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Technology has literally gone through a profound change, and now they are moving towards artificial intelligence, intelligent computers, and even more. By using Python technology, developers can build a robust web and mobile applications. Using web and mobile apps facilitates businesses to provide services to their clients in a significant way.

Among several app development technologies, Python mobile app development is one of the famous and highly demanding technologies on which enterprises are focusing. It is used by 44% of programmers worldwide and making it one of the top choices of businesses for having an app to meet their enterprise goals.


More About Python

Python is a high-level programming language defined as an interpreter and object-oriented language considered for application development services.

Its built-in data structures make it very easy for other developers worldwide to consider this language for the seamless application development process. It is much easy to learn and use for the individual needs of mobile app development.




This is why businesses Around the World are always trying to use this programming language for such a crucial role in getting their application developed.


Several reasons make Python one of the top choices of a mobile app development company, such as –

  • Data Handling Capabilities
  • Enriched Libraries
  • Multiple Frameworks
  • Strong Community
  • Image & Text Processing Facility
  • Flexibility and Scalability

Apart from these, there are many more reasons which make this language one of the best options for delivering business solutions.

  • Python Frameworks:-

Below mentioned are some popular Python frameworks that are considered for the purpose of application development. Almost Python development services providers use these frequently, so let’s have a look at the following:


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  1. Django – It’s one of the most essential Python Frameworks that helps in web application development within the infusion of a wide range of attributes.
  2. Flask – This is another very in-demand Python framework considered worldwide for the development of applications related to big organizations. It brings a comprehensive set of features and tools into play.
  3. Web2Py – This is another popular framework when it comes to the python app development process. It is loaded with a wide range of attributes like debugger, deployment tools, and more.
  4. Pyramid – When it comes to Python web development, then Pyramid is one of the promising frameworks. It works with all versions of Python. It has an enriched pool of resources that helps the developers to a greater extent. Asa full-stack framework Pyramid facilitates the developers to develop high-quality applications.
  5. CherryPy – One of the main specialties of CherryPy is that it supports object-oriented programming which makes it a perfect Python framework for developing professional applications. While using it, a developer can create the code fast, even in a readable format.
  6. TurboGears – The TurboGears works with a microscale framework and can scale up to a full-stack framework. Its flexible and powerful ORM (object-relational mapper) with real multi-database support differentiates it from other frameworks. Moreover, a designer-friendly template system makes it popular among programmers.
  7. Dash – For building analytic web applications, the Dash framework is a perfect choice. It empowers the developers to make web analytical applications, data visualization apps, and interactive web-based applications with high-quality customer interfaces.
  8. Falcon – It is one of the best frameworks for Python app development and building speedy web APIs and robust app backends. Its main application is in building HTTP APIs. The Falcon framework supports the app class such as WSGI App, ASGI App, and Options.
  9. Bottle – It is a lightweight WSGI web framework and easy to deploy. If any developer has basic knowledge, then they can quickly learn it. 
  10. CubicWeb – It is a semantic web application framework that Python development company used for building web applications. It supports the concept of reusability as object-oriented programming allows.

So, these are the highly recommended Python frameworks by top Python app developers all around the world. You can use this for your different sets of applications and make the most out of it.


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Types Of Applications

Following are types of applications that you can consider building with the help of python app developers or you can hire dedicated developers


1. Blockchain applications

It is considered one of the most trending technologies in the current business sector and has undoubtedly become the hot favorite for organizations and developers.

You can always move ahead with blockchain development services with the use of the Python programming language.

Python is a very easy-to-understand language, so working upon blockchain applications becomes a lot easier for developers around the world with the use of HTTP requests, which can be used for communication with blockchain without much of a problem.

Flask Framework can be considered for the purpose of blockchain development as it brings a wide range of attributes into play. With the help of the Python programming language, developers will also be able to operate scripts on different machines for building a proper decentralized network.


2. Command-line Application

Several businesses are looking for console applications and hiring app developers for having a perfect solution. Python is undoubtedly the best-suited language for developing such applications because of its REPL attribute, making it easier for developers to assess the language and acknowledge new dimensions.


3. Audio And Video Application

You can also consider taking the assistance of Python development services experts for the development of video and audio applications. It helps in the development of music and video and other types of entertainment applications.

Internet is high in demand for video and audio content so, Python is the perfect language to consider for developing such applications. The attributes like OpenCV and PYDUB libraries can make the entire process a lot more convincing.


4. Game App Development

If you are investing in gaming application development and are confused about which programming language to consider, then there cannot be an any better language than Python.

Several businesses have invested in this programming language and achieved success quite significantly. In addition, it brings in a wide range of game designing tools which can undoubtedly make the task a lot easier and more unique.


5. System Administration Application

It is not easy for one to develop and work on System administration applications. It is a very tedious task to perform so, using Python programming languages can make it easier for you to get your task completed without much problem.




In addition, it helps developers to communicate with the different operating systems without much of a hassle. With the help of this language, developers can interface the operating system on which the respective application will be working. So, this literally makes the entire operation a lot simpler compared to other programming languages in the business. 


6. Machine Learning

This is another inspiring Technology trend that is catching the attention of businesses All Around the World. So, if you are investing in machine learning development services and are confused about the programming language to be considered, then Python has to be your go-to answer.

It is loaded with a wide range of attributes that can make the application development process seamless. This language will make it very easy for you to have your machine learning applications working smoothly.


7. Business Application

Python programming language brings in a lot of agility, making it easier for developers around the world to work on their business application requirements. So, suppose you are in need of an e-commerce app development service. In that case, there cannot be anything better than a Python development company as it helps you with a lot more facilities than any other programming language.


