Virtual and Augmented Reality


What is the future of Virtual and Augmented Reality

The mobile app development market has evolved over the years with the advent of latest technologies such as Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. We are witnessing great apps created by mobile app development services which have taken full advantage of these technologies to provide a more immersive and unique experience to the users. 



Virtual Reality

It is a computer-generated simulation which actually immerses the user in a completely new world which has 360-degree views as well as no sensory input from the environment or room where the user is actually present.

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For instance, if you actually put on a VR set, then it essentially blocks out your entire worldview and then substitutes it with a digital world which is desired for the senses. From the brain’s particular point of view, you are present somewhere else.



Augmented Reality

Also known as Mixed Reality, it is actually completely different from the VR. It is because the main purpose of it not cut the user from the real world and transport to whole new one, but it is an enhancement of the real work with the particular set of virtual objects. It is a combination of actual realty like the real-world environment and the virtual objects. It is actually the addition of the world around the user, and when it is executed out in a great way, the user is able to interact with the environment.

The New Paradigm of VR and AR

VR actually ignores the real world surrounding and take the user to somewhere entirely. It actually immerses the user in a particular virtual world where the user can interact. Users are actually impressed as they can actually feel like they are present in completely new space. There are different inherent limitations of not actually being aware of the surroundings. It is simply a singular experience.

And you need to be in a controlled environment which means you don’t end up hurting yourself while trying to move around in the actual real world thinking that you are currently present in the virtual world. To actually combine both AR and VR in a completely unique immersive experience, the user starts with the view of his own surroundings when a given product or even an image is being recognized and the user can easily interact with it or actually being transported to it in a completely new 360-degree environment. This opens up new avenues for app development services.

Future of VR and AR

We have been witnessing about a latest wide range of applications of both of these technologies and people are actually expecting a lot out of these technologies. While the smartphones can easily be carried in our pockets and offer us with a lot of functionalities, people are actually using different new technologies which make the user think that the new technology is way better than the existing technology.

It is the reason why the Google Glasses which was introduced back in 2013, actually didn’t get into markets. These glasses can easily capture images almost instantly, and you can easily browse through the useful information from the internet even though there is an extra overhead of actually carrying a bigger size glasses while the same can be achieved by the smartphones.


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VR and AR actually require a higher level of GPU along with much stronger CPU as well as storage spaces. Also, the higher cost is one of the major problems. However, Hololens which was introduced by Microsoft actually showcases that the value it brings to the market is quite high and it hit the market. AR can eventually replace the smartphones if it can easily provide much more mobility than the smartphones in the upcoming future.

It also requires higher battery life, and it needs to be able to offer equal or higher quality of different services which the smartphones offer as well as the advancements in the manufacturing in order to reduce the cost. When it comes to smartphones like iPhone, the companies need to hire iPhone developer who can successfully create such apps which takes maximum advantage of these technologies.


AR and VR devices aren’t that convenient for the users to easily carry them around. So, it requires to be able to perform different multi-purpose tasks in order for it to actually replace different devices in people’s lives. Along with offering a great immersive experience to the users, it should also be comfortable for the users to easily wear it and carry out around in order for its impending success in the future.


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