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“E-commerce isn’t just a part of the retail industry; it is the future of business.”

– Bernardine Wu


Are you looking to develop an app like 6thStreet? If yes, then you must read this blog. The digital marketplace can be a fascinating experience. A platform similar to 6thStreet is a device that can be carried in your pocket. A digital hub such as 6th Street would be like inviting customers into a mall full of choices, but personalized.

The journey from conception to execution is not without cost. How much does it cost for an app such as 6thStreet to be developed? Virtual storefronts are irresistible. Understanding the financial landscape before you dive in is essential.

Aspiring digital entrepreneurs can use the 6thStreet app cost range, which typically ranges from $10,000 to $25,000. As we explore the world of eCommerce application development, let’s peel back the layers to reveal the costs.

So, let’s begin.

What is 6thStreet?

6thStreet, an online fashion and lifestyle shopping site in the GCC. The site was launched in 2016 by entrepreneurs who recognized the need for a shopping destination online that could cater to the fashion-conscious customers of the GCC. There are many online shopping apps like YesStyle, eBay, Etsy, Amazon etc.


Develop an App Like 6thstreet


6thStreet has a large selection of international brands such as Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, Charles & Keith and more. It is a customer-focused app that offers free shipping and easy returns within 14 days. The app also offers a secure and fast online shopping experience that allows customers to shop while on the go.


Current Market Stats of Ecommerce Industry


Develop an App Like 6thstreet


  • With over five billion users of the internet, online purchases are increasing as global internet adoption and access increases.
  • Retail e-commerce is expected to reach 5.7 trillion U.S. Dollars in 2022.
  • An ecommerce marketplace like Amazon is the largest e-retailer of all in the United States. The company is also the leader in e-retail sales.
  • In the U.S., in the last quarter 2022, 34 of Gen Z consumers purchased a product from a social platform.
  • Retail e-commerce worldwide will reach approximately 5.2 trillion U.S. Dollars in 2021. The forecast is that this figure will grow 56 percent in the next few decades, reaching 8.1 trillion U.S. dollars by 2026.
  • Forecasts showed that the revenue of the E-commerce sector in the United States would increase continuously between 2023-2028 by 574.7 Billion U.S. Dollars.

Cost to Develop an App Like 6thStreet

Anyone can’t tell you with certainty how much it will cost to build a mobile app since every customer has distinct demands, and prices vary accordingly.

The cost to develop an app like 6thStreet can range from $10000 to $25000. App development companies offer a price based on the cost per hour of development, or they will give you the total cost to develop an app like 6thStreet. You can pay this at once or in installments.


App Complexity

Cost Estimation

Time Duration

Simple App
2-3 months
Medium App
4-6 months
Complex App
8 months


The cost of developing a mobile app such as 6thStreet is also dependent on many factors, which we will cover in the section below. It’s best to hire dedicated UI/UX and ecommerce app developers for your 6thStreet ecommerce app.


Develop an App Like 6thstreet

Factors Influencing the Cost to Develop an App Like 6thStreet

E-commerce app development is a challenging endeavor that needs substantial preparation and funding. There are several approaches to evaluate the development costs of an app such as 6thStreet, accounting for different aspects of operation and technology. These are a few important variables that greatly affect the price.


Develop an App Like 6thstreet

1. Project Complexity

Your project’s intricacy will determine how much money and time you require. If your eCommerce system is feature-light, it will cost less.

The cost to develop ecommerce apps by adding advanced features such as AI-powered capabilities and real-time updates to inventory would still increase. Simple apps that have many features will be cheaper than platforms with complex features.


2. Features and functionalities

The balance between affordability and features is crucial. If you only want to test the water before launching a fully-built program, integrating minimal features is acceptable.

You can add additional functionality to the eCommerce app when you are ready. Although the user experience is enhanced, it will increase the mobile app development cost.


3. UI/UX Design

What users will notice about your 6thStreet-like mobile apps for Android the most first is its look. A mobile app development company may be made or broken by its first impressions. 6thStreet’s success is due to the smooth user interface and its easy-to-use experience.

Therefore, having a design that is accessible, intuitive, and user-friendly is crucial. It will ultimately help attract new users and keep existing customers. However, high-quality design can be more expensive.


