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“Mental health needs a great deal of attention. It’s the final taboo and it needs to be faced and dealt with.” — Adam Ant


Are you looking to build an app like Wysa? If yes, then read this blog. Today, self-care has become an important aspect of the digital marketplace. The digital market has seen a rise in the number of people taking their physical and mental health more seriously. While those in contact with doctors are not at risk, a large segment of society is still unwilling to talk about their mental issues. That’s where AI-based mental health apps like Wysa come into play!

Yes, it’s true. AI therapy apps have quickly become a popular platform for those seeking mental healthcare consultation. According to predictions, the mental healthcare app market will reach $3.91billion by 2027. Not only do people use mental apps based on AI to treat anxiety and depression but also conditions such as Autism and AAC.

It is therefore certain that today, people are actively using AI mental health apps in order to treat their mental illnesses while at home. Due to its huge popularity, various businesses are looking to see this as a profitable opportunity. Are you also among those who want to build an app like Wysa? Then you have reached the correct place.

In this blog, we will discuss the steps to build an app like Wysa, its features, cost, and other essential aspects.

So let’s begin.


What is Wysa?




Wysa, a chatbot for mental health, offers emotional support using artificial intelligence. It’s designed to engage the user in a conversation that will help them deal with stress, anxiety, and depression. Wysa is a platform that allows users to express their emotions and thoughts in an environment of safety and non-judgment.

Wysa guides users through conversations using evidence-based therapy techniques such as cognitive-behavioral and dialectical behavioral therapy to help them better understand and manage emotions. The app includes a range of tools and techniques including mood tracking and journaling. It also offers relaxation exercises and coping mechanisms.


Market Insights of Mental Healthcare App

Market Insights of Mental Healthcare App
Source: Statista
  • The global mental apps market was valued at USD 4,49 billion in 2020 and is expected to grow to USD 5.2 billion by 2022, USD 17.5 billion in 2030. This growth will be at a 15.9% CAGR during the forecast period.
  • The Mental Health Market is expected to generate revenues of US$36.73 billion by 2023.
  • The market is expected to grow at a rate of 0.51% per year (CAGR from 2023-2028), resulting in US$37.67bn of revenue by 2028.
  • The highest income will come from the United States $ 10 million in 2023.
  • According to the total population, 2023 will generate revenues per person of US$67.77.
  • Around 26 percent of U.S. adult adults who report alcohol abuse or dependence in 2021 will have serious mental illness.
  • The App Store offers more than 10,000 apps for those with mental illnesses.


How Does An App Like Wysa Work?


How Does An App Like Wysa Work?


After you install the app and open it, you will be welcomed by a chat window. Like texting a buddy, you can initiate a chat with Wysa. Wysa is able to respond to you with empathy and offers helpful advice.

Wysa, a software that uses artificial intelligence, analyzes your messages in order to determine your feelings and concerns. It provides you with techniques based on dialectical behavioral therapy and cognitive behavior therapy to help manage stress and anxiety. It could suggest deep breathing, mindful exercises, or affirmations.

Wysa offers a variety of interactive exercises and activities, such as tracking your mood, setting goals, or learning relaxation techniques. To gain additional insight, you can also access self-help articles and content on mental topics.

What is the best thing? Wysa is constantly learning from your conversations, and it tailors its responses to suit your specific needs. You have a personal therapist in your pocket, ready to help you when you need someone to talk to.

This innovative approach to mental health support could also be applied to enhance doctor appointment app development, providing users with personalized assistance and guidance throughout their healthcare journey.


Top 5 AI Mental Health App Like Wysa

We’ve compiled a list of some of the most well-liked AI applications for mental wellness. Let’s look at it.


App Like Wysa Available Platforms Download Ratings
Youper Android | iOS 1M+ 4.1
Woebot Android | iOS 500K+ 4.3
Calm Android | iOS 50M+ 4.5
Ginger Android | iOS 100K+ 3.9
Sanvello Android | iOS 1M+ 4.6


1. Youper

This Anxiety and therapy chatbot app is free and includes a chatbot with AI, as well as a mood tracker. The algorithm on which the application is built enhances psychological wellness and health. It provides customized support based on the personal information and preferences of customers.

2. Woebot

To give mental health advice, an AI-based chat application draws on cognitive behavioral therapy. Its goal is to give you the impression that you are conversing with a real person. It’s always responsive, and it makes interactions that are effective and make users happier.

3. Calm

In recent years, it has become one of the most popular AI mental health apps. It helps users relax, sleep, and meditate to improve their overall well-being. It has an innovative interface and immersive features that have helped it gain huge popularity.

4. Ginger

Users with multiple mental health problems can receive comprehensive support. It has interactive and self-care components to help users interact better. Users can chat with a therapist, or make a video call to a support coach. So, if you are planning to build an app like Ginger, then you must hire mobile app developers.

