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Feeding your appetite with some scrumptious food items is one of our favourite things. No one on this earth does not want to eat tasteless dishes. There is no need to say there are several ways to find out the best option for hunger; one of the perfect options is a mobile restaurant in the form of a food truck.

Due to the interest of millions of food lovers, on-demand food delivery app development is on the verge, where you can find some of the best food truck finder apps over the internet. One successful example of developing this segment’s food truck finder app is the roaming hunger food truck finder app. Using this app, you can find a food truck near your locality.

It shows multiple results about food trucks, trailers, and carts that exist nearby to location. The Roaming Hunger app is in 12 countries, including the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and others. Starting a food truck business is such a fantastic idea for a business, but you can grow more if you plan for a food truck app. This blog is about how you can leverage it for your business and why you need it.

The better idea to know more about this concept is first to read some basic information. So, there must be no issue if we start with a basic definition. Now, fasten up your seatbelt and be ready to take off to read this blog about the food truck app for business and its various aspects.

What is Food Truck App?   

Suppose you have a little idea about any mobile app. In that case, you have to understand that here we are going to talk about a mobile app that can help food trucks and business owners. These apps work in two ways:


What is Food Truck App


● Dedicated food truck app: It works for a brand. If you want to start an individual business, it is just for you. You can offer all the services to your customers via a dedicated food truck app where they can explore the menu, order their favourite food, and find the location of trucks or trucks in their vicinity.

● Food truck finder app: it works on the concept of Apps Like Uber where you can create a platform to connect food truck owners to millions of customers. Here you will earn via listings and commissions.

If we go with the definition point of view, the food truck apps facilitate the users to find out a food truck to enjoy their favourite food and loved ones.

Even you will be surprised to know that some of the love stories started at some food truck near a college or a office. An individual can have a good time with her soulmate sitting at the table near a food truck.

You can leverage the trend by launching a unique food truck finder app as a business owner. The idea of developing a food truck mobile app is similar to the food delivery app. If you want to know more about it, then you can also check the following.

Planning an app is always necessary to keep an eye on the market statistics. So, let’s head towards the upcoming section of this blog.


Food Truck App

Key Stats About Food Trucks For Business

There is a huge market for food delivery apps, and food truck apps or food truck finding apps are one of its segments. By 2023, the worldwide food delivery market is expected to reach $130 billion. The food delivery platforms are rapidly growing and helping boost the economy of different countries.


Food Truck App


● In 2021, the market size of the U.S. food truck industry is $1.16 billion.
●The top food delivery apps are progressing upward, and their revenue is – Meituan Food Delivery at 96.3 billion Chinese Yen, Doordash at $4.9 billion, and Uber Eats $8.3 billion.
● There are 972 online food delivery platforms that exist.
● Only in the USA 137 million users are using online food delivery platforms.
● An individual user spends 13.6 minutes on average.
● Worldwide online food delivery revenue in 2021 was $296 billion, projected to reach $466 billion by 2027.
● The market size growth of food truck apps is 7.9% worldwide.
● Food & drink In-app purchase is expected to reach $252.70 million in 2022.
● The number of food delivery app downloads is projected to reach 1,951.5 million in 2022.


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Benefits of Having A Food Truck Finder App For Business

There are several benefits of having a food truck app for business. It is such a good investment for a business where you can cater to customers’ demands for a perfect food option.

It is not a suitable option for small business owners but also for large-scale business owners. Suppose you have a restaurant that wants to reach more customers, then with the help of a food truck app, you can launch a chain. A mobile app development company can help you to do this. The customer can track and reach your food truck with the help of a mobile app.


Food Truck App


Here are some of its benefits that you would love to read:

1. Wider Reach

Stree food finder app or food truck finder app can help expand your customer base. The customer will reach you with the help of an app.

2. Fast Delivery

There is no need to wait for the delivery guy as customers can reach your truck present in their nearby location. They can order the food and can collect it from your truck.

3. Customer Satisfaction

While searching for food, a user always wants delicious food at and genuine cost. If you can provide it, your customers will be satisfied. It can be possible with the food truck app development.

4. Easy Business- More Profit

Suppose you have identified that you can generate more sales in a particular area, then you can quickly move there. On the other side, your presence will be detected on the app, and users will be notified.

5. Low Investment

If you are looking to start a food truck business with the help of a mobile app, then with a low investment, you can start with a low investment. The point of setup a restaurant is that more capital money is required.


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The Features You Need To Consider For Next Food Delivery App

It is okay that you need a food truck app for business, but do you know what features to include in your app? So, this particular section of this blog is dedicated to the features of the food truck app that can help you to grow your business.


Food Truck App

#1. Basic Features

The basic features represent that a food truck must have, so these are:


  • Live Map & Navigation

Live map navigation can help your customers to reach your location precisely. It will happen with the help of GPS integration.


