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Today’s fast-paced and modernized world is shifting to decentralized internet, known as Web 3.0. It has raised the demand for Blockchain, a trending technology revolutionizing businesses working and transactions. Now, different industry owners are incorporating blockchain app development to create connected, transparent, and distributed systems.

Therefore, enterprises keep searching ‘How much blockchain app development cost?

From NFT marketplace development to Cryptocurrency exchange applications, blockchain technology is used to craft future-ready decentralized applications. As per the experts, more than 70% of tech enthusiasts show their faith in the potential of blockchain technology.

Also, mobile app development companies utilize Blockchain to keep up with ongoing trends. But, the entire blockchain development process requires accurate cost estimation ideas so businesses can manage accordingly.

So, here in this guide, the experts have discussed everything about the cost of blockchain app development in 2024 and beyond.

Let’s begin.



What Is Blockchain App Development?

Blockchain is a decentralized and publicly accessible database where digital transformation is stored in small blocks and paired with each other using hash functions. Blockchain development company makes use of multiple platforms to create and set up blockchain applications fulfilling different user requirements.


Blockchain Development


Currently, myriad industries are incorporating blockchain app development, including – Healthcare, Fintech, Edtech, manufacturing, and more.


How Much Does Blockchain App Development Cost? 

If you planning to build a blockchain app, then you must determine the blockchain app development cost. The overall blockchain app development cost for app designing, development, and blockchain app testing is around $10,000 to $30,000. However, it is not the actual development cost, it keeps on changing with time and complexity.

Factors like app complexity, features, tech stacks and so on are also responsible for the fluctuation in cost estimation. To know the actual cost, all you have to do is consult a reputed blockchain mobile app development company with a team of dedicated blockchain developers.


Blockchain App Development Cost Estimation


Besides this, if you plan to hire a blockchain developer part-time or full-time, the cost will fluctuate accordingly. For example, if you hire part time developer, then it will cost on hourly basis, however, a full-time developer will charge on full time basis. You may measure the blockchain app development cost by using the below formula:


Total Blockchain App Development Cost = Hourly Rate Of Developers * Total Development Time 


Now you are well-versed with the cost to build a blockchain, it is time to build your blockchain app by hiring a blockchain app development services provider who have years of expertise. They will also let you know the exact cost and time to build a blockchain app.



Factors Affecting the Blockchain App Development Cost

Estimating blockchain app development cost is quite challenging if you aren’t well-versed with the cost-driving factors. Cost estimation remains crucial, from analyzing project goals to hiring a blockchain app developer. So, let us understand the major factors influencing the cost to develop a blockchain app.


Factors Affecting Blockchain App Development Cost


FACTOR 1 – Project Complexity

Business owners try to make their blockchain apps unique, but they end up making their applications more complex. Well, the project’s complexity is defined by multiple factors. The more complex the application, the higher the blockchain app development cost will be. That’s why blockchain development firm professionals suggest businesses keep the blockchain app as simple as possible.


Blockchain App Type Average Cost low
Low Complexity App $10k to $15k
Medium Complexity App $15k to $20k
High Complexity App $20k to $25k


FACTOR 2 – Business Niche

Different industrial sectors have different requirements based on the type of blockchain app and business end-goals. For instance, if you plan to create blockchain-based manufacturing software, you will have to spend around $8,000 to $22,000 or more, depending on the app requirements.

The same goes for other industries’ mobile app development processes. That’s why the business niche you choose for blockchain development will strongly influence its cost in the future, so make your decision wisely.


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FACTOR 3 – Blockchain Developer Experience

As blockchain is one of the leading technologies of today’s time, when you hire a blockchain developer, be ready to pay additional bucks than a mobile app developer. Unlike any other type of development cost estimation, the experience of a blockchain developer or a blockchain app development company holds immense importance in deciding its cost.

It is not easy to create a successful blockchain app; that’s why hire only experienced & dedicated blockchain developers or consult the top blockchain development company.


