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Classified websites play an enormous role in our daily life. People are very much busy with their lives but if they want to make money from classified websites then it is not at all a difficult job.

Technologies in the present world help in creating classified websites within just a few steps. The main thing which you need to do before creating a classified website is research work.

After the research work, you need to choose the best platform. The best platform will help you in composing the online classified directory. The Internet basically has a number of resources that will help you after you complete the creation of the website for the classified directory. There may be many problems but still, there is a classified app development company for these problems.

It is very easy to start or create a website but the difficult part is to maintain the website. In order to keep your classified directory going, you will have to give money, time and the most important of all is effort.

So after you give all these you must be expecting something in return. Everyone can earn their profit on the classified website. So here are some of the tips which will guide you in making money for your classified website.

The cost involved in posting in different paid categories

There are some advertising categories that are pure gold. An example of such type is a car where a huge amount is involved. A vendor can display the advertisements easily if he gets the opportunity to earn a few thousand. As a result, more people will be able to see the advertisements and the number of potential buyers will increase.

1. Charging for advertisements to keep it for more time

One of the most important aspects of advertisement is the time for which the advertisement is given. The number of potential customers will increase if the advertisement is kept for a longer period.

Keeping the advertisement for a longer period will involve attracting more and more customers. Reviewing the websites of classified advertisements takes place on a daily basis and so if the advertisement is kept for a few more hours only, then also the success of sales can increase.

2. Charging on the basis of promoting advertisements

Promoting advertisements are one of a kind. This can be regarded as the most popular way of collecting fees. There are a number of advertisements which you can come across but the one with a bright frame and other characteristics which differentiate your advertisements from others will attract you.

If there is a change in color or changing the frame in a designed pattern and also there is a marking in the announcement then it will seek attraction of more viewers and with time this will increase your customer number.

If your advertisement is attractive then for sure it will attract in comparison with other advertisements. So this promoting advertisements will be having different fees as it provides more profit to the seller.

3. Charging on the basis of place

It is very common for any website visitor to see the first result. So if the position of your advertisement is below other advertisements then the number of website viewers for your advertisement will decrease.

So you the listing owners will have to pay more if they want to place their advertisements at the top.  A built-in option is there for the DJ-Classifieds component.

This component will help you in charging automatically if the listing owners want to display their advertisement at the top of the list. This method is very much prevalent and is also very common in many advertising portals which are well-known.

 4. Charges involved if there is any addition of extra images

Images are the best way of reaching any viewer. Images will attract viewers more than any other thing. If there are a large number of uploaded images then it will show your product in a very accurate manner.

The offer which you are providing will automatically become more attractive and reliable. Every viewer is keen to see any product which comes with detailed information along with a proper description and all these are possible only via images.

Images play an immense role as the customer will be satisfied to know what he or she is buying and whether the product is worth their money or not.

5. Allowance on the basis of virtual currency

This technique is different from others. It helps in creating virtual currency. This will help in selling virtual points to the user in exchange for real money.

The system is very advantageous as it helps in using closed points systems and the users can also be charged for it. This will provide your website with more budget.

On your classified websites, users will be able to exchange points depending on their activity. One such example is promoting advertisements.

6. Providing the sell plans for premium members

The sell plans package is a different idea which is basically for the premium users. This plan helps in giving more freedom and also more options for choosing.

One example can easily clear the doubt regarding these sell plans. One such example is for a selected group the number of advertisements will be limited. If the user is a premium one then he will have more features when compared with regular users. This is where the classified website cost.

7. Advertising space or banners

People are accustomed to banners when they are driving cars or walking in the streets. The same thing can also be done on the website. You will also be able to sell advertising space on your classified website.

Good classified websites will be having good classified software for implementing Google Adsense advertisements. This will help you in earning from every single click on your advertisements. Implementations of custom banners are also possible. Moreover, you can charge the advertiser an additional amount of fees.

8. Extra charges if the details are extra

This is basically on an advanced level. The classified listing owners will have to pay more if they want to add more details to their listing. In this case, field-level control is very much essential.

This field-level control must be present on your website or else extra charges for extra details won’t be possible. Listing submission can also be free if the technique of field monetization is present.