4. Choosing a Platform

The right platform will help you reach your target audience. The cost to make an E-commerce App like 6thStreet will be affected by platforms like iOS, Android and cross-platform. Android has more devices, but iOS is known for its efficient development.

Cross-platform development may initially save you money, but it may also cause some problems later. It is therefore important to contact the right mobile app development services provider according to your business goals.


5. Choose the Right Tech Stack

When it comes to scalability, security and reliability, choosing the right technology stack is crucial. We’ve listed below the essential tech stack needed to build an eCommerce application.

  • Native: Swift Objective C Kotlin
  • Hybrid: React Native, Flutter
  • Frontend: React JS and Angular
  • Backend: Node JS, .NET, Python, Java, PHP, TypeScript

It would be more expensive to include an advanced tech stack than a basic tech stack. To keep ahead of the competition, get in contact with a reputable iPhone app development company to construct an eCommerce app.


Top 5 Ecommerce Apps Like 6thStreet

Ecommerce Apps

Available Platform Downloads



Android | iOS 100M+ 4.7
Shein Android | iOS 500M+



Android | iOS 50M+ 4.7
Etsy Android | iOS 10M+



Android | iOS 10M+


1. Temu


Develop an App Like 6thstreet


Temu is one of the best shopping apps and a big player in the market. The most downloaded app for Android and iPhone in the US is this one. It provides a large selection of goods at affordable costs. Temu, a subsidiary owned by a Chinese company, Pinduoduo, was launched in the US late in 2022.


2. Shein

Shein is another major new player on the app store landscape. The app is currently the second most popular for both iPhone and Android, after Temu, and it also comes from a Chinese company.


Develop an App Like 6thstreet


Shein, a fashion retailer that began in China and expanded to the US and other international markets, is popular among iPhone users. However, if you want to build an app like SHEIN, then it is the perfect option to boost business.


3. Walmart

Walmart is attempting to imitate Amazon’s commercial success as a marketplace and store. Although the store is the main emphasis, there is a thriving third-party seller sector as well.


Develop an App Like 6thstreet


Walmart, originally known for its physical retail stores, has today a strong online presence. Their online shopping platform is among the top five most downloaded apps on both iOS and Google Play in the US.


4. Etsy


Develop an App Like 6thstreet


Etsy is an app that allows you to shop for authentic, vintage and handcrafted goods. Etsy allows you to buy unique and original products from independent third-party sellers. These vendors more closely resemble the kind of vendors one finds on online marketplaces like Amazon or Walmart.


5. Shop

Shopify’s application for customers is called Shop. One of the best ecommerce platforms available today is Shopify. It is known as the platform for independent online stores.

Develop an App Like 6thstreet


However, it also allows shoppers to browse and purchase from brands who use Shopify. The app includes order updates, discounts and exclusive offers, as well as the option to earn Shop Cash that can be used in the app.


Essential Features to Develop an app like 6thStreet

A captivating e-commerce platform entails more than just a chic layout. The features are crucial when you want to develop an app like 6thStreet. Here are some of the most important features you should include in an eCommerce platform similar to 6thStreet advised by an android app development services provider.


Develop an App Like 6thstreet

1. User Registration

The first thing a user will see when they open your Ecommerce app like 6thStreet is a simple but secure registration process. A simple profile management system allows users to update information, view order history and manage preferences. This, in turn, contributes to a more personalized shopping experience.


2. Home Screen

Home screen is your 6thStreet virtual storefront. It’s one of the app’s most important features. The home screen is a great place to showcase featured products and offers. It not only attracts users, but gives them a feel for what 6thStreet has to offer. This is a fantastic method to highlight sales, leading brands, or well-liked goods.


3. Product Filters and Search

To help users navigate a large product range, a robust search engine that includes filters is essential. For an eCommerce app such as 6thStreet, filters like brand, cost to build an E-commerce app like 6thStreet range, size or color make the search process more efficient.


4. Order Tracking and History

With the help of mobile app developers, integrate order tracking features for transparency in eCommerce. Real-time tracking of orders and an easily accessible history of past orders instill trust and keep the customer informed about their purchase.


5. Wishlist or Favorites Feature

This feature allows the user to save products they like but are not yet ready to buy. This feature allows users to customize their shopping experience and also gives valuable insight into the preferences of each user.


6. Push Notifications

When you develop a mobile application like 6thStreet, integrate Push notifications that can be used to directly engage users. Notifying users about updates, promotions or items that they’re interested in can increase user engagement and boost sales.


