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Students and teachers are taking classes remotely due to the current pandemic. There have been increasing queries for On-demand tutor App Development.  The on-demand education app helps students to connect with tutors worldwide and grab better opportunities. The parents are continuously looking for ways to make kids gain knowledge and On-demand tutor app development poses the right solution to this problem. 

Being able to find a tutor over a call or just a text is no more a dream. It is much more realistic and is made possible with on-demand educational app development. In this article we will get into the detailed features, costing, and case study of successful on-demand tutor applications or more like tutor finding apps.  

On-demand App Development

The mobile app development companies are laying down continuous efforts into ventures of the e-learning app industry. There is also a proliferated demand for the on-demand solution. The realm of on-demand apps has extended up to taxi booking, grocery ordering, and many more activities of daily lives. The complex daily schedule also has a complementary part in the success of on-demand delivery apps. 

Here in this context, we will discuss the demand, benefits, cost, and features of Tutor finder app development. Due to the busy schedule, it is not possible for parents to pay attention to the study. This arises the need for online tutor apps, which are initially made to focus on providing a classroom environment to students. The tutoring app reduces the significance of finding and hiring a local tutor. With the help of a tutor app, you are no longer abiding to the local market, and possess the vast reach to a wider market. You can grab talent from the whole world. As if, if you want to hire a language tutor, you can hire a native speaker as well, which is the best case?


Today, every student wants an immediate solution and a tutor for addressing the fundamental education principles. Here the on-demand app development gets success through the procurement of the student’s needs. Students need to book a session for the subject, explore the learning schedules, and find the best tutor. The online education market is getting a high rise, and according to the estimate the market is likely to rise above $

Here, the role of these apps successfully flourished through the fulfillment of the student’s needs of finding the best tutor, booking a session for a subject, exploring learning modules, etc. 

Market Overview

According to the estimate, the online tutoring market is expected to mushroom exponentially and reach US$ 1.96 billion by 2021 with around 9.5 million users. This figure makes India, second largest of online tutoring and E-learning. There is a high probability that the on-demand tutor app will grow at an exponential rate and reach US$ 11.6 billion by 2026.

E-Learning Industry Overview

The most advanced market for On-demand educational app development is in countries such as New York, Maryland, Louisiana, and Florida. Hence, While developing education apps most of the companies focus on the above countries because they are more interested in online tutors and live classes. . Although, cities in India such as Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, Delhi, and Jaipur are emerging as the major hubs for on-demand tutor app solutions.

As per the new educational trends, e-learning is emerging in the spotlight in building knowledge and is turning out to be a prerequisite for every institution.  The online Tutoring market made a growth of 12 percent CAGR between the years 2019-2023.

eeee The high growth and the rapid adoption of the online education app shifted the education industry from the traditional to the online systematic approaches. Education is the ever-growing industry and the evolution of the online learning app solution is certainly a boon. The education is not only limited to the schools and colleges, rather the major contribution to the success of these solutions goes to the professional, who prefer to study from their own comfortable place and time. Learning new things, acquiring the skills, and becoming the expert is easier than ever, alongside there are a lot of new opportunities to discover.

Developing an On-Demand Education Solution: The Right Path

For many years, education has been taking place in classrooms and universities. The technological evolution has transformed the way training used to take place. Technology and its evolution reformed the way students were taught to perceive the subject through the interactive process. The on-demand tutoring app will bring the advances which are needed for the world to move in the direction of sustainability. 

Key Features of On Demand Tutor App

Once you have decided to invest in education application development, here are the set of features you will need in your app. The tutoring app has three panels i.e. student, tutor, and admin panel. The key features to make any education application successful are given below.

On-Demand Tutor App For Students

1. Login

Every app, which interacts with the user needs to have user registration. The e-learning app is generally given a registration page and the feature to log in with social media. For securing the data, and increasing authentication, the personal identification number or the OTP is shared. The login system must be easy.

2. Find a tutor online

For on-demand tutor app development, the in-app search must be a convenient medium for finding the relevant educational content and tutor. This adds more weight to app development. A student must be able to find the tutor with his name, the subject name, etc. Also, the student must be given smooth navigation from the search page back and forth.

3. Tutor review

Winning the trust of the user is essential for any business. Any business gets success when the customer is happy and satisfied. For the users, the review and feedback are the options, which are used to check the veracity of the services. A user must be given the right to give a review and candid feedback. A user must also be able to read the review and check feedback.

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4. Resemble the portal

Your online learning app development can resemble a forum for allowing the user to write down the problem and ask questions. Students must be able to add a video or start a group chat or video queries with the help of the integrated plugin. This way students stay more connected to the app.

5. Chat system

The technical abilities of an app matter the most. The app muse is able to integrate the live chat session and add video over the in-app messaging. The chat with the tutor makes the session livelier and more capable. A student can ask the tutor and chat with the tutor anytime.