FACTOR 4 – Tech Stacks & Third-Party Integrations

It is one of the important factors affecting blockchain app development costs. The type of trending technologies and 3rd party integrations you will use during the app development process will affect its cost. Here’s an overview of the tech stacks of blockchain app development that will keep the cost on track.


Development Services Tech Stacks Average Cost
Amazon Web Services Computing, Delivery, & Storage $100 to $1000
Bug Tracking Tools Instabug, Bugsee $10 to $10month monitoring
Monitoring Services Uptime Robot, Statuspage.io $10 to $50
Analytics Lurry, Mixpanel $20 to $150
Notification Services Twilio, Kumulos, Amazon SNS $10 to $50


FACTOR 5 – App Support & Maintenance

The cost of blockchain app development isn’t restricted to the development, as there are some post-development charges. Your blockchain app support & maintenance will also contribute to the project cost.

So, whenever you hire blockchain software development company professionals, ask them about the mobile app support and maintenance charges.


Maintenance Types Average App Maintenance Cost
Servers $10-$30/month
Push Notifications $10
Payment Gateways $150+
Emergency Maintenance Depends on the nature
App Stores Developer Fee

Google Play – $25

Apple Store – $99


These five major factors will contribute to increasing or decreasing the blockchain app development cost estimation. So, every business owner should consider these factors while working and planning for blockchain development. Besides this, every step of the mobile app development process has its own cost, as discussed below.


hire-mobile-app-developers CTA

Milestone-Wise Blockchain App Development Cost

Creating a successful blockchain application involves multiple stages, like a basic mobile app development process. The same goes for Crypto wallet app development, NFT marketplace development, and more. Each step involved in blockchain development has its cost factor associated, as mentioned in the tabular format.


Milestone-Wise Blockchain

App Cost

Average Blockchain

Cost Percentage

App Consulting 10%
App Designing 15%
App Development 50%
Quality Assurance 25%
App Maintenance 15% to 20% of total project cost
Total  $25000

1. Application Consultation

It is the foremost step of any web and mobile app development process. Here, businesses share their project development requirements with the blockchain developers or business analysts, and then they proceed their project to the next step. After consultation, the client releases 10% of the total blockchain app development cost.


2. App Designing

Next comes the application’s design, where a proper blueprint is created to know what the application will look like. This blockchain application design process includes wireframes and high-fidelity or low-fidelity designs. On accomplishing this milestone, the client releases 15% of the payment.


3. Blockchain App Development

The process involves both coding and testing the blockchain application. Once the blockchain application design is finalized, developers start creating a blockchain app. It is a very crucial process and involves a huge cost for the blockchain app development process. The client releases 50% of the total project blockchain app development cost when an application is developed successfully.

For instance, if you are availing of NFT marketplace development services from a reputed organization, you must know, ‘How much does it cost to development  NFT marketplace?’ It will help you understand the 50% of the amount you’ll have to pay during or after development.


4. Quality Assurance

Once the application is created successfully, the quality analysts or testers look for the errors and faults in the blockchain application and eliminate them before launching. It is the second most important step after app development. During this process, 25% of the blockchain app development cost is released by businesses, as 80% of the work is completed at this stage.

So, when you search for the best blockchain app development company, make sure they have a team of dedicated developers, creative designers, and efficient testers.


5. App Maintenance

The process of blockchain development services doesn’t end with the application’s completion. There’s a lot more that goes beyond application development, i.e., app support & maintenance by professionals.

Many enterprises offer basic maintenance services for free, while some take additional charges for all the post-development support & maintenance. That’s why businesses should know the best ways to evaluate mobile app maintenance costs.

For instance, if you have developed an NFT marketplace that costs around $25,000, you will have to pay 15% to 20% of the project cost of NFT marketplace development. This is how it works. The mobile app development cost fluctuates from one business application to the other, and only the professionals will tell after looking into your application.


