It’s not early to say that the COVID-19 pandemic is among the most defining events of this year, and it has several implications that will last for years to come. The existing situation is changing rapidly. People gathering to a single place has reduced from thousands to a few hundred and also to ten. Bars, restaurants, movie theatres, and gyms in different major cities have shut down. Also, many office workers are facing major challenges of working full time remotely.


Finally, the people are coming to terms with the current realities of the interconnected world, along with how difficult exactly it is to temporarily and completely separate these connections with different people. People are living in extraordinary times.


Among the main responses observed about the people approaching this particular period of isolation as well as uncertainty is massive changes to their current shopping behaviors. Right from bulk-buying to even online shopping, the people are essentially changing what they are actually buying, how, and when. On demand app development is gaining traction in this scenario.


With more cities going under governmental lockdowns, various non-essential businesses are effectively being ordered to close as well as customers are avoiding public places. Even limiting shopping for all the people but necessary essentials is becoming quite a new normal. Different brands are adapting and become flexible to meet the changing requirements.


Here we provide information for you to allow making the best decisions for your business during these uncertain times. We will discuss how COVID-19 is leading to a boom in online businesses. But first, let’s understand the behaviors of the people, which are changing, what particular products they are buying, and how online businesses are benefiting from them.


COVID-19 and Panic Buying

With the news of this pandemic spreading, people started to stock up. They started buying medical supplies such as masks and hand sanitizer along with household essentials. Soon, the brick-and-mortar, as well as online stores, started struggling to keep up with the immense demand, and the price of supplies started increasing.


All humans respond to crises in various fashions. Whenever faced with any uncertainty, as well as the risky situation over which humans have no control, they tend to try whatever they can in order to feel like they have some control.


In this regard, panic buying can easily be understood as playing to three fundamental psychological needs. Essentially, these needs are autonomy or the inherent need to feel in control of the actions, competence, or the need to feel like smart buyers making the right choice and relatedness or the need to feel that they are doing something to benefit their families.


All of these three psychological factors are the exact same reasons that retail therapy is an actual response to different types of personal crises that people have. However, in the case of a pandemic, there are different added layers.


Among those layers is that the global spread of this pandemic has been accompanied by a huge amount of uncertainty and also some contradictory information. Whenever people hear different opinions and advice from multiple sources, basically, they have a greater instinct to over-prepare instead of under-prepare.

Then there is crowd mentality. After seeing other people buying up the items and then seeing a definite scarcity of necessary and essential products actually validates their decision to stock up. It’s an established fact that no one wants to be left behind without different resources. Wallet app development assists people in making purchases seamlessly.


All of the major industry sectors, which include travel, transportation, capital goods as well as manufacturing, have been adversely affected due to this pandemic. But even this grim scenario has opened the doors of various new opportunities for a particular few industry sectors.


Grocery Delivery 

During these situations like virus outbreak or lockdown, the first essential item is grocery. In a few of these months, online grocery delivery applications have seen a massive surge in the total number of downloads. Among the most affected countries, people often tend to rely on online groceries to meet their regular and daily food needs. It is the reason why these applications have seen a massive increase in downloads in recent times at significant proportions.


Mail and Delivery 

Even though this pandemic has duly affected mail and delivery services in terms of speed and efficiency, a lot of the delivery companies are still open. There is certainly less chance of spreading the virus through shipped packages as well as products due to poor survivability of the COVID-19 virus on the surface. Also, in a few countries, courier delivery app development has also worked wonders. In these countries, where these services are considered essential services, people can leverage the benefits of on-demand delivery and courier services via customized apps. They can even track the delivery package and get the courier right at their doorstep.



Food Delivery

Restaurants, as well as third-party delivery agencies, can easily boost their revenue by providing their customers to order food online. The food delivery app is designed to offer convenience to the application users while ordering food in a seamless fashion through food ordering app development.

Features of Grocery development app


People can order food by utilizing these apps and get delivery right at their doorsteps. These apps are quite quick, convenient as well as a useful option for the people who work from their home and wish to avoid crowded restaurants during this pandemic.


Online Delivery

Online delivery and retail business is among the beneficiaries of the recent situation. Companies like Amazon have extended their entire workforce to meet the surge in the overall online demand for a different product. But, it is facing issues like delays in deliveries and out-of-stock situations.

Features that are common to on-demand apps

Such issues have compelled it to put a certain notice regarding the unavailability of both inventory and delivery. With shoppers continuing to put orders online, large online retailers are facing a shortage of items.


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The COVID-19 pandemic is spreading exponentially across the entire world. Most of the businesses have started taking the brunt of this highly dreaded disease. Many industries strive to survive, while online delivery businesses witness a massive surge in the overall number of downloads. Customized apps such as tutor app development solutions can open new avenues for businesses and even assist startups in thriving in these challenging circumstances. You can easily boost your online delivery business while safeguarding it from the various adverse effects of the outbreak through customized mobile apps.