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Audiobooks are one of the fastest-growing categories in the digital era. As we all know, the range of digitalization isn’t stopping at anything. The digital world has made it simple to listen to best-sellers for people who aren’t literate and have difficulty reading. It’s not wrong to say that modern technology has made audiobooks more accessible than ever before. It has contributed to their steady rise in audiobook or reading apps popularity.

A strong audiobook or reading app narrator demand has increased immensely, making the book the most chosen or best seller worldwide. It has increased the demand for professional voice artists in the market for audiobooks. There are numerous audio boost options available with free and paid applications with subscription options. But still, the demand for developing an audiobook application has not slowed. If you are confused and not able to make a decision about which audiobooks are the best.

Then wait!

We have covered you all if you’re seeking the best free audiobooks app for Android and iPhone. Here is a quick look at some of the most recent free audiobooks app data and trends before we examine these well-liked audio reading apps.

In this blog, we have noted the top 10 free audiobook apps or reading apps that you must enhance your taste in audiobooks. So, read the entire blog until the very end to know more.


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Market Stats on Audio Books Application

Now you must go through some stats of the audiobook application. It will help you analyze why the audiobook app is gaining popularity.

  • According to Audible, more than 10,000 users have accessed its US website and mobile application from India to listen to its material.
  • According to research on free audiobooks app figures, publishers now generate 32.1 percent of all reading apps app sales revenue.
  • Over half of people who listen to audiobooks frequently are under 45.


reading apps revenue


  • The free reading apps and podcast market are predicted to expand by 25 to 30%.
  • The global market for free reading apps saw a growth in revenue of about 2 billion dollars in 2021, to 7.3 billion dollars.
  • According to Statista sources, the digital market outlook, the market’s revenue will continue to rise and surpass $13 billion by 2026.


free audio book apps data


  • According to sources of statista, the audiobook market in the USA will reach 1.6 billion dollars in the year 2021.


Top 10 Free Audio Book App Listing

Below we have mentioned a table of the top 10 free audiobook apps with quite informative details that you may like, so summarize your requirements now!


10 Free Audio Book App Devices Downloads Rating Paid/ Free Launched


Audible Android/ iOS 100M+


4.3 Freemium 1997
Hoopla Android, iOS 50M+ Downloads 4.1 Free 2013
Spotify Android, iOS






4.3 Freemium 2021
LibriVox Android, iOS








Free 2005
Libby OverDrive Android/ iOS 5M+



3.8 Free 1986
Kobo Books Android/ iOS 10M+


4.0 Freemium 2017



Audiobook Android/ iOS 5M+






Freemium 2012
Scribd Android/ iOS












Bookmate Android/ iOS








Freemium 2010
Loyal Books Android/ iOS








Freemium 2015


Top 10 Free Audio Books App in 2022

As we mentioned above, several audiobook apps are available in the market other than this there are some audio chat applications like ClubHouse as well. We have covered the top 10 audiobook applications chosen by most of the population. So dive into a free audiobook app and study what makes them the best out of many.


1. Audible


audible logo


Audible is one of the best audiobook apps that offers over 200,000 English and Hindi audiobooks. It boasts the largest audiobook collection comprising various genres, including romance, science fiction, fantasy, history, technology, and non-fiction. It is vital to know that it has a collection of 400 unique novels written by Indian writers. You can get this free audiobook app by downloading it from the google play store & apple app store.


Key Takeaways

  • A user can access to multi-devices
  • It has a large selection of files
  • The paid version starts from a 1-month free trial, 17.95/month
  • The multi-task for background listing and downloading
  • Offers sleeping mode, button-free mode, chapter navigation


2. Hoopla


Hoopla Logo


Hoopla Digital is another popular digital media lending platform that enables users to rent ebooks, audiobooks, music, and movies from their local library’s digital collection. It has become chosen as one of the best applications worldwide.

You must know them when it comes to top-notch audiobooks app. You must know it has a simple setup, search, navigation, browsing, listening, and returns processes. That makes it more engaging for users. Community building apps such as Apps like discord are also popular.


