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Quote: “The best way to predict the future is to invent it. The Scanner App, a glimpse into a world where information is at your fingertips, simply by pointing.”  Alan Kay (computer scientist)

Nowadays, the demand for efficiency and convenience has increased. This is where the cosmetic and food scanner app comes from. Businesses can tap into a lucrative growing market by developing a cutting-edge edging app that allows users to scan products for nutritional information and ingredient analysis.

As per my research, approximately 50 million users who are growing up want to make informed choices about what they apply to their bodies and what they eat. This data depicts that investment in developing such a scanner app is not only a smart move for a business but also a way to stay ahead of the market competition in the changing tech industry.

If you find building a food and cosmetic scanner app profitable, read this blog. It will explore each and everything to help you build an app like Yuka.


Quick Summary: Create an app like Yuka with this blog. It will help you to understand a straightforward lottery app development process, essential features, costs, and benefits. So, Let’s Begin!

Introduction of Yuka- Food & Cosmetic Scanner App

Yuka is a scanner app that helps users make informed choices about what they eat on and put on their bodies. The app scans the barcodes of cosmetic and food products, instantly decoding all the mentioned ingredients and evaluating their health impact.


Introduction of Yuka- Food & Cosmetic Scanner App


The app shows a simple color code- yellow, orange, red, or green that quickly makes the user understand a specific product’s healthfulness along with detailed information.

If you also want to build an app like Yuka that can analyze the presence of additives, nutritional quality, and whether the product is organic or not, hire an iPhone or Android app development company to meet all the requirements in your app.


Market Stats of Scanner App

Number of smartphone users in the United States who used a QR code scanner on their mobile devices from 2020 to 2025

(in millions)


Market Stats of Scanner App


  • Approximately 89 million American smartphone users scanned a QR code with their devices in 2022, a 26 percent increase from 2020.
  • Forecasts indicating steady growth in this industry indicate that by 2025, there will be more than 100 million mobile QR code scanner users in the US.
  • In June 2021, a survey of American consumers revealed that 45% of participants had used a QR code to obtain marketing or promotional offerings.


Top Yuka Like Apps

If you are going to build an app like Yuka, you must study the alternatives to understand what the competitors are offering and what you can offer differently. Here is a list of the top 5 alternatives of Yuka:


Apps Description
INCI Beauty


The app helps users to analyze the cosmetic ingredients. With the app, users scan barcodes or search by and can see details of what is in a product.


Open Food Facts


Open Food Facts focuses on food transparency. Users can scene a product’s barcode and see its nutritional value, origin, ingredients, and environmental impact.
Health Choice


The app scene both cosmetic and food, offering a health rating system and also highlighting allergens and harmful ingredients.
Think Dirty


The app is similar to INCI Beauty, analyzing cosmetic ingredients. Users scan a product or search by name to know its potential health concerns and safety rating.



This broader barcode scanner app can used to scane different products, not just cosmetic or food. Codescan might also provide link to relevant information online.


Pramod (Project Manager)

As a mobile app developer, I have worked on many projects for different industries. However, one of the most exciting and interesting projects I have worked on is developing a cosmetic and food scanner app.

The food and cosmetics scanner apps are gaining huge popularity among customers who are very conscious about what they put on their skin and what they eat. Hence, demand for health-conscious and clean beauty products is on the rise, and apps like Yuka address this need by providing users with transparent and easy-to-understand information.

The app benefits the customers by helping them make healthcare choices and businesses by promoting transparency and building trust with customers. So, if you are also looking to build an app like Yuka, use the easiest way. In this blog, I am going to share my learning experience with the food and custom food and cosmetic scanner app development.


7 Key Steps to Build an App Like Yuka

The success of food and scanner apps that empower users to make informed choices about their cosmetics or food has inspired many businesses to invest in Yuka app development. However, they are confused about how and where to begin. Hence, here is a roadmap outlining some critical aspects to build an app like Yuka:


1. Conduct Market Research

Start by extensive market research to understand your potential users and competitors. Examine similar applications and identify why they do well and where they fall short. It will help you to determine the market gaps and enable you to develop your scanner app accordingly and fill market gaps. Additionally, it also helps to collect insight into users’ requirements and preferences to help you shape your app to offer unique value.