The classified owners will also be involved in paying more if they want to show any extra field like the contact details. So classified app developers charge extra for extra details.

How much does it cost to build a classified website?

Cost is a very important thing that you must keep in mind before you opt for making classified websites. There are different things that involve the cost of classified websites but first of all, it is essential to understand what features the classified website is having. Depending on these features only the initial cost will be determined.

Essential features for admin

  1. Management and detecting spam-To reduce spam advertisement some points may be taken into account which involves verification. There are two ways of verifying and one of them is by sending Email and SMS while others include the use of captcha.
  2. System of payments-If the classified website is global then it must have the feature of accepting different currencies. There must also be support for accepting different gateways for payments.
  3. Membership-This is an important point to keep in mind. If a plan is there for monetizing then there must be different levels of memberships. Like one of them will be for free while the other is for premium members. This will be having the detailed options for management.
  4. Powerful backend-There must be a feature of a powerful backend that can manage different functionality like location, categories, sub-categories, advertisement management, etc.
  5. The good statistics-The dashboard of admin must be giving updates for real-time insights for the classified website you are having.
  6. Import and export in bulk-The classified websites must be having the power to import and export all or some selected advertisements with just a single click. Moreover, the classified website must also have features for sending bulk emails.
  7. Security-The classified websites must have certain features like preventing the contact details which includes email copy protection, phone scraping, history of login, limiting the attempts for logging in, forbidden words, email blocking, IP blocking, etc.
  8. SEO management-The sites must bear links that are SEO friendly along with location subdomains. Some other features which must be there in the classified website are Meta keywords as well as Meta description for all different pages, Google sitemaps, Canonical URLs, page titles that are customized, etc.
  9. Backup-Once the information is gone then it cannot be returned to the users. So this can anger the listing owners. It is essential that the classified websites must have instant or scheduled time for the database backup. This is for the protection of emergency failure.

Essential features for users

  1. Advertisement posting form in a single page-The form must be having customizable fields so that it can support different kinds of niche classified sites. Moreover, the form must be very easy to submit.
  2. The search box-Search box plays the most important role in a classified website. The search box must be bigger when compared to any other normal website. The location of the search box is also important so it must be placed in a very easily accessible location.
  3. The geolocation system-Geolocation system is also known as location-based search. The categories or the subcategories must be divided properly and also in an appropriate location. Everyone is very busy in their daily life so they won’t prefer traveling from one place to another in order to buy. Everybody prefers to sell or to buy in their locality as it saves time and energy.
  4. Comment system-Consumers must be able to communicate with different sellers publicly in order to clear their doubts. Now the commenting can be guest commenting or social commenting.
  5. Contact advertiser form-This is the main feature of a basic classified website.
  6. User friendly-The classified website must be user-friendly and must be easy to navigate so the buyers or sellers don’t find it difficult to navigate. Not only this but the account management system must also have simplified access.
  7. Responsive-The classified website must be able to perform its duty on any kind of internet-enabled devices. Many people prefer using these classified websites on their smartphones so it is essential the website is working well on these devices.
  8. SEO friendly-This feature is important for both the administrator as well as for the users. Every advertisement must have a proper index from Google. This must be done with the help of proper keywords and metadata in an automatic manner.

The cost of any kind of classified website depends on these functionality features. It also depends on the type of platform on which you want to develop your website.

If for example building a multi-vendor website like the OLX it may be very difficult to decide the cost involved. Designing a single webpage can cost around $20 to $40.

Depending on all the above features the average total cost can range from $12,000 to $18,000. If you are building a website with a headway association then it will be higher when compared to building a classified website for a strength class or at a close-by scale

In order to prepare a good classified website, you will need

  • QA pro
  • Backend engineer
  • Front-end engineer
  • Project chief
  • UI/ UX planners

The cost can also extend up to $25,000. Add other features and the cost will increase. A number of optional features you add, the cost starts increasing which you have to pay to the classified app development company.


With the advancement in technology and the emergence of the internet, classified web development services are making their way. With respect to time, the classified website is showing its progress.

There are many website development companies that can help you to build your classified website. First, know about the company and be wise to choose the best one for yourself.