Who doesn’t like eating food in comfort?

Let’s not lie and accept that food delivery apps are the most successful business these days. The growth in food delivery apps has raised bars for many businesses. When considering restaurant business startups, people want to invest in food delivery app development. It’s a new trend that started in a pandemic and saved many lives at home.

The period of covid 19 isolation was successfully achieved by many people living far from their families with the help of these food applications. After the pandemic, nothing stopped these apps from growing, resulting in an increasing demand for restaurant app development companies. These apps have become the savior for many who have come tired from work and don’t have the energy to cook. It’s pretty challenging for people with kids. Cooking would be the thing they will choose to end their day with lots of kids drama! Food delivery apps have made these working families’ lives easy to feed their kids with proper relaxing sessions.

The food delivery app development offers a variety of food from the best restaurants across the city. Now anyone can eat whatever they want with a few clicks and get it in a few minutes.

These fantastic facts have shown why numerous people are interested in opening a food delivery app as their new restaurant business startup.

If you want to start a restaurant startup, there’s no secret that food delivery apps are popular yet challenging. But before going into it, you must hire the best restaurant app development company and¬†read the entire blog and conclude whether it’s the right choice to make or not.

How Are Food Delivery Apps Growing?

Before going further into restaurant booking app development, let’s go through some critical stats that show how these apps are growing, with in-depth market stats.

Food Delivery Apps Growing


‚óŹThe user base of food delivery apps has increased from 36.4 million users to 45.6 million users during the period of pandemic 2019 to 2020.

‚óŹThe expected number of users based on food delivery apps will reach 53.9 million by the end of 2023.



‚óŹ By 2025, Statista projects that the market for food delivery services will reach a value of USD 441,622 million, with an annual growth rate of 9.89% (CAGR 2021-2025).

‚óŹ The overall income from restaurant booking app development and food delivery apps is anticipated to reach 956 million USD annually in 2022.

‚óŹ Research indicates that the food delivery apps will generate more than $570 million in sales by the end of 2017.

‚óŹ The study has shown that the growth rate will reach 38.08% by 2023.

‚óŹ According to Statista, the revenue of the online food delivery sector is expected to reach 13,853 million dollars by the end of 2024.


Food Delivery App Development

List of Top 10 Major Food Delivery Apps

The table below shows the Top 10 food delivery apps you must know. You must review the table before going further into the blog to understand it better.

Food Delivery Apps Available Platforms Release Year
Grubhub iOS | Android 2004
 Uber Eats iOS | Android 2014
 DoorDash iOS | Android 2013
Instacart iOS | Android 2012
 Seamless iOS | Android 2010
Postmates iOS | Android 2011
Caviar iOS | Android 2014
goPuff iOS | Android 2013
Delivery.com iOS | Android 1995
ChowNow iOS | Android 2012

A Complete Guide To Food Delivery App Maintenance Services

Top 10 Fantastic Food Delivery Apps

Now the time has come where you must go through the fantastic top 10 food delivery apps that have the heart of many across the globe. Knowing that we have mentioned every food delivery app that is the most preferred choice by users is vital.

1. Grubhub

Grubhub is one of the best food delivery apps established in Chicago several years ago. In the history of home delivery apps, Grubhub has become the oldest, with more than 19.9 million active users. The stats have shown that it coordinates with over 100000 restaurants to offer its users a wide variety. Grubhub has delivery free services on a minimum order amount. If you also want to build a food delivery app like Grubhub in that case, you must look to hire a food delivery app developer. You can find the developer by getting in touch with our expert team.


Key Takeaways

‚óŹ Broad reach to access as many users it can
‚óŹ Offer delivery to all restaurants chains within the nation
‚óŹ Several payment options are accepted

Ratings Downloads Availability Subscription
App Store 4.7/ 5

Google Play Store 4.3/5





4,000 U.S. cities and UK Starts from $10 per month

Cost to Build Food Delivery App like Uber Eats or Grubhub

2. Uber Eats

San Francisco offered Americans new technology filled with unique functions in 2014. UberEats is the subsidiary of Uber that provides several discounts and rewards to customers to maintain their user base the same as uber. But it is vital to know that this food ordering app development company deducted 15% from the total order value as a service fee. The deduction generally depends on the restaurant’s location far from the drop-off location. Several Americans found this application a savior for emergency food as it offers fast delivery. Look for one of the most promising food delivery app development companies that can offer you an app as Uber eats.