6. Book tutor

The capable app allows the student to check the tutors’ portfolio, let users book the tutors and on the other side, a tutor can include the hourly rate, payment mode, convenient time, and the relevant subjects.

Online tutor finder app development Features for Tutors

1. Profile

Keeping the account and making the portfolio is necessary to promote the online classes. A tutor has to set up the registration ID and password and share information such as experience, certificate, and few photos. A portfolio or profile is the first interaction medium. A tutor must be able to give a brief introduction to the subject, pedagogy, and work timelines.

2. Time update

A tutor needs to ask the customer for a suitable timeline. He can also organize a live class and call students to join the live session. For the same, a user needs to have the privilege to post the availability calendar. This way, tutors can make more out of the on-demand app development and increase the number of customers.

3. Accept and decline the request

Among the necessary features, the feature for accepting and rejecting the request is essential. A tutor must be able to freely reject a request and accept the request. The customization also allows the tutor to make their profile partially private and hide/show the relevant information.

4. Earning

A tutor joins the online app to earn something. He always likes to track the earnings and fees from various sources. The payment gateway integration allows the student to pay the fee online, whereas a tutor must be able to track the weekly and monthly earning reports.

On-Demand Tutor App Development Cost

The on-demand tutor app development costing can differ depending upon the android, ios, and other platforms.  The cost of developing a basic educational app by the approach of conceptualizations, design, and development would cost around $5000 to$17000. The cost enhances as the procedures and functionalities enhance, which vary depending upon the requirements.

mobile app ctaas

If you hire a reliable on-demand tutor application development company or a mobile app development company, they will not cost you a fortune and build an easy-to-use application in a limited time and at affordable prices. You can also hire dedicated developers to get the work done at cheaper rates.

Further, the cost can be analyzed depending upon such factors- 

1. App Development Firms per hour Rates

The Mobile App development companies often charge as per the number of hours employed to build the app. The rates are higher in developing nations while you can find rather affordable On-demand App development in developing nations like India. 

2. Platforms and Devices

The costing can differ depending upon the platform i.e. single or cross-platform. The cost will increase if the app gets developed for multiple platforms like Android, ios. As it will involve more manpower. 

3. Features and Functionalities

More number of features, more employment of manpower and consecutively more number of working hours. Leading to an increase in the cost of building an on-demand tutor finder app development. The Ui/UX designs also play a key role in deciding the cost inculcated. 

4. Backend Integration, Testing, and Maintenance

App testing, backend integration, and third-party services increase the cost of building an app. The scope of improvement in coding, designing and features, etc comes under maintenance and update. There are always additional charges for maintenance except you have done a package deal.

Working of On-demand Tutor Applications

Following a smooth working in the application will enhance the customer experience and hence must be given utmost importance. Below you can find an efficient working model for your on-demand tutorial Application.

  1. To meet the demand of students, tutors should be made available via registering them on the app. 
  2. To certify their qualifications and expertise, the tutors must be asked to add all-important certifications, profile pictures, and contact details. 
  3. There should be a manual or automatic verification of the information and qualifications stated after which admin approval can be provided.
  4. Now students will reach out to the tutors as per their requirement, and the tutors have the authority in accepting or declining the request. 
  5. Once both the parties agree, the payment will be done through a secured getaway.  
  6. The live video classes can then be conducted and students can ask queries as well as give feedback. 

Tutor Searching Mobile Applications & Services- Examples

1. TutorMe

TutorMe is based on the approach of online peer-based tutor learning. It is easy to use and an up-to-date app catering to the audience size in their teens. Students can connect with their teachers easily via call or chat.

2. Tutree

It is another online tutoring service and one of the major market leaders. The users of this app can learn almost all kinds of skills from Java to marketing and designing. The tutor peers are provided common grounds to be able to conversate. This Tutor finder mobile app is responsible enough to verify the tutor’s background and qualification. 

3. Everly

Another great tech-enabled startup is available on websites as well as an app. It is one of the e-learning tutor finder apps working over providing Quality tutors. This quality and tech-driven tutor finder app provide one-on-one learning as well. 

The process to Build your Own On-Demand Tutor Finder App

The on-demand tutor app development is a great investment in the education industry. The app consists of three panels and they are as follows:

User panel

1. Direct login and Social media integration

The best way for making the registration process simple and seamless is to integrate social media integration into iPhone app development. It also ensures secure registration and the easy transaction of user information from the social media account to the app. The user can link the social media account to the app and share the relevant information.

2. Search

A user can search for the specific tutor and make the specific preferences such as course, subject, etc. The search entirely depends on the preferences set by the user. The search works on a keyword basis which also increases the opportunity for tutors, also enrich the learning experience.

