The developer community has witnessed the boom of Node.js in the past years. The year 2017 brought Node JS in limelight with the number of projects being developed in Node.JS.

The high demand and the immense scope of development withdrew attention from the traditional development frameworks and made Node.JS a hero of SPAs.

In fact, it is far greater than the SPA development. During the same time, Node.JS took place in the “Framework, Libraries and Tools” of Stack Overflow and the still continued.

Looking over the statistics and the website development service industry demand which equally manifests the customer’s inclination and the choice of technology, there is strong growth of 57 percent in the job searches of Node.js in the last few years. This put the run time environment in the top 10 tech skills.


Source: Indeed’s Hiring 

The above image details the popularity of Node.Js and the uprise in the demand of the Node. When the demand rises, the supply always faces the need for increment.

Here too, there is a great requirement to hire Nodejs developer and therefore the quality of the developer and their skills are in question. The salary is also considerably higher than in competitive environments.

According to the reports from Gooroo, the salary averages around $105,000, this is $85000 for the competitive environment.

What do these numbers imply? It implies that the demand is considerably higher than the demand, therefore pushing the recruiters to acquire talents for the project.

The HackerRankSurvey reports that the demand is met half of the time. This is why hiring a skilled node developer is no longer a piece of cake.

Many of the Nodejs development company are relying on the hired sources or struggling to find the best fish due to the lack of knowledge when the supply is rather narrow.

Here in this article, we will cover the overlook of Node JS, its demand and relevant advantage for the project and the skills required for the developer. Also, the cost is a matter of concern here; we will give a rough estimate for the same, which can guide you in deciding the cost of resources.

What are Node.Js and the Node developer can do? What are the projects that can be developed with Node and the limitation of developers? Also, the difference between hiring the remote developer and in house team is the need to focus.

What is Node.JS?

Node.Js is the server-side platform, for building the network applications and the server applications. It also works as the bridge between the front end and the backend of the application.

Node.JS is the fastest server-side application development platform capable of cross-platform functioning. The framework allows the developer to uplift the application.

The capable framework automates the repetitive process, utilizes the common libraries, and integrates the reusable components.

There is a long list of Node frameworks and the popularity of javascript ensures the wholesome results. The prevalent frameworks are Express.js, Nest.JS, Sails.JS, MeteorJS, Derby.js, Total.js, and Mean.js, etc.

what is nodejs

Node is an asynchronous, open-source and event-driven JS framework, which is designed for I/O intensive, CRM development services and scalable apps such as multimedia and single-page apps.

Node.Js is used to create the pages dynamically, usually utilized in server file manipulation, database content management, and form data collection.

Node.js is the modern method for the scalable applications and networks, which makes Node the most popular tools of developers.

The catchy feature is that developers can use it with functional and parallel programming utilizing some libraries despite the event-driven state and asynchronous functioning.

How to select the right framework?

Making the right choice for website development service is necessary. The type of projects and the specification of projects are the points to be considered to be met while the selection of frameworks.

  • All framework issues on Github
  • The type of problems the framework can solve
  • The level of flexibility provided by the framework in correspondence to the flexibility requirement of the project.
  • The complexity of the framework and its effect over the project

Every framework used by Nodejs development companies is designed to ease the process and the better the project performance. Here the choice depends on the required specs of the project.

Does Node.js resemble PHP?

Often business owners who have less technical knowledge tend to consider PHP and Node similar. Both are server-side technologies and the difference lies in the backend communication.

Comparing the PHP, which is a back end development language and used for web pages, with the Node, which handles backend with Javascript. Php own little complexities, whereas Node is completely event-driven.

For example, there is a waiter at a single counter. One customer orders for some serving. The second customer has to wait for the new order until the first order is delivered.

On the other hand, Node does not wait for the first order to be delivered; instead, it takes to order from the first customer and keeps him waiting while dealing with the next.

As the serving is ready, it calls the first customer and delivers. This way Node js make the process faster by picking another task and moving on sequentially.

How does Node.js work?

  • It receives the request from the user
  • Wait for opening the file system and reading the file
  • Returns to the client
  • Handles the next request

Node eliminates the waiting period of the server and continues to the next request without wasting time. The best feature of Node is asynchronous execution. The asynchronous way of execution is useful when several tasks are needed to be executed simultaneously.

Nodejs is the tailor-made platform for developing the application, which demands the continuous connection between servers and browsers. The platform runs over javascript and therefore it is possible to transact some code between server and client.


The power of sending the javascript code between server and browser makes it a very powerful platform for creating real-time apps such as chatting platforms, live streaming, and real-time tracking apps, etc.

NodeJs is widely used in the app such as a stock market app for real-time data updates, Taxi apps, sports app for instant updates and election updates.

Making it easier, Nodejs is used for the applications where the data transfer is required between browser and server. Now once you perceive the capability Nodejs, you can easily decide, when and why to choose the platform. Alongside this, you also need to choose the right framework.