  • Simple But Attractive Interface

It would be better to include a simple but interactive user interface that a user must find easy to use to make your app successful. You need to create an app putting your feet into the customer’s shoes.


  • Multi-Language Support

No one can know what native language-speaking user will use their app. So, it would be best to include multi-language support in your app to connect with more customers.


  • Online Menu

The online menu offers ease to the users. Before ordering the food or reaching the truck, they can view the food variety available at cost. Even they can book their order with ease.


  • Document Verification

This feature is for business owners where they can verify the details of the driver they have recruited for their truck. It includes the option of document upload for verification.


  • Push Notifications

It is for updating the customers about the new launch in the menu or the launching of new services. The truck owners can send direct messages to the customers and users.


  • Multi-Payment Modes

With the help of multiple payment modes, a customer can pay as per their accordance. It includes credit/debit cards, internet banking, and others.


Food Truck App

#2. Advanced Features

You can use advanced features to take your app to the next level. Moreover, it will enhance the user experience. Let’s have a look at these.


  • In-App Communication

In making a strong bond with the users, communication is a must. The in-app communication feature will help you to communicate with users directly.


  • Easy CMS

CMS helps business owners to manage all app panels effectively. For example, the restaurant panel, user panel, driver panel, and more.

  • Analytics

When customers use any app, data is generated that is very useful for analysis to make strategic business decisions. The same is applied to the food truck app.

  • E-wallet

Users can directly pay for their order with the help of the e-wallet app. They only need to recharge it every time. It is one of the easy payment options that come with almost all modern apps.

  • Earning Tracker

It contains all the details related to the orders and how much you have earned in a day, week, or month. You can easily track your orders and payment.


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How to Start A Food Truck Business With The Help of A Mobile App?

The right idea can help you to land at the right place in business. If you plan to start your own business with a food truck app, then it would be better to know the steps.

Although, do not forget to think and implement your unique idea, including these steps. The steps mentioned here are basic in nature. You can check with a leading Android app development company or an on-demand service app development company. 


Food Truck App

● Choose A Right Vehicle

The first step is to find a truck in good running condition. You can buy a used vehicle if it is your first business. Check all its possibilities and what you can do to convert it into a mobile restaurant.


● Choose Menu

The menu is the soul of every food delivery business so choose carefully. Here you need to select those food items you are an expert in or the chef you have appointed. There is another good idea for it. Find out what food is ordered most in the area where you want to start your food truck business.


● Choose Location

Choose your location carefully. It is the best idea to protect yourself from direct competition. It would be best to choose an area where there is an actual need for a food truck so people can easily find their favourite food.


● Mobile App Idea

Now it’s time to finalize the mobile app idea that includes- How your app will work? What are the features and functionalities you want to have in your app? UI/UX components and others.

Suppose you want to make an app like a roaming hunger food truck finder, then plan accordingly. Once the idea is okay, it is time to develop a mobile app.


● Food Truck App Development

To create a good food truck app, you need to hire dedicated mobile app developers with the right expertise in developing food delivery apps. They will make an app based on your idea and also help to launch your app. Based on the experts’ recommendation, it is always beneficial to take the help of a leading mobile app development company.


● Branding & Promotion

Once all setup is done, go for branding and promotion. The promotion can be done manually and digitally. Digital branding & advertising is cost-effective, and you can reach more customers in less time.


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The Cost to Develop A Food Truck App

One of the most critical questions you need to ask yourself is how much it costs to develop a food truck app. Then answer to this question is hidden in the following points.

● The complexity of the food truck app
● Features & functionalities
● Size of the app
● Mobile app platform
● Number of Mobile App developers
● Testing and launching
● The version of the app

Suppose you want to start with the app’s basic version(or MVP), then it may cost you around $8,000-$15,000 for a single platform. But if you want to launch it with advanced features, the cost may be more than $20,000 based on the requirements.


Food Truck app cta

The Final Thoughts

There are ample chances for growth with a food truck app or a food finder truck app. Only a perfect plan is required based on real-ground conditions. The best idea is to consult with an on-demand food delivery app development company they will guide you in the best way and help you create the app. Once the app is done, you can start offering services to the customers. With promotion on social media platforms, you can increase your customer list.


Frequently Asked Questions


Q1. In 2023, what is the size of the US Food Trucks market?

In the USA, the food truck industry size will be 1.4 billion by 2023, which is expected to reach $6.63 billion by 2028.


Q2. What is the growth rate of the Food Trucks Industry USA in 2023?

Per the experts’ expectations, it is projected to increase by 1.6% in 2023.


Q3. How many food trucks will be active in the USA by 2023?

There are 35000 trucks active in the United States of America, and there will be more in the upcoming time.


Q4. How much does it cost to obtain the required permits?

Obtaining required permits, licensing, and legal compliance will cost you around or more than $28000. For more details, you can check with the authorities.