just like the uber application, you have to open the on-demand app development company-designed app. And request for their service according to convenience time.


Since, the Covid-19 pandemic, most of the educational institutions got closed in order to maintain safety and stop the spread of the virus. That is why various schools, colleges and private institutions are spending a considerable amount of money to create these apps. So, that they can continue the educational process with the same efficiency as earlier. Moreover, it has been seen that these tutor applications provide great convenience to the users. First of all, any type of course from Science to Literatures and Language can be conducted through these applications. Plus, then don’t use, different applications for different subjects. Some of the famous uber-like app for tutors and coaches are Whiz Tutor, Tutree, Chegg Tutors etc. 

How does an Uber-like app for Tutors and coaches works?

The working of an uber-like app for tutors and coaches are very simple and easy for the users as well as for the tutors. To maintain this, you have to keep the UI of your applications as simple as possible.

Hiring the best mobile app development company in the market can help you integrate a considerable number of functions into a simple and responsive User Interface. To make it clearer, here is the detailed working process of a normal Uber-like app for tutors and coaches,

  • Firstly, the students, as well as the tutors, have to sign up with the tutor applications and create their profiles. The profile will contain various information like name, contact details, location, even qualifications etc.
  • Then the tutors have to have to generate an application request by providing the supporting documents of their qualification. The application will be verified, and then it will be accepted or rejected according to the result of the verification.
  • After the profiles are verified, the tutors can assign themselves to the subjects they are specialized in. Simultaneously, students will be allowed to browse tutors and coaches who are categorized according to the subjects. They can just choose the subject they need help it, and browse the teachers available for it.
  • Once the student, find the perfect tutor. They are allowed to communicate, with the help of the in-app chat feature.
  • Then student starts their educational sessions online or offline after confirming the payment to the tutor.
  • After every teaching session, the students are allowed to provide their feedback and reviews. This helps the newly joined students to select the right tutor for every subject they need assistance in.

You can always increase your user base by developing your app for the iOS market along with Android. For that, a better group of hired iOS developers is capable to execute your idea in a more cost-effective and efficient manner.

Benefits of developing an Uber-like App for tutors and coaches?

There are many uber-like apps for tutors that already exists in the market, which has their own set of benefits. That is why you can also provide your own set of unique benefits by hiring an eLearning app development service for your business.

features of tutor apps

More educational benefits you offer to your users more will be your user base. Here are some usual benefits that every tutor application offers to their users as well as to the tutors and coaches,

1. Getting help on any kind of subject

Tutors can provide any kind of classes from these uber-like tutor apps. The users are allowed to choose the subject they want help in. And find the best tutor assistance specialized in that subject near their location. Plus, not only huge verities of subjects but also verities of courses are usually available in these applications.

2. Learning according to individual pace

All students don’t have the same pace of learning. Some can catch up or understand any topic very easily, and some take time to understand every topic. But this will not be an issue for an uber-like app for tutors. As the tutoring service you choose will adjust the flow of the educational session according to your learning pace. Plus, they will also make sure that the student understands the entire topic effectively.

3. Providing classes at a convenient time

As a tutor, you will be able to conduct classes at your convenient time. This increases the efficiency of every education session tutor conducts. Time convenience is one of the major reasons, that userbase of these kinds of applications are increasing day by day.

4. On-demand services

For these education industry solutions designed apps, users can book tutors any time. They can book tutor and coaching services for any subject, located near their location. Moreover, they are also allowed to cancel these services if they change their mind. For this benefits students and tutors can use this application freely without restriction.

5. Individual care

With the uber-like app for tutors and coaches, students can get immense individual care. Usually, there are many students who are not able to understand any lesson while studying in a classroom. But with these applications, your student will be able to personalized training according to their learning pace. This always improves their educational performance and creates a motivating environment around them.

