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The highly engaging advancements in technology garnered a lot of opportunities in the global market. Even the individual’s monotonous routine work is not left from this effect. It has patronized their life in any way either it is direct or indirect. Here, major contributions influencing personal lives have witnessed after spurt in mobile app development. Some of like health app, food ordering app, cab booking app, etc. In the current market what is expressively wondrous is the sports betting app.

The concept of sports betting application has taken a long route before transforming into an idea. In a broader sense, it’s an old convert. What happens now is just its execution with contemporary tools. With the passage of time and a favorable market, it possesses more opportunities for every mobile application development company. The success of a sports betting app would be better to be interpreted with William Hills. It is known for its immense reputation across a similar industry.


Sports Betting App Market

Today, millions of people across the globe are engaged in placing bets regularly. As a result, it is becoming a favorite and most popular pastime for every individual. Enriching popularity has witnessed a thriving and growing number of sports betting software developers. The sports betting industry has transformed into a rapidly growing sector.

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It is contributing an influential stake in mobile app development. Furthermore, duly integration of technological progress and consistent adaptability has enabled the objectivity of contemporary need. It patronizes with increased connectivity and accessibility for the user.

Research by H2 Gambling Capital shows that the global betting industry was approximately $80 billion in 2018. From here, it is expected to swell up to $102 billion by 2023. Sports betting is adding more sports fans with every passing day. It has interpreted with every stance of its additional opportunity.


Business Model

Sports betting apps offer a fully managed sports betting service working with real-time sports data on a robust platform. They utilize proprietary tools to compile odds, working alongside their risk management department to enable a highly competitive sports betting offer, while mitigating risk.

The UI customization is offered to the user, to make them able to deliver against specific marketing campaigns and hedge a unique experience to end-users. The success of betting app development company depends on its scalability. These apps allow their operators the flexibility for certain events, to adjust pre-match odds, up to a set level, or enabling them to differentiate and optimize relevant marketing campaigns.

It charges the operators a fee based on several variables, including fixed fees, the number of live events offered, and commission – based on a share of the operator’s net gaming revenue.


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Features In the Sports Betting Application

The extensibility of proposed targets relies on the architecture they possess. In other words, to empower users’ sports betting ambitions sports betting app must be capable of supporting their operators wherever and whenever. It means that sports betting software developers play a significant role.

They would be accelerating technical and operational challenges through ‘scalable differentiation’ while empowering operators to innovate, integrate, and individualize through the platform. Only by delivering both this scalability and differentiation, the core objective would be achieved. So let’s comprehend all that needs to be considered while developing a sports betting app:


1. User Panel


Betting App User Panel


i. Sign-in

As similar to every app, its a basic feature to be considered. Although it is not required long hours discussion, easy sign-in would pave more opportunities for new users. Hence it is suggestive to make it so simple so that every person would be able to sign in seconds. Login through social media channels or email account credentials is less time consuming and effectual.


ii. Live scores

The logged-in users must be viewing the live score on the basic screen of the app. It prepares them to fetch duly updated scores, and place the bet. The real-time information streamlines the process of entire sports betting app functionality.


iii. Scheduled matches

Under this section, users will be able to view and store all the upcoming match schedules along with the date and time. Users get the notification when the match date is nearby so that they can plan the betting activities accordingly.


iv. Tips on betting

No doubt, every user is not so well equipped with all functionality or lacks basic betting tips. So, here under this section, they are provided with all the required information for placing the bet. It offers valuable betting tips for the novice punters lacking ins and outs of the sports betting. The users would be able to collect all information about the betting price, the payment invested and sports.


v. Notifications

It remains a significant feature fro the user while deciding their bet. Under this section, the user is notified about the conclusion and performance of the player. The information is efficiently managed and extracted.

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vi. Sports Selection

Here, the users can select their beloved game or a game for betting. With the help of all relevant data, teams are shown on the screen. Furthermore, the corresponding prices which are detrimental for betting are also showcased. It makes easier for the users to place a bet.


vii. Betting patterns

The section provides an opportunity to the users about selecting the betting patterns according to their convenience. They would be accessing different betting types. Among them, they can play with their selected methodologies. Here, users can also select categories of betting according to their beloved game. Following are some of the standardized types of betting:

• Singles
• Totals (Over/Under)
• Parlay
• Head to Head
• Yankee
• Tricast
• Handicaps
• Patent
• Each Way
• Double
• Treble
• Multiples


viii. Communication

It makes this app more unique. Here, the app user would be able to communicate niftily with other users. They can stay communicated for every fact and information they would like to share. It may extend to basic price standards or the foreseen predictions about the matches.


ix. Final Results

It consists of all the quintessential information about the new poll creation by the admin or about the due status of the app user. The section would be allowing the user to see the status of the user bout their win or lose.


x. Position

The section shows and analysis the exact position of the user. It shows up all the information about the money status and active bet. Hence, before placing a bet they would have all relevant information under this section.