5. Sanvello

Sanvello, a mental well-being app, provides personalized mental support by tracking the moods of users and helping them understand their current state. It also offers general practices such as visualization, muscle relaxation, medication, and more while listening to natural sounds.

However, other than these, there is another mental health app like Mood Mission available in the market that is gaining huge popularity. Thus, you must consider it and know what the USP of this app is.

Key Features to Integrate in AI Mental Health App Like Wysa


Key Features to Integrate in AI Mental Health App Like Wysa


Now that you know the most popular AI mental health app, we will now look at the features to build an app like Wysa.

  • App Onboarding: It is a feature that helps the user to get accustomed to an app. It provides a brief overview of the app’s features and how to use them. Add an animated “assistant” to make it more personal. It can give instructions and connect with the user.
  • Settings: The app’s settings are all located in this area. To get the best possible experience, it’s crucial that users customize the app using the settings. Users should have the option to alter the theme, the notification frequency, the accessibility-specific adjustments, and the frequency of notifications, for instance.
  • User profile: This contains information about the user, including their personal data, programs, settings, and treatment history.
  • Meditation: It is recommended for those with PTSD, anxiety, or panic attacks. Audio instructions for guided mediation facilities can be included in the application.
  • Push Notifications: Users are reminded of their medications, scheduled tasks, or exercise schedule via push notifications.
  • Journaling: It operates in combination with mood monitoring. It has the capacity to be as calming and relaxing as meditation. Therefore, you should get in touch with a healthcare app development services provider, if you want to incorporate this function into your healthcare app.
  • Mood tracker: It is a vital feature for those with bipolar disorder, depression, or mood disorders. It allows users to track their moods. This helps them gain control over their disorders, and can sometimes help them deal with mood-altering factors.
  • Medication reminders: For consumers to be reminded about their prescription regimen, this functionality is crucial. Users can customize reminders to make sure they don’t forget their medications.
  • Sleep tracker: People with mental disorders are often also affected by sleeping disorders. This feature allows them to track their sleeping patterns. This feature helps healthcare professionals observe sleeping issues, log possible root causes for insomnia or sleep problems, and track potential treatments.
  • In-app Human Assistance: While the Chatbot can provide the best information and assistance possible, it may be necessary to have a human to help the patient find better solutions. AI bots are unable to understand the human mind and psyche. A human is better suited to understanding patients.
  • Trigger checkers: It is essential to keep track of triggers that cause panic attacks, anxiety, or sudden depression. These trigger logs can help an app offer better treatment of disorders.
  • Gamification: Simple, relaxing games can help users relax and take their minds off their problems. It is advised to stay away from competitive games because they could make the sufferer feel down.
  • Community features: Interaction with the community is the best way to help users recover from mental disorders. The fact that they are not alone is a great motivator.
  • Favorites: The user can select a setting, piece of content, or function that they commonly utilize with this feature. These options can be accessed directly without having to navigate through the other options within the app.
  • Therapists Dashboard: The Therapists Dashboard is needed when we connect patients to therapists. It has different features that help patients consult with specialists. The app also allows users to choose therapists according to their specializations, availability, qualifications, and consultation prices.
  • Share Activities: Sharing moods and activities on social networks or messenger apps gives the user a feeling of belonging. This allows other people to express their concern for the user and offer assistance.
  • Conversational Tools: The most advanced AI conversational tools allow users to combat anxiety, stress, and other mental disorders by speaking in a humane way.
  • Visualization Techniques: Advanced visualization techniques provide users with a visual way to boost their morale and confidence while remaining calm and relaxed.


How to Build an App Like Wysa?


mental health app gif


In this section, we will discuss the crucial development steps to build an app like Wysa approved by an iOS app development company.

1. Research, Research, and Research

If you are already familiar with the idea, developing a chatbot application will be simpler. Research from all angles is important for creating a great app, whether it is mobile app development or chatbot application development.

Before you hire dedicated developers on an in-house basis or an outsourcing team, it is important to do extensive research on your chatbot and the development process. Research is key to a successful AI-based app.

2. Conduct a Competitive Analysis

It is not incorrect to consider competitive analysis as a subset of research. We would like to specifically bring your attention to this area of research. Understanding what your rivals do in order to remain at the forefront of their game is crucial.

This will assist you in developing a strategy that works. By combining the best of what your competitors are doing with your own strategy, you can enhance your Wysa app development and marketing efforts.

3. Select the Best Business Model

You must have considered the type of business model that is best for your company before implementing your idea to build an app like Wysa. You have the option of cross-platform or native.

The features and needs of your application will determine which platform is best for you, and you may choose the business model based on its applicability. Both of these platforms offer advantages and disadvantages.

4. Select the Tech Stack

This guide will help you create a list with unique features to make your app the top choice of users who want an AI-based Chatbot application. If the technological stack doesn’t meet your needs, all of your efforts will be for nothing.