2. Choose the Best Tech Stack

The tech stack is the backbone of your scanner app. Decide whether you want to build Android, iOS, or both. You are advised to hire an Android or iPhone app development company to help you choose the tech stack that is best suited for this phase. Ensure that hired experts have a vast knowledge of frameworks like React Native for cross-platform development and Kotlin and Switf for native apps.


3. Craft an Intuitive UI/UX

Now, shift your focus to a user-friendly interface and exceptional user experience. Ensure your scanner app is easy to navigate and visually appealing, providing a seamless user experience. Additionally, also consider features like concise product ratings, a barcode scanner for quick product identification, and readily accessible detailed information. Easy mobile app design services allow users to easily scan, understand, and make informed decisions in a short time.


4. Develop the App

At this phase, with market research and tech stack in place, scanner app development begins. Her, you need the help of an app development company that can ensure successful app development by integrating significant features, scalability, and security. You can also use MVP (Minimal Viable Product) to test your core scanner app idea with its target demographics. It reduces capital funds and gives an idea of app success.


5. Testing and Quality Assurance

Now, it’s time to scan the app and test it. Testing on different devices and platforms identifies bugs and ensures smooth functionality. The food and cosmetic scanner app development company can help you in successful and reliable testing. Quality assurance also involves usability testing, where potential users interact with your app to identify areas where more ease of use or clarity is required.


mobile application development CTA


6. Launching and Marketing

As now your app is tested and polished, release it on app stores. User social media and press releases to create a buzz. You must understand that app development alone is not enough for success; you must highlight its benefits and unique features. Encourage satisfied users to share their experience and leave positive reviews.


7. Provide Continuous Support and Upgrades

Once your app is successfully developed and launched, continuous updates are required to remain competitive in the long run. For this, you have to keep an eye on your app’s performance so that if there is any issue, it can be resolved then and there. It will provide an enhanced user experience that keeps them engaged and retained.

Hence, you can build food app and cosmetic scanner app by adopting all these steps properly.


10 Essential Features of Apps Like Yuka

As you know, scanner apps like Yuka have changed the way people approach cosmetics and food. Empowering users with information enables informed decisions about what users put in and on their bodies. Hence, if you also want to develop such a game-changing-app, consider the following features:


Features Descriptions
Details Product Information Your food and the cosmetic app must provide detailed information about ingredients, potential allergens, and nutritional values.
Personalized Recommendations Build an app like Yuka that can suggest healthier alternatives based on user preferences and dietary needs.
Offline Mode Allow users to access significant information even if the internet is not available, ensuring usability everywhere.
Barcode Scanning An efficient and quick barcode feature enables users to retrieve product information instantly.
Healthcare Rating Ensure a clear and easy-to-understand rating system in your app, such as score or color code. It helps users to access the product’s healthiness
User Reviews and Rating Build an app like Yuka that lets users share their experiences and rate specific products to assist create a community-driven trust system.
Health Tips and Articles Your app must provide users with educational content to help them make informed decisions about their lifestyle and diet.
Comparative Analysis Your app should be capable of comparing similar products side by side so that users make better choices.
Multilingual Support Offer your scanner app in multiple languages and make it more inclusive to reach a wider audience. It will increase the user base.
Privacy and Security Build an app like Yuka that protects user’s sensitive information and data with certain security measures. It will make your app trustworthy.


How Much Does It Cost To Build an App Like Yuka?

Are you wondering what is the cost to build an app like Yuka? Well, different factors determine the food and cosmetic scanner app development cost. These include the app’s features, functionalities, the platform your app will be developed, and the app development team.