6. Third-Party Integrations & Deployment

Many business owners prefer to use their integration during the blockchain app development process, while some go for third-party integrations. So, if you opt for the second option, be ready to pay additional mobile app development costs, as you will have to pay for each integration. Besides this, the application deployment also requires some cost.

So, this is all about the blockchain app development cost estimation that businesses have to pay at every stage of blockchain development or while accomplishing each milestone. But, the process doesn’t end here. Yes, you read it right! There’s a lot more, so continue reading.



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App-Wise Blockchain App Development Cost

Different business owners have their requirements, so they need to develop different types of blockchain applications. Each app has different that we will discuss below.



1. NFT Marketplace

NFT is considered one of the popular investment options among businesses. Today, there is a huge boom in NFT marketplaces. Businesses are spending on marketplace development, from leading brands like Gucci to tech giants like Twitter & Facebook. So, if you are also planning for development  NFT marketplace, you will have to spend around $8,000 to $ 25,000.


2. Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO)

A DAO is an encoded firm or enterprise that runs on a decentralized or digital infrastructure. Businesses planning to set up a DAO from the beginning must spend around $10000 to $22,000 or more on its development.


types of blockchain app


3. Decentralized Applications (DApps)

The application uses decentralized technologies to deliver user-oriented functionalities and a distributed ledger to record transactions. DApps do not have any intermediary for data transfer. So, if you want to develop a DApp, it might cost you around $10,000 to $30,000. It can vary depending on the complexity of the app.


4. Cryptocurrency Wallet App

Crypto is becoming the talk of the town nowadays, and more business owners are using Cryptocurrency wallets to initiate transactions, manage data, and score crypto tokens. Crypto wallets prove to be of great help in creating and managing unique transactions.

A well-integrated Crypto wallet will cost somewhere between $8,000 to $26,000 or more(varies). Rest, you can consult the Cryptocurrency app development company professionals to get an exact cost estimation.


5. Cryptocurrency Exchange App

The Crypto exchange application uses a secure application infrastructure and allows users to trade the Crypto tokens. A well-developed cryptocurrency exchange app enables enterprises to turn their crypto plans into avenue-generating mobile applications, if you plan to develop a cryptocurrency exchange app, you need to spend to more.

These are the five major types of blockchain applications and the development cost associated with each application. Still, if you are wondering about the final blockchain app development cost, refer to the succeeding section.


Final Thoughts!

Since blockchain technology is emerging quickly, more business owners are shifting to blockchain development solutions and, as a result, are searching for the cost of blockchain development. Creating a successful blockchain will be quite expensive process if you hire an in-house team of blockchain developers. So, it is advisable to hire dedicated developers as per different hiring models.

Get in touch with a reputed and leading blockchain software development firm like Dev Technosys. Being a leader in the industry of blockchain, NFT marketplaces, Cryptocurrency, and more, we assure to deliver growth-driven applications and solutions. Drop your blockchain development requirements and get a perfect app at a reasonable blockchain app development cost.



Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Long Does It Take To Build A Blockchain App?

The time to build a blockchain app can be between 2-4 months for a simple app while a complex app can be built in 4-8 months. It can vary depending on the factors like app complexity, features, tech stack and so on.

2. How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Blockchain Website?

The cost to develop a blockchain website can be around $1000-$30000 or more depending on the complexity of your project.

3. Will blockchain be replaced by AI?

AI needs quality data to create better prediction models. With non-redundant, unchangeable information stored in its blocks, blockchain can act as a good source for data. Blockchain and AI will go hand in hand, and artificial intelligence will impact the decentralized ledger positively.

4. How to Build Web3 Apps?

  • Pick A No-Code Platform
  • Define Your App
  • Create The UI design
  • Integrate Smart Contracts
  • Configure Decentralized Data Storage
  • Test And Iterate
  • Release And Promote