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“Elsa Speak is like having a pocket-sized English tutor. It’s helped me improve my pronunciation and fluency in just a few weeks.”

– Emma Watson.  


Quick Summary: Are you fascinated by language learning apps like Elsa Speak and eager to create your own? Do you have an idea and want to implement it? No worries!! Read this blog to get an insight about development steps, key features, costs and other aspects to build an AI app like Elsa Speak– a language learning app more manageable.


Are you tired of fumbling for words and butchering pronunciation? Do you wish you could speak English as effortlessly as you think it would? Well, no worries! The age of AI-powered language learning is here, and it’s time to build your own online English app like Elsa Speak.

According to Statista, the language learning market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 18.3% from its 2021 valuation of $59.60 billion to $191.06 billion by 2028. By looking at these numbers, it is clear that in the coming years, the demand for language learning apps will be two-fold.

With this vast demand, various business giants and startups are looking to grab this fantastic chance and invest in e-learning app development. So, if you are also among those, then you must read this blog till the end.

Buckle up, language enthusiasts! Get ready to unlock the power of AI and build your dream English learning companion. Let’s make fluency a reality, one spoken word at a time.

Let’s begin.


What is Elsa Speak?

Elsa Speak is an AI language-learning app that allows users to learn English and other essential languages. Founded in San Francisco, Elsa Speak has become one of the best education applications and is popular among IELTS, TOEFL, and TOEIC students.


What is Elsa Speak


Its AI-powered approach, personalized lessons, and engaging exercises make it a valuable tool for anyone looking to take their English pronunciation and fluency to the next level. Thus, if you are fascinated by this language learning app and want to invest to build an AI app like Elsa Speak, then now is the correct time.


Online Language Learning Market Statistics & Growth


Online Language Learning Market Statistics & Growth


  • According to monthly downloads, Duolingo has more than 16 million users, making it the most prominent language-learning app globally.
  • The predicted value of the worldwide mobile online education market in 2020 was 1.84 billion US dollars.
  • By 2026, the online education sector is projected to grow to a value of over $375 billion.
  • The global LMS industry is anticipated to reach a valuation of $22.4 billion by 2023.
  • The e-learning business has already grown to almost $200 billion in 2019.
  • The global LMS market is anticipated to develop at a 24% CAGR between 2016 and 2020.
  • With 25 percent of student weeks dedicated to spoken English classes, Australia had the most significant proportion in 2022.
  • 78% of students who learn online use laptops to access LMS systems.

These stats indicate that the online language learning market is booming and providing a plethora of chances for businesses. It is essential to know how soon you can start developing an app like Elsa Speak for your business if you have finally decided to pursue AI education in mobile app development.


Steps to Build An AI App Like Elsa Speak

Do you want to build an AI app like Elsa Speak? But don’t know how? No worries!! By following the below development steps, you can easily create your own AI online language-speaking apps. However, it is recommended that you get assistance from an experienced mobile app development company. Now, let’s look at the steps involved in creating a language-learning app like Elsa Speak.  


Steps to Build An AI App Like Elsa Speak


Step 1: Define Your App Purpose

Before you start the process to create an AI app, it is vital to clearly define the purpose of your language learning app like Elsa Speak. It is also necessary to identify your potential audience.

Additionally, you must understand the particular demands of your users. For example, Elsa Speak focuses on improving English pronunciation, so it is better to know your audience’s tastes, which will guide the design and functionality of your app.


Step 2: Conduct Market Research

After that, you must start researching the existing language-learning apps to understand their strengths and weaknesses. Also, it is crucial to know the unique features that set Elsa Speak app development apart.

Before you build an AI app like Elsa Speak, evaluate user reviews to grasp what users appreciate or dislike. You can utilize this data to refine your app’s concept and identify opportunities for betterment.


Step 3: Decide App Features

Once you are done with the market research, let’s decide on the app features that must be incorporated into your AI educational app. Make a list of crucial features that you need in your app. However, design an intuitive user flow to ensure a seamless learning experience. You must focus on core features first and gradually add to the design step.


Step 4: Select the Right Technology Stack

Now with the help of an e-learning app development team, the steps to build an app like Elsa Speak is you must select the right technology stack. They will decide on the programming language, frameworks, and tools that match with your development aim.

For a language learning app like Elsa Speak, you may need to integrate speech recognition APIs and databases for user progress tracking. Ensure your chosen technologies support future updates and enhancements.


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Step 5: Develop a Minimum Viable Product

Start with the development of an MVP to test your app’s core functionalities with a smaller set of features. For better results, you must hire an Android mobile app development company.

It enables you to gather user feedback early in the process, helping you identify areas for improvement. You must prioritize essential features and iteratively refine your Elsa language app based on user feedback.


