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Tips to Develop Mobile App with APIs

The application program interface is a vital addition when it comes to development. It gives an environment to the software on a technical platform that allows access to toa third-party platform or application. The mobile applications are developed usually with Facebook APIs due to sharing and posting purpose.

Also, the access to user profile on Facebook is offered easily on third-party application such as Candy Crush, etc. Now, you understand the value of API, so, hire app developer that knows how to work around them. 


APIs in Mobile App Development


Basic Tips You should Follow to Ensure That A Mobile Application Development is Perfect with API

1. Logical API

The fact is that you should focus on making your application stupid. We are not degrading anything here but API will add all the logic to it, so let it be stupid. There is no requirement for an application to know any of the business logic. The business is never a static work and it will change with trends and technologies.

Let an application be only a display that will get all the essential logics from API. However, it is essential for the mobile application development company that customers or users are aware of any changes that are made in the application without updating. As a fact, it is easier to get API deployment than application deployment.

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2. Data vs request

Another thing that android app development companies must keep in mind is a tricky deal. There is no doubt that data transfer must be at the topmost speed for users in order to get partial requests. Whereas, getting data on request with no contact with the server is also required.

So, it becomes essential to choose wisely between two since one can’t have both. However, if it comes to the data that works on a secondary aspect then the users can easily scroll. This type of data is mainly focused on the request that is done on background and scroll updates with the screen. If there is a small volume of data then it can be done at once on the main screen. For user retention, it is essential to be updated with the facts. Since, they won’t wait for application loading, if it takes a lot of time.

3. Smart cache

The iPhone developer understands the value of cache that is on the application side. This is mainly best when the user goes in an area of no network but wants to check out a product again. So, the cache will be formed if once a product is checked to use in offline mode.

However, some of the data can be critical that makes it essential for the developers to be careful. Avoid time caching, it will not add any value to the application. There is a possibility that data changed and the user is not able to get updated information. So, it is essential to have a smart way to get in touch with users to get firsthand information with API.


4. Application update

When one hire app developer, they focus on application update as well. The reason is an option of automatic response that is enabled by some users while disabled by others. So, make sure that users are updating application when new features are added to the application. It can be on application launch that makes it easy to work with and detect whether the user is working on the latest version or not.

But one has to keep user wish in mind as well. there are many reasons due to which users are wary of updates. It can be a premium version or Wi-Fi use that makes it difficult for them to work around. Even low storage space makes them not to update an application. So, be discrete in asking them but make sure that they know about it.

5. Monitor

The topmost mobile application development company knows that there is always room for improvement and hence works in the direction. Evolution is not uncommon in technology and hence API is not going to be different than others. It is essential to keep a track record on performance and usage or any other essential aspect.

Even data collection is one of the ways to work on it to make sure that there is nothing that is missed out. The collected data can be analyzed and retrieving or cleanup can be done as per the requirement.

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6. Log in

Final point is that it is essential to make sure that registers and login are done properly. The android app development company works on visibility, portability, reliability and simplified work with API. However, with the login process, it is essential to make sure that security is well-maintained.

The servers save login sessions but it is not forever and will automatically be deleted. Hence, the login system must be with proper login details such as auto-login that expires a session from the server. There is a token system that works best with API that can be exchanged with new token details.


Mobile Applications and API have now combined in such a manner that enhances the growth rate. This making iPhone developers work on this type of server connection to ensure that data stability is well maintained in the best environment.


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