3. Tutor detail

The tutor detail section is the complete detail for the tutor’s skills, experience, and reviews. A user when finding the tutor over the search can then select the best tutor according to the relevant skills, fees, and years of experience. He can drop a message and then the tutor can contact him.

4. User requirement

A user must be able to post its needs. The needs may be relevant to the course, subject, and timing and targeted to the core objective of searching for the best tutor.

5. Discussion with the selected tutor

Consistent and effective communication with the tutor makes the learning process smooth and rich. The user can chat with the tutors for various aspects such as fee details, timings, and other learning material details. Also, the concept can be better read and understood through the chat system. This is a revolutionary transformation in the path of amplifying education app development.

6. Rating the tutor

Once the user has taken the service, he can give some positive reviews and feedback for the same. The feedback encapsulates the review for teaching ability, lecture quality, time schedules, and problem-solving sessions. It potentially addresses the quality of service provided by the tutor.

Tutor Panel

1. Profile Management

This is similar to the user panel on on demand app development and but here the tutors can start selling their service and set up the video lectures. The rest of the profile management is similar to the user sessions along with the credentials.

2. Time management

A tutor can schedule the class for the students. A tutor may have multiple students for different time schedules, and the tutor must be able to schedule the class through its portal, which is equipped with the facility for timing and location changes.

3. Time shifts

It allows the tutors to set and schedule the session updates. Businesses are today more aware of the quality of education. The tutor needs to set a different schedule for different classes. This feature enables a tutor for the same and then shares the updates.

4. Booking schedule change

A tutor can view, edit, and update the last booked session through online learning app development. The active booking plans can also be changed and the information can be shared with the registered students.


Also, the tutor can be able to update the progress and acknowledge the completion of lectures. The ultimate aim is to make the tutor capable of giving uninterrupted services.

5. Track the income earned over the month

The tutor can view the weekly and monthly earning from the active and completed tuitions. Here, the tutor can also check the pending payments and the renewal packages of the students. This way he is able to manage things better with no tension.

6. Chat feature

Communication with students is essential. The class does not end with the lecture. A student may have many questions in mind and solving those queries is essential for making online education successful. Whether it is related to solving the query, modifying the session, or sharing the notes, the chat is the most important feature. The app also comprises an in-app conference call, which helps in discussing the topic.

Admin Panel

1. Analysis

The analysis is an essential component in the admin panel. An administrator has all the access to the user profile including tutor and students and he is able to analyze the services provided to both. The basic objective of the analysis is to draw out an effective conclusion.

2. Statistical information

The data relating to the services, locations, and popularity of the profiles are necessary to prepare advanced strategies for business. With the statistics, the marketing team can put more effort into the opportunity market and find the drawback where the app is not making well. Better stats can improve the operability and functionality of on-demand tutor app development.

3. Service Management

An admin can manage and set the information related to the tutors, their service, courses, and experiences. The substantial information simplifies the entire process and increases the credibility of an app. Also, an admin needs to manage and track information about colleges, courses, and specialization.

4. Reports and Earning

It encapsulates the earnings report of a tutor from the delivered services. Also, the premium plans and the membership charges earned from tutors along with the detail of the commission from tutors’ services.

5. Assigning Job

Whenever a student puts in a request the tutor can be allotted for that particular student, Admin can also transfer the request to different tutors according to the qualification, course, etc if the response is not good.

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Advanced features

1. Push Notifications

The basic idea behind push notification in tutor app development is to alert users for every update. A user is notified about promotional activities, news, events, etc. It mitigates the communication issues between learner and tutor. For android tutor app development, Google Cloud messaging is used whereas iPhone app development companies use apple push notification service.

2. Payment

The integration of various payment methods such as net banking, debit card, and on-demand tutor app simplifies the payment process. There is a number of third-party payment services, such as PayPal, Stripe, and Lyft, etc. These are the secured payment services.

Cloud handling:  The data for tutor app development can be large and may comprise multiple videos and huge information. Large and scalable data can be stored in the cloud.

Such as MongoDB, HBase, PostgreSQL, Mail Chimp integration and Firebase, etc.

Frequently asked Questions 

1. How long does it take to build an On-demand Tutor Finder Application Development?

The duration can differ depending upon the app’s features, design, and backend development. Although majorly it takes 3 to 6 months for an application to build from scratch.

2. How to create an On-demand tutor app? 

The whole process of on-demand tutor app development is available above in the article. You can also find more about the features, working, and cost of building and on-demand applications. 

Wrap up

Online learning app development is a fantastic way to implement the Uber model in the education industry. The model allows users to order the service at their homes. Almost every tutor app is the same and to build a set of unique features, you need to have a complete understanding of the user requirement and the detailed analysis. An app supports the communication between student and teacher and it brings the best knowledge from all parts of the world. For interactive sessions and communicative chats, a clean dashboard is always demanded. If you are a tutor and want to have the app developed, we suggest you first analyze the market and give thorough research.