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Sports Betting App Development is a rapidly growing mobile application designing and development segment where there are people worldwide used to play betting on sports via these apps. If you are also passionate, know about it, or want to build sports betting app with the cost of sports betting app development.

Then there is some interesting information that you would love to read. Via this article, you will go through the various aspects and the cost of developing the online betting app.

Regarding development, on average it will cost you around $30,000 with basic features, and in case you need more parts, the price will be accordingly.

Shockingly, sports betting is 2000 years old, and the credit goes to the Greeks who introduced the Olympics sports to the world. The earlier credit of sports betting also goes to them later that spread to Rome and then other kingdoms.

However, time by time, it also faced ban by some religious leaders or the governments, but still, it is in existence. Now, worldwide in most countries, betting is played via online applications called Sports Betting Apps.

Launching a potential betting app requires several steps that include idea formulation, UI/UX development, backend development, testing, launching, and app marketing.

After accomplishing all these steps, a successful app is produced. All these steps affect the cost of sports betting app development That later you will read in this article.

Have you ever thought that- 

What about the market size of the sports betting mobile app? 

What is the worth of this industry? 

If you want to know about it, then let’s check something interesting about it.

A Sneak Peek Into The Sports Betting App Industry

Sports Betting Map

It is a type of online gambling where people used to place a wager on the outcome or result of the game. Earlier it was on manual traditions such as horse racing, bull racing, and all. However, due to the evolution in technology worldwide, people are playing with their bets on apps called sports betting mobile applications.

The games can be soccer, football, baseball, basketball, rugby, or any other game else. The betting amount is called handle, and the remaining amount left out after paying the winners by bookmakers is called profit. In terms of industry size and revenue, it is one of the trending industries. Currently, its market size is 218.49 billion US dollars.

The number of running businesses is 30.861 in the sports betting market. Only in the US, there is a huge volume in it. Multiple sources reported that by 2025 the US sports market will be worth $7.9bn to $10.7bn.

In March 2021, the total wager value was recorded as 4.6 billion USD, whereas mobile wagers amount was 3.1 billion, representing that online sports betting via mobile is on the top.

Sports Betting App Data 

In the USA, once it was illegal activity, but to date, 20 US states have legalized online betting, and other states are also in the queue. In 2018 the annual revenue was only 0.3 billion USD and it reached $1.5 billion in 2020. Now the expectation is of more due to the trends.

Many individuals consider it as one of the potential ways to earn revenue and consider that the cost of sports betting app is worthfully. Once it is completely legalized in all 50 states in the USA, the revenue is projected to reach around USD 20 billion per year initially.

Note: In addition to the betting app development, you should note that you need a license from the compliance authority to launch an app. However, things depend upon the rules and regulations of a particular country. Therefore, before taking any further steps, you should consult with a legal advisor. 

What is Sports Betting? 

What is Sports Betting? 

There is no need to define what sports betting is, but the people who do not know about it can understand that it depends on the predictions and outcomes. The persons who expect the results of any game such as football, baseball, basketball, etc., and put money into it are called bettors.

It is the history of hundreds of years old when it was played manually, but now there are several online betting mobile applications available in the market. That a user can download and install. In addition, if someone wants to invest in it, then it is a promising idea to invest in the cost of developing sports betting app.

World-Class Key Features To Include In A Sports Betting App

Betting App Development Features

Not only the visuals or graphics, but the features also make any app special and fully functional. The sports betting app features can be categorized into two, i.e., User Panel Features and Admin Panel Features that you need to consider while developing the app. These features have also affected the cost of sports betting app development.

So, let’s kick out exploring these ones by one –

#1. User Panel Features

  • Sign-in

It facilitates the users to sign-up on the online sports betting platform via their phone number, e-mail id, banking credentials, and social media id. Most modern apps allow users to onboard via their social media login as it is the fastest medium.

  • Live Scores

It allows users to observe the live score of ongoing games. In addition, it helps them to analyze the performance of a player and a team in which they are interested. The users can also see the match summary.

live results

  • Result Notifications 

Users get information about the result of bets they have placed with the help of the result notifications feature. You can also use it to send push notifications to the user.

  • Sports Available

Under this section, users can choose the game available on the app. It will depend on you how many games you want to include in your app. It would be best if you choose those games which are popular at the targeted locations.

  • Sports Schedules

It works like a timetable that displays the match schedules so the users can decide about the betting for the upcoming games.

  • Betting Patterns 

It contains the betting models that can be chosen by the users as per their choice. Examples are spread-betting, totals, money lines, head-to-head calls, etc.

  • Ranking

It is one of the best features of the sports betting app that is handy for users who wish to place their bets on a particular team and player. The rankings will be based on the real-time statistics of players and teams performed in the specific game.

  • Upcoming Events

It alerts the users about upcoming events. The user will get the messages or tap on this section to know more about the fore coming events.

  • Communication

It directly refers to the in-app chat where users can communicate with each other, or in case of any issue, they can chat with the admin.