Key Takeaways

  • These free audiobooks app can multi-tracking user metrics
  • Free access to audiobooks for training purposes
  • Easy support with various electronic devices
  • Access to a wide pool of comics, audiobooks, music, and tv shows – 24/7 For- Free.


3. Spotify


Spotify logo


Spotify is one of the most chosen music streaming applications, with more than 1 billion downloads on the google play store. Several companies want to create an app like Spotify due to its excellent success. Spotify is a free audiobook app that is also referred to as an audiobook app worldwide. It gives its users access to various audiobooks.

The best thing about Spotify is its free audiobook app collections are available without a paid subscription. You can also convert to its premium subscription, which offers a 30-day free trial, for an ad-free experience.

Biographies, popular fiction and non-fiction, children’s stories, science fiction, and fantasy are all included in its book collection. The large selection of audiobooks meets the needs of people of all ages, including children, teenagers, and young adults.


Key Takeaway

  • It offers a separate user privacy mode to offer them custom setting
  • Users can get access to a wide collection of audiobooks and titles
  • Download audiobooks and music for offline streaming
  • It enables or supports different languages for a variety of users’ preference
  • Offer users a friendly interface with the custom setting of the user dashboard


4. LibriVox


LibriVox logo


Librivox is an epic reading app with an intuitive UI. It is vital to know that this app has a different user base that adores its features due to its high-quality sound. But some people don’t like using the epic reading app due to the rare sound of different people with different sound quality.

Apart from the fact that there are over 15,000 titles accessible, the unique thing about the free audiobooks app is that they are recorded and edited by volunteers worldwide. Other than this there are multiple video streaming apps and music streaming apps as well. You can further know the tips to develop a music streaming app. 


Key Takeaway

  • Free access to different audiobooks and music
  • Easy to access most famous books
  • Get easy access to different available formats
  • Access to more than 50,000 free audiobooks
  • Free access to Action & Adventure, Children’s Fiction, Poetry, Short Stories


5. Libby By OverDrive


Libby By OverDrive logo


The mobile audiobook app, which is well known as the Libby book reading app, offers something unique compared to the other leaders in the sector. The software has no paid features and is entirely free to use. It is also compatible with a wide range of mobile devices and operating systems to accommodate more users.


reading apps


It is vital to know that Libby is owned by Overdrive, offers access to the same titles, and has a rating of 4.7 on average. The Libby book reading app is supposedly the simplest way to start with OverDrive. Still, suppose you have a device that isn’t compatible with Libby. In that case, you can use the free audiobooks app for a comparable experience. It is one example of seamless mobile app development.


Key Takeaway

  • It has a user-friendly display that attracts users.
  • Several options for tags titles
  • Provide a summary of audiobooks
  • Effective search to save time
  • Calculate reading time and offer tips


6. Kobo Books


Kobo Books logo


Kobo may not be as well-known in the US ebook and audiobook industry as Amazon. Still, it’s crucial to know that it has a substantial selection of its online store and reader apps. Kobo’s audiobook player covers the essentials with a timeline scrubber bar, time skip buttons, chapter navigation, playing speed configuration, and a snooze timer.

Every new user gets a $5 discount on their first ebook purchase. In addition to the audiobook player, the app offers cross-platform syncing and a customizable ebook reader. You can download these free audiobook apps from apps like google play or the apple books app store.


Key Takeaway

  • It has access to a great selection of titles with free access
  • Kobo has mp3 and mp4 formats available for audiobooks
  • Kobo is the best secured and safe audiobook app.
  • Free access to newer books


7. Audiobooks




For iOS and Android mobile development, these free audiobooks app lets you live stream audiobooks or download them for offline listening. Although this cloud-based platform’s library is less than Audible’s, Bestseller fiction and non-fiction, business and economics, classic literature, award-winning drama and comedy, mystery, thriller, and horror, and books in other languages are just a few of the many genres it offers. It is critical to know that the audiobook app has exclusive 1,75,000 premium titles to show its clients.