While strategizing your chatbot concept, it’s time to choose a tech stack that is suitable for your therapy app development based on the planning and analysis of your competitors.


hire developers

5. Create a UI/UX Design

It is difficult to make your application stand out in a sea of apps. A comprehensible and appealing UI can make a big difference. The ideal design creates a connection instantly with users.

It doesn’t let the user be distracted. The balance between practicality and beauty must be carefully considered. Next time you plan to build an app like Wysa chatbot, you will know how important it is to balance the design’s aesthetics and functionality.

6. Start with Chatbot App Development

Your strategy was prepared after taking into account every stage of the chatbot app development cycle, including research, competitive analysis, and UI/UX design.

Put your thoughts into practice at this point. The minimal viable product for your oh-so-great chatbot software should now be created by your android app development company.

7. Minimum Viable Product

You only need to focus on the basic features of the app when you’re starting the Anxiety and therapy chatbot app development process. You need to first learn how your users interact with your app.

Ask yourself: Did your strategies match their preferences and dislikes or are you not on the same page with them? After BETA testing, you can release the MVP to find out more about how users engage with the mobile application. After you’ve gotten feedback from users, you can then add specific features to your chatbot app.

8. Maintenance and Support

We all know that the process to build an app like Wysa is never finished after the first release. When they see that new features are beneficial to them, users will always embrace the changes.

Maintaining the existing code and releasing updates regularly is essential for healthy user engagement. So, you should get assistance from app maintenance and support services who can update your app.


Benefits of AI Mental Health App Like Wysa 

Benefits of AI Mental Health App Like Wysa 


Apps that are powered by AI, such as Wysa, have revolutionized the way we think about mental well-being. These apps offer a variety of benefits, including improved emotional resilience, accessibility, and support for their users. So before you build an app like Wysa, you should know what the benefits of this app are. So let’s have a look:

  • 24/7 Accessibility: One of the main benefits of AI mental-health apps is that they are available around the clock. Wysa, and other similar apps, are available anywhere and anytime. This allows users to receive support when they need it.
  • Stigma Reduction:AI apps offer a private and anonymous platform where users can discuss their mental health issues. This anonymity reduces the stigma of seeking support for psychological issues. Individuals are more likely to seek help. However, integrating chatbot in doctor on demand app development can be fruitful for your business as it enables users to easily communicate with doctors regarding their mental health.
  • Instant Support: These apps provide instant responses. The AI chatbot allows users to share their thoughts and feelings with it immediately, and receive immediate feedback. Instant support is especially helpful in times of crisis.
  • Personalized Approach: AI mental health apps are personalized to adapt to user interactions. Over time, the apps learn about the user’s challenges, preferences, and coping strategies, and provide more personalized advice.
  • Variety of Tools: The apps provide a variety of tools that go beyond simple conversation. Wysa provides cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), psychoeducation, mood-tracking activities, and guided meditations. Users may test out various methods using this toolkit to see what works best for them.
  • Scalability: Due to the scalability provided by AI, one app can assist millions of users at once. This is important as it addresses the lack of mental health professionals, and resources and extends support to a wider population.
  • Consistency: AI-driven apps provide consistent support. The users don’t need to worry about cancellations or interruptions of therapy sessions. It is available whenever users need it and encourages ongoing mental health care.
  • Learning and Progress Monitoring: These apps monitor user interaction and progress. They can analyze data to identify patterns of emotions and behavior. The app can then offer recommendations and insights for long-term improvements.



Developing an app akin to Wysa involves intricate design and advanced AI integration. For a seamless and successful venture, consider enlisting a proficient tech partner. Hiring a reputable mobile app development company ensures expertise in crafting user-friendly interfaces and incorporating empathetic AI features. Make your dream app a reality by collaborating with skilled professionals who bring your vision to life with innovation and precision.


1. How Much Does it Cost to Build an App Like Wysa?

The Wysa app development cost depends on various factors like app complexity, app design, etc. Generally, the cost of a basic app will be around $8,000-$16,000. However, if you want to build a complex app with advanced features, then the cost will go up to $25,000 or more. However, it would be better to consult with a reputed medicine delivery app development company who can provide an exact cost estimation.

2. How Much Time Does It Take To Build an App Like Wysa?

Depending on the features, complexity, size of the team, and technology employed, the time needed to build an app like Wysa might vary greatly. A basic version typically takes 2-3 months, but a more complex version may take 8 months or a year. The timing is also impacted by testing and customization.

3. How to Ensure Data Security and User Privacy?

Encrypt data in transit and at rest and implement other robust data security procedures. Respect privacy laws like the GDPR or HIPAA if necessary. Give people access to their data and make your privacy policies obvious.

4. How Can We Monetize Apps Like Wysa?

Consider a freemium business strategy where basic functions are provided without charge but higher features cost a membership. Other choices include in-app marketing or one-time purchases for particular activities or materials.