Application of best web Development Company using Node.js

  • Web app framework
  • A server supporting HTML5 game
  • Static File Server
  • Real-Time Services
  • Utilities and Tool
  • Messaging middleware
  • Blogs and Social Application

Advantage of Node.js

Node.js development is the prevalent technology in the market and hiring node experts may seem difficult. The javascript programmers are high in demand and a good developer possesses enough knowledge for migration of Node.js. Most javascript developers know how to write javascript code for server and the client-side apps.

The platform has several code packages, which are used to build web applications. The node package manager is the online archive, which is used to publish the projects.

Node Package Manager allows the developers to assemble the reusable codes and build a powerful project. NPM is the largest collection of reusable codes with more than 65000 codes available.

Skills to look while hire Node.js developer

The developer must know basic Javascript programming. Also, the basics of design, logical thinking, and analytical approach are must to have for the developer.

The knowledge of Node.js for front end and backend technologies and the server is necessary. The candidate must have a grasp overworking in the JS environment. The skills for module integration and debugging are necessary.

Gaining the knowledge of version management and the Github repositories is necessary for the programmers. Assembling the code section from the repositories is required in the project. Therefore, a developer must have the skills for it.

  1. The implementation standards are necessary for the cross-platform environment and the different company platforms.
  2. The candidate must be acquainted with the contemporary support of the Node.js version.
  3. The server protocols are important for the CRM development service and large application development. The candidate is needed to know HTTP server, XAMPP and peer to peer. This way the understanding of implementation is necessary.
  4. The experience of working with the collaborative platform is the requirement of the large projects in Nodejs Development Company. The expert Node.js developer is an active member of the Node.js community.
  5. The knowledge of tools such as Prometheus for monitoring the application is necessary to have. These tools help in finding the bug and cure them if the project is not ok.
  6. The DevOps development method is high in demand these days. The DevOps developer is likely to have weightage for the Node operations. The developer can better handle the server-crashing, load balancing ad the applications from crashing. It also helps in scaling the applications as per demand.
  7. Javascript has never been a secure and powerful language. It is always vulnerable to attack. The security mechanisms are demanded highly. Node.js involves the development in javascript and therefore there is a higher security risk involved such as malware and server-side scripts. The
  8. Nodejs developers must know security mechanisms.
  9. The prior experience in any of the above-mentioned Node frameworks such as Angular, Express.js, and Koa, etc.

Look for the talent beyond your region

There is a huge IT market and the scattered talent is always there. The companies devise two options while hiring. One is to hire talent from the local region.

Possibly, you can find good talent and proficient developers, but it is always not possible. The regions, which are not developed technically, tend to have limited resources and the talented developers go out for the service.

This leads to less efficient resources and fewer prospects for employers. In the technical industry, it is recommended to peak outside and broaden the horizons instead of curbing the criteria list.

You can hire Node.js developers across the world including the US, UK, Australia, etc. When you look for the offshore programmers, you become more capable to handle the exposure.

The budget may vary, so if your budget does not allow for first world countries, then you can always look for second and third world countries. There you can find a skilled employee with low working wages.

Create a job description

While finding the right candidate it is necessary to create a better job description that will describe each aspect of the technology being used and elaborate on the role of developer.

If you give, the proper job detail with specific instructions for a certain rule this can help in identifying the right set up skills in node JS developer.

A proper job description also shows list out the selected talent and discards the unskilled developers making the selection process prompt and easier.

Also, the job description involves the expectation of the employer in terms of the duties responsibilities and anticipated skills.

Prepare the personal interview questions

The personal interview questions are prepared based on project requirements. The technical interview must contain the questions relevant to the project requirement and expectation from the employer.

Searching for the technical skills is not too hard when and the interview questions are already prepared. The same set of questions can work well for different candidates being interviewed for the same technology.

Cost for hire node.JS developer

Now cards the million-dollar question, what is the cost of hiring node JS developer or the best web development company working in Nodejs.

Generalizing the answer, you can go to any job website and search for a suitable candidate or you can approach any app development company and hire technical personnel.

Hiring developers from any application development company leverages the employer with the facility of changing the developer or opts out another source if the prior one is not suitable.

Picking up the data from magnanimous job websites the salary of node JS developer is Everest at $111,000 in the USA. In the UK the same resource can be hired at $84,000, in Australia it costs $90000, where is Germany $50,000 is an average salary.

If you are looking for a developer who can work on an hourly basis then the cost of such a freelancer developers goes between $30 and $55.

Wrap it up:

We recommend hiring the node JS developer from offshore companies this can ease the challenge at present with the technologies evolving every day.

Hiring node JS developer requests you to be more selective with the choice of technology and project requirements. JavaScript basic requirement and the break level component of node JS.

Whichever Framework developer uses, JavaScript is essential. Therefore, the JavaScript developer can be utilized for certain frameworks. Most significant mistakes companies are to hire only experienced candidates. Be open to innovation and improvement at every level.