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As you see through Instagram, do you ever be thrilled by the lovely photos and silently wonder how they achieved that blemish free look? At times, robust photo-editing apps like Pixlr hold the solution. But have you ever thought, “Hey, I could develop an app like Pixlr similar to that!”   

The market for picture editor apps was worth $326.9 million in 2024. In 2034, it will be worth $496.6 million, which is a rising trend. This proves that more individuals will want photo editing apps in the coming years. 

This has made it more likely that startups will invest in developing Pixlr apps. In that case, this blog will help you if you want to build a similar photo editing app. This blog gives you insights about the process, features, and costs of creating an app like Pixlr.  

So, let’s begin!   


What Is a Pixlr App?

Pixlr is a photo editing app that enables users to edit photos on the go, with features like filters, effects, and blemish removal. Users can also make collages and share their Pixlr apps on your social media.  

There’s a free web version with similar features and even a paid desktop app with more advanced editing options. So, if you have a similar app idea or want to develop Canva alternatives, you must consult experts.       


Develop An App Like Pixlr


Best Photo Editing Apps In the Market

Below are the most popular photo editing apps that you must take into consideration before starting the photo or video editing app development. So, let’s have a look at the alternatives to Pixlr: 


Top Photo Editing Apps  Available Platform  Downloads     Ratings    
Picsart   Android | iOS 1B 4.0 
Canva  Android | iOS 100M 4.8 
Photoshop     Android | iOS 100M  4.6 
Facetune      Android | iOS 50M 4.4 
Lightroom     Android | iOS 100M  4.6  


Steps To Develop An App Like Pixlr

Do you want to build an app like Pixlr? Making an app for altering photos can be hard because you need to know a lot about it. To help you with that, we have drawn the process to develop an app like Pixlr. 


Develop An App Like Pixlr


1. Validate App Idea 

Firstly, you must verify or validate your Pixlr-like app idea with a mobile app development company. They will perform rigorous market research by keeping your target audience in mind. Your app must solve your potential audience issues. Also, find out what your competitors’ apps are offering so that you can stand out from them.    


2. Create A Feature List 

Before choosing the app features, you must analyze the functionalities of your competitor apps. For example, if you want to build an app like Picsart or Pixlr, check out their USP features. Also, you can choose the app features to remember your budget. For better outcomes, you may get help from experts. 


3. Make An Alluring UI/UX Design 

After making the feature list, it is time to create a visually appealing interface. To get a feel for how your Pixlr-like app will seem to users, the art and design app development team will create a wireframe. It must look good, be simple to use, and make sense to develop an app like Pixlr. 


4. Develop Your Pixlr-like App 

Now comes the main stage which is to develop an app like Pixlr. You can hire an iOS or  Android app development services provider to create the backend of your Pixlr app development. They will help in choosing the best-fit tech stack. Once your Pixlr clone app is developed, you can move on to the testing stage. 


5. Testing & Launch   

The last stage to develop an app like Pixlr is to perform the testing and release of your app. Now, the testers can find the bugs and errors. After your app is finally tested, you can publish it to the app stores.   


Key Features To Develop An App Like Pixlr

Features make the app successful, so it is vital to choose them wisely with the assistance of an on-demand app development expert. However, we have listed some essential features that you can add when you develop an app like Pixlr.  


Develop An App Like Pixlr


1. AI Magic

Users can quickly remove backgrounds and improve photos with just one click. They can also try out different art styles made possible by AI. When you make an app like Pixlr, add an AI feature with the help of an AI development services provider.   


2. Collage Creator

An app like Pixlr has many already-made collage designs, or users can create their own layouts from scratch.     


3. Text & Overlays

An app like Canva or Pixlr lets users add text in many fonts and colors. It is excellent for making unique memes, quotes, or images.  


4. Layer Up

For more complex edits, Pixlr allows you to work with layers, giving you professional-level control over your image composition.


Develop An App Like Pixlr


5. Graphic Design on the Go

When you build an app like Visme or Pixlr, add a graphic design feature. Users can use a library of shapes, icons, and text effects to make social media posts.     


6. Free & Premium Options

Pixlr offers a robust free version with core editing tools. Unlock even more features, like AI-powered tools and design elements, with a premium subscription. 


7. Filter Frenzy 

The filters in an app like Lightroom or Pixlr can totally change the style and mood of their photos, from small tweaks to big effects.  


8. Editing Essentials

Users can crop, resize, change the lights and colors, and get rid of flaws with tools that they already know how to use.   


How Much Does It Cost To Build An App Like Pixlr?

Before investing in any kind of app, cost is the first thought that recalls. So, the question is, “What will be the cost to build an app like Pixlr?”. Well, it can generally be between $10,000-$25,000 but can exceed depending on how intricate your project requirement is. 

However, features, app design, AI app development services team, and platform type are some factors that also affect the cost. To get a more precise image, let’s look at the below cost table:   

App Complexity  Cost Estimation 
Basic Pixler-like App  $10000-$15000
Medium Pixler-like App  $15000-$20000
Complex Pixler-like App  $25000


Whether you build an app like Photoshop or Pixlr, the development cost remains the same as mentioned above. If you are looking for an actual Pixlr app development cost, it is high time to consult with an IT consulting Services provider.           


Develop An App Like Pixlr



Now that you’re well-versed with the process to create an app like Pixlr, it is time to turn your ideas into reality. All you need to do is just consult with a generative AI development company like Dev Technosys, which can create a fantastic image editing app. 

Our mobile app developers excel in mobile app development and the latest technologies. So, what are you waiting for? Contact our experts and inform the world about your robust online AI photo editor app!    




Q1. How Long Does It Take To Develop An App Like Pixlr? 

When you build an app like Facetune or Pixlr, it can take some time depending on the factors. So, a simple photo editing app can be built in 2-4 months, while a complex Pixlr-like app can raise the time.  


Q2. How Much Does It Cost To Develop An App Like Pixlr?

The cost to create a mobile app like Pixlr can range between $10000-$25000. The alternatives to Pixlr Editor app development cost can be affected by factors like app intricacy, features, etc.        


Q3. What Are the Benefits Of Pixlr App Development?

The benefits of AI photo editor app development are given by an iPhone app development company. Let’s have a look:  

  • Better revenue
  • Boost user engagement
  • Cost-effectiveness    
  • Brand building