Key Takeaway

  • It also allows its users to listen to over 1.2 million free voice books.
  • The application offers speed of reading controls
  • You can browse the selection available at your library from home
  • Offer free audiobooks for trial and test
  • Provide control like sleep timer, dark mode, and many more
  • Get access to wide offline playback and streaming


8. Scribd


Scribd logo


Scribd is another favorite app for books that has access to popular books. Several people don’t know that the android app of Scribd includes more than one million text-based books and well-known audiobooks, even though Scribd is known for offering a wide variety of text documents and books to readers.

To get access to these apps for books, you should download the audiobooks to your device and listen to them offline. Many people previously had faults and issues with the free audiobooks app. Still, it is vital to know that it has been fixed by the dedicated mobile app developers immediately.


Key Takeaway

  • The premium starts from Free Trial, $8.99/month.
  • Supports cross-device syncing (user can switch and listen to preferred audio on different devices without losing plotline)
  • Access to written content, a flat monthly fee to listen
  • It has only a 30000 audiobooks collection


9. Bookmate


Bookmate logo


Bookmate is quite the most exciting freemium model application. It detects the genre of books you enjoy reading and suggests potential books to you as you read.

A user can access the user-created audiobook collection. You can follow users and receive updates on the books they recommend on a similar social site on apps like Instagram. You can also distribute your library. The free audiobooks app also makes audiobook recommendations based on your preferences.


Key Takeaway

  • It has a collection of ebooks in around 12 different languages.
  • Users can access more than 50,000 audiobooks.
  • Offer suggestions according to preference previously played.
  • Audiobooks, specific passages from books, notes, and other things can all be saved.
  • Change the narration’s speed, fonts, colors, timers, and more.
  • You can upload ePub and fb2 books with compatible audio files in the app and listen whenever you want.


10. Loyal Books


Loyal Books lgo


Loyal Books provides you with a choice of more than 7000 audiobooks and eBooks, making it an excellent alternative among the free audiobook apps for Android. For iOS devices, there is also a free audiobooks app. It is vital to know that most of the titles on this platform are available in various languages, including English, Hindi, Tamil, French, Urdu, and others.

Loyal books provide a simple search feature that allows you to look for eBooks and audiobooks by title, author, or keyword. Additionally, it provides title previews and lets you download or stream them online to listen to them later.


Key Takeaway

  • Users do not need to register for an account to access the app
  • Download and listen to audiobooks simple with quick access
  • Observe feedback from previous listeners.
  • Get access to electronic books.


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Is that all?

So here you go! Hopefully, the blog mentioned above has offered you information and knowledge of several beautifully designed free audiobook apps on the market. Let’s get to the point if you think this app is worth your time. You must know when you’ll start listening to these apps. You’ll learn many things. These free audiobook apps offer a wide pool of audiobooks to which you can listen peacefully without buying several book collections.

Now let’s discuss who developed these apps. Every audiobook fan must know that these excellent and beautifully narrated applications are built by a top-notch software development company. Drop us your requirements now if you also want to become another viral audiobook app! Yes, now. You can make your dream come true by getting extraordinary audio or video app development.


Frequently Asked Questions


Q1. How to buy books on the Kindle app?

Now you’ll not have difficulty buying books from the Kindle app because all you need to do is follow these steps.

  • Open the google store or apple books app store.
  • Download the Kindle app
  • Sign up or login into the app
  • Search the book you want
  • Click on buy now below the book title.


Q2. Can you listen to unlimited books on Audible?

For $7.95 each month, you can subscribe indefinitely to thousands of specific audiobooks and podcasts in the Audible Plus Catalogue. As much as you want, listen!


Q3. Do audiobooks require an app to listen?

Playing audiobooks on smart speakers like the Amazon Echo, Google Home, or Apple HomePod has been very popular recently. However, you are not required to acquire a smart speaker. You only require reading apps. There are several audiobook apps available for Android-powered phones and tablets.