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Bike Rental Apps are gaining more popularity these days. The reason behind this is the rising money and rising importance of greener transportation systems.

Moreover, people shift more towards technology and convenience. Bike rental apps make your life more convenient and smooth, whenever you want you can book and ride them to any location. You just have to pay some charges accordingly and you can enjoy the ride.

You should read this article, you will get a good knowledge of the bike rental app business. If you look around, you will see how much rental bike apps have gained popularity. Here in this article, you will get everything that you should know before building a rental bike app.


What Are Rental Bikes Apps?


What Are Rental Bikes Apps?



The functioning of this application is simple and quite similar to the taxi booking app. All the users will look for the most suitable app for them on the play store or the app store and install it from there. Once users download the app, they must make their accounts by registering themselves with the application and saving their personal details.

After completing and filling in the details, users can check the available bikes in the nearest area and select one according to their preference.


Top Ten Best Bike Rental Apps


Top Ten Best Bike Rental Apps

If you plan to explore the city you are visiting next week, or you want a comfortable commuting option to the town itself, the best bike rental apps come in handy. Here is the list of the top ten best bike rental apps that make your life more convenient.


#1. Spinlister

Spinlister is the premier bike rental and sharing service provider, an interactive platform to help connect bike owners worldwide. Users can use this application on Android and iOS to explore the different features it offers.

It connects the owners with people globally searching to borrow and rent the bike. Once the renter gets the bike in their designated area, the rental process could be done quickly by mobile app or website.

#2. Gotcha Mobility

Gotcha Mobility offers a vast collection of electronic bikes to choose from. This app has a presence overall in particular locations in the US to make people’s everyday commute easy. Users can use this application on Android and iOS both. So that users can gain benefits from this app on any device.

#3. Lime

It gives simple, accessible micro-mobility for all users. Using Lime is easy to locate, scan, and ride. Download the Lime app to get your nearest available scooter and start your trips. This application offers sustainable rides spanning across countries and communities. You can try the electric scooter for your local ride while protecting nature.

#4. Donkey Republic

It brings bikes near you. This application has a vast user base with a presence in many countries around the world. This Copenhagen-based global bike sharing app provides advanced bike rental app services that help users to access bike-sharing services in different cities globally.

#5. Relay App

This app can help users navigate nearby bike stations using its built-in system map. This application provides monthly plans to allow users to explore the premium features of this app. Plus, this offers various useful features to rent a bike most seamlessly.

#6. JUMP – By Uber

It offers on-demand electric bikes and scooters for local rides. Here you will find the various electric bikes and scooter options to ride quickly and easily. It works the same as app like Uber and has a dockless system that makes it easy to find a ride, unlock it and go.


#7. Social Bicycles

Social Bicycles offers interactive bike share technology to commute to nearby places. Here, you will find GPS-enabled bikes that can be rented easily using an app on your smartphone. Once you have completed your ride, you can return the bike to the hub location or lock them on public bike racks.


Looking to build bike app

#8. Citi Bikes

Citi bikes are the nation’s most extensive bike-share program, with a massive collection of over 13,000 bikes and over 850 stations across the USA.

This app is designed to offer easy commutes while being affordable. Users can explore Citi bike services by merely joining the services, unblocking nearby bikes, and enjoying.

#9. Bounce

Users can download these applications for dockless scooter sharing on Android or iOS devices. This application offers hourly rental scooter services to users, and users can choose and drop their keyless scooters anywhere in the city.

#10. ON Bike Share

Users can use this app to locate available bikes at nearby bike stations. It is easy for users, as they need to select the bike they want to see, and the application does the rest work automatically.


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How Does The Best Bike Rental App Work?

This application works similarly to taxi booking applications. If you want to book a rental bike, you need to download the application from your play store or app store. Now, you have to add essential information on an application, put drop location, check for the available rides, and enjoy. Moreover, there are two essential models of bike rental apps: the aggregator model and the self-owned one. Here are the details:


  • Aggregator Model

This one gives the platforms for single bike owners and private bike companies who need an online platform for putting up their bikes for rent. The two parties enter into an agreement wherein the bike owners or the rental shop owners agree to pay some amount to the application owners in exchange for showing their cycle on the site.


  • Self-owned Fleet

Under this model, an owner of the bike fleet business has to invest a lot of money and get an app made for putting up his inventory on rent. It is usually set up by a person with a fleet of bikes who likes to rent them out to others and charge hourly. It might consider startups as they have to incur a limited budget on getting the app developed business.

Current Market Stats of The Bike Rental Apps

The business of rental bikes will be profitable in the future as it brings convenience for the users. To build bike rental apps, you need to contact the mobile application development company, which will help you out in making an appropriate app. Below are the statistics that make your decision strong.

  • The global bike rental market was valued at USD 1.37 billion in 2017 and expanded at a CAGR of 14.3% from 2017 to 2025.
  • With rising money and the rising importance of a greener transportation system, and the implementation of eco-friendly policies, venture capital firms set up stations and expanded their bike-sharing services to an extensive consumer base.
  • The docked bike rental services dominated the market by more than 77.0% in 2017. The highest penetration and supportive infrastructure in developed countries like France, the US, and the UK are expected to remain favorable factors over the coming future.
  • Moreover, according to the reports, docked bike services operations are among the few cities like Chicago, Minneapolis, Denver, Portland, and New York.
  • At CAGR, dockless bike rental services are expected to grow more than 19.0% from 2017 to 2025.

Why Start A Bike Rental Business?

According to the report, the global motorcycle rental industry will reach $265.9 million by 2027. While in some markets like the US, motorcycles are luxury, in the south Asia market, bikes are necessary to handle the traffic. Like cars, the sharing economy is also expected to bloom in bikes. This market shift in consumer behavior from buying to renting will give rise to a sprawling bike renting market.