The Reasons That Make Python a Popular Language

Several reasons make it a popular language and make a promising option for a mobile app development company to craft applications.

If you are searching that why Python is a popular programming language, then you will find the following points much interesting-


1. Easy for learning & Use 

For newbies, it is much easier to use and implement the concepts of the Python programming language. It is a general-purpose-oriented language and has a straightforward syntax that allows programmers to develop readable code.


2. Community Features

It came into existence 30 years ago, so having a solid community of developers globally where some of them are associated with it for many years.

So, while Python app development, if any issue arises, you can take the help of experienced developers by posting your topic there.


3. Supported by Big Technical Brands

One of the best things about Python is that it is supported by big technical brands such as Facebook, Amazon Web Services, and Google.

They have launched many platforms and apps based on it. One of the best examples is Instagram which is used by millions of users globally.


4. Libraries

Due to strong community support and backed up by corporates such as Facebook, Google & so forth, it has enriched libraries that save time during the initial development phase. During app development, you can use libraries such as –

– NLTK for natural language processing

– SciPy for engineering and scientific calculations

– BeautifulSoup for engineering applications

– NumPy for scientific computing

– Django library for server-side web development


5. Flexibility

It is a super flexible language that allows developers to try & develop different codes than the common ones. Moreover, it does not restrict the developers to develop certain applications as they can develop an app, website, write programs for scientific calculations, develop applications for Cloud Computing, Big Data Machine Learning, and many more.


6. Automation

It is one of the foremost choices of developers when it comes to developing automation tools. Necessary Python codes can greatly help to achieve an advanced level of automation.     


Top 10 Python Use Cases 

Python is such an amazing language with many practical applications in real life where a mobile app development company can use it to build applications for data analysis, web development, DevOps, automation scripting, Machine learning, software testing, and many others.




Its substantial library allows developers to add several useful features and functionalities to the applications that work in real life quite fine. It is the 4th most popular programming language around the world.


Let’s have a look at the top-10 Python use cases-

  1. Web App Development – It helps to develop secure, scalable, and convenient web applications. Like Django, Flask, its framework supports rapid application development that in turn consumes less time and produces excellent results. In addition, dynamic development features make Python a promising development tool.
  2. Data Science – Data science is required in the current scenario where tons of data is exchanged via the internet and other technologies. Python is excellent support for data analytics that empowers data scientists to use it for data extraction, processing, and visualization.
  3. Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning – Python is the best language to develop applications for Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning. Its extensive library collection makes it the most eligible programming language for producing advanced AI & ML-based solutions.
  4. Game Development – It is one of the biggest industries among other application development industries. Several interactive games such as World of Tanks, Battlefield 2 are the best examples of Python game development. It allows installing 3D Game engines and using libraries such as PySoy and PyGame to develop influential games and interfaces. One of the specialties is tree-based algorithms that facilitate the designers to design different levels of a game.
  5. Internet of Things – Python programming allows the development of programs that support IoT devices in a significant way. To create embedded software and high-performance IoT-oriented applications, developers use Raspberry Pi as these applications have a broad scope in worldwide industries.
  6. Web Scrapping – A data-oriented company can use Python for a large amount of data extraction from web pages and websites called web scraping. Tools such as Selenium, Mechanical Soup, and Python Request are best for it.
  7. Desktop GUI – Although there are several languages for building desktop GUI but is different from those and an excellent option. Its power architecture and clear syntax allow Python development companies to create interactive Desktop GUIs. PyQT, Kivy, PyGUI are the framework used for developing these kinds of applications.
  8. Enterprise Applications – Odoo and Tryton are the best Python tools for developing enterprise applications. These applications are different from the regular ones. An enterprise handles its day-to-day activities via it. Security, scalability, robust functionality, and database handling capability make Python the best for mobile application development.
  9. Image Recognition and Text Processing – Many devices and applications are using Image & text processing. Even your smartphone also uses it. Python’s graphics processing capability allows to process 2D and 3D images with ease, and packages such as Blender, Lightware, 3ds Max facilitate Python app developers for animation.
  10. Apps for Education – Online education is the new normal due to pandemic conditions, so here Python is helping developers to craft various apps for online education.    


Top-5 Applications Built Using Python




Several best applications exist which are being used by users worldwide. So, here is the list of the top 5 applications built using Python.

  1. Instagram – There is no need to talk about Instagram; everybody knows about it, even a child. It is the most popular social media app for sharing photographs and short videos. With the help of robust programming, this apps provides several filters and functionalities that a user can use easily.
  2. Spotify – Music is part of our life, and if we have an app that provides us with quality music, it increases the joy of listening. The Spotify App stands for the same. It is a top-notch music app with a strong fanbase across the world and built using Python. Only in 2020, its annual revenue was 7.88 billion euros.
  3. Pinterest – Other than Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, Pinterest is also the most popular app that allows users to share, bookmark, and collect images. Again, it is built with the help of the Django framework.
  4. Dropbox – Dropbox is another excellent desktop app built using Python that can be used on the platforms such as Windows, Linux, and macOS. The portable capability of the Python language made it possible.
  5. Uber  – When it comes to food delivery and ride-sharing services none other than UBER is the best. Its estimated number of users is 100 million. In addition, it utilizes Python’s data handling capabilities.     


Wrapping Up

So, hopefully, now you got some valuable info about how the Python programming language can help you with your mobile application development service needs.

All you need to do is get yourself connected to a reliable Python development services provider to avail high-quality full-stack development services.

You will have your application developed precisely as you expected. It will undoubtedly bring you the attributes and functionalities the way you wanted to!