6. Schedule every session

As a user, once you book any tutorial service for yourself, the applications will help provide information for every scheduled session by the tutors. From where you will be able to change the timings according to your convenience. An educations session can be more effective if the student is also mentally attentive toward the lesson along with the tutors. So, with these benefits students can get mentally prepared for the upcoming educational session. Hiring a better web development company can help you to develop a Uber-like tutor app with enhanced session scheduling functions.

7. Earning opportunities 

These applications provide excellent earning opportunities for tutors and coaches. They can keep their rates according to their stand of services.  Basically, the provides a feedback or rating survey to every user after each education session.

mobile app ctaas

The users will be able to the tutors according to their teaching skills and level of compatibility they felt in the session. Better the rating a tutor get better will be their earning opportunities. Plus, the tutors also have to chance to earn a considerable number of incentives. For every successful session after they completed their weekly or monthly targets.

8. Various e-study materials

Study materials are a huge part of every lesson. And there are many tutors, who provide very detailed and effective study materials to their students. So, by using an uber-like app for tutors and coaches, the tutors can provide e-study materials through the app. This helps the students to memorise every topic effectively while doing revisions before their exams.

9. Communicative doubt clearing session

Sometimes the students can come across many doubts, while they go through any topic after the session. For that, tutors can conduct various one on one communicative doubt clearing sessions for every student. The doubt clearing sessions are very interactive in nature, so the tutors can clear every doubt of their students.

Hire dedicated developers can help you to create a responsive and dynamic uber-like app for tutors. With which you can provide all the above-mentioned benefits to your users and increase the market value of your business.

What are the basic features that your uber app for tutors and coaches should provide?

There many eLearning industry solutions for Uber-like app for tutors and coaches are available in the market. All of them have a unique set of features and functionalities that they provide to their users. Here are some of the mandatory features that your application should provide in order to compete in this market,

1. Easy signup and login

In order to enrol in the application, the student, as well as the tutors, have to signup with the application. Usually, applications use personal credentials like contact number and password or email id and password combo. But nowadays you can log into the application with the help of your social media handles like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. The application will automatically extract your information from these profiles.

For the tutors, to complete their whole profile, they have to upload their qualification proofs. The profile will be completed automatically as soon as the verification of the documents is done.

2. Availability of top courses

Your uber-like app for tutors should have tutors and coaches for every top course. Try to make your coarse option as diversified as possible, then only you can expect a considerable scale of the userbase. Try to provide more than two tutor options for every student. So, that they can try another tutor if they are not comfortable with the first one. Plus, always provide demo classes for every course so that the users can get a clear idea, that the course is right for them or not.

3. Personalized dashboard

The students as well as the tutors should have their own personalized dashboard. These dashboards should be capable of providing information on every activity that they have done in the applications so far. Some of the information like scheduled video sessions completed sessions, quiz or tests attended etc.

4. Question and answer box

It is one of the most important features in any uber-like app for tutors and coaches. As it helps the student to clear the additional doubts after the sessions are over. The students are allowed to ask their questions or doubts in an educational feed. Where the tutors will be answering their questions by commenting below their questions. This type of Q&A box not only helps the student who is asking the question but also helps the students who are following the feed.

5. Multi-device support

This is one of the progressive trends in the app development market. This trend gives better freedom on the devices that are used by the student and the tutors. So, in order to keep up with the trend, you can enable the accessibility of your app on all mainstream devices.


Now the students and the tutors can use the device they are comfortable with for using your tutor application. Hiring a website development company can help you to implement various cost-effective accessibility solutions for your application.

How to develop an Uber-like app for tutors and coaches for your business?

The development of an uber-like app for tutors and coaches includes 8 easy steps. But firstly, you have to fix the priorities and requirements of your business.

develop tutor app

Along with hiring an experienced android app development company, who are capable to develop a dynamic and responsive application according to those requirements. Here are the 8 simple steps to create a tutor application for your business,

1. Through market research

Thorough market research is mandatory before investing in any kind of application. After thorough research only you will be able to understand what type of users to target, what can be your profit, and how much need is there in the market. Some of the factors you should be prepared for are the possibility of buyers, patterns of your applications, requirements of your business. And always plan a definite way to achieve your goals. Earning a greater goal can be very intimidating for you as well as your employees. So, try to achieve shorter span goals, so that your employees can work efficiently in a motivating environment.