Uber Eats

Key Takeaways

‚óŹ Integrated with uber that offers uber Eats access from the uber application quickly.
‚óŹ Real-time delivery monitoring
‚óŹ Encourages cashless transactions

Ratings Downloads Availability Subscription
App Store 4.8 /5

Google Play Store 3.7/5




In more than 24 countries Starts from $9.99 a month

Cost to Build Food Delivery App like Uber Eats

3. DoorDash

DoorDash is one of the most promising food delivery apps that sustain more than 56% market share in usa. It is a San Francisco-based company that collaborates with restaurants in Canada, USA and Australia. It is vital to know that DoorDash charges tax and delivery fees on every meal according to the delivery location. Many people choose this food ordering app development company due to its commitment to quality food


Key Takeaways

‚óŹ Great restaurant searching tool with best recommendations
‚óŹ Serves a variety of restaurants within the nation
‚óŹ DashPass monthly subscription tends to reduce the delivery fee

Ratings Downloads Availability Subscription
App Store 4.8/5

Google Play Store 4.6/5




800+ cities in the U.S & UK, Atlanta, Seattle,  Starts from $9.99 a month

Cost to Develop a Food Ordering App like Doordash

4. Instacart

Instacart has become another food delivery app developed by the best grocery delivery app development company. This app’s popularity is because it allows users to buy groceries online and deliver them in a few minutes. Several people use this app for its discounts and rewards on shopping for groceries online. The CEO of instacart is an old employee of amazon and blackberry named Fidji Simo. The CEO’s name also came in the Forbes 30 under 30 in 2013, increasing its brand visibility. You can hire pos software development services to become another popular food delivery app like instacart.

Key Takeaways

‚óŹ It provides a comprehensive list of supermarkets by enabling location.
‚óŹ Get access to faster deliveries with Instacart Express membership.

Ratings Downloads Availability Subscription
App Store 4.8/5

Google Play Store 4.2/5





5,500 cities Starts from $9.99 per month or $99 for a year

How Much Does It Cost to Develop A Grocery Delivery App Like Instacart?

5. Seamless

Seamless is the most chosen food delivery app by several delivery app developers. It is an application known for its lower rate delivery fee with a vast network of restaurant chains. Several businesses wanted to invest in making apps seamless due to their budget-friendly functions. You must hire delivery app developers¬†if you’re one of the people. People love seamless service that made google play store positive reviews over 54,996.


Key Takeaways

‚óŹ It has the vast expansive network to reach a large number of users
‚óŹ Deliveries from both multiple chains of restaurants
‚óŹ it promotes or offers a variety of payment options

Ratings Downloads Availability Subscription
App Store 4.8/5

Google Play Store 4.5/5





4,000 U.S. cities Starts from $9.99 a month

6. Postmates

Postmates is another San Francisco-based company that offers several types of delivery services and food delivery. It is vital to know that it has a subscription plan that enables users to access discounts and rewards on every online delivery with unlimited access to many features. Postmates has dining and takeaway options for people who don’t want to wait for a few minutes. It is a hotel food ordering app¬†that earned more than 1 billion dollars in revenue in 2018. It’s the most profitable hotel food ordering app connected to over 100000 retail shops.

Key Takeaways

‚óŹ Delivery available 24/7, subject to restaurant hours
‚óŹ It has a vast network to reach many users
‚óŹ Offers several items delivery besides food delivery

Ratings Downloads Availability Subscription
App Store 4.5/5

Google Play Store 4.2/5





4,200 cities Starts from $10 a month

7. Caviar

Caviar is the super fast food delivery app solution gaining immense popularity due to its fancy restaurant offering a beautiful presentation with each order. Caviar is a food delivery app solution that is well known for ordering in less than 30 minutes with affordable pricing. The app focuses on offering food from the best restaurant in the region. After buying the service subscription, a user can effectively witness a massive difference in the overall cost of food orders. The subscription reduces the tax and delivery fees.