Step 6: Test Thoroughly

Testing is a critical phase to identify and fix bugs, ensuring a smooth user experience. Perform tests for integration for the complete application and unit tests for specific components. Elsa Speak likely underwent rigorous testing to ensure accurate pronunciation analysis. User review during this stage is invaluable for refining the digital language learning apps and addressing any issues.


Step 7: Final Launch

Once testing is complete, finally launch your app like Elsa Speak to make it accessible to users. But you must follow the guidelines before releasing your app on the app store. Now, let’s make it accessible to a broad audience. Always make sure to provide a seamless launch process to minimize downtime and maximize user satisfaction.


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Unique Features To Build An AI App Like Elsa Speak

As you know, AI in education industry is extensive, and features play a significant role in the app’s success. So, it is vital to incorporate crucial features when you build an AI app like Elsa Speak. Now let’s have a look at the language learning app like Elsa Speak features:   


● User Registration

This essential feature enables users to create an account on the app, like Elsa Speak, with an email address, phone number, and password. Users may sign in using their credentials after registering. Additionally, you may gather data such as age, gender, and name.


● Voice-based Searches  

A powerful AI tool to improve the general user experience of your online language learning program is voice recognition. Allow users with your elsa – learn English speaking app to utilize voice commands for searching for a term or subject.


● Online Tests

An online test portal that lets your tutors analyze while sitting remotely and in a secure environment. So, you must incorporate online test features with the help of an Elsa Speak mobile app development services provider.


● Performance Tracking

When you integrate performance tracking features with the help of an AI app development company in your app like Elsa Speak, it helps users to view their overall standing and review their performance on previous exams.


● Push Notification   

Push notifications allow users to get alerts and notifications about the new lessons. To grab their interest and motivate them to learn what they want to study, your app may send them personalized push alerts. Short motivational sayings that can entice people to use the app again can also be sent.


● Accent Training

Create an app with a built-in accent training feature like Elsa Speak that assists users in refining pronunciation and fluency in a new language through interactive lessons and real-time feedback.


● Vocabulary     

Incorporating vocabulary features in your app like Elsa Speak, helps users learn new words daily. It is essential for learning any new language. It will allow users to utilize them daily while communicating with others.


● Multilingual Options

To enable quicker learning, AI-based mobile app development allows users to study in their mother tongue. Give your users the ability to convert the lectures into the language of their choice by providing multilingual alternatives.


● Dictionary     

Just like Elsa Speak, you can also incorporate a dictionary in your app that can give word meaning in each language. It assists them to discover new words and their meaning while pronouncing the words. They may check the forms of verbs and keep them in mind.


● Payment Management

Track every payment made by instructors or students using your app, and promptly notify both parties of any balances owed by sending timely receipts to their phones.


● AI Chatbot

Integrate an AI Chatbot in your language learning app, like Elsa Speak, to enhance user engagement. So, your AI chatbot app should offer personalized language coaching, real-time feedback, and interactive conversations for an immersive learning experience.


Popular English Learning Apps Like Elsa

As you know, Elsa Speak is a popular AI-powered app with personalized English language lessons. It holds around 10 million downloads and 34 million active users from 195 countries. So, if you are looking to build an AI app like Elsa Speak, then we have jotted down the Top 5 education apps for your reference.


Apps like Elsa

Available Platform




Duolingo Android | iOS ● Gamified lessons,

● bite-sized practice,

● freemium model,

● fun with streaks.

500M 4.7
Babbel Android | iOS ● Personalized curriculum,

● Focus on everyday conversation,

● Spaced repetition for memory.

50M 4.6
Cake Android | iOS ● Immersive stories with interactive dialogue

● Personalized learning paths,

●  AI coach

100M 4.8
Memrise Android | iOS ● Memorable learning through humor,

● User-generated courses,

● Spaced repetition.

10M 4.6
Busuu Android | iOS ● Community-driven practice with native speakers,

● Interactive exercises,

● Grammar explanations.

10M 4.7

1. Duolingo

Duolingo app is among the best English language learning apps in the world. It has more than 500 million downloads and 4.7 user ratings. This famous English-speaking app like Duolingo, covers almost 39 languages that users can learn for free. You must be amazed to hear that it has over 89 million active users in 2023 and generated revenue of $250.


2. Busuu  

With the help of the language learning software Busuu, people may learn new languages on an easy-to-use platform. It is just like the Elsa application. Busuu, which has over 10 million members globally, takes a novel method by matching language learners with native speakers for individualized language interaction.


3. Cake

Cake is a popular Korean language learning app that allows users to learn Korean and other languages for free. The app has impressive features like speech recognition and AI-driven feedback to enhance pronunciation and fluency.

Users can explore a variety of lessons, along with vocabulary, grammar, and cultural insights. You should incorporate features like AI-based personalized recommendation pronunciation association when you build an app like Cake.  


4. Memrise

Memrise is an app for learning languages that uses interactive courses and mnemonic devices to improve vocabulary and language proficiency. Users may study through multimedia content, such as audio and video, with various courses covering several languages.


5. Babbel

With more than 10 million active users on the app, Babbel has secured 2nd place worldwide in language learning apps after Duolingo. It improves sentence structure, increases fluency, and helps fix grammatical mistakes. So, if you are fascinated by this, you must build an app like Babbel.


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Cost to Build An AI App Like Elsa Speak

The cost to build an AI app like Elsa Speak may range between $8000 and $27000. It depends on some crucial factors like app complexity, features, development team’s location, and so on. Additionally, time and technology also play a crucial role in the fluctuation of cost. The below education app development cost indicates the complexity of the app:



Cost Estimation

Time Duration

Simple app $8000-$12000 2-3 months
Medium app $13000-$21000 4-6 months
Complex app $22000-$27000 6-8 months


However, you must be thinking that if you integrate the above features and AI-powered technology, the development cost of an AI app like ELSA can be expensive. No worries. With an agile methodology approach, you can quickly build an AI-based language learning app in less time and cost.

Moreover, if you want to calculate the cost to build an AI app like Elsa Speak, then below is the formula that you must check out:


Hourly rate of developers * total development time = Total app development cost


Now you know the online Elsa Speak development cost, it is time to invest in developing your AI language learning app. For this, you need to hire an education app development company that can give an accurate cost estimation and build a robust app with cutting-edge technology.

How Much Does It Cost To Maintain An App Like Elsa?

Now that you are aware of the development cost of language learning apps, we will now discuss the Elsa Speak maintenance cost to build an app like Elsa Speak. Generally, education app maintenance costs can range from 15-20% of initial app development cost. It is crucial to know that for a complex app like Elsa Speak, the maintenance cost of a mobile app may be higher.

For instance, a simple AI language learning app costs $15,000, and the maintenance cost will be around $2500 per year. It includes some factors like hosting fees, bug fixes, updates for compatibility with new operating system versions, security patches, and improvements based on user feedback.

However, it’s essential to consider factors like scalability, third-party service fees, and potential regulatory changes that might impact the Elsa Speak app’s functionality. You must get assistance from an education app maintenance services provider to update the app and integrate essential features in it regularly.


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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Long Does It Take To Build An AI App Like Elsa Speak?

The development time to build an AI app like Elsa Speak can take around 2-4 months for a basic language learning app. However, it can increase to 5-8 months if you integrate highly advanced features in a complex app. It is vital to know that some crucial factors like app complexity, functionality, etc, are responsible for the development time. To know the exact time, you must hire an Elsa Speak app development company.


2. How Much Does Educational Website Development Cost?

The educational website development cost varies based on features, complexity, and customization. A basic education website may cost $8,000-$15,000, while complex platforms with advanced functionalities can range from $16,000 to $25,000 or more. Factors like design, interactivity, and additional features influence the overall development cost.


3. What Are The Benefits of Creating An App Like Elsa Speak?

Developing an app like Elsa Speak provides business benefits by jumping into the booming demand for language learning. It provides a lucrative market opportunity, fosters global reach, boosts user engagement, and generates revenue through subscriptions. Additionally, it establishes a brand presence in the competitive ed-tech landscape, driving long-term success.


4. How To Monetize An App Like Elsa Speak?

To monetize an app like Elsa Speak, you should consider a freemium model with a free basic version and premium features for a subscription fee. Additionally, you can offer language learning plans, partnerships with educational institutions, and in-app purchases for additional content. All these monetization methods can assist in making money from an app like Elsa Speak.


5. How Does Elsa Speak App Work?

To know the working mechanism of AI online English learning app like Elsa Speak, you should follow the below steps:

  • Download the Elsa English app.
  • Sign up for an account.
  • Choose your language learning goals.
  • Complete pronunciation exercises using voice recognition technology.
  • Receive instant feedback on your pronunciation.
  • Practice regularly with personalized lessons.
  • Track your progress and improve spoken language skills.

6. How To Stand Out Your App In The Market?

To stand out your Elsa Speak app in the market, you need to keep in mind the below points:

  • Unique Value Proposition: Clearly define what sets your app apart.
  • User-Centric Design: Prioritize an intuitive and enjoyable user experience.
  • Effective Marketing: Develop a robust marketing strategy to reach your target audience.
  • Social Proof: Showcase positive reviews and testimonials.