Tips To Start Your Bike Rental Business

If you want to build a bike rental apps business, you must hire a team of dedicated developers. So that they would build an appropriate application for your business.

The reason behind hiring them is that they would know each and every possible thing to maintain the bike rental app. Here are some tips that make your business more lucrative.


  • Locations

Location is an essential factor that you need to consider before setting up your motorbike rental business. Mostly your customers will be tourists, hence your physical locations from where people can rent bikes near the tourist hotspots.

For instance, you have to place a physical location in your application. You should choose the location near biking trails and landmarks that interest tourists to ensure decent tractions for your bike rental business.


  • Competitor Analysis

Competitors analysis will tell you how strong or weak your competitors are in the area where you want to operate. You can find out the gap between their services and try to build your value proposition around these gaps. Through detailed competitor analysis, you can zero in on the kind of bikes and equipment you need o offer and the price points you have to keep in mind to attract customers.


  • Bikes

The kind of bike you want to offer on your bike rental startup will depend on the location and the user’s demand. For instance, you can offer bikes in hilly tourist places, which proves to be a great idea. Analyze your location and the user demand, and then provide bikes accordingly to maximize the chance of your bikes being rented.

Additionally, start with the small numbers of bikes and, with time, grow slowly as you will learn the nuance of your target audience. Plus, you will learn about Application Maintenance and Support for the travel industry.


  • Rates

An hourly charge is often the best way to charge for your bikes. Moreover, if people want to keep bikes for a longer duration, you can charge on a daily basis. You can keep the different prices depending on the time of the year. For instance, you can charge more prices during the tourist seasons in tourist sports and lower prices during the off-seasons. Similarly, you can charge more on weekends as compared to weekdays.


  • Build a Team That Can Handle The Bike Rental Business

You need to support your team to build a bike rental business. As the business scales, so will the number of team members. You can start with some basic team members as:

  • Mechanics
  • Marketing team
  • Customer service team

  • Choose The Business Model

It would help if you made a significant decision when you started a bike business. You should hire a dedicated team of developers who would know what business model will suit your business more. There is two business model:

  • The aggregator model
  • Own a bike fleet

  • Choose Digital

One of the essential decisions you must make to boost your business is to invest in a website and mobile app that allows your customers to book your bike from anywhere and anytime. However, you should be aware of any travel app’s smart features.

Benefits of Bike Rental App Development

As per the report, around 83% of the world’s population uses smartphones today. And another report defines that folks spent 33% of their waking time on mobile apps.

With these two reports, you can determine how much potential mobile apps have. However, you should hire a hybrid app development company to build an appropriate application. Here are the benefits:


1.  Better User Interface

Compared to booking by the website, a bike rental app can give your clients a much more convenient and better user interface. The rental bike app allows users to book their favorite bike without a problem.

You can even provide them with a personalized experience by offering customized notifications to customers based on their preferences.


2. Live Chat and Call Support

It is easy for customers to get live chat support in an application. Through the in-app support system, the users can quickly get in touch with the support team and resolve their issues effectively.

For instance, when you use the application and face issues, you instantly go to customer support instead of searching for any contact.


3. Bike Owner and Customer Authentication

Going for the motorbike rental app development can determine the main issues of your bike rental business. At the initial stage of your bike rental startup, it is essential to check whether the people who need to rent the bike have any criminal history or not.

It will ensure the bike’s safety as the renters can use the app easily by verifying their credentials and uploading a picture of the relevant documents through the smartphone camera.


4. Bike Insurance Management

In case the bike meets with an accident, many insurance companies permit the users to make a claim through their smartphones. However, the users must click pictures of the accident and give the necessary details to help the insurance company process the claim.


5. Bike Repair Management

You should hire android app developers who help build motorbike apps that can help you repair bikes quickly. Every bike has a maintenance schedule, and they punch in the data regarding the periodic maintenance schedule of the bike.


6. Quick Cancellation and Refund Processing

Users would love hassle-free cancellation and refund processes, which would help them because if users want to cancel their rides for any reason, they won’t like it if the refunds are not processed immediately.


Must-Have Bike Rental App Features According To User Type

To ensure that your app will become a success with your bike rental app, you need to include the best travel app features that would enhance your bike rental app. Here is some different features list that you should be aware of to build an app.


Here Are The Feature List For End-Users

  • Social sign-up/ sign in
  • Smart search
  • View the estimated fare and route
  • Choose the pick-up and drop-off points
  • Pay through different methods
  • In-app call and video call
  • Push notifications


For Biker Owners

  • Add bike listings
  • Accept and rejects bookings
  • Set prices for bike rentals
  • Choose the pick-up and drop-off points
  • Promote bike listings
  • Accept payments

For Admin

  • Manage users
  • Manage to price
  • CRM and CMS
  • Bike listing management
  • Send push notifications
  • Data analytics

How To Make Money Through Bike Rental Apps?

Making money is the ultimate goal of any businessman. Whether it would be a mobile app business or any on-demand healthcare business. There are different monetization methods for making money through a bike rental app. Here is the list below:

  • Advertisements
  • Commissions
  • Tie-ups with related brands
  • Earnings through bike rentals

Final thoughts

These are the steps that help you to build appropriate applications for the bike rental app business. If you think of building this business, it would be a lucrative business for you as it has rapid growth in the future.

The reasons for gaining popularity are the rising money and the rising importance of greener transportation systems. Folk will definitely shift towards bike rental apps and make your business profitable. If you want to build an application, you should contact a react native app development company that will build your app perfectly without much effort.