7. Customer Support via Chat and FAQ

A well-organized FAQ or chat service can quickly answer user questions. This is crucial for assuring client happiness and establishing a favorable brand image.

These features are essential to develop an app like 6thStreet, which resonates with the users and runs smoothly. You are creating a platform that is user-friendly and efficient by investing in these features. Now let’s talk about some advanced functions that you should think about adding to your eCommerce platform.

Advanced Features to Develop an App Like 6thStreet 


Develop an App Like 6thstreet


Now that you know the key features to develop an app like 6thStreet, integrating advanced features is also vital. So, as per the company, below are the advanced features to ensure a seamless and engaging user experience that can contribute to the success of such an app:


1. Social Media Integration

Modern eCommerce platforms must include social media sharing features. By making it simple for customers to promote items on social media, this tool raises brand recognition. Integrating social media seamlessly into an eCommerce 6thStreet-like online store can increase user engagement and encourage organic marketing and also increase the online shopping app development cost.


2. User-generated Content Section

A section for user generated content, such as a Style Gallery can create an atmosphere of community. Users can share their style and engage with other users, as well as discover new trends. The 6thStreet App features that enhance the user’s experience can be a great addition.


3. In-app Analytics

Understanding customer behavior is essential for eCommerce success. In-app analytics provide valuable insights on user preferences and purchasing behavior. This data can be used to make informed decisions and could impact the 6thStreet online shopping app development cost, but will have a positive ROI due to better targeting.


4. Multi-language Support

The app can reach non-English speakers by providing multi-language support. This is a key feature when building an eCommerce app such as 6thStreet that caters to a worldwide audience. For example, an app like Vinted has gained immense user engagement and increased market reach.


5. Geo-location Based Offers

Geolocation allows for personalized offers based upon the location of the user. Localizing promotions and offers is a great way to personalize the shopping experience.


6. Personalized Recommendations

The shopping experience is enhanced by offering personalized recommendations based upon past browsing and purchase behavior. There is a function in the 6thStreet app that can boost revenue and enhance user engagement.


7. Augmented Reality Try Ons

Try-ons in augmented reality (AR), which simulate a fitting room, provide an immersive experience. Including this functionality in your eCommerce application is one of the best ecommerce ideas. Before making a purchase, users may digitally try on clothes and accessories. This feature can increase the cost of the 6thStreet eCommerce app, but it will also improve user satisfaction and engagement, so the investment is worth it.


How Dev Technosys Will Help You in Ecommerce App Development?

Dev Technosys, is a leading ecommerce app development company, ensures a seamless experience for the customer. We are professionals in designing robustly effective user interfaces that satisfy your business needs. Our goal is to prioritize your vision and use the latest technology to develop a tailored solution.

Dev Technosys provides a scalable and responsive E-commerce application, ensuring smooth navigation and optimal performances. We integrate innovative features and secure payment gateways to enhance your app’s competition.

Our dedicated developers ensure that we are always in constant communication with our clients and can adapt to their changing needs. Dev Technosys will transform your E-commerce dreams into reality by delivering a tailored and powerful app that propels you to new heights.


Develop an App Like 6thstreet

Frequently Ask Question

1. How long does it usually take to develop an app like 6thStreet? 

The timeline to develop an app like 6thStreet is dependent on its complexity, features, and expertise. A robust, fully-featured eCommerce app could take anywhere from 2-5 months to more than 7 months.

2. What type of market research should be conducted before creating an eCommerce app such as 6thStreet?

Market research includes understanding your target audience and competitor apps, identifying trends in the market, and identifying essential features to meet user expectations. This is crucial to align your app development with the market’s demands.

3. How much does it cost to develop an app like 6thStreet?    

The complexity, platform, and feature set of an app like 6thStreet all affect how much it costs to develop an app like 6thStreet. Basic versions can start at around $10,000-$15000. More advanced apps with more features may cost up to $30,000, including design, development and testing costs.

4. How to reduce the cost to develop an app like 6thStreet? 

Prioritize essential features, choose a simpler design and select a cost-effective platform to reduce the cost to develop an app like 6thStreet. Open-source technology, outsourcing to areas with lower development cost, and planning for incremental updates will help you manage costs efficiently without compromising quality.