2. Application architecture

Try to develop a stronger skeletal architecture for your applications. Where you specially define all the exit and entries points for your users. Always plan a lucrative and simple user interface that will fit efficiently with your created architecture.  In order to ensure this, you can hire experienced website development services available in the market. As they are capable of designing a UI that will not make the application architecture collapse.

3. Assure Technical stability of the application

In order to provide better performance to your user, you have to ensure better technical stability of your app infrastructure. For that using the right tool for building the right infrastructure is the key. Moreover, if you use famous open-source frameworks and public APIs during the development process. Then the hired education app development services will be able to provide a responsive product to your users at a reasonable cost. You can also save a lot of time during the development process just by using ready-to-use or reusable programming codes.

4. Develop a stable prototype of your application

Developing a stable prototype is a mandatory step for an uber-like app for tutors and coaches. The prototype should be created with limited functionalities and at a lower cost. Launch the prototype to a limited number of users who will be working as your beta tester. Follow what are their views about your upcoming application, and what should be improved. Try to implement all the additional user-asked functionalities and fix your drawbacks.

5. Design the User Interface

User Interfaces is one of the important parts to look after, for providing better user experience. Usually, UI includes everything from font size and style to the addition of various designs and graphical images. Sometimes in order to enhance the user experience, mobile app development companies use high-end graphical content. But it can cause lagging and compromise the performance of your application. This can affect the reputation of your business, as users usually don’t like lags in their application. So, it is better to use simple UI elements, in order to maintain better and responsive performance in the application.

6. Maintain a responsive development process

The development process is the step where you have to implement all the previously decided elements. And combine them together, by placing them in a strategical way for your applications. If you can successfully conduct the development process in a responsive manner, you will be able to get a satisfying end product of your application.

7. Through Testing

Like the previous step, conducting thorough the testing phase for your uber-like app for tutors and coaches is equally important. In this stage, you have to check the compatibility of your developed application with various devices. And find out if there are any bugs or glitches in your applications. An application full of bugs and glitches can affect your business reputation and decrease your user base. Conducting this stage will be very helpful to you as an owner of the application. As you will be able to ensure the developer you hired for developing your application, has done the work effectively without any flaws. Sometimes after testing also you will find some user is complaining about a bug in your application. No need to worry, developers from the hired IT company can fix it with the upcoming app update.

8. Launching of the application

After conducting all the steps of the development process effectively, the app will be ready to launch for the users. You deploy your application on the two different app markets i.e., Android and iOS. For that, you don’t have to hire two different developers. As nowadays there are many cross-platform frameworks are available in the market. These frameworks can develop applications for both platforms simultaneously, in a very cost-effective manner.

What is the cost of developing an uber-like app for tutors and coaches?

The cost of developing an uber like app for tutors and coaches depends on the functionalities implemented in the app. Usually, the cost of creating a minimum viable product for this type of application can cost you around $30,000 to $45,000. You can reduce the development cost by applying various cost-cutting options. For example, instead of developing your app for 2 different platforms (Android and iOS) separately. You can use various cross-platform open-source frameworks.


Plus, if you conduct thorough market research on the available development companies. You will be able to find a better mobile application development company, who can provide you with the product at lower rates.


Since the 2020 Coronavirus outbreak, the uber app for tutors and coaches market took a massive hike. That is why if you have a unique tutor app idea. Then executing that idea, through a responsive dynamic app can give you better chances of success in this rising market. So, don’t rush into any decision, conduct thorough market research. And hire the best on demand app development company, who can develop an app according to the requirement of your business.