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Know the best IoT Platforms in 2019

The discovery of the internet is considered as one of the greatest achievement of the present age. As time is passing, people are finding new and new ways of utilizing the power of the internet to its fullest potential and capabilities. Without the advancement of technology, this may not have been possible.

However, progress has kept pace on both sides. Thus, the use of internet in almost all technology has increased and so have the part of our digital work. Here, the concept of IoT or Internet of Things pops up. Considered as one of the largest growing sector, the communication of information in any field through different devices is the main aim of IoT. As of 2019, there are a lot of IoT platforms that can be considered as giants or the best in this field. Some of them are listed below.

1. SAP Cloud Platform IoT

The working of SAP Cloud Platform Internet of Things has one of the most basic natures of working in this field. The data that is required for the IoT is collected. The necessary data required for device management is also accounted for.

These data are then transferred to the devices that are connected to SAP Cloud Platform. The connections are strong and secure. Because of good signal strength, they can connect to any device assessed for work. The device is then managed for the whole of its working life span.



2. Salesforce IoT

Salesforce Internet of Things detects the interaction of the users and the data used. This way, they can identify opportunities that are good for business. The engagement with the users thus gets increased. The provision of creating their programs to set up business marketing is also provided.

One can work on their own IoT development. This way, the possibility of coming up with new techniques and strategies remain open. The new models are taken for testing as well. When successful, artificial intelligence or AI is used for providing the best recommendations. Predictions can be made easily with the AI too, for results. This improves relations with the customers to a great extent.

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3. Cisco IoT

This is one of the best IoT platforms you are going to come across. Their connectivity is very fast and reliable. It is also secure for an end to end data transfer. Their collection of even small and minute data provides a lot of help in the later stage of the business.

The transfer of data is secured and smooth too. The working of the devices using this platform is also very smooth. The working and the executing of protocols and commands go without any hindrance. The management of the platform is also regular and well maintained.

Apart from these, the data, programs and the working tools are well protected from any kinds of bugs and threats. There are a lot of security services available, and the security comes inbuilt with the platform.

4. Amazon IoT

This is one of the largest growing Internet of Things platforms out there. They have their experts who have worked on their IoT development and programmed new sets of protocols and commands. From food delivery service, interactive care services to online shopping platforms, their marks are on a lot of services. As a result, a lot of the devices are connected to their IoT platform.

They always are retrieving tons of data and providing quality service to their customers by connecting well with them. They also hire app developers to be able to extend their service. This way, the interactions with them can be done with their app as well. This, in turn, provides good ratings and positive customer feedback.

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5. Google Cloud IoT

Google Cloud Internet of Things platform is probably the biggest and the most interactive as well as popular platform present in the market today. With over millions of servers and connection requests, the presence of Google Cloud IoT is almost everywhere. From online transaction to managing cabs, from searching for things to manage the online interface of the operating system,

Google Cloud IoT is omnipresent. The use of this platform is seen mainly by the various mobile app development companies that are competing in today’s market. Their reason for doing so is because of the increasing market in the app development sector of various operating systems of mobile phones.


The Android OS is the biggest market for this. For this reason, various companies hire app developers and connect their devices through this IoT platform for smooth and secure transfer of data.

Additionally, the cloud is very well maintained. This means that cloud services are equally fast and secure. The connectivity is also the same, and lots of devices when connected to it can act simultaneously. This forms a secure and reliable network. This network can then be used as a store for data, programs, software models, user interfaces and artificial intelligence programming.


6. Microsoft Azure IoT

Microsoft Azure Internet of Things provides a lot of innovative ideas to compete in the market. The connectivity is top notch, so is the capturing of the data. Lots of comparisons can be made among the different devices, and the best applications can then be identified and worked upon.

The constant improvement of software furnishes customers with a sense of uniqueness as well. This way, the business farms or institutes investing on this platform get a good return in an overall manner. The latest tools are present, and the applications are constantly upgraded.

Thus, the connected devices provide a lot of information and important aspects can be recovered. This helps in transforming business marketing to a highly interactive digital level. Mobile app development companies, as well as PC app development companies, can benefit a lot by connecting their devices in this platform and by retrieving critical data.

There are various opportunities for business that is directly dependent on the IoT. Because of this, IoT is considered as a platform that will change the face of business. Since everything from education to healthcare is being considered as business opportunities, the impact of IoT on these sectors will be seen soon. As a result, the investment in IoT by the business organizations is most likely to go even high and skyrocket shortly.


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