  • Offers

It shows case the ongoing and upcoming offers that a user can use while placing a bet on a game. Here user will get the info about the promo code and offer code.

  • Payments

Via credit card, debit card, or net banking, users can instantly pay the betting price or any in-app purchase. Here you need to integrate all the payment methods, and it would be better to include a mobile wallet as an advanced feature.

  • Multilanguage

Now, mobile apps are not limited to any geographic area, so they can be used by any user belonging to any location.

  • Betting Tips

The betting tips will be helpful for new users as well as for old ones. It will help them to understand more about the game.

#2. Admin Panel Features

admin panel

The admin panel features are as important as the user’s panel features to have control over all users’ activities and the app. So, the following are its features of it-

  • User Management

It is one of the prime activities that an admin is supposed to handle. The admin can supervise and look over the actions performed by bettors and regular users. In case of any discrepancy or malicious activity, they can ban the users or a user.

  • Prize and Payment Management

It facilitates the admin to manage payment received as bet money from the users and distribute the prize among winners.

  • Game Management

The admin can modify the bet limit on a particular game or event as per their choice, and they can also observe the ongoing matches with ease.

  • Dashboard

One of the most important features of the admin panel where all the control can be found in an arranged way is users online, total users, ongoing bet status, total revenue collected, and many other options. At a time admin can look over all the activities.

  • Bookmaker Management

For every sports betting app, bookmaker management is the most crucial feature; without it, we can’t even think about betting. The admin can easily administer the betting process to ensure the best user experience.

  • Marketing Tools 

From the revenue point of view, marketing is crucial. With the help of a marketing tool, an admin can implement marketing strategies that include sending promotional messages, social media messages, e-mail marketing, etc.

  • Content Management

The content management feature allows the users to modify the content, including creation, access, update, and deletion.

  • Revenue Management

Here you need to implement the system as the best sports betting apps have. Revenue management helps the admin manage the generated revenue from the betting.

They also control the money transaction such as game fee receiving, distributing the prize money, refund request, withdrawal request, and other finance-related requests.

Advanced Features That Can Make Online Betting App Awesome

Sports betting GIF

The above features are necessary, but if you need to make the app awesome and unique, you must include the following in your betting app.

These features will help make your app stand out from the crowd of its companion, ensure an enriched user experience, and make the app impressive.

  • In-App Video Call

It will increase the joy of users where they can communicate with each other via video call to share their views about a particular player or a team. This is the pro feature of sports betting that can affect the cost of sports betting app development.

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  • Live Streaming

Live streaming is the most advanced feature for any betting app that entertains users to watch live games. However, here you have to include the Vimeo live streaming match APIs, MUX API, etc.

  • Fast Betting

With its help, the user places the best fast before any modification in the scoreboard status.

  • Audio Updates 

It sounds something different, but audio updates can also make your online sports betting app unique.

For example, suppose users are working and do not have time to carry the mobile for betting or score updates, so instead of switching to the phone, they can easily listen to the updates over their Bluetooth headphones.

  • Mobile Wallet

Most of the new generation apps are loaded with e-wallet features that are secure in all terms. The user can recharge their wallet amount from their respective banking accounts or credit card or debit card.

Cost of Sports Betting App Development

There are several links you can find on the internet that claims the cost of sports betting app development. But the real thing is without figuring out the features and tech stack, it is very tough to estimate the cost.

Although average, it will cost you around US $8,000-US $20,000 initially with the crucial features. The cost may be more than this if you include advanced features and specific requirements of the tech stack.

Hire App developer

Following are the components that affect the cost of sports betting app development-

  • UI/UX Design
  • User Panel
  • Admin Panel
  • Advanced Feature Implementation
  • Backend Development
  • API Integration
  • Testing
  • Sports Betting App Submission

With the advanced features, the cost can go up to US $15,000-US $25,000. It is a rough estimate, so it would be best to consult with the mobile app development company for the cost of sports betting app development.

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The Tech Stack Required to Develop Sports Betting App  

Developing an online sports betting mobile app tech stack plays a crucial role, so the following are related details.

  • Programming Language- JavaScript, Kotlin, Swift, Objective C, C#
  • Database- MongoDB, Postgre, HBase, Cassandra,
  • Third-Party APIs- Firebase, Donbest, Twilio, Sinch
  • Cloud Environment- Microsoft Azure, AWS, Google
  • Real-Time Analytics- IBM, Spark, Cisco, Hadoop, Apache
  • Email- MailChimp
  • Push Notifications- APNS

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Wrapping It Up!

Sports betting apps are new-generation apps that legally allow people to place their bets on their game of choice. It is a great monetization idea to implement, but you need to be specific with your goals. As the initial step, first, you need to choose your niche and then proceed with the further steps.

For developing an excellent betting mobile app, it would be better if you take advice or help from the app developers.

On the other hand, you also need to focus on their authenticity because it does not matter what makes a sports betting app.

The thing matters are who developed it and how it is developed. Once your app is launched and attracts users, the cost spent on the app will be fruitful.