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2. Admin Panel


i. Login

Among the basic feature of any mobile app, here it also plays a similar role. The admin can register in-app with all their relevant and self-created credentials.


ii. Dashboard

Dashboards allow the app admin to manage the number of all registered users. The section makes it possible for the admin to allow or disallow users for betting over a game. Furthermore, he/she can put the different betting prices for different games.


iii. Managing User

Here under this section, the admin is well capable to add a newly registered user. He can view all relevant details about the users i.e. the amount invested, ongoing money standards and the games they are participating in.


iv. Content Management

All the content or information that is encompassed by the static pages are managed by the admin. He manages the content of the page like about us, terms of use, how it works, Vision, etc.


v. Game Management

The section hedges an opportunity for the admin to play new criteria for the betting. In a broader sense, here the admin would be able to try the new concepts of betting.


vi. Targeted Marketing and Monetization

Undoubtedly the marketing and monetization knits a significant effect for an app for every mobile app development company. So, under this segment, admin can manage app monetization strategies. Additionally, he can also track and verify the advertisements, in-app purchases, and targeted promotions.


vii. Standards from bookies

In sports betting apps, the determination of the best prices depends on the probabilities of win or lose. Here, the admin can regulate the prices, according to the delivered standard by the main bookies. So that he would be able to determine the possibility of winning or losing. Furthermore, he also creates the password apart from notifying the starting and ending time of the betting.


Web and App Development


3. More Advanced Features


1. Live streaming of matches

The sports betting app is quite responsive to its function, how it works. But, on the other hand, it doesn’t always mean that the user must be betting all the time. Therefore, the app provides users with a facility where they can watch live matches. It benefits in one among various ways, a healthy involvement in the process. The real-time scores and live matches enrich the user’s experience more promisingly.


2. Multi-language

The app supports multiple languages with the help of register transfer language (RTL) language changing option. No doubt the availably of different languages i.e. English, Italian, Spanish, Russian, French, German, Japanese, Chinese, etc. in the sport betting app attracts more potential audience. It encapsulates a convenient and native experience for the users. Hence, users can easily switch the language by just one tap.


3. Fast In-Play bets 

The Sports Betting App offers a fast and quick process. It allows the users to place bets during the live game. During live Matches and its real-time scores, the users are offered an opportunity of making bet up to a corner, cards, minute goals, etc. The bet can be placed within moments or before any change in a scorecard.


4. Match schedules

Here, it’s an in-app feature where the users organize all the activities .i.e. match date, time, place, etc. Apart from better convenience and experience, it nourishes the usability of the app.


5. Radio

It keeps the users engaged by providing them all relevant information.


sports betting app


Development Cost for Sports Betting App Like William Hill

The development cost of a sports betting app developed by betting app company relies on the following factors:

• Complexity: The complexity status of the app. The more it would be engaging for the user, the more costly it will be.

• Platform: The selection between the dedicated platforms affects significantly to the total cost of developing an app. It will be more detrimental than other aspects of the development i.e. the process to hire app developer. The selection of a platform would be between Android, iOS, Windows or web.

• Geographical location: It varies according to the location of the user base as well as of the development team. It can be well interpreted with expected budget packages:

• U.S. based developer team: – $50 to $150 per hour
• Europe based developer teams: – $40 to $150 per hour
• India based developer teams: – $25 to $100 per hour (We work for $20 Per Hour, Contact Us)

It is mandatory for quality apps that entire development must be effectual and efficacious. While Hiring a betting app development company, expertise and experience should not be compromised. Therefore, the overall development cost for developing sports betting app like William Hill will cost you differently. In case of having minimalistic features, it would cost you around $30,000 to $50,000. On the other hand, a higher sophistication escalates the cost to $75,000.



In the current marketplace, like championship thoroughbreds, gaming operators and suppliers are sprinting out of the gate, eager to finish first in the new lucrative sports betting market. They have been engaged in the competitive retention of the users.

They all are seeking the same elusive prize as new customers, revenue, etc. For these contemporary objectives, they would be fetching their sports betting player databases. By utilizing this, they are identifying the most passionate segments of their sports betting audience. The momentum and adaptability it possesses would be benefiting the entire mobile app development industry.