Key Takeaways

‚óŹ Servers for the local restaurant networks
‚óŹ GPS tracking for real-time location

Ratings Downloads Availability Subscription
App Store 4.7/5

Google Play Store 4.2/5





28 U.S. cities Starts from $8.99/month

8. goPuff

GoPuff is a Philadelphia-based American food delivery app that Rafael Ilishayev and Yakir Gola established. Both of these CEOs were former students of Drexel University that got investment from the Japanese multinational Softbank. It is vital to know that the goPuff market value has reached 8.9 billion dollars in 2022. The growing popularity tends to result in increasing the delivery rate. The application has grown massive popularity in Android and ios devices, switching flat delivery prices of $1.95 on every order value.

Key Takeaways

‚óŹ In addition to food deliveries, it often includes cleaning goods and over-the-counter medications
‚óŹ No extra charges on delivery due to fixed delivery price

Ratings Downloads Availability Subscription
App Store 4.5/5

Google Play Store 3.6/5





More than 150+ cities Starts from  $5.95 a month

9. Delivery.com

Delivery. Com similar to GrubHub and seamless application, but the only thing that made the customer switch here is its affordable delivery rate. You must look for the best food delivery app development company to fight the competition for food delivery apps. delievry.com has more than 3 million active users that appreciate using this app for food ordering and dry cleaning odors. The application is free to use without any subscription cost. Only the food delivery app development company can help you build an app similar to delivery.com.


Key Takeaways

‚óŹ Besides food, it also delivers groceries, liquor, and laundry
‚óŹ It has a wide network to reach many users

Ratings Downloads Availability Subscription
App Store 4.8/5

Google Play Store 4.0/5





100 cities in US Free to use

10. ChowNow

ChowNow is the best food ordering mobile app development, with the heart of many due to its broad scope of restaurants. It is vital to know that ChowNow is the most fantastic food ordering mobile app development that does not charge any commission on ordering food with extra fees. Several people found this application amazing to use as it has registered many local eateries with every region restaurant. Numerous people use this app as a discovery tool to get unique eateries and restaurants nearby.

Key Takeaways

‚óŹ No subscription to unlock the premium version. It’s free to use
‚óŹ Focuses on regional restaurants

Ratings Downloads Availability Subscription
App Store 4.5/5

Google Play Store 4.7/5





All around the U.S Free to use

Leaving Soon?

What’s the hurry? Hopefully, the above information was helpful for you in knowing about the top 10 major food delivery apps you can consider as your restaurant business startup. If you are looking to start a restaurant business startup in your city, then you must think bigger and manifest your business popularity across the globe. All these applications are developed by one of the best software development companies worldwide. To become another Grubhub or doordash, you need to hire Dedicated developers.

Serving the best meals to your family-like customers is all you need. Growth is essential for every business startup. If you want to know the top food app ideas to start your restaurant business in 2022. In that case, you must go through our website and get in touch with our experts to get the delight food delivery app and become another viral food delivery app business.

Successful Food App Ideas for Your Restaurant in 2022


1. Whom to Contact to Get the Best Food Delivery Apps?

To get the best mobile app development for food delivery apps, you must look for the best custom software development company.

2. Know Most Promising or Best Food Delivery Apps In The USA.

GrubHub and doordash. These food delivery apps have the most prefered meal delivery app, with more than 30 million active users.

3. What Are The Top 3 Popular Food Delivery Apps?

The top 3 recommendation of every person regarding food delivery apps is the one mentioned below.

  • GrubHub
  • Uber eats
  • Doordash

4. How to Create Your Own Food Ordering App?

To create your food ordering app, first, you should follow these mentioned above steps.

  • Define business requirements
  • Competitor & market research
  • Create a list of food delivery app features
  • Hire dedicated developers
  • Discuss tech stack
  • Development period
  • Test and launch

5. How Much Does It Cost to Build a Food Delivery App?

It is vital to know that the cost to build food delivery app depends on the various factors of development, including features, function, app size, app type, developer location and complexity of the app. But the estimated cost to build a food delivery app is around $30,000 ‚Äď $50,000.