Angular JS is the most prominent JavaScript web application development framework. The framework offers dynamic functionality from HTML extensions for creating single-page applications. The single-page applications are now considered cool for mobile responsive browsing features and amazing user experience. Angular JS took the first step in the year 2012 and since then it has racked up popularity. The single-page apps duly create dynamic web pages. It enables users to interact easily.

AngularJS development company uses it for the pages containing many images, and further elements. These pages are faster and interactive which attracts more views and increased traffic. The rate at which the website communicates with the viewers increases the conversion rate. The prompt working pages are considered good in terms of Search engine optimization but angular JS apps are considered not profitable in terms of SEO. Play some technical reasons, which affect Google crawling and indexing. The digital marketers got worried about the ways to market an Angular JS app. The Framework poses many limitations along with the benefits for the developers and viewers.

SEO for AngularJS

JavaScript has made the website development powerful and allowed for the number of opportunities. The pages become faster, but it also accompanied the enmity with SEO. The Google bots cannot render the content offered through JavaScript, because they take time to load and then it crawls before the JavaScript renders the content. The bots find it hard to get the proper internal navigation and content in HTML that can be indexed. With the advancement in the ways, web pages are developed, Google also tried to improve the crawling and indexing abilities for JavaScript, but still, it faces many challenges. For which you must hire angular developers.

Javascript allows you to explore a lot. Furthermore, the AngularJS framework patronized it and made it more efficient and popular. However, Javascript is usually known or interpreted as one among the prominent opponents of SEO. Google bot experiences it quite grueling to render all relevant content that is served by Javascript. Furthermore, the fundamental problem is an effort and ability for rendering internal navigation as well as indexable content into the HTML code, which is directed for search bots for crawling and indexing.

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Google has invested a series of dedicated man-hours to augments its ability to crawling and indexing Javascript. Even after this, it still encounters issues with the proposed indexing of AngularJS. The web pages rendered by AngularJS development services do not support to search engines for indexing correctly and which makes the website suffer from dwindling organic search engine traffic, hence the loss in their revenue. The search engines render the search results only when the web pages are properly indexed, therefore the search engines need to see the page elements in HTML code, for being capable to index the pages properly and show the relevant search results.

Today, the full-stack web development services are devising the solution for overcoming the problem is to use the prerendering platform that implements all existing javascript files while crawling the web pages. The prerendering platform works in a manner to host the cached version of the AngularJS page over the content delivery network. It shows the cached version to the query when the request is made from the search engine.

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How AngularJs Make Webpage SEO Friendly

When you hire an angular developer, the necessary part for optimizing the Angular JS is prerendering. The developer generally does not worry about search engine optimization; this is the reason why AngularJS has long been deprived of the better rankings. You should not leave the process of indexing for google and must focus on how the pages are being rendered for queries over search engines. So, here in this article, you may find some useful tips for making the task easier.

SEO friendly URLs

It is essential to prerender web content. The SEO friendly URLs are always recommendable from the SEO perspective. The same rule follows for the Angular JS web page. The remedy is to remove the hash in their URLs. To set the SEO friendly URL, what you need to set, is routing to HTML5 mode with the help of setting $routeProvider and configuring $locationProvider.


In Angular JS, the $locationService shares the URL to address the bar which reflects changes over the app page. You can use the $locationProvider module, then set that HTML5 mode to true, define the app and configures the routes for different SEO friendly URL.

Also, the developers providing AngularJS development services are requested to generate the valid XML sitemaps with the canonical URL. These are duly submitted to the search console, which ensures that the pages are submitted to Google and are shown in the Google searches. Also, the sitemap helps Google in crawling all the pages.

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Angular JS indexing

The digital marketing executives generally search for the effectual content on the relevant page, which is quite indexable. If the content is in source code, that would be much better. The websites developed in AngularJS often lack the content in Source code. Because the AngularJS pages are not indexed properly, it is impossible to let dependency over the source code for evaluating the website performance over-indexing. The SEO person must share the strategy that ensures your website to not lose the performance, just because it has been developed in AngularJS.

Pre-rendering is considered a good solution. It creates an HTML snapshot, which instead of leaving the page to bed indexed by google automatically, serves in the source code. This removes the problem of search engines, which are otherwise not able to read the hidden content within the click. When you prerender, you can view the web content directly, without the use of the “Inspect Element” function of Google Chrome, in the source code.

Angular2 avails the support for server-side rendering and you can create the HTML snapshots for executing the prerendering. Noticeably, if you offer full stack web development services and want to prerender the AngularJS page, you are recommended to prefer Angular2, not the AngularJS’s previous version.

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Google is committed to supporting Angular JS and marketing is the demand of time. With the efforts from Google and the significant steps from the developers, the platform is going to be highly useful and intuitive. The amazing platform for user-friendly, and interactive web apps are going to take rest no sooner, The above strategies for the SEO can make your Single Page Application Google compliant and attract the organic search traffic.