However, you can estimate $8200 – $27500 for a rough estimation. Remember that this app development cost can be different if your app’s requirements increase the complexity level as mentioned below:


Scanner App Development


Estimated Cost Time Frame
Simple Scanner App Development




$8200 – $15000 3 to 5 Months
Medium Complex Scanner App   Development




$15000 – $20000 5 to 8 Months
High Complex Scanner App  Development





$27500+ 10+ Months



Apart from the app development cost, you also need to consider the application maintenance and support cost which can range from 15 to 20% of the overall app development cost.


Why Must an Entrepreneur Invest In Building An App Like Yuka?

In the digital era, the food and cosmetic industries are performing well. Hence, it’s a good time for entrepreneurs to invest in progressive web apps development. With unique offerings in your app, you can excite and engage users for your apps. Apart from this, here are some compelling reasons that make you understand how investment in apps like Yuka can be beneficial for your business:

1. Growing Market

As you know, people are becoming very health conscious, and customers demand healthier products. Hence, investment in food and cosmetic scanner app development solutions will be a profitable opportunity to enter such a growing market.


2. Revenue Generation

With a scanner app, you can earn additional revenue through app monetization strategies. For instance, you can consider a freemium model where users can enjoy basic features for free and pay subscription fees for premium features.


3. Positive Societal Impact

With a successful cosmetic and food scanner app development, entrepreneurs can promote a culture of healthy awareness by guiding customers about ingredients and how they can impact their health. Hence, this contributes to a more empowered and informed consumer base, increasing brand visibility.


4. Data-driven Insights

Through user engagement, product scanning, and preferences, businesses can collect valuable data on consumer trends. Hence, this allows businesses to tailor different offerings or build strategic partnerships with specific brands based on user’s preferences and interests.


5. Build Brand Loyalty

If a business offers a valuable tool that promotes well-being, it can build loyalty and trust with its potential users. As a result, this loyal community can become brand advocates that help businesses attract new users organically.


Tech Stack for Food and Cosmetic Scanner app development

Component Technologies
Authentication OAuth, JWT
Frontend React Native, Flutter, Swift, Kotlin
Backend Node.js,  Java (Spring Boot)

Python (Django/Flask),

Database SQLite, PostgreSQL,MySQL, MongoDB, Firebase
API Integration GraphQL, RESTful APIs, SOAP
Analytics Google Analytics, Firebase Analytics
Version Control Git, GitHub, Bitbucket
Push Notifications Apple Push Notification Service, Firebase Cloud Messaging
Deployment Apple App Store, Google Play Store, TestFlight, Firebase App Distribution


Wrapping Up!

Food and Cosmetic Scanner app development offers great business opportunities and potential for growth and success. By investing in an innovative app that provides users with information about a product they consume, businesses can meet users’ changing needs and position themselves as market leaders. Hence, you are advised not to miss the opportunity to build an app like Yuka.

If you do not know the Yuka app development process, there is no need to worry. Just consult a Mobile app development company for better guidance. For instance, Dev Technosys is one of the leading mobile app development companies committed to transforming clients’ businesses with reliable, tech-driven apps.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Much Does It Cost to Build an App Like Yuka?

An average, the cost to build an app like Yuka has been evaluated at around $8200 to $27500, which can be changed if the app’s complexity level is high. A basic app with significant features and a feature-rich app demand different things.


2. How Long Does It Take To Build an App Like Yuka?

The timeline for creating apps like Yuka has been estimated to be around 3 to 11 months. The period depends on the app’s requirements, as unique requirements demand more effort and time.


3. How to Make Money With The Apps Like Yuka?

If you want to earn money with your food and cosmetic app like Yuka, consider:

  • Subscription model
  • Freemium model
  • In-app purchase
  • In-app advertising
  • Affiliate marketing


4. What Information Do Food And Cosmetic Apps Provide?

Apps like Yuka provide the following information:

  • Break down ingredients
  • Evaluate the nutritional content of food
  • Highlight potential risks in cosmetics
  • Offer a health rating system,
